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Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About the Ashoka University: Latest News, Facts & Figures, Rankings & More 

Ashoka University has been strict in its target on furnishing liberal training at standard with the best on the planet. The focus of the university is to help students become balanced and knowledgeable people. Subsequently, who can see issues from different points of view, impart successfully and become pioneers with a promise to public assistance. Moreover, Ashoka schooling conveys a solid accentuation on central information. In addition to that, they have 2250 or more students from the nearby region and are also taken from various states and more than 243 urban communities in India and 27 different nations. They have elite interdisciplinary instruction through undergraduate and post-graduate projects drove by globally prestigious staff. 

Ashoka University offers a multidisciplinary undergrad program. They have presented students with a wide range of viewpoints all through the study hall. Furthermore, their liberal schooling theory gives students the opportunity to plan their own undergrad program and investigate it accordingly. Therefore, they can find their life’s enthusiasm. Each course conveys credit focuses, and to procure their degree toward the finish of three years, students need to have 100 credits. Students can likewise take extra courses during the three years.  

Additionally, Ashoka has various minor courses. To complete minor studies, students should take a definite number of courses in a subject with external scores in their field of specialization of the major subject. For passing the exams, students of the program, in their first semester, have to take just four courses and a maximum of five courses for every semester they are in. In addition to academics, Co-Curricular Courses are also provided, which can be taken by any student in any semester across the three years. 


Facts & Figures About Ashoka University 

  • Year of Establishment: 2014 
  • University Address: Sonepat, Haryana, India 
  • Chancellor: Rudrangshu Mukherjee 
  • University type: Private 
  • Approved by: UGC 
  • Number of courses offered: – 
  • Admission criteria: Entrance-based 
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor & Masters 
  • Mode of Education: Full Time 
  • Total No of Seats: – 

History of Ashoka University 

Set up by the most important gathering of business people and experts in India, Ashoka University is one of the best colleges. Additionally, the university has the talent to comprehend the balance between difficulties and necessities of the advanced education area. Moreover, Ashoka has its image as an imaginative institution of advanced education. Therefore, it will give the world, the scholars, pioneers, business people, and organization manufacturers of tomorrow. 

In addition to this, Ashoka offers a multidisciplinary undergraduate program in light of a legitimate concern for presenting students to various viewpoints all through the homeroom. Additionally, students get a lot of time to seek after extracurricular and co-curricular interests, find new interests, and maybe, change the direction of their lives. 

To sum up, we can say that liberal schooling is quickly acquiring acknowledgment in India. The opportunity has arrived to re-establish the equilibrium in advanced education by carrying liberal instruction to the cutting edge. The eventual fate of liberal teaching relies upon how best we make and investigate new types of training. After that, it can upgrade social equity, public assistance, and ecological supportability while likewise creating students to lead another time of development and change. 


Infrastructure at Ashoka University 

Ashoka’s infrastructure has been planned by world-renowned architecture group, Perkins-Eastman. They are widely acclaimed University designers who are likewise behind the infra of the Indian School of Business campus in the city of Hyderabad. A portion of the highlights of their infrastructure is a cutting-edge Radio frequency identification library, an indoor games mind-boggling, internet learning the board frameworks, focal cooling, and unique students Activities Center. 

In addition to those facilities, some other are: 


The university has a library with thousands of books, articles, and journals which help students and faculties to improvise regularly. 


Ashoka University has a fully residential campus. The university has provided a separate hostel facility for boys and girls. It has been filled with around 2500 students in 1252 fully furnished, air-conditioned rooms. Further, the university has provided well-furnished rooms with beds, study tables, and a cupboard. They have very spacious and comfortable rooms and lounges. Rooms have common washrooms on each floor, a drawing room area, and facilities for laundry and gym. In addition to that, university has also provided TV, magazines, and other recreational facilities. 


Ashoka University has provided a sports area. Additionally, the university has offered Playgrounds, fields, and games for outdoor as well as indoor games. 


The college has a huge auditorium. University has organized various events in that auditorium. Therefore, all the students can use this for various events.  


The university has offered a cafeteria and mess to its students for refreshment. 


Ashoka University has provided a transportation facility because few students do not live in the hostel. 

FAQs: Ashoka University 

Who has established Ashoka University? 

Ashoka has aimed to become India’s biggest charitable institution, begun by various individuals of India’s most reputed and successful business pioneers and givers. A group of their Founders has likewise been part in setting up the Indian School of Business (ISB), MakeMyTrip (MMT), Naukri, Aptech, SunPharma, and then so on. 

Where is Ashoka University found? 

Set up in the Rajiv Gandhi Education City, in Sonepat, Haryana, Ashoka University is a few minutes away from the Indira Gandhi International Airport and New Delhi Railway Station. The university has provided a transport facility which takes students to the nearest Metro station in Delhi NCR, from where they can commute anywhere in the city. 

Is Ashoka a perceived college? Does University Grants Commission (UGC) has approved Ashoka University? 

Set up under the Haryana Private Universities Act, 2006. UGC has approved Ashoka University. In November 2014, Ashoka University was approved to allow degrees under Section 22 of the UGC Act. 

What is a portion of the critical highlights of the Ashoka infrastructure? 

Ashoka’s infrastructure has planned by a world-renowned architecture group, Perkins-Eastman. They are widely acclaimed University designers who have also designed infra of the Indian School of Business(ISB) campus in Hyderabad. A portion of the highlights of their grounds is a cutting-edge Radio frequency identification library, an indoor games mind-boggling, internet learning the board frameworks, focal cooling, and unique students Activities Center. 


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