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Facts & Figures, Rankings, Affiliated Colleges & more

Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About Birla Institute of Technology & Science:

Birla Institute of Technology & Science is an institute of higher education. Certainly The key objective is to create an environment that supports continual learning. Hence, students can work with the urge to devise things that require more & more study and research. Besides that, they can also emphasize things that result in endless growth and development.

Additionally The other objective is to provide quality education to students coming from all over India. The organization judges students based on their merits. Hence, students can get into this university depending on the grades they acquire in the 12th standard.

Above all, Birla Institute of Technology & Science makes sure it develops technological and entrepreneurial skills among its students. Therefore, the students of Bits Pilani can enter into any of the fields of engineering, science, and commerce.

The Ultimate Mission of Bits Pilani

Birla Institute of Technology & Science certainly strives to broaden knowledge in the areas of science and technology. Hence, students can turn out to be of great use to the Indian economy and Government.

Bits Palani also makes efforts to develop the tendency to work wisely, innovatively, and efficiently among its alumni. Hence, students eventually work with wisdom, creativity, and efficiency.

Education Standards

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani certainly ensures they make continuous changes to its curriculum. Hence, it matches the latest technological innovations coming up. Besides that, it also helps students stay technologically updated.

Admission Standards

Bits Pilani is also very particular about its admission standards. Hence, it selects students based on:

  • Merits
  • An online exam that tests students logic, math, science, and communication skills. Thus, students get into this university based on their level of reasoning, intelligence, and communication.


The National Assessment & Accreditation Council also accredited Bits Pilani with the highest grade A. Besides, the NAAC scored Bits Pilani 3.45 on 4 in 2016. Hence, Birla Institute of Technology & Science keeps making updates to its courses and methodologies from time to time.

Also Have a look at the Certification of Accreditation the NAAC provided NAAC_Certificate_2016.pdf (

About Degree Courses

Birla Institute of Technology & Science is a deemed university offering courses on levels such as:

  • Undergrad level
  • Postgraduate level
  • Doctorate level

Bits Pilani offers education in fields of study such as:

  • Engineering
  • Sciences
  • Technology
  • Pharmacy
  • Management
  • Humanities

Have a look at the 3-year courses on the undergrad level:

  • BE in Chemical Engineering/Civil Engineering/Electrical & Electronics Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Computer Science/Biotechnology/Electronics & Communication Engineering

Following are the 2-year programmes on the postgraduate or higher level:

Students who wish to take their career to the next level can take admission in courses such as:

  • ME in Design Engineering/Electrical/Microelectronics/Software Systems
  • MBA

Take a close look at the programmes on the advanced level:

  • Full-time PhD
  • Part-time PhD

The Eligibility Criteria for students pursuing doctorate courses is such as:

  • Candidate with an MSc/BE education background.
  • Students must score at least 60% in their graduation.


Stipend depends on the following factors:

  • The availability of students
  • The number of students who appeared for the PhD exam
  • Either Bits Pilani provides a fixed sum or sponsored projects

 Bits Pilani has three campuses in

  • Pilani
  • Goa and
  • Hyderabad

Moreover They have an international campus in Dubai too. Therefore, it is recognized as an international university (deemed university).

Facts & Figures about Birla Institute of Technology & Science:

  • Year of Establishment: 1964
  • University Address: Rajasthan, India
  • Chancellor: Kumar Mangalam Birla
  • University Type: private institute deemed to be university
  • Approved by: the UGC & NAAC with an A
  • The total no. of courses offered: approx. 50+
  • Admission Criteria: merit-based followed by an entrance exam
  • Degrees Offered: all three levels of education: Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate
  • Mode of education: on-campus, off-campus
  • The number of students: 13,535+

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) ranked Bits Pilani 27th all over India in 2020. Also, The NIRF ranked Bits Pilani 15th among all the Indian Universities of Science & Technology. Apart from that, the NIRF also ranked Bits Pilani 30th in the field of engineering. Hence, it makes sure it sustains its education level by adding changes to its curriculum.

