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Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About IIT KANPUR Facts & Figures, Rankings & More

Under the Institute of Technology Act, IIT Kanpur became an Institute of National Importance (INI). The institute is such a stalwart in its league that it even has its own magazine known as IIT K Chronicle. IIT Kanpur even has an office in the USA that facilitates various non-academic programs of the institute. IIT Kanpur was established in 1959 and gradually shaped into an institute of excellence over the years. The aim of the institute is to deliver the highest standards of education, leadership development, and innovation. Moreover, the attitude of the institute, in short, sums up in its motto that says Lead me from darkness to light.


The campus acquires an area of 1055 acres and occupies a built-up space of 1000 acres which houses as many as 150 classrooms, 16 sports grounds, numerous labs, 13 hostels, and other buildings, which sum totals to around 108 buildings. The campus houses facilities like a library, Halls of residence, on-campus banks, and visibly all of the institute’s requirements. One can easily reach the campus IIT Kanpur campus by train. The nearest station is 16 KM; upon reaching the station, one needs to take a cab or auto-rickshaw to the campus. The nearest airport, however, is quite far, located at a distance of 95 km; one needs to take a taxi from the airport to the campus.

Courses and Programs

IIT Kanpur offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs primarily. Students need to appear for JEE advance and GATE for admission into the primary courses. In addition to UG and PG, IIT Kanpur also offers courses on M.Sc and Ph.D. and M.Des courses. The Courses offered at the UG level are computer science and engineering, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, civil and biological engineering, chemical engineering, and lastly in materials sciences. A total of 27courses are offered at the PG level. Likewise, some of the PG courses are M. tech in MBA and M.Des.

Course fees for UG programs are around 950K and for PG around 150K. For the Ph.D. courses, fees range around 50K, and for MBA, fees can go up to 900K.


With scores of big companies flocking at IIT Kanpur, every year placements are not a tough thing to figure out for eligible students.2021 saw as many as 232 companies which included giants like apple, ICICI, and 50+ start-ups. The highest domestic package offered was 82 lac to three students, followed by 80 Lac to another. Moreover, the highest package for International placement was 1.42 Cr. The average CTC for 2020 was 7.5 LPA which signifies not all students get the bigger packages. As many as 821 offers were made and 709 accepted by the students. The placement cell at IIT Kanpur is among the best there is a constant focus on achieving results by inviting more and more companies.

Facts & Figures about the IIT KANPUR

  • Year of Establishment: 1959
  • University Address: Indian Institute of Technology, Kalyanpur, Kanpur-208016
  • Chancellor: Abhay Karandikar is present director
  • University Type: Public Technical Institute
  • Approved by: AICTE accredited Courses
  • Number of Courses Offered: 70+
  • Admission Criteria: Entrance
  • Degrees Offered: UG, PG, Ph.D., and Post-Doctoral
  • Mode of Education: Fulltime & Par time
  • Total No of Seats: 1182 yearly UG intake total seats 6400+

IIT KANPUR Rankings (International & National)

The richness in quality of the institute has seen it ranked by almost all of the major ranking programs. Moreover, quality and quantitative ranking methodology and techniques help to smoothen the ranking process.

The major ranking educational college mechanism in the world is QS, and in India, it is NIRF; both these rankers evaluate the colleges and institute rigorously. Therefore various ranking factors and parameters are at play while ranking a college. IIT Kanpur has in the past ranked in the top five always in India among engineering colleges and has ranked considerably well in QS ranking as well. Please see the below chart to know its international and national rankings.

International Ranking of IIT KANPUR


Domestic/National Ranking of IIT KANPUR

History of the IIT KANPUR

IIT Kanpur was established in the year 1959. However, In 1960, a party of faculties from American institutes landed in India and jointly guided the formation of academics at the institute. However, prior to the formation and further regulations, the institute already started its operation with 100 students. In its initial years of formation, the GCTI (government textile institute) acted as a hostel facility for IIT K.

