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Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About Andhra University: Facts & Figures, Rankings & More 

The Andhra University has been in operation for three decades. Andhra University is not only one of the country’s oldest educational institutions, but it was also the first to be conceived of as a residential and teaching-cum-affiliating University, primarily committed to post-graduate teaching and research. The people of the state have an emotional affinity to the school because it was founded following a lengthy and concerted effort by the Telugu elite for a university in the educationally disadvantaged northern Circars and Ceded regions of the former Madras Presidency. Also, the Madras Act of 1926 established Andhra University in the year 1926. In addition, the 94-year-old school is lucky to have Sir CR Reddy as its founding Vice-Chancellor, since his foresight proved profitable in the long term. 

Andhra University: Arts and Commerce 

The Andhra University was the founding principal of the integrated Arts, Science, and Technology Padmabhushan Mamidipudi Venkata Rangayya was the founding principal of the integrated Arts, Science, and Technology Colleges in 1931-32. Following that, in 1966, the College of Arts and Commerce was formed from the united colleges. Moreover, eminent personalities such as Sir JC Coyajee, Prof V S Krishna, Prof B Sarveswara Rao, Prof G Partha Sarathi, Prof KV Sivayya, and all other Principals established strong foundations for this college.” 

Andhra University: Science and Technology 

The Andhra University began in the Composite Andhra State after to independence in 1947. In addition, the College of Science and Technology was founded in 1931 as a merger of the Colleges of Arts, Science, and Technology. Also, it was split in 1966, with Prof. R. Ramanadham as its first principal. In addition, the institution includes over 2000 students, 100 research researchers, 232 instructors, and 276 administrative and support personnel. 

Andhra University: Engineering 

The Andhra University College of Engineering (A) (AUCE (A)) began in the Composite Madras State prior to independence in 1946. However, the roots of technical education were sown on the Andhra University Campus as early as 1933, with the establishment of Sugar Technology, the current Department of Chemical Engineering. In addition, following its approval in 1946, the institution was first established in Cocanada (now Kakinada), under the Madras State. Moreover, Departments of the main fields of engineering—Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical—were formed on the University Campus in 1955, following the first split of the State from the Combined Madras Government. 

Andhra University: Pharmaceuticals 

However, Andhra University was the second school in the country to begin university-level pharmacy education in 1937. Also, pharmacy courses were provided as part of the B.Sc. Honors degree in chemical technology and as a specialty at the M.Sc. Chemical Technology level. Because of the significance of pharmaceutical sciences, a distinct department was established in 1951, with the start of the B.Pharm. programme, with late Prof. S. Rangaswamy as the founding Head of the Department. 

Courses at Andhra University 

Moreover, Andhra University brings numerous courses for its students across various disciplines. It likewise provides courses in bachelors, mastersM.Phil. and PhD. Moreover, AU also offers multiple diploma and vocational courses as well. Now, read below to know about courses at Andhra University. 

Bachelors: Likewise, Andhra University is famous for its bachelor courses. Besides, its undergraduate courses offer a wide array of subjects in various disciplines. Furthermore, it provides courses like BSC, B. Com, BA (Hons), BBE, BMS and others. These courses, however, have a duration of three years, unlike professional bachelor’s degrees for four years.

Masters: Also, Masters courses at Andhra University, as a matter of fact, are also recognized for their comprehensive level of education. In addition, Andhra University offers masters courses in various disciplines as well. Also, it provides MA courses, namely, MA, M.Sc., M. Com and more.

M.Phil./Ph.D.: Lastly, Andhra University provides the highest level of education to scholars from M.Phil. & Ph.D. programs. Moreover, the University also offers financial assistance to scholars during their research tenure. Likewise, AU offers multiple Ph.D. and M.Phil. programs in various disciplines. 

