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Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About North East Frontier Technical University:

North East Frontier Technical University started in 2014. It began with the urge to educate everyone. Dileep K Nair founded the organization. North East Frontier Technical University lies in the West Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh, India. It is a center of excellence. It believes education is the key to success. Nothing is as impactful as education is. Education transforms life and so the world. Therefore, North Frontier Technical University ensures students have an education throughout their course study.

Approved by: North East Frontier Technical University is approved by the following authorities:

All 5 government bodies consider the maintenance standards of NEFTU satisfactory. Therefore, NEFTU makes sure it keeps its admission standards high.

The best Faculty on the campus:

NEFTU has a plethora of well-known and highly experienced faculty members hailing from all over India. Every member possesses excellent research skills and appreciable educational credentials. The Faculty members make sure it imparts knowledge while being on excursions with their alumni. Therefore, students can get hands-on training while enjoying several journeys arranged by NEFTU.

The Ultimate Mission:

North East Frontier Technical University strives to develop creative and professional skills among its students. Thus, students can emerge as highly experienced entrepreneurs leading their own teams.

Key Objectives:

  • NEFTU aims at bringing student potential up and making each one of them go in the right direction. Thus, students discover their pluses while sticking to that one right path.
  • It works hard to find out and expand the logical reasoning of students.
  • Besides, it makes sure students get a sense of social responsibility shortly. Therefore, students can look after society welfare by making supportive decisions.
  • Other than that, it also ensures students understand the importance of commitment, professional values, etc. Thus, students can develop overall personality skills that can go well with giant company skills.
  • NEFTU makes sure students have an enlightening experience while the learning process.
  • It also strives to provide affordable and excellent education matching the global standards.
  • North East Frontier Technical University confirms it brings the best faculty members to the campus. Thus, students can stay satisfied with their wisdom level.

Courses Offered:

NEFTU offers coaching in several disciplines:  NEFTU assures it leverages innovative teaching methods for its students. Following are the fields of study NEFTU offers are such as:

Programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels are such as:

  • BTech 
  • MTech
  • Diploma in Engineering
  • Bachelor of Arts (General)
  • BA (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelors of Arts in Social Work
  • MA in History/Social Science/Sanskrit/Hindi/Sociology/Psychology/Geography/Political Science/Maths/Public Admin
  • Masters of Arts in Education/Social Work/Fine Arts/Journalism/Mass Communication
  • Diploma in Aviation/Tourism/Hospitality Management/Hotel Management/Catering Technology
  • BCom 
  • BBA
  • MCom
  • MBA
  • Diploma in Computer Application/Fire Engineering/Industrial Safety Management/Library & Information Science
  • Pg Diploma in Computer Application
  • BCA 
  • BSc in Computer Science/Information Technology/PCM/Agriculture/Horticulture/Geology/ Environmental Science
  • MCA
  • MSc in Physics/Chemistry/Botany/Maths
  • Bachelor of Law
  • Master of Law
  • B.E.d

The Eligibility Criteria:

  • For B Tech Courses: students have to submit their 12th scores, especially the PCM score acquired.
  • MTech Programmes: students must have completed their graduation in the field of engineering or science.
  • BA courses: candidates have to submit the 12th mark sheet.
  • MA: must have finished graduation from any recognized university.
  • MA in Journalism & Mass Communication: students must acquire a BA degree in Journalism & Mass Communication.
  • BCom: 10+2 from any recognized board.
  • BSc Courses: 12th pass

Teaching Methods at North East Frontier Technical University:

They follow methodologies such as:

  • GDs
  • Personality Development activities
  • Industry aims
  • Presentations and seminars
  • Guest Lectures

Scholarship Schemes:

Students can have access to scholarship schemes based on the following conditions:

  • A scholarship of 100% if students top in their boards or universities.
  • A grant of 50% when students obtain up to the 4000th rank in the IIT/JEE.
  • 50% in case students secure up to the 100th rank in the AIEEE.
  • Students obtaining 70 percentile in the CAT can get a 20% grant.

The Procedure for the admission process:

  • Students need to download the admission form from the official NEFTU website.
  • They need to submit documents like a copy of mark sheets and certificates.
  • Wait for the administration to verify your academic documents.
  • You will get a notification informing you about your enrollment id or number.
  • You are so close to getting into this university.

A Career Development Centre (CDC):

NEFTU strives to provide its students with a platform that supports endless growth at personal and also professional levels. It also gives its alumni access to impactful career tools and resources for their overall personality development. Besides, it makes sure students get placed by corporate companies at a suitable package. Apart from that, it also ensures students attend programs that give them practical exposure.

Facts & Figures about NEFTU:

  • Year of Establishment: 2014
  • University Address: West Siang, Arunachal Pradesh, India
  • Chancellor: Dileep K Nair
  • University Type: Private technology institute
  • Approved by: the UGC, NCTU, AIU, BCI
  • The total no. of courses offered: 197+
  • Admission Criteria: Merit-based
  • Degrees Offered: All four levels of education: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diploma Certificate, and Doctorate
  • Mode of education: Online, Offline
  • No. of seats: 1302


The History of North East Frontier Technical University:

North East Frontier University came in 2014. It is a private technology university. Dileep K Nair discovered the organization. The founder is proud to say that the organization offers degrees in Bachelor’s, Master’s, Diploma, and Ph.D.

His Key Goals:

  • Promote the empowerment of students from different castes, sex, religion, etc.
  • Exchange of innovative ideas to generate scholarly minds.

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The Infrastructure of NEFTU:

North East Frontier makes sure it offers a world-class infrastructure that satisfies the changing needs of society. Besides, it ensures it offers the best infrastructural facilities to its students. Besides that, it works closely on adding more modern facilities to keep its alumni satisfied.

Take a close look at the following amenities:

A center for fostering overall personality skills:

There is a center that supports the exchange of ideas and also valuable information. Therefore, students get to know things that help them raise their reasoning level.


NEFTU offers a lot of study materials covering fields such as science, technology, management, etc. Besides, it has many e-books. Thus, students never run short of learning options.


NEFTU keeps the cafeteria clean, hygienic, and neat. Also, it follows the best health standards that take good care of food items’ nutritional value. Thus, students never fall sick or undergo stomach disorders.

Sports Facilities

The university also arranges several sports facilities for student fitness. It also has playgrounds for playing basketball, tennis, etc. Thus, students can remain in shape and physically fit. Besides that, they can also take part in sports competitions at the national and state levels.

Hostel Provisions

There are separate hostels for both girls and also boys. There is a proper dining facility with a sufficient supply of purified water. Besides, there are medical facilities. Other than that, there is a large supply of purified water for 24 hours. Students never get late making submissions or scoldings any professors.

The Frequently Asked Questions about NEFTU (FAQs):

Is North East Frontier Technical University a private university?

Yes, North East Frontier Technical University is certainly a private university. It also imparts knowledge with the belief “Perfection comes through Quality Education.”

When was North East Frontier Technical University founded?

It started in 2014. It lies in the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh. Dileep K Nair founded this private technical university.

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