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Facts & Figures, Rankings, Affiliated Colleges & more

Facts & Figures, Rankings, History & more

About Amity University, Gwalior: Facts & Figures, Rankings & More

Ritnand Balved Education Foundation has established Amity University in 2010. In fact, the university is registered under the Madhya Pradesh Act 2010. Moreover, this branch of Amity University is located in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Additionally, there are 14 campuses of Amity in the cities like Mumbai, Noida, Lucknow, etc.

Furthermore, the private university offers full-time courses for undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs. And, there are many streams available in the university. For instance, some of these are Engineering & Technology, Business & Management, Commerce & Economics, Law, Design, Mass Communication, Fashion & Design, Architecture, Pharmacy, Psychology, Liberal Arts, etc.

More about the Amity University Gwalior

The university has international collaboration with many other universities. For instance, there is the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Michigan State University, Presidio Graduate School, ANSHLABS, University of Louisiana, and many more. These universities also offer student and faculty exchange programs.

Above all, in 2019 Education World, ranked Amity as the best university of MP. The same year Dainik Bhaskar was awarded the university. Moreover, Madhya Pradesh Private University Regulatory Commission honored the university with “Excellent University of Madhya Pradesh.” Furthermore, UGC, AIECT has accredited the University. And, it is also a member of AIU.

The university also offers scholarships to the meritorious and or students. For instance, the University considers the 12th class percentage for Undergraduate scholarships. And, for the Postgraduate scholarships, the UG degree’s final marks are considered. Moreover, Amity gives all students a fair chance to sit in the placement drive. Above all, the highest package record offered by top companies in Amity is 30 LPA. For instance, some of the top companies that visit the campus are Amazon, TATA, Microsoft, Flipkart, Wipro, IBM, Honda, Deloitte, and many more.

Courses at Amity University Gwalior

Bachelors: The university offers many courses at the undergraduate level in various streams. For instance, the streams that the university offers are Architecture, Interior Design, Commerce journalism, etc. Namely, B. Arch, LLB, BBA,, BCA, etc are available in many specializations as well.

Masters: Amity University offers many Post-graduate courses as well. Namely, MBA (Pr & advertising), LLM, M.Sc, MCA, MA in Journalism and Mass Communication, and many more options are available to choose from.

Ph.D.: For the Ph.D. courses, the candidate has to get his Master’s degree from a reputed University. Moreover, he/she should have a minimum of 55% marks. Specifically, the University offers a Doctorate in, Journalism and Mass Communication, Law, etc.

Facts & Figures about the Amity University Gwalior

  • Year of Establishment:2010
  • University Address: Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
  • Chancellor: Ashok Chauhan
  • University Type: Private
  • Approved by: UGC & AIECT
  • Number of Courses Offered: 71 courses
  • Admission Criteria: Merit-based and Entrance-based
  • Degrees Offered: Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D
  • Mode of Education: Full-time and Distance learning
  • Total No of Seats: 2156

Amity University Gwalior Rankings (International & National)

Domestic/National Ranking of Amity University Gwalior


Ranked 20 for Mass Communication in 2020


Ranked 153 for Science in 2020


Ranked 23 for BBA in 2020


Ranked 154 for B.Tec in 2020

5. Education World

Ranked as the best university of MP in 2019

6. Danik Bhaskar

Awarded for its admission criteria

7.  Madhya Pradesh Private University Regulatory Commission

“Excellent University of Madhya Pradesh”