Facts & Figures About the Andhra University

  • Year of Establishment:1926
  • University Address: Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  • Chancellor: Prof. Rajendra Prasad.
  • University Type: State
  • Approved by:  NAAC, UGC
  • Number of Courses Offered: 43 courses across 2 faculties
  • Admission Criteria: Merit-based/ Entrance-based
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelor’s, Master’s, M.Phil. & PhD.
  • Mode of Education: Full Time, Part Time & Distance
  • Total No of Seats: –
Rank Year Ranked for Ranked by
16 2020 Top 75 Universities In India Outlook
5 2020 Top 70 Public State Universities Outlook
351-400 2019 Asia QS
351-400 2020 Asia QS
351-400 2021 Asia QS
47 2019 India QS
47 2020 India QS
1001+ 2021 World The Week
29 2019 India NIRF
16 2019 India NIRF
36 2020 India NIRF
19 2020 India NIRF
52 2020 Engineering India
34 2020 Pharmacy NIRF
1001+ 2020 Accounts & Finance The Week
1001+ 2020 Archaelogy The Week
1001+ 2020 Architecture The Week
1001+ 2020 ArtsPerforming Arts And Design The Week
1001+ 2020 Biological Sciences The Week
1001+ 2020 Business & Management The Week
1001+ 2020 Chemical Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Chemistry The Week
1001+ 2020 Civil Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Communication & Media Studies The Week
1001+ 2020 Computer Science The Week
1001+ 2020 Economics And Econometrics The Week
1001+ 2020 Education The Week
1001+ 2020 Electrical And Electronic Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 General Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Geography The Week
1001+ 2020 Geology& Enviornmental Scienes The Week
1001+ 2020 History The Week
1001+ 2020 Literature & Language The Week
1001+ 2020 Law The Week
1001+ 2020 Mathematics & Statistics The Week
1001+ 2020 Mechanical Engineering The Week
1001+ 2020 Other Health The Week
1001+ 2020 Physics & Astronomy The Week
1001+ 2020 Political Science The Week
1001+ 2020 Psychology The Week
1001+ 2020 Sociology The Week
1001+ 2020 Sports Science The Week
44 2019 Engineering The Week

History of the Andhra University

The people of the state have an emotional affinity to the school because it was founded following a lengthy and concerted effort by the Telugu elite for a university in the educationally disadvantaged northern Circars and Ceded regions of the former Madras Presidency. The Madras Act of 1926 established Andhra University in the year 1926. The 94-year-old school is lucky to have Sir C.R. Reddy as its founding Vice-Chancellor, since his foresight proved profitable in the long term. Telugu language and literature, history, economics, and politics were the first subjects offered. The College of Science and Technology was established a year later, offering Honours programmes in Physics and Chemistry. The University was the first in the country to introduce several new courses in Science, Arts, Management, and Engineering.

Infrastructure at the Andhra University

The University provides a great learning experience to its students. Additionally, AU has also ensured to make the student experience better as well. Now, read below to know more about the Infrastructure at the University of Andhra:


There are 505000 books, 62 international journals (print), 120 Indian journals (print), 8500+ e-journals, 35 general magazines, 15 newspapers, 50000 back volumes, and 880 CD-ROMs in the library. Aside from significant periodicals, microfilms, and paper and palm leaf manuscripts, the Library contains a large collection of books. Over the years, the Library has served the academic and research communities, and it currently serves over 17000 users. The UGC INFONET initiative also provides access to e-journals to the campus academic community.


Since University is a premier institution of learning in India. Therefore, it witnesses admissions of a large number of students from India and abroad as well. That is why it provides excellent hostel facilities for male and female students across its campuses. Moreover, it offers single and double accommodations as well.  The university campus has 23 dormitories for men and 10 hostels for women alone. Two hostels specifically designed for international students. The Arts and Commerce Hostel at the University contains 414 single rooms, 48 double rooms, 6 three-seater rooms, 30 four-seater rooms, and a dormitory.

Computer Centre

University provides excellent resources to its students. It further provides e-resources with the help of an ICT network available at the computer centres. Apart from providing internet services, it also offers other facilities for its students and staff as well.

Medical Facilities

In the first place, recommended for an educational institution to provide excellent health services to its students. Therefore, University brings its WUS Health Center to its students that provides advanced health services. It lies on the Main Campus of the University and provides health facilities to its members and beneficiaries. Furthermore, it operates from 10:30 AM to 8:30 PM on weekdays. Also, the WUS centre provides Pathology lab related services as well.

Apart from the above-mentioned facilities, DU also provides facilities namely, Sports Coaching, Utility Centre, University Science Instrumentation Centre among others.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Andhra University (FAQs)

Is Andhra University a government University?

Ans- Yes, it is a government university.

