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March 6, 2023
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BFA course, or Bachelor of Fine arts, is an undergraduate programme studying visual or performing arts. The course is also called a bachelor of visual arts. The course includes the study of visual arts with subjects like painting, photography, literature, sculpture, animation etc. The candidate has to choose his area of specialisation in the bachelor of fine arts course.

The course helps candidates reform their skills and become artists in their chosen fields. There are ample career opportunities for candidates to choose in the fine arts like director, actor, writer, teacher etc. Moreover, many people have started to opt for a career in fine arts because it helps them earn high remuneration along with prestige and popularity. 

A BFA degree helps refine candidates’ skills and enhances their creativity. It gives candidates the opportunity to explore various options. There are many cities in India with some good BFA colleges. Students can take admission to colleges according to their preferred location and the entrance exam score.

BFA Course Highlights

Course NameBFA
Full FormBachelor of Fine Arts
Course LevelGraduation
Duration3-4 Years
SpecialisationsActing, Painting, Applied Arts, Animation, Pottery, Textile Design etc.
Course ModeFull time, Part time & Long Distance
Course FeesINR 30,000 to INR 3,00,000
Minimum Qualification12th Pass or equivalent qualification
Course StreamDesign
Selection ProcessMerit or Entrance Exam

Skills Required for BFA Course

One important factor included in BFA course details is that students should have an artistic perspective. Creative candidates are likely to excel in this course. There are many things that candidates should know about while pursuing this course, like visual arts etc. Candidates must also utilise their creativity and innovative skills to create new art in this field. Some of the prominent skills of the BFA course include:

  • Sketching Skills: Sketching is an important skill when pursuing this course. It is a rough drawing or painting where the artist writes preliminary thoughts. Sketching helps in developing certain areas of the brain. It gives the candidate the ability to focus and pay attention.
  • Visualisation Skills: It means recalling or forming images or pictures in the mind. It is an essential skill for creativity. It helps a candidate to use imagination as a useful tool.
  • Artistic Skills: This skill helps a candidate to operate in the fine art world. A person’s ability to draw or excel in the applied art field.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: A candidate can identify problems, analyse, brainstorm and find answers. 
  • Communication Skills: A person can share and communicate different information. For instance, they communicate new ideas or receive an update on a new project.

BFA Course Subjects and Syllabus

It is a three-year course that focuses on a bachelor of fine arts. The subjects in the BFA course are focused on design and fine arts. The BFA degree tries to cover all aspects of arts like still life, landscape, the history of Indian art etc. Moreover, the degree has both practical and theoretical subjects. Given below is the semester-wise subject list for the BFA course:

Semester Subjects
Semester 1Part I History of Indian Art (From prehistory to 6th century Ad) Part II Fundamental of Art, Still Life, and Internal/Sessional works
Semester 2Part I History of Indian Art (From prehistory to 6th century Ad) Part-II Fundamental of Art, Landscape (practical) or Clay Modelling, and Internal/Sessional works
Semester 3Part I History of Indian Art (From 7th century AD to 18th century AD) Part II Fundamental of Art and Landscape II
Semester 4Head Study and Clay Modelling II
Semester 5Appreciation and Fundamentals of Visual Arts, drawing and elective
Semester 6Design-2D & 3D, Printmaking and Research Project

Entrance Exam for BFA in India 

Students thinking to appear for BFA entrance exam can apply for the following exams conducted and accepted by the top universities:

Exam NameExam Date
Delhi University Entrance ExamJune 2023
Kerala BFA Entrance ExamOctober 2023
JMI BFA Entrance ExamJuly 2023
JNAFAU Entrance ExamJune 2023
B.H.U BFA Entrance ExaminationJuly 2023

Top Colleges for BFA Course 

There are various colleges in India where a student can do a BFA course. We have listed a few top colleges in BFA where students could get admission to a degree.

College Name Annual Fees per annum 
Jamia Millia Islamia UniversityINR 10,550
Sir JJ School of ArtINR 75,000
Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts UniversityINR 20,000
Amity UniversityINR 80,000
Delhi College of ArtINR 1,24,400

A Part-time Job that Pays like Full-time

Jobs After Bachelors in Fine Arts

Various job options are available after completing the fine arts course. In India, there is a great demand for BFA graduates in various sectors of television, cinema, publishing, animation, boutiques, educational institutes etc. However, we have listed down a few of the BFA job profiles:

Graphic Artist

After completing the BFA course, a candidate could become a graphic artist. He is a professional who creates visual material to communicate stories, emotions and messages. They work in traditional and digital media. They use software, photography, paintings, hand drawings and various creative tools. Various projects for which graphic artist works include art for advertisement, book covers, still or moving images, printed clothing design etc. The salary for graphic artists ranges between INR 1.1 lac to 6.5 lac. 


After completing a bachelor’s of fine arts in India, one could pursue a career as a sculptor. They design and shape the 3D work of art either by joining or holding materials. They use various techniques like carving, whittling, shaping clay or Chiseling. The material used by the sculptors includes concrete, marble, bronze, plaster, wood and gold. The Sculptors earn around INR 65,000 per year.  


