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Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About Azim Premji University: Latest News, Facts & Figures, Rankings & More

Azim Premji University’s instructive projects mean to plan graduates with extraordinary skill, uprightness, and social responsibility. These characteristics are the fundamental establishment for prospering and the existence of intellectual and moral activity. The university’s primary and top mission is to provide well-rounded schooling. Hence, this type of mission can be achieved not just by focusing on academics but also on sports, innovation, social work, and industry-oriented education.  

Azim Premji University is a significant supporter of vocation and financial freedom. In any case, it additionally has a bigger and similarly significant job as a critical constituent of human turn of events and prospering. This is a view that they offer and wish to achieve in the coming future.

The university ought to be coordinated in terms of academics, sports, and social work. They declare liberal and ‘humanistic’ values and therefore characterize their aim unambiguously with regards to India’s social and political turn of events. They believe freedom and greatness in examination to be essential. Consequently, they don’t see the chance of strongly isolating information from its motivations and outcomes. The university will investigate and find its learning and exploration programs unequivocally in a profound and nuanced comprehension of India’s political and social settings and huge variety.

The faculties and students are essential for the development of the university. One of the focal distractions of education is its own effect on mentalities, values, and the limit with regards to self-comprehension. This limit isn’t an item just of academic learning. It is an outcome additionally of the advancement of affectability and emotional development that starts a long-lasting interaction of request. However, APU wishes to remove these distractions.

Facts & Figures About Azim Premji University

  • Year of Establishment: 2010
  • University Address: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Chancellor: Azim Premji
  • University type: Private
  • Approved by: UGC
  • Number of courses offered: 5 courses
  • Admission criteria: Merit-based
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor, Masters & Ph.D.
  • Mode of Education: Full Time

History of Azim Premji University

Set up in Karnataka by the Azim Premji University Act 2010. Azim Premji University is a non-profit University. This university was set up by the foundation to increase the education and development areas in the country. In addition to that, the Azim Premji foundation believes in the combination of learning and experience. The university is essential for the foundation and therefore works towards achieving its mission. 

The university has an obviously expressed social reason. As a foundation, it exists to make huge commitments through schooling towards the structure of a fair, even-handed, sympathetic, and manageable society. This is a certain obligation to the possibility that education adds to social change. Simultaneously, this obligation to a particular worth direction isn’t to be deciphered as a barely utilitarian perspective on the university. Schooling’s effect on society is through the adjustments in qualities and activity that reasoning, self-ruling people are able to do.

The university is essential for the foundation and vital to its vision. The collaboration from the nearby working of the students and personnel with the foundation’s field units will advise and improve the projects at the university. Additionally, the individuals from the foundation, in general, have the difficult errand of characterizing a hierarchical culture and cycles of connection that understand the maximum capacity of this linkage.

To sum up, the university will endeavor to build up a profound comprehension of the part of instruction in making attention to excellent and moral issues in banters on improvement and social arrangement. Azim Premji University wishes to reflect this mindfulness through its educational program and examination needs in the future.

Infrastructure at Azim Premji University

The APU University is in Banglore. Its campus is situated in the south campus of PES University on Hosur Road in Bangalore. The grounds of the university are spread on a large section of land. The university offers facilities for an incredible learning climate. Therefore this gives students lively insight. An environment that supports learning and thus effectively advances collaborating with connections that reach past the scholarly educational plan.

The grounds offer 120,000 sq .ft. of space that houses homerooms furnished with general media gear, an enormous workshop corridor, meeting rooms with video-conferencing offices, and different conversation rooms. University offers off-campus students accommodations. They also provide a library, a cafeteria, and a sports complex. They also provide a Banking service and a 24-hour internet facility. In addition to these facilities, other facilities include:


The university has a central library with a diverse range of books. Therefore, it consists of thousands of books, articles, and journals which help students and faculty to improvise regularly.

A computer laboratory and internet facility 

The university has provided a computer laboratory along with a continuous internet facility. All the students and facilities can use these facilities for research purposes. In addition to that, students can use a computer laboratory for doing projects which include innovative ideas.


Members of the college do not compromise with that. Therefore, APU University has provided a sports area. Additionally, the university has offered Playgrounds, fields, and games for outdoor as well as indoor games. Moreover, College also provides football and cricket.


The University campus has a canteen. The canteen has healthy food with the proper environment to spend a relaxing time.

FAQs: Azim Premji University

Is Azim Premji University good?

At Azim Premji University, students are assisted with accomplishing the limit with regard to comprehension. Therefore they are activities suitable to their latent capacity. The learning projects of the university subsequently focus on building information, basic reflection, qualities, and expertise that support such limits. It is set up to address understandings and growing new viewpoints, which are dependent on thorough exploration. In addition to that, the university perceives that educational opportunity and uprightness are imperative for this. Workforce and students are essential for the development that completes this vision in the light of the university’s qualities and objectives.

How do I apply to Azim Premji University?

For looking for admission to any of the courses offered at APU, students can apply online through the authority application entry of the university. Intrigued candidates additionally have a choice to purchase a University outline and application structure by visiting the university’s enlistment center office.

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