13 2020 Top 75 Universities In India Outlook
4 2020 Top 50 Deemed To Be Universities In India Outlook
2 2020 Top 110 Private Engineering Institutes Outlook
2 2020 Top 155 Engineering Institute Rankings TOI
801-1000 2019 World QS
801-1000 2020 World QS
251-300 2020 Graduate QS
180 2019 Asia QS
175 2020 Asia QS
194 2021 Asia QS
17 2019 India QS
18 2020 India QS
1 2019 Top Private Engineering College – North Zone The Week
1001+ 2021 World The Week
36 2020 India US
1254 2020 Global US
7 2020 Engineering India
451-500 2020 Engineering QS
1 2019 Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Accounts & Finance The Week
1001+ 2020 ArtsPerforming Arts And Design The Week
1001+ 2020 Biological Sciences The Week
1001+ 2020 Business & Management The Week
1001+ 2020 Chemical Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Chemistry The Week
1001+ 2020 Civil Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Communication & Media Studies The Week
1001+ 2020 Computer Science The Week
1001+ 2020 Economics And Econometrics The Week
1001+ 2020 Education The Week
1001+ 2020 Electrical And Electronic Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 General Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Geology& Enviornmental Scienes The Week
1001+ 2020 History The Week
1001+ 2020 Literature & Language The Week
1001+ 2020 Mathematics & Statistics The Week
1001+ 2020 Mechanical Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Medicine & Dentistry The Week
1001+ 2020 Physics & Astronomy The Week
1001+ 2020 Political Science The Week
1001+ 2020 Psychology The Week
1001+ 2020 Sociology The Week
1001+ 2020 Sports Science The Week

The History of Bits Pilani

Birla Institute of Technology & Science started in 1929. It lies in the small Rajasthan town. It started with the idea of “Knowledge is Supreme Power.”

The Campus Area

The area of the campus is exactly 328 acres. It has a temple dedicated, especially to the goddess Saraswati. Besides, it has a museum displaying technological feats. Besides that, it also has an auditorium showcasing the paintings of students from the arts faculty.

Scholarship Schemes

Students get the option to avail the Bits Pilani Scholarship Schemes as follows:

On the undergraduate level:

  • The overall score should be 90% in their 12th-grade examinations.
  • Students will get a scholarship of 40% if they score 95% or above.
  • Also Students with a 90% or below 95% score will get a grant of 25% in the first year of university.
  • Moreover Candidates with an 80% or below 90% score get a grant of 15% in the first year of varsity.

The Infrastructure at Bits Pilani

The infrastructure of universities acts as a basis of judgement for many students. On what basis students find any infrastructure interesting? As far as the facilities are concerned, they look for basic medical, library, hostel, and sports facilities. Speaking of all four facilities, the basic requirements students wish for are:

  • A medical room that treats students with the help of medical experts keeps student’s health in check
  • 24*7 medical support on the campus in case students fall sick
  • Ambulance service for 24 hours
  • All the relevant study resources students need
  • Provision for having access to e-resources
  • The availability of learning materials
  • Having access to a solid internet connection
  • Also An attached bathroom, tv, ac in a room is a must
  • A spacious ground for playing sports
  • A gym to look after your fitness

You must check the facilities Bits Pilani provides:


  • It offers books, periodicals and access to 246 IT workstations. Therefore, students can never run out of studying options.
  • 3000 journals
  • Ebooks
  • A large number of free of cost journals and reports are available to the Bits Pilani alumni and faculty as well. Hence, both students and faculty can extract as much information as they want.


They are proud to proclaim their students experience a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge. The faculty members also encourage their students to take part in extracurricular activities. Hence, students can ultimately develop soft skills and leadership skills.

The faculty members of Bits Pilani certainly possess a high level of wisdom and education. As 85% of the members hold a PhD degree, students can never doubt their education levels.

A Student Placement Program:

  • Birla Institute of Technology & Science makes sure every student develops some overall personality development skills.
  • It also makes sure every student gets exposure to the real-life uses of their course.
  • Besides that, it also ensures students become flexible and ready for this fast-growing world.
  • Bits Pilani strives to develop soft skills among its students in the form of presentations.
  • Additionally Bits Pilani arranges clubs and events to make students discover their inner talents.

The Frequently Asked Questions about Bits Pilani (FAQs):

What is the fee of Bits Pilani?

The fee course varies from one another. Bits Pilani offers courses such as undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels. To know what the fees of Bits Pilani are, you can also visit the official website.

Is Bits Pilani a good college?

Bits Pilani is certainly known for its high level of education and placement records. It is also one of the top universities in the engineering field.

Which branch is the best in Bits Pilani?

Bits Pilani is the best branch in terms of placements. Bits Pilani provides 100% placement for its students. Besides that, it also arranges interviews with corporate companies like LinkedIn, Google, Adobe, Microsoft, etc. Hence, students get the opportunity to appear for such giant companies.

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