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Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT)

Cochin University of Science and technology is a technological university. They established the University in the year 1971. Formerly they called it University of Cochin. Later they named it CUSAT in 1986. Therefore, it is a premier technological university in the country. It is one of the well-known university not only in India but also in the world. Therefore it attracts students from across the world. Hence it has NAAC accreditation and AICTE approval. In addition, the central Government agencies like UGC, DST, etc., funded the college in research activity.

Main campus

The Thrikkakara or the Main campus is 1.5km away from the national highway in South Kalamassery. Therefore, it is a 180-acre campus. Certainly, it is an absolutely beautiful campus with a fresh breeze, hills, and green landscapes surrounding it. Additionally, the main building is designed in traditional Kerala architecture. It has a hostel, guest house, central library, playground, and other amenities. Therefore, the library is fully computerized and acts as an academic source of education. There is a Triveni coffee house and other canteens. Finally, there are three girls hostels and three boys hostels. Therefore the campus represents the traditions of ancient Kerala.

Lakeside campus

The lakeside campus is around 12 km away from the main campus. Therefore its location is in the estuarine waterfront in cochin city. Hence the campus has the school of oceans, marine science and technology. It has the largest marine science library in Asia. It has academic interactions with other Universities and research institutes in India as well as abroad.

Pulincunnu Campus

The Pulincunnu campus is around 65 km away from the main campus and is in the Alappuzha district in Kerala. It has both Cochin college of engineering and Cochin college of computer Application. However, the campus is surrounded by temples, churches, and water scenery. Therefore it is one of the beautiful campuses.

Courses offered at the college

The university offers many courses based on all three campuses. It offers both graduate and post-graduate studies in applied science, industry, commerce, management, and social sciences. It also offers post-graduate studies and research in applied science, industry, technology, commerce, and humanities. Therefore it offers UG, PG, M.Phil., and Ph.D. program in technology and other applied sciences.

Facts and Figure about CUSAT

  • Year of Establishment: 1971
  • College Address: University Rd, South Kalamassery, Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala
  • Website :
  • Chancellor : Shri Arif Mohammad Khan
  • University type : Public               
  • Approved by : AICTE
  • No of courses : 76 courses across 285 faculties
  • Admission criteria : Merit-based or entrance test based
  • Degrees offered : UG,  PG, M.Phil., and Ph.D.
  • Mode of Education : Full time, Part-time

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National ranking

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Rank  Year Ranked for Ranked by
59 2020 Top 75 Universities In India Outlook
25 2020 Top 70 Public State Universities Outlook
136 2020 Top Engineering Institutes- Emerging TOI
301-350 2019 Asia QS
351-400 2020 Asia QS
401-450 2021 Asia QS
51-55 2019 India QS
51-55 2020 India QS
1001+ 2021 World The Week
94 2019 India NIRF
65 2019 India NIRF
89 2020 India NIRF
62 2020 India NIRF
47 2020 Engineering India
116 2019 Engineering NIRF
178 2020 Engineering NIRF
54 2019 Engineering The Week
79 2018 Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Biological Sciences The Week
1001+ 2020 Business & Management The Week
1001+ 2020 Chemical Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Chemistry The Week
1001+ 2020 Civil Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Sociology The Week
1001+ 2020 Economics And Econometrics The Week
1001+ 2020 Electrical And Electronic Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 General Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Geology& Environmental Sciences The Week
1001+ 2020 Literature & Language The Week
1001+ 2020 Law The Week
1001+ 2020 Mathematics & Statistics The Week
1001+ 2020 Mechanical Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Physics & Astronomy The Week

Infrastructure at the CUSAT

The college infrastructure of the college is absolutely brilliant. Therefore it gives the student a beautiful atmosphere to learn new things. The college infrastructure is different for all three campuses. Hence the University is surrounded by sceneries and lakes with all greenery around. Therefore the college infrastructure includes the following Department of youth welfare, hostel, and canteen or campus café.

