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Facts & Figures, Rankings, Affiliated Colleges & more

Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About University

Sri Guru Grant Sahib lies in Fatehgarh, Punjab. It came into effect in 2004. This private university comes with a bunch of objectives you must know. The first objective is to introduce courses that are related to rising technologies. The second goal is to integrate knowledge with moral values. The third key goal is to arrange industry interactions with students. Lastly, the fourth key goal is to develop leadership and entrepreneurship qualities among its students.

More About University

The private university constantly makes efforts to make the topmost infrastructure in the world possible. Also, SGPC intends to provide quality education to all kinds of people regardless of caste, religion, etc. The university organizes many workshops and competitions. Hence, the students of SGPC experience a sense of growth and development.


Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University comes up with schemes that help the poor. People who can’t afford to pay any program fees. However, students have to meet the eligibility criteria as follows:

  • Students get access to scholarships only for one academic session.
  • Students are eligible only if they score 60%.
  • The scholarship will last for later years only if he maintains a score of 6.0 CGPA
  • The family income shouldn’t go beyond 2.5 LPA.
  • In case the student makes lies with regard to the information he has provided, he has to bear the consequences.

How to Apply?

You can apply either online or offline. For applying online, follow the required steps:

The Online Mode Steps:

  • Enter your name, contact number, personal email Id, city, and country
  • Create a password with your Email Id
  • Wait for the system to verify your details
  • Make a payment
  • Wait for a confirmation message

The Offline Mode Steps:

  • Go to the SGPC official website.
  • Download the admission form
  • Complete the entire form and submit it along with a demand draft of 500 INR

There’s a third method to apply as well, which is to call on toll-free no.1800 180 2803 or email at

Facts & figures about Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University:

  • Year of Establishment: 2004
  • University Address: Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab
  • Chancellor: Dr. Jasbir Singh Ahluwalia
  • University Type: Private
  • Approved by: UGC and AICTE
  • Number of Courses Offered: Approx. 90+
  • Admission Criteria: Merit-based
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., Diploma
  • Mode of Education: Offline and Online

History of Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University:

Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University in Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, started its journey in the year 2004. The founder of SGPC has made sure the university experiences endless success and fame. He also ensures he launches various career programs that raise growth of every individual. Career programs that cover IT, science and humanities are of great use. Hence, students find it fortunate to make the best decision for themselves.

Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University runs many colleges and schools. Speaking of colleges, the first college was in Mumbai in 1937. The founder is happy to tell that students have left their mark in their respective fields. Therefore, Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University acknowledges its alumni for setting a great example for their juniors.

Infrastructure at Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University:

One of the important factors is the infrastructure of any university. Speaking of University, how do you judge any infrastructure? Is it the atmosphere that pleases you or the books you look for in a library or is it something that we haven’t started? As an individual, I feel the facilities at any university sound interesting when our interests are met. Having said that, we must decide based on the quality of education & teaching methods any university provides. Yes! You heard us right. Education should be the foremost priority and then give other aspects a little importance.

Now it’s time where you should know the facilities SGPC offers.

Here are the SGPC Facilities as follows:

Hostel Facility: 

Sri Guru Grant Sahib University provides separate hostels for both girls & boys. Keeping hygiene in mind, both the hostels are in a good state. As a result, students find no issues related to the hygiene and environment of the hostels. You can live on-campus without any discomfort.

The SGPC Library: 

SGPC provides its students with enough computer systems and a solid Wi-Fi connection. Also, it gives students access to a wide range of books. Hence, the students of Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University enjoy reading books that interest them. They also have access to fast internet connections. Therefore, they can have enough knowledge of any subjects in detail.

Sports Facility:

The World University of Sri Guru Grant Sahib offers various courts & grounds for playing different kinds of sports. Speaking of sports, they provide courts and grounds for basketball, volleyball, cricket, football, hockey, etc. Hence, students can take part in sports events that are of their interest. In other words, participating in sports activities encourages you to score well academically.

Music Room: 

there’s a room where you can calm your nerves for a while. You can play the music that soothes your head. Hence, you continue studying any particular subject with full energy and enthusiasm.

Shuttle Service:

one of the best things is the Shuttle Facility. Students find traveling a task when they have big distances to cover. However, Shuttle service will make your journeys seamless and comfortable. Also, Shuttle Buses are fully air-conditioned. Therefore, students don’t realize long distances when buses are, in effect, picking and dropping off safely and in time.

Gym Facility: 

Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University comes with gym equipment for its students. They prepare their students to be mentally and physically fit too. Hence, things work well for both.


The World University of Sri Guru Grant Sahib provides various kinds of labs for subjects like computers, chemistry, physics, mechanical, electronics, biotechnology, etc. As a result, students can make themselves daily practice with a pragmatic approach.

Frequently Asked Questions About the University of Sri Guru Grant Sahib:

How to download the prospectus of Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University?

The prospectus details are available right below the Prospectus & Fee Section of SGPC: As a result, students find no problem finding the prospectus information of SGPC.

Here are some steps to find the prospectus section:

  • Go to the official website of SGPC
  • Go to the admissions section and then click on prospectus & fee structure

How to fill the examination form for Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University?

You simply have to go to the examination section of SGPC to keep track of your exam dates. Here’s the link to fill the examination form: You can simply download the examination form under the Download Forms section. Therefore, you can easily make the online exam payment within a few minutes.

What’s the ranking of Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University?

You can clearly see where Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University stands state-wise. As a result, you shouldn’t make your decision based on its ranking. Instead, you must decide based on its education, infrastructure, and placement cell.

The Ranking of Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University:

  • State-wise: 20 out of 34

How are the placements at Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University?

The World University of Sri Guru Grant Sahib has been striving to invite well-known companies to the SGPS placement cell. Moreover, the University gives students the opportunity to go through several career programs for their further development. Accordingly, 40-50% of the students land a great job every year.

Guidelines for preparing resumes at the Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University website:

Students can design their resumes by following the resume instructions at the SGPC website. Also, in case they have any queries related to the job package or the job location, they must clarify during the company’s presence. The placement cell is always ready to help its students no matter what. Hence, students seem to show satisfaction with SGPC.

More than 400+ companies have visited Sri Guru Grant Sahib World University:

Companies like Nestle, Cadbury, Vodafone, etc., have made visits to the SGPC placement cell. As a result, students have shown great interest and dedication towards their careers.

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