Rank  Year Ranked for Ranked by
A 2020 Top Private Institutions ARIIA
49 2019 Top B-Schools In India Financial
34 2020 Top 75 Universities In India Outlook
1 2020 Top 50 Private State Universities In India Outlook
26 2020 Top 50 Private State Universities In India Outlook
32 2020 Top 50 Private State Universities In India Outlook
801-1000 2019 World QS
271-280 2019 Asia QS
301-305 2020 Asia QS
261-270 2021 Asia QS
41 2019 India QS
43 2020 India QS
12 2019 Top Private Engineering College – North Zone The Week
25 2019 Top Private Engineering College – North Zone The Week
30 2019 Top B-Schools In India The Week
39 2019 Top B-Schools North Zone The Week
18 2019 Private The Week
19 2019 Private The Week
16 2019 Top Private Hotel Management Colleges All India The Week
15 2019 Private The Week
104 2019 Private The Week
125 2019 Private The Week
136 2019 Private The Week
139 2019 Private The Week
16 2020 Hotel India
23 2019 Law India
13 2019 Mass India
23 2019 Mass India
12 2019 Fashion India
22 2019 Fashion India
77 2019 Engineering The Week
132 2019 Engineering The Week
136 2019 Engineering The Week
8 2019 Mass The Week
31 2019 Law The Week
32 2019 Law The Week
35 2019 Hotel The Week
94 2020 Bba India
7 2020 Bca India
5 2019 Bca India
31 2019 Bca India
14 2019 B.Arch India
34 2019 Bba India

History of the Amity University Gwalior

Foundationally, Amity University Gwalior was established in 2010 with the motto “We Nurture Trust”. Moreover, the university operates under Ritnand Balved Education Foundation. In fact, the foundation was established in 1988. Furthermore, the trust is a non-profit education foundation. In fact, it is registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860. The trust is also the lead organization for all Amity institutions. In total, there are 14 campuses of Amity Institute all over India. Amity University, Gwalior is located in Madhya Pradesh. And, the Gwalior University is registered under the Madhya Pradesh Act 2010.

Infrastructure at the Amity University


Foundationally, the infrastructure is the backbone of any institution. The fully designed, expansive, as well as lavish green campus of Amity University, Gwalior is a pleasure to explore and learn on. In fact, it spans approximately 100 acres. Truly, Students and staff are well-equipped with all of the essential supplies. For instance, the classrooms of the university have a Wifi facility. Hence, it provides a high-quality Modern education. Mentioned below are the other noteworthy features of the Amity University:

Library and Laboratories

Amity University, Gwalior has a central as well as many departmental libraries. Above all, the libraries have an expansive collection of books, magazines, newspapers, journals, etc. Additionally, there are computers that are connected to a wireless internet connection. Moreover, students can access many well-reputed e-journals. For instance, there are Taylor & Francis, IEEE, Ebso Host, etc.

Besides Libraries, the university also has many state-of-art laboratories. For instance, these labs are the Telecommunication Networks lab, VLSI Design lab, Analog Electronic lab, etc.

Hostel and Accommodation

As students are living far away from home, the university should provide a hostel that is comfortable as well as safe. Hence, at Amity University, Gwalior, there are not one but three hostels. These are available for both boys as well as girls. Moreover, the rooms are available in double occupancy. Each room is semi-furnished with a bed, pillow, mattress, almirah, bedsheets, etc.

Furthermore, the hostel has around-the-clock Wifi connection. Above all, the university provides students with a free laundry service.

Commuting Facility

The university maintains a fleet of buses. It provides a safe as well as a comfortable commute option.

Multipurpose Auditorium

The auditoriums are the venue for many events organized on the campus. Hence, Amity University, Gwalior has a huge state-of-art auditorium. In total, it has can accommodate up to 610 people at a time.


There is not one but six eating outlets on the campus. Moreover, each outlet has many snacking options. The food that is provided is hygienic as well as wholesome. Above all, everything is available at subsidized rates.


As physical activity plays a huge role in the overall development of a human being, the campus of Amity University, Gwalior has facilities for both indoor as well as outdoor sports. For instance, students can indulge in the games like football, lawn tennis, cricket, snooker, carom, chess, etc. In fact, the area of the sports complex is 20 acres.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Amity University Gwalior

How many courses are offered by Amity University, Gwalior?

The university offers 71 courses in various fields. For instance, there are fields like Engineering& Technology, Business & Management, Commerce & Economics, Law, Design, Mass Communication, Fashion & Design, Architecture, Pharmacy, Psychology, Liberal Arts, and Information Technology.

Does Amity University, Gwalior offers a Ph.D. program?

 Yes, the university offers Ph.D. programs. Moreover, the Ph.D. is available in Part-time as well as full-time courses.

Does Amity University, Gwalior provide scholarships?

Yes, the university provides scholarships to meritorious students.

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