Pursuing a career as an illustrator after a BFA course could be a promising career option. They are responsible for creating intrinsic images to express or tell a story. The illustrators take the help of digital media to get their work done. Thus, they should have good knowledge of CAD software. The job opportunity as an illustrator gives individuals the freedom to use creativity and provide high-quality designs. The illustrators need to be focused and should be able to meet the deadlines. The average salary of an illustrator in India ranges between INR 1.2 Lacs to INR 12 lac.  

Graphic Designer

Pursuing a career as a graphic designer after completing a BFA course could be promising. They typically create visuals by using software or drawings. The job responsibility includes conceptualising visuals based on the client’s requirements, creating images and doing test runs on the designs. They are responsible for the visual aspects of books, websites, exhibitions, product packaging and more. They should be able to communicate their ideas using visuals to consumers. The salary of graphic designers in India ranges between INR 1.1 lacs to INR 6.5 lacs.


One could always pursue a career as an animator after completing a BFA course. They are responsible for creating a series of images called frames to stimulate movement. They must work with creative professionals like storytellers, designers, and voice actors. They create pictures and visuals for video games, books, movies, television etc. Although animators are now computer-generated, they still create initial sketches using their hands. The average salary of animators includes INR 1.1 lac to INR 20 lac.

Art Director 

To become an art director, candidates must clear a BFA course in multimedia or graphic design. They must ensure that images used in magazines, newspapers and product packaging are stylish. The responsibility of art directors includes managing and supporting teams of graphic designers. Plus, they must collaborate on developing and ideation of innovative marketing campaigns. Also, they participate in the execution of the creative process within a particular time frame. The average salary of an art director ranges between INR 50,000 to INR 8 lakhs.


Pursuing a career as a cartoonist after completing the BFA course would require a candidate to be imaginative and creative. They are mainly visual artists who specialise in drawing and writing cartoons or comics. The cartoonist’s responsibility includes drawing characters and cartoons to illustrate books, comics, animation, advertisements etc. The salary of a cartoonist ranges between INR 15000 to INR 5 lakh.

Art Teacher

If a candidate is interested in teaching after completing their BFA, they could become an art teacher. They are responsible for arranging and preparing art equipment in the classrooms for the students. They teach students about art, techniques, aesthetics and history. They also provide drawing demonstrations to the students about art techniques. An art teacher’s salary ranges between INR 0.3 lac to INR 6.2 lac. 

3D Animator

Becoming a 3D animator after completing a BFA course is a promising career. They use images, symbols and figures to bring the brand’s concept together. The 3D animators work with an artist, marketing team, and animators. They storyboard design ideas and translate the concept into imagery. Their main duty is to conceptualise the characters, scenes, backgrounds and other animation elements. The average salary of a 3D animator ranges between INR 1.2 lac to 7.2 lac.

Textile Designer

They are responsible for creating designs for printed, knitted and woven textiles. Their designs could include designing textile clothing and accessories, furnishing and fabrics, paper-based and printed products, and technical market. They need to understand and interpret the needs of customers before creating a design. They should know about using textiles before producing sketches and samples for presentation. The average salary for textile designers varies from INR 50,000 to INR 8 lakh.

Most Paid Jobs in India to Start a Successful Career in 2023
Highest Paying Arts Stream Jobs


There are a variety of career options available after completing the BFA. There are ample opportunities available, from being an animator and designer to a Q&A expert. At Chegg India, a person could become a Q&A expert. All they have to do is answer the doubts of students. Moreover, one could work at any time and from anywhere.

Choosing the right profession is a crucial decision, evaluate all the career options with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BFA a good degree?

Yes, BFA is a great degree course. It is a three-year course that consists of a wide variety of subjects. Candidates who are creative and willing to pursue a career in the creative field could pursue this course. The BFA course details include multiple specialisations that a candidate could choose.

Is a BFA course good for jobs?

Yes, there are various job opportunities available after completing the BFA. The career choices range from animator, sculptor, Chegg Q&A expert, designer, art director etc. A student could work as a full-time worker or part-time, depending upon the feasibility. There are multiple freelancing options available for the candidates. Also, having a portfolio sample could be highly beneficial for a candidate when applying for a job after the course.

What is the scope of BFA in India?

There is a huge scope for candidates after completing the BFA. The BFA curriculum introduces a candidate to aesthetics, painting, pottery and ceramics. There are diverse career opportunities available for students after BFA. Some of the examples include writers, artists or teachers. The students could choose to work as full-time or freelancers. Also, candidates willing to attain a master’s degree after BFA could go for an MFA – Master of Arts. The master’s degree specialises in music, painting, photography, filmmaking etc. 

Is BFA good for the future?

Yes, BFA is very good for the future. A candidate could avail of various job opportunities after the course. Also, having a portfolio and a degree is very beneficial and important. The nature of the job being talent oriented, there is a huge demand for fine arts students. It is a highly skilled job with just a few roles available. So, if a candidate thinks they are creative and imaginative, they could pursue a career in fine arts.

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