Osmania University - [OU], Hyderabad

Osmania University - [OU], Hyderabad

Facts & Figures, Rankings, Affiliated Colleges & more

Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About Osmania University: Facts & Figures, Courses & More

  • Osmania University is one of the prestigious institutions in India and is affiliated with Osmania University. In addition, it was established in 1918.
  • Therefore, the college does provide any hostel facility but you do have various activities for students to take part in.
  • Further, the college has provided bachelor courses for students to take part in. Therefore, providing good facilities for the same.
  • However, the university also provides activities for students with relation to programs, events, and festivals that take place within the college campus.

More About the Osmania University

Osmania University is a premier learning institution in India. It likewise ranks 501 in the World QS status. Furthermore, Osmania University has worldwide recognition academics. And many colleges in Telangana are now affiliated with Osmania University. The campuses at Osmania University lie in the regions of North, South, West, and East of Telangana as well. Now, read below to know more about its campuses, present structure, and other details.

Osmania University Campus

Accordingly, the College is affiliated with Osmania University, which offers Law, Education, Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Science, Computer Applications, Management, Mass Communications, Medical, Paramedical, Pharmacy. However, the college has a campus that contains playground facilities for students. Moreover, they also have cities that are contained within the campus. However, the college also offers a canteen for students and hostel facilities for all students. Thus, providing proper campus life for students and staff. Also, encouraging students to take part in various activities.

Courses at Osmania University

Osmania University brings numerous courses for its students across various disciplines. It likewise provides courses in bachelors, masters, B.Tech, M.Sc, MBA, B.Ed, M.C.A, Ph.D., PG Diploma, M.C.J.B.A + L.L.BL.L.B, M.AM.Pharm, M.Phil, M.Tech, M.Lib.I.Sc, B.EM.Ed, M.F.CM.Com, Diploma, L.L.M, M.P.Ed, Certification, M.E. Moreover, Osmania University also offers multiple diploma and vocational courses as well. Now, read below to know about courses at Osmania University.

Bachelors: Osmania University is famous for its bachelor courses. Besides, its undergraduate courses offer a wide array of subjects in various disciplines. Furthermore, it provides courses like B.Tech, M.Sc, MBA, B.Ed, M.C.A, Ph.D, PG Diploma, M.C.J.B.A + L.L.BL.L.B, M.AM.Pharm, M.Phil, M.Tech, M.Lib.I.Sc, B.EM.Ed, M.F.CM.Com, Diploma, L.L.M, M.P.Ed, Certification, M.E and others. These courses, however, have a duration of three years, unlike professional bachelor’s degrees for four years.

Masters: Masters courses at Osmania University, as a matter of fact, are also recognized for their comprehensive level of education. Osmania University offers master’s courses in various disciplines as well. It provides B.Tech, M.Sc, MBA, B.Ed, M.C.A, Ph.D., PG Diploma, M.C.J.B.A + L.L.BL.L.B, M.AM.Pharm, M.Phil, M.Tech, M.Lib.I.Sc, B.EM.Ed, M.F.CM.Com, Diploma, L.L.M, M.P.Ed, Certification, M.E and more.

M.Phil./Ph.D.: Lastly, Osmania University provides the highest level of education to scholars from BA, M.A, Ph.D., B.Sc, MSc, B.Com, M.Ed, B.Ed, BBA, BCA, M.Com. programs. Moreover, the University also offers financial assistance to scholars during their research tenure. Likewise, Osmania University offers multiple B. Tech, M.Sc, MBA, B.Ed, M.C.A, Ph.D., PG Diploma, M.C.J.B.A + L.L.BL.L.B, M.AM.Pharm, M.Phil, M.Tech, M.Lib.I.Sc, B.EM.Ed, M.F.CM.Com, Diploma, L.L.M, M.P.Ed, Certification, M.E. programs in various disciplines.

Scholarships at Osmania University

Accordingly, the College offers scholarship facilities for their candidates and students who apply in the same. Importantly, these scholarships are only for the poor and needy students that wish to continue further in their studies. However, the university also offers loan facilities for students who wish to continue for studies abroad or in India.