How can I apply for OD in Andhra University?

Ans- Candidates should have passed or appeared for 10+2 examination with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as optionals or related vocational courses in the fields of Engineering and Technology, conducted by the Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh.

Admission to the B.Tech. programme will be awarded based on the candidate’s performance in the JEE Main or the AP EAMCET.

Admission to the B.Arch. programme will be granted based on the candidate’s NATA performance.

How can I apply for Andhra University?

Ans- JEE Main and AP EAMCET results used to determine admission to B.Tech, B.Sc, and B.Pharm programmes. Admission to the B.Arch. programme determined exclusively on the candidate’s performance in NATA. All other UG courses are admitted based on merit in the most recent qualifying examinations. Similarly, candidates for postgraduate programmes must sit for a number of qualifying tests.


College name
IDEAL College of Arts & Science
Anil Neerukonda Institute of Technology & Sciences
College of Management Studies
Dr Lankapalli Bullayya College
Mrs A V N College
Rajiv Gandhi Degree College
Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy
Sir C R Reddy College of Engineering
Sri Vasavi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
V S M College
Gayatri Vidya Parishad College for Degree and P G Courses
Rajah R S R K Ranga Rao College
Sagi Rama Krishnam Raju Engineering College
K G R L Degree College
D N R College
S V S S Arts & Science College
Govt College
Sir C R R College
St Joseph’S College For Women
S K B R College
A M A L College
Bh S R & V L M Degree College
A U College Of Engineering
B G B S Women’S College
S V R Govt Degree College
S G C S R Degree College
S S V P V M C Mahila Vidyapith College For Women
Maharajah’S Post Graduate College
G T P College Of Education For Women
S C I M Govt College
D L R Degree College
D R G Govt Degree College
M S N Degree College
B V K Degree College
G S Krishna Memorial Law College
Govt College (Evening Course)
Maharajah’S College
M V N J S & R V R College
S M B T A V & S N Degree College
R R D S Govt Degree College
S R V B S J B Maharanee College
Sri D N R Govt Degree College For Women
Government Degree College For Women
Govt Degree College For Women
Gayathri College Of Science & Management
Sri A S N M Govt College
Sgs Govt Institute Of Advanced Study In Education
Smt Addepalli Mahalaxmi Devi College Of Education For Women
Govt, Degree College
Maharajah’S College For Women
S D S College Of Arts & Applied Sciences
V S Lakshmi Women’S Degree College & P G College
S V Degree College
Dr V S K Govt Degree College
M R Govt Sanskrit College
Andhra Women’S Sanskrit College
Dr Cheeday Satyanarayana Degree & P G College
Pithapur Rajah’S Govt College
V K V Govt Degree College
S A S Govt Degree College
Smt Kandukuri Rajyalakshmi College For Women
Sir Crr College Of Law
Sri Adinasayana Mahila Kalasala
S K S D Mahila Kalasala
Sri Chintalapati Vara Prasada Murthy Raju Government Degree
Gurajada College Of Education
D R Goenka Women’S Degree College
Annavaram Satyavathi Devi Govt College For Women
Visakha Govt Degree College For Women’S
M R College Of Education
S V L N S Govt Degree College
P R Govt College (Autonomous)
P V R Trust Degree College
Rajamahendri Degree & P G College For Women
Sri Yerramilli Narayana Murthy College
Sri Guraijada Apparao Govt Degree College
Galuguri Bapi Raju Degree College
Muppana Venkata Rao Degree College
Govt Degree College (Evening Courses)
Vabilisetti Satyanarayana Krishna Murthy Degree College
T Subbarami Reddy & Balarama Krishna Degree College
Badagala Sesharmma & Jagannadha Rao Degree College
S K Veerasalingam Theistic College
Andhra University College Of Engineering
Anil Neerukonda Institute Of Technology & Sciences
Dr. V.S. Krishna Government Degree College
Gayatri College Of Science & Management
Gayatri Vidya Parishad College & P.G Courses
K.G.R.L. College
Maharajah’S College
Sagi Rama Krishnam Raju Engineering College
Shri Durga Prasad Saraf College Of Arts & Applied Sciences
Shri Vishnu College Of Pharmacy
St. Joseph’S College For Women Waltair R.S. Visakhapatnam-530004


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