7 Truths You Need to know for a Successful Corporate Career

If you don’t take ownership of your career, ask for opportunities, advocate for yourself and continually ensure you’re staying ‘relevant’, you WILL fall behind. Here are 7 truths, following which you will achieve what you deserve.


That prestigious diploma? Its shelf life is shorter than you think. Continuous learning is your only defence against career irrelevance.

Upskill Now


You're doing great work? Fantastic! But if nobody knows about it, it's like it never happened. Visibility is currency.

Work Hard and Show Off


Your colossal blunders might just be more valuable than your biggest wins. Failure, and how you navigate it, is often the real litmus test for growth.

Mistakes > Perfection


Loyalty to a company doesn't guarantee lifelong employment. You need to consistently prove your value and adapt to changing needs.

Adapt to the Requirements


A promotion or fancy title doesn't automatically garner respect. It's earned by consistency, authenticity, and delivering results.

Titles ≠ Respect


No matter your title or tenure, always have a Plan B. The most "stable" industries or roles can be upended overnight.

Have a Plan B


Depending on a manager to navigate your career path is a mistake. Take charge, seek opportunities, and carve your own path.

Have a Career Path