Facts & Figures About Osmania University

  • Year of Establishment: 1918
  • College Address: Osmania University Main Rd, Amberpet, Hyderabad – 500007 Telangana, India
  • Application mode: Online and Offline
  • College Type: State University
  • Affiliations: Osmania University
  • Approved By: AICTE
  • Courses Offered: 24 Degrees across 12 streams
  • Website: https://www.osmania.ac.in
  • Admission Criteria: Merit & Entrance-based
  • Placements: Yes

Osmania University Rankings

Further, the College does not disclose its rankings with relation to India today or any famous platform. However, the university provides proper education to students. Also, offers placement facilities with top companies.

Rank  Year Ranked for Ranked by
23 2020 Top 75 Universities In India Outlook
10 2020 Top 70 Public State Universities Outlook
23 2020 Top 30 Government Engineering Institutes Outlook
281-290 2019 Asia QS
301-305 2020 Asia QS
351-400 2021 Asia QS
34 2019 India QS
33 2020 India QS
99 2019 Top B-Schools In India The Week
17 2019 Top B-Schools Government In India The Week
26 2019 Top B-Schools South Zone The Week
801-1000 2021 World The Week
43 2019 India NIRF
26 2019 India NIRF
53 2020 India NIRF
31 2020 Engineering India
48 2019 Engineering The Week
63 2018 Engineering The Week
801–1000 2020 Accounts & Finance The Week
801–1000 2020 Agriculture & Forestry The Week
801–1000 2020 ArtsPerforming Arts And Design The Week
801–1000 2020 Biological Sciences The Week
801–1000 2020 Business & Management The Week
801–1000 2020 Chemical Engineering The Week
801–1000 2020 Chemistry The Week
801–1000 2020 Civil Engineering The Week
801–1000 2020 Communication & Media Studies The Week
801–1000 2020 Computer Science The Week
801–1000 2020 Economics And Econometrics The Week
801–1000 2020 Education The Week
801–1000 2020 Electrical And Electronic Engineering The Week
801–1000 2020 General Engineering The Week
801–1000 2020 Geography The Week
801–1000 2020 Geology& Environmental Sciences The Week
801–1000 2020 History The Week
801–1000 2020 Literature & Language The Week
801–1000 2020 Law The Week
801–1000 2020 Mathematics & Statistics The Week
801–1000 2020 Mechanical Engineering The Week
801–1000 2020 Physics & Astronomy The Week
801–1000 2020 Political Science The Week
801–1000 2020 Psychology The Week
801–1000 2020 Sports Science The Week

History of Osmania University

Accordingly, the college is affiliated with Osmania University. It was established in 1918. The university has various activities for students and other placement facilities with top companies. However, the college does not disclose its ranking but it does provide scholarship facilities for students.

Infrastructure at Osmania University College

The infrastructural facilities are well maintained within the university as it is affiliated with Osmania University. However, the college was established in 1918 and has provided good amenities since then.


The university provides library facilities within the college campus. Therefore, they also have all the important materials for study. However, students can apply for the same.


Accordingly, to the sports department, the college contains various activities for students to participate in. However,  this makes it a challenging perspective for students to take part in activities.


The college does not provide a gym facility for students. But instead, they do have other Healthcare facilities. The college facilities provide sports departments and other fitness departments for students.


The university has well-maintained classrooms for students with digital classes as well. Therefore, the university aims in protecting and providing total support to the students within the college campus. However, the classrooms are well-sanitized and taken care of smoothly.


Therefore, the University has a maintained cafeteria for students that offer healthy and tasty food. The college also brings out facilities within the campus to provide suitable Healthcare facilities and proper food for students.


The college has labs available for students to make it much easier to do a science background 2 experiment in the same. The college has well-maintained Labs for students and faculty members.

Frequently Asked Questions About Osmania University

What is the Admission process at Osmania University?

The admission process of the universities starts from the month of April. However, the admission takes place in an online and offline mode.

Are there placements at Osmania University?

The university allows placements in top companies and Institutions for students.  However, students who are eligible for the placement can apply for the same.

When was Osmania University established?

The college was established in 1918. Therefore, it is one of the most prestigious colleges available in India.