Department of Youth Welfare

The youth welfare department is a platform that implements youth policies such as motivation, promotion, and participation. The department represents a driving force for the youth to promote academic excellence through learning and doing. It also takes care of various aspects of student welfare, such as counseling, training, and other welfare activities.


The university hostel has the following facilities. They are, It has accommodation for nearly 600 men and 700 women, and it is open for students of Under graduation, postg-raduation, and research etc. Therefore the boy’s hostels are sanathana, Siberia and Sarovar. Hence the girl’s hostels are Aiswarya, Athulya Anaswara, and a post-metric hostel. In addition, the hostel at the lakeside campus is the OBC post-metric hostel for girls. And Finally, the Marine science campus hostel for men at the Cochin university.

Dining area or canteen or café

The canteen is huge with a large dining area. It is opened from 8 AM to 8 PM on all working days, including Saturday. Certainly, the canteen serves the students with tasty food available anywhere in India. It offers both South Indian and North Indian dishes. And the meals are cheap and affordable.

Facilities at the University

The facilities of the college play a key role. Therefore it is very important while choosing a university. The University has the following facilities. They are a library, Seminar complex, Health center, and Auditorium. Hence these are facilities that should be considered.


The Central library at the University is one of the best in India. Therefore, it is a treasure house of Patents, art books, and books on library and information science. The students can gain knowledge on their subject as well as increase their knowledge about the society and surroundings.

Seminar complex

The seminar hall is huge, well furnished, and multipurpose. Scholars from across the country conduct guest lectures here on the campus so that they could impart some knowledge regarding the latest trend in science and technology.

Health care

The college conducts healthcare camps for the students. Hence there is a primary healthcare center located in the University. Certainly, it is open to the students from 4 PM to 6 PM. Further, the medical superintendent is PV Joy.


The college auditorium is huge. It might have a capacity of more than 500 as it is an open-air auditorium. They use this auditorium for many other purposes, such as conducting programs, cultural events, fest, and many other extra-curricular activities. It is one of the largest auditoriums.

Activities at the University

The University is large as it has three campuses, and there are many cultural fests conducted here as well as many activities also. Certainly, this includes NSS, cultural activities, athletics, and sports.

National Service Scheme or NSS

National Service Scheme is a program which develops a sense of appreciation among the student that is appreciation of other person’s views. Additionally it teaches them to be considerate to other living beings. It teaches the students to work for the welfare of the society. Therefore it develops leadership qualities in them.

Cultural Activities

The University conducts various cultural activities such as University Youth festival, anchorage and talent time. Colleges from across the country participate in the events. In addition, they conduct many events in the university through which they can develop a friendly relationship among the educational institutions. This also helps the students from various colleges participate in various events.

Physical education

The university has facilities for physical education. Therefore, the instructors train them in various physical activities, games and sports. Certainly this helps the student to participate in sports events. Hence the university conducts various sports events and students from different parts of the state participate in the games or sport that they conduct.

Sports Arena

The university has a sports arena where various sports equipment are provided. Additionally it has basketball court and various other courts where the students can participate in the leisure time.

Frequently asked questions about the University

Is CUSAT exam Tough?

CUSAT exam is not so tough it depends on the merit of the student. Therefore the more the person’s knowledge is, the easier the exam would be.

How many seats are there in CUSAT?

For the number of seats present in the college please refer the college website above. Therefore one can get the exact information.

Is CUSAT a government organization?

Certainly CUSAT is government owned and it is an autonomous body.

Is CUSAT a college?

The Cochin University of science and technology or CUSAT is a state-government owned autonomous university in Kerala. Hence it is under the state government.

Is CUSAT exam easy?

The CUSAT exam is not so tough. It depend on the course the select and merit of the student.

How many colleges are under CUSAT?

The University is a large one. Therefore the number of colleges under CUSAT are 29.

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