 Furthermore, during its formation, the institute lacked governance; hence it was headed by Professor Purushottam Kashinath Kelkar, who acted as a founding pillar. Harcourt Butler Technological Institute was home for the institute for four years, after which IITK shifted to its permanent campus, gradually developing into a favorite student campus in India. The institute, in its initial years, contributed greatly towards the formation and development of India. Notably, three MIT faculties under the mutual understanding of India and America immensely helped develop the institute’s research and academics.

 A lot can be said about the rich history of IIT Kanpur; however, one notable pointer is IIT K was the first institute in India to introduce a science-based engineering curriculum at the UG level.


Infrastructure at the University of IIT KANPUR

Infrastructure directly in one glance shows the capability of a college. Proper infrastructure coupled with adequate staff and teaching faculty is the o to the requirement for a student. Moreover, quality education and holistic learning can only be achieve through the ample availability of infrastructure and facilities. IIT Kanpur is among the oldest engineering college in India its campus size is sprawling 1000 acres or 4 Sq. Km, which means it is one of the biggest campuses; a big campus also means the availability of numerous facilities throughout the campus. Facilities available at the campus are as followed.


The library at IIT Kanpur, named after its founding director PK Kelkar Library is beautifully set along with a small patch of flower garden and fountains. Moreover, the library houses n number of books related to fields of study and also houses fictional and nonfictional and management studies books as well. Furthermore, the library provides services like photocopying and book loans. PK Kelkar Library also subscribed to numerous journals, ebooks, papers, and other resources. Additionally, the library is also a member of e – Sodh Sindhu. Students can get ebooks and also downloadable materials from the library’s dedicated website.

Halls of Residence (Hostels and Mess)

Sum total of 14 hostels, three for girls and the rest for boys, are available separately. The halls of residence (hostels) are equipped with all required amenities. Moreover, students enjoy staying at the Halls of residence. The mess is headed by the chairman, and the cost of food is heavily subsidized. Furthermore, students get a fixed meal menu for each day they can choose either to have nonveg or veg.

Clubs and Societies

Top events in the colleges are namely Techkritie, Udghosh, and E-summit. The Gymkhana of the college funds numerous events. Moreover, the college has scores of cultural and hobby clubs like Literary Club, Music club, adventure club, Joggers club where students can join and participate in respective events.


The institute has a number of labs of which of them are

  • Computer labs with numerous Linux and Windows-powered PCs.
  • A number of Virtual labs like the Oscillation lab, Virtual Astrophysics lab, among others.
  • Single-Molecule physics and Virology lab knew as Das lab.

Other Facilities

  • Open Air Theatre coupled with high-end systems
  • Post Office, Bank, and ATM
  • Seminar Halls
  • Shopping Centre

Frequently Asked Questions about the IIT KANPUR (FAQs)

What is the highest package of IIT Kanpur?

Domestic Highest package for 2021 stood at 82 Lacs offered to three students. However, the international highest package stood at 1.42 Cr. for 2021.

Which is the top-ranking IIT in India?

IIT M (IIT Madras) is the top IIT in India. Moreover, IIT Bombay, Delhi, Kanpur, and Kharagpur respectively closely rank next in the line. However, the fact is debatable as IIT Bombay is ranked top by QS.

Which is the flagship course at IIT Kanpur?

Aerospace Engineering and CSE are among the favorites among many other courses.

Is IIT Kanpur good?

Yes. IIT Kanpur is among the top 4 engineering colleges in India. Starting from living experience to learning and finally getting placements IIT Kanpur is second to none in its own way. Therefore IIT Kanpur considers as not only a good but also a top-class engineering college in India.

What is the admission process of IIT Kanpur?

The admission process of IIT Kanpur is fairly simple; however, getting admission is not. In order to get into IIT Kanpur, candidates need to appear and score suitable marks in the respective entrance exam. Moreover, they need to apply through the institute’s portals as well. Additionally, after shortlisting, he or she goes through interview rounds and finally gets on board.





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