College name
Andhra Mahila Sabha School of Informatics
Aristotle PG College
Gokaraju Rangaraju College of Pharmacy
Institute of Public Enterprise
Loyola Academy
Matrusri Engineering College
Maturi Venkata Subba Rao Engineering College
Methodist College of Engineering & Technology
Nanakram Bhagwandas Science College
RBVRR Women’s College of Pharmacy
Srikrupa Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
St Ann’s College for Women
University College of Technology
R B V R R Women’s College
Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology
Stanley College of Engineering & Technology for Women
Shankarlal Dhanraj Signodia College of Arts and Commerce
Srojini Naidu Vanitha Mahavidyalaya
St Joseph’s Degree & PG College
Kasturba Gandhi Degree & PG College for Women
St Francies College for Women
Sri Venkateshwara College
PG College
Government City College
M V S Government Arts & Science College
Loyala Academy Degree College
Dharmavant College Of Science & Commerce
M A L D Government Arts & Science College
Nizam College
Pragati Mahavidyalaya College Of Arts & Commerce
Anwar – Ul – Uloom College (Afternoon) Of Arts & Commerce
Bhavan’S Vivekananda College Of Science Humanities & Commerce
Mahatma Gandhi National Institute Of Research & Social Action
St Mary’S Centenary Degree College
Government Institute Of Advanced Study In Education
Sri Venkateshwara Govt Oriental College
Indira Priyadarshini Govt Degree College For Women
D V M College Of Education
Indira Priya Darshini Government Degree College (Women)
K R R Govt Arts & Science College
Abhyudaya Oriental College (Evening)
Nagarjuna Government College
Vivekananda Govt College
Vivek Vardhini (Afternoon) College Of Arts
Tara Govt College
Bhavana’S New Science College
Osmania University College For Women
Government College Of Physical Education
Moghal College Of Education
Suryalakshmi Degree College Of Arts & Science
Almadina College Of Education
Chaitanya Bharti Institute Of Technology
Anwarul-Uloom College
Mumtaz College
Ramnath Guljarilal Kedia College Of Commerce (Marwadi Commerce
A V College Of Science Arts & Commerce
New Science College
College Of Arts & Science
Arts & Science College For Women
M V S Govt Evening College Of Arts
Indian Institute Of Management And Commerce
St Ann’S College Of Education
Little Flower Degree College
Badruka College Of Commerce & Arts
Badruka College Of Commerce & Arts (Afternoon)
L N Gupta College Of Science & Commerce
Dr B R Ambedkar College (Arts, Sc & Commerce)
Adarsh Hindi Mahavidyalaya Degree Colege
Girraj Govt College
St Pious X Degree College For Women
Sri Lakshmi Narsimha Swamy College
Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel National Police Academy
M K R Government Degree College
Dr. B R R Govt College
Sri Venkateshwara Govt Arts & Science College
M N R Degree College
N T R Government Degree College For Women
PG College Of Law
PG College Osmania University
Gopilal Murlidhar Sanghi College Commerce
Sujatha Degree & PG College For Women
Nehru Memorial Government College
Srnk Government Degree College
Sharada Vidtalaya Degree College For Women
Nagarjuna Government (Evening) College
Smt A Shyamala Devi Degree College For Women
Navabhrathi College Of Education
Vivek Vardhini College
Sree Anantha Padmanabha Arts, Science & Commerce College
Hindi Mahavidyalaya
University Post Graduate College (O U )
Aklr Govt Oriental College
Neelam Sanjiva Reddy College Of Education
Madhu Malancha Govt Degree College
Sri Uma Mahashwar Govt Degree College
Bhavna’S New Science College (Evening)
Sri Padmavathi Mahila Kalasala
Evening College
Railway Degree College
Amrat Kapadia Navjivan Women’S College
Devan Bahadur Padma Rao Mudalier College For Women
Babu Jagjivan Ram Govt Degree College
Sweekar Academy Of Rehabilitation Sciences
Urdu Arts (Evening) College
Bankatlal Badruka College For Inforamation Technology
Konduru Narsiah Memorial Degree College
Roda Mistry College Of Social Work & Research Centre
Wesley Degree College (Co- Eduation)
Anwarul Uloom College
Andhra Mahila Sabha Arts & Science College For Women
Bhavan’S Vivekananda College Of Science
Chaitanya Bharathi Institute Of Technology
Andhra Mahila Sabha College Of Teacher Education
Government City College
Government Degree College For Women
Government Degree College
Hindi Mahavidyalaya
Loyola Academy Degree & P.G. College
Nagarjuna Govt. College
Nizam College
Osmania University College For Women Koti Hyderabad 
Pg College S.P. Road
R.B.V.R.R. Women’S College
St. Ann’S College Of Education
St. Ann’S College For Women
St. Francis College For Women’S
St. Joseph’S Degree & Pg College
Tara Government College
University College Of Engineering
University College Of Technology
Vasavi College Of Engineering 9-5- 81
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