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Facts & Figures, Rankings, Affiliated Colleges & more

Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About Navrachana University: Facts & Figures, Courses & More: 

  • The Navrachana University was established into being in the year 2009. 
  • A new educational paradigm has been developed by the university, emphasizing simultaneously disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and professional, and general education. The University’s uniform nature allows this paradigm, which provides extensive learning and supports the formation of T-shaped students with a broad knowledge through general and interdisciplinary education and knowledge depth through focused training. 
  • Professional education must also offer students with strong discipline to tackle the problems that the professional community faces and provide a feeling of life-long learning in order to be effective and outstanding throughout time. 
  • To provide interdisciplinary education that allows students to cross-fertilize their learning with new ideas from disparate areas, resulting in appropriate questions and innovation. 
  • Furthermore, make the learning process more effective by exposing students to real-world situations where they can apply what they’ve learned in the classroom. 
  • By introducing students to real-world scenarios where you can apply what you have learned in the classroom, they make the learning process more successful. 
  • The college’s mission is as follows: human progress requires education. This needs to be broad and comprehensive and students willing to communicate with social members. Students must obtain the knowledge they need to succeed, stimulate innovation and promote economic growth through a rigorous process that is laced with curiosity and passion. 
  • Thus mission is to develop leaders who can affect change in local and national conditions as well as make a global difference through the power of high-quality education based on interdisciplinary thinking without sacrificing disciplinary education, while instilling sensitivity toward the user, their profession, society, and the environment. 
  • College strategies include successfully using resources to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Increasing the number of accepted seats in each course to reach out to more students in the tribal region. New vocational courses can be created to meet current needs. Students will have access to a canteen, as well as a photocopy and stationery shop, on campus. Building of a separate library, auditorium, and sports field. Enhancing the research climate by collaborating with national institutes, universities, and businesses. 
  • In addition, to provide the required facilities for women and differently abled students. Place a strong emphasis on basic and specialised skills for employment and empowerment in general, as well as women’s empowerment in particular. 


Facts & Figures About Navrachana University 

  • Year of Establishment:2009 
  • College Address: Vasna – Bhayli Main Rd, Bhayli, Vadodara, Gujarat 391410 
  • Principal: 
  • Affiliations: Gujarat Private Universities Act 
  • Approved By: NAAC 
  • Number of Courses Offered: 18 
  • Admission Criteria: Merit & Entrance-based 
  • Mode of Education: Full Time 
  • Total No of Seats:  

History of Navrachana University

  • The Navrachana University was established into being in the year 2009. 
  • Moreover, the college aims to empower young students not only intellectually enlightened but also emotionally balanced and socially committed who can stride towards excellence. 
  • Under sections 2(f) and 12(B) of the U.G.C. Act of 1956, the University Grants Commission was happy to recognise our college. 
  • Furthermore, the college aspires to empower young people who are not only intellectually enlightened, but also emotionally healthy, socially committed, and worthy of achieving excellence. 
  • Likewise, the vision and mission of the college also reflects the same 

Infrastructure at Navrachana University. 


  • They have an amazing facility and sports equipment for the students to stay fit. As college places a premium on fitness. 
  • The have a ground for students. 


  • In the building, there is a large Seminar Hall with seating for students. 
  • Additionally, the seminar hall benefits from a large digital screen measuring 5×4 feet, which accommodates power point presentations. 
  • Similarly, the room has an audio system and surround speakers to ensure that the speeches are heard. 
  • As well as every academic year, the hall hosts over 100 interactions, workshops, gatherings, and moral classes. 
  • In addition, seasoned speakers will deliver motivational speeches on a variety of subjects, including women’s empowerment, career advice, humanitarian aid, yoga, and fitness. 


  • Students are allowed to borrow books from the College library and use its resources. 
  • Moreover, with such abundance of resources, students will have no problem learning and performing well. 

Computer Lab 

  • For practical computer application education, the college has two well-equipped computer labs. 
  • In addition, it also has the most up-to-date computers, with two highly qualified tech faculty members overseeing and instructing students on how to use them. 
  • Also, it’s intend to imply that they keep up with the latest tech developments and inventions. 
  • In addition, the college has another computer lab that serves B. Com students taking computer courses as well as students in other academic programmes who are majoring in computer science. 


  • This place is very comfortable for all the students to relax for a while. 
  • College gives almost importance to hygiene. 
  • Canteen serves palatable and delicious recipes to the students and staff at moderate prices. 
  • RO plant purified water is supplied in the canteen. 
  • Not only tasty snacks are available here but also stationery and other personal things. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Navrachana University 

Q- What is the average fee for navrachana university? 

The average fee for navrachana university is Rs 1,00,000 only. 

Q- How are navrachana university placements? 

There are excellent placement cell at Navrachna University. 

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