Nursing in India: Meaning, Scope, Courses, Colleges, Jobs and More

We all have visited a hospital once in our life. And we have seen professionals working as a nurse over there. Have you ever wondered what degree one needs to be a nurse? What can be the qualification for getting this job? Is there any special course in this field that we can pursue? Nursing has earned a lot of respect and is a very kind profession. The noble prize winner great mother Teresa was also a nurse. In this article, we will discuss all prospects of nursing. For instance courses for it, jobs related to it and everything else. It is one of the jobs that deserve the most respect and honor.

Nowadays nursing has become popular more than ever and a lot of specialization courses are also available. There was a time when people didn’t use to consider this job as a nice job. But in fact, it is a very noble job and career that one can pursue as a student. When Mother Teresa was a nurse, people used to see it as a low-quality profession. But instead, She chose a nursing career path and played a very important role in changing these people’s perceptions of this profession.

At this time people have huge respect for this noble profession. Recently we have faced an epidemic, which is Covid 19. Or I can say that we are still facing it. Can you imagine what would have happened if we didn’t have nurses in our society? Exactly we can’t even imagine that terrible scenario. Now that we all have an idea of how important of a role it plays in human society. Then let’s have a look over What is Nursing and many other things about this profession.

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What is Nursing?

When we think about nursing as a profession, the first thing that we think about is what is Nursing? SO as a definition, we can say that it is a profession related to the health sector whose main focus is to take care of patients. These patients can be individuals, families, communities, etc. They help these people maintain and regain the level and quality of a normal life. But then there are a lot of service providers in the health sector then what differentiates these professionals from nurses.

That is their method of working, approach to patient care, training, and scope of practice. Nurses comprise a very large portion of the entire health care sector. But still, there has been proof of a lack of nurses who has proper qualifications in this sector. A lot of nurses take care of their patients as the physician orders them to do it. And because of this traditional way Nurses are mostly seen as professionals who provide care to individuals or families. Whichever nurse has a graduate degree in advanced in practice nursing, we call them a nurse practitioner. However, there are a lot of laws that allow them to practice in any domain they want.

Work of Nurses:

Nurses developer a plan about how to take care of the patients, and help them speed recovery so that they can be back to their usual life as soon as possible. Nurses have played a major role in the development of human civilization. They have helped a lot of people who were injured in various wars to recover from the injuries. What would have happened to all the civil and soldiers who took part in world war 1st and 2nd, If there were no nurses?

Specialization in nursing is various courses that train normal people so that they can be nurses with proper skills in various fields and work for the well-being of people.

Apart from being a very noble profession, It is a very well-paying profession too. Later we will discuss perks and salaries after being a nurse.

So now we know what is nursing and how is this helpful for our society.

History of Nursing

Historians still are not able to clarify that whether people who used to take care of others in ancient times can be called nurses.  In the 5th century BC, there were mentions of male attendants who have specials skills of care and observations of patients. So we can assume that they were early nurses. In India, clear evidence is from 600 BC. In Sushrut Sanhita chapter 5 of book 3  has recorded the roles of nurses in the health sector. But their definition of nurses was a little different from that of today. It says that the different parts of the members of the body which include skin too can not be described by someone who doesn’t have qualifications in the field of anatomy. So if anyone has an interest in anatomy, he should prepare a dead body and carefully observe its parts by dissecting and observing them.

In earlier times Nursing has a quite religious base. Monks and Nuns used to take care of patients and provide them nursing care. However, these traditions helped shape the current form of nursing. In November 1954  Nursing had to face a major shock as protestant reformers forbade nuns from working as nurses. They provided them a pension or asked them to get married. Instead, they hired people who had no experience in nursing.

But in 1859 Florence Nightingale started a new chapter of professional nursing and Her notes on nursing became popular. Later in the early 19’s hospital-based training of nursing came into existence and became popular instantly.

Types of Nursing

There are a variety of types of nurses that are present in the health sector at this time. Students pursue a different kind of specialization courses in various fields and become nurses of different types. If you’re interested in Nursing then you can easily opt for any of the courses of your choice and become a specialist in that particular field of nursing.

As we have talked about earlier the demand for nurses is increasing day by day. So number courses are also increasing accordingly to meet the need of nurses. But when there are so many choices available it can be confusing for people to choose one of them that is suitable for that particular candidate. So now we’ll talk about some top fields of specialization in nursing. These courses are interesting and provide a candidate with a promising career as well.

Registered Nurse:

This type of nurses provide coordination and patient care to individuals and educate a different group of peoples about topics related to health care. Their job duties also include providing emotional support and useful advice to the patients and their families. Mostly this kind of nurse works in teams with physicians and other professionals who have specialization degrees in various sectors of health care. Candidates who want to work with a team in this sector can opt for this specialization in nursing. You need a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant field to get admission to this specialization course.

Cardiac Nurse:

Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death all over the world. Every year a lot of people die due to heart attacks and different kinds of heart diseases. These types of nurses are specialized in the field of taking care of people who are suffering from any heart disease or condition. Their demand grows as the number of cardiac patients is increasing. These nurses do not only take care of patients but also assist doctors in various bypass surgeries and other critical operations. They also take care of the food, exercises, and workload of a heart patient. For this kind of specialization, you need a registered nurse license too along with your bachelor’s degree.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist:

These are highly skilled nurses that have done a specialization course about anesthesia during different surgeries. These are some of the highest-paid nurses in the health sector due to their high demand. We all have seen that doctors and surgeons perform a lot of surgeries every day in hospitals. So the Requirements of these nurses are higher than other kinds of nurses.

