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Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About Institute of Chemical Technology: Facts & Figures, Rankings & More.

Institute of Chemical Technology has a beautiful campus within a lush green environment. Moreover, the beauty of the place does not just fill your heart, but the solace also creates an atmosphere. An environment in which it becomes easy to concentrate and understand various aspects of the course. As a result, the students at the Institute of Chemical Technology tend to gain more than students of any other University. It is not only the environment that makes this University worth considering but also the kind of education provided at the Institute of Chemical Technology. Institute of Chemical Technology aims to increase the interest of students in the field of chemical engineering and technology. Here, students pave their path towards excellence and growth.

More about ICT, Mumbai

Furthermore, the Institute of Chemical Technology has a deep history and plenty of recognition. This Institution has achieved what is impossible, and many institutions fail to reach that level. This University is given the “Elite” status by the Government of India. A lot of Institutions fail to reach there. Furthermore, this University has procured more than 200 acres of land from the Indian Government to open branches outside Mumbai. Also, this University is accredited as an A++ rank from NAAC, and that is very rare.

Institute of Chemical Technology has a hardworking facility that ensures that the best of the knowledge is available to the students. Furthermore, they ensure that they work to the best of their capability to set the best teaching standards any university has ever had. The mission of this University is not only to set a benchmark in the field of Indian education but to bring a standard and internationally set curriculum within the reach of Indian students. However, a major development has already taken place. Institute of Chemical Technology has more than any recognition as compared to any other Institute. The performance of this Institution is stellar and consistent. Because of which this Institution attracts a lot of students from all over India. Furthermore, they also have good rankings as a result of the hard work they put in.

Courses at Institute of Chemical Technology

Institute of Chemical Technology offers several courses to its’ students. Furthermore, there are various streams to choose from. So, it is multidisciplinary in nature. However, there are some world-class certified curriculum courses as well. To read more about it, refer below:


Institute of Chemical Technology offers Bachelor’s courses in various streams. Furthermore, there are a variety of courses. Available streams are Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering & Technology, and more. Consequently, most of them have a four-year curriculum.


Institute of Chemical Technology offers master’s courses in several streams. Moreover, they also have a well-constructed curriculum. As a result of which, this University has a varied structure. There are streams like Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Technology, Perfumery and Flavour Technology, and many more. Therefore, such programs give students a good time. Thus, students have a push. They push out of their comfort zone. This enables active skill learning in them.


Institute of Chemical Technology offers Doctoral programs to its students. A doctoral degree is the highest level of education. Therefore, students and the University pay special attention to their respective courses. There are several streams to choose from. Some of which are Bioprocess Technology, Green Technology, etc

Facts & Figures about Institute of Chemical Technology

  • Year of Establishment: 2008
  • University Address: Mumbai, India
  • Chancellor: Mr. Raghunath Anant Mashelkar
  • University Type: Deemed University
  • Approved by: UGC
  • Official website:
  • Number of Courses Offered: 36+ courses
  • Admission Criteria: Merit-based/ Entrance-based
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, & Ph.D.
  • Mode of Education: Full Time, Part Time.

Rankings of Institute of Chemical Technology


QS 2020 – (Asia) – 152

QS 2020 – (India ) – 22

THE 2021 – ( World) – 601-800

THE 2020 – World (Biological Sciences) – 501-600

THE 2020 – World (Chemical Engineering) – 501-600


NIRF 2020 – ( Pharmacy) – 4

ARIIA 2020 – (Top Public Funded Institutions) – 1

Outlook 2020 – ( Top 23 Technical Universities In India) – 13

NIRF 2020 – ( Engineering) – 18

Rank Year Ranked for Ranked by
6 2019 Top Public Funded Institutions ARIIA
1 2020 Top Public Funded Institutions ARIIA
13 2020 Top 23 Technical Universities In India Outlook
167 2019 Asia QS
152 2020 Asia QS
155 2021 Asia QS
24 2019 India QS
22 2020 India QS
601-800 2021 World The Week
46 2020 India US
1467 2020 Global US
27 2019 India NIRF
15 2019 India NIRF
34 2020 India NIRF
18 2020 India NIRF
501–600 2020 Biological Sciences The Week
501–600 2020 Chemical Engineering The Week
501–600 2020 Chemistry The Week
501–600 2020 General Engineering The Week
501–600 2020 Mathematics & Statistics The Week
501–600 2020 Medicine & Dentistry The Week
501–600 2020 Physics & Astronomy The Week
12 2019 Engineering NIRF
4 2019 Pharmacy NIRF
18 2020 Engineering NIRF
4 2020 Pharmacy NIRF

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The infrastructure of the Institute of Chemical Technology


Institute of Chemical Technology has one of the most technologically savvy libraries in India. Moreover, it is believed that the library is the place where creative ideas are brought up. All kinds of ideas and planning are to be done there & it is important to create an atmosphere where students have access to all kinds of books in their field of study. The library at the Institute of Chemical Technology has a DELNET subscription. This means that students can access the e-books of all libraries around India so that they can have a clear vision of their course study. Apart from that Institute of Chemical Technology library has around 30000 books, a lot of e-books, subscriptions to KNIMBUS, GREENR, etc. . Students do not only have access to books but a lot of magazines, journals, periodicals apart from the daily newspapers.


The residential facilities at the Institute of Chemical Technology are welcoming. The Hostels are very well equipped with all kinds of facilities. The necessary facilities and the other facilities like solar-heated water, departmental stores, stationery shops, laundry services, etc. The housekeeping staff is also available for the whole week to clean rooms, restrooms, corridors, lounge to maintain a healthy surrounding for students. Moreover, the hostels are very well connected to airports, railway stations, bus stands and also a lot of tourist spots. The mess facilities at the Institute of Chemical Technology are hygienic and healthy. There are four meal options available to the students, which they can choose at their convenience. There are also canteens available where students can eat as an alternate choice. This means that there not only different food options but also different kitchen choices for the students.

Other facilities

There are a lot of facilities available to the students of the Institute of Chemical Technology. Some of which are the sports facilities like carrom, badminton, basketball, etc. There are also various tournaments held in the University. They tend to encourage students interested in this field. Moreover, The hostels and canteens at the Institute of Chemical Technology serve delicious and hygienic food to its students. Auditorium & labs are very spacious and well maintained at the University. Furthermore, they are furnished with the latest technology to cater to the needs of the students. Besides these facilities, the Institute of Chemical Technology also conducts various seminars and lectures for its students. There are some amazing fields of study that also encouraged to make students to master all.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Institute of Chemical Technology

Is ICT better than IIT?

Yes, as far as facilities like labs and courses in Chemical engineering are concerned, ICT is better off than IIT.

How can I join ICT in Mumbai?

Now, for undergraduate programs, students are supposed to give Central Admission Process examinations. Furthermore, for admission to post-graduate masters level courses, admission depends on their GATE/GPAT score.

Is ICT a good college?

Yes, ICT Mumbai is an amazing college. The faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, girls to boys ratio, everything is very well. Furthermore, the placement opportunities, being in a chemical Engineering branch, is about INR 17.90 Lakh.

What chemical technology means?

In a layman’s language, Chemical technology deals with Chemistry, Mathematics, and Environmental science. Furthermore, this branch deals with Chemical unit operations, inorganic chemistry, process system control, etc. A lot of laboratory instrumentation, health, and safety, parts of organic and analytical chemistry are also present.

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