Types of Specialization Courses in Nursing:

There are majorly three types of specialization courses that are available in India. Let’s discuss a little bit about them.

Degree Nursing Courses

These courses are available at both levels. You can pursue a specialization course in Nursing at your undergraduate level as well as your post-graduate level. The duration of these courses can be different for each course. But on a general note, we can say that they can be anywhere between 2 years to 4 years.

Diploma Nursing Courses

This kind, of course, are available for students who want to pursue a specialization course in this field in a short period. These courses are also available on both levels. The duration of a diploma course in this field can be around 1.5 years to 3 years.

Certificate Courses

These types of courses are very short-term and are pursued as an additional specialization.  Various Institutes offer these specialization courses at only the undergraduate level and can be anywhere from around 6 months to 1 year. There are some certificate courses available that are only for 3 months.

Scope of Nursing in India

Nursing offers a variety of scope in India. A while ago nursing was only limited to Hospitals and professionals used to have very few choices available for them in India. But things have changed a lot now. For different kinds of reasons, a lot of opportunities here are waiting for eligible and skilled candidates in this field. After a specialization in this field of the health sector, one has a lot of options. It’s totally up to his preferences and eligibility that what job he will get.


Following are some examples of job posts that you can choose to work upon after completing your specialization in this field.

  • You can choose to work as a staff nurse. As a staff nurse, you just have to take care of patients. They can be individuals or groups of patients. Sometimes you also need to assist the ward management and supervision. As a staff nurse, you will not have to report the doctor. You will directly report to the supervisor.
  • After completing a specialization course in this field one can also choose to work as a nurse supervisor. This post in a hospital offers a lot of respect with an equal amount of responsibilities. You have to take care of all the supervision and management. A part of your job will also be to assign works to different nurses and other personnel. You will also make sure that all the patients in your ward are getting proper care and other facilities.
  • Some experienced nurses get a chance to work as a director of Nursing. This is a very high post and hard to get. A lot of professionals within a hospital compete for this post. These people have the responsibility of the education sector too along with the nursing sector of a hospital that affiliates a medical college with it.

Eligibility criteria for Nursing in India

There are always some basic eligibility criteria for admission in any course. It’s not like anyone can get admission to a course in India. And this rule applies to nursing specialization courses as well. Only certain candidates who fulfill this criterion can apply for admission to a specialization course in this field. Eligibility criteria for specialization vary according to the course and the college that offers it. For example, For A.N.M. the minimum age limit is 17 years old whereas for G.N.M. it is 18 years old. Indian nurse council has provided many other details about basic eligibility criteria for the nursing courses in India. These qualifications are mandatory to fulfill no matter which college are you from. These points may include

  • The first eligibility criteria for any specialization course in this field is age. Only candidates who are between 17 years to 31 years old can apply for admission.
  • One more criterion is medical fitness. In erosion to any of these courses, one needs to be medically fit.
  • One should have passed his 10+2  from a recognized board with a minimum of 50 percent.
  • There is no restriction related to the stream of 12th in this field. This means a candidate of any stream be it humanities, science, or commerce can apply.

Variable Entrance Exams for Nursing in India

Apart from some basic eligibility criteria for admission in specialization courses for nursing, one also needs to clear an entrance exam. Different Institutes conduct their entrance exams. Some of them also accept the scores of national or state-level entrance exams for admission.

These Entrance exams are often of objective type and can be cleared easily with proper preparation. Anyone who has completed his 12th and is eligible for nursing can search about his favorite college. After he finds out which exam that Institute accepts or conducts for admission to this course, he can prepare and apply.

Some of the famous entrance exams conducted by top nursing Institutes in India are here:

AIMS B.S.C. Nursing:

All India Institute of medical sciences conducts this exam every year for providing admission in nursing courses. These courses include B.S.C. Nursing, B.S.C. Nursing(post-basic), and B.S.C. paramedical courses. AIMS has a lot of institutions all over India. For example Delhi, Bhubaneswar, Telangana, Rishikesh, Barelli, etc. This Institute conducts this exam every year in June.

Eligibility Criteria for this Exam:

  • Candidates who have passed 12th or any equivalent exam with Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and English as their subjects can apply for this exam. Apart from this one also needs to have 55 percent marks in their 12th.
  • In B.S.C. paramedical courses one can also apply mathematics in their 12th.

The application fee for this exam is around 1500 rupees for general and O.B.C. candidates. S.C. and S.T candidates have to pay only 1200 rupees as they come under the reserved category. P.W.D candidates do not need to pay any fees for applications. You can either pay your application fees through a debit card or credit card.

UET of BHU for B.S.C.Nursing

We all know about Banaras Hindu University. This is one of the top three universities in India in the NIRF ranking for several years. This Institute conducts Undergraduate Entrance test for admission to B.S.C.nursing and other undergraduate courses.

This exam also consists of objective type of questions. There is also a negative marking of 33 percent in this exam. Every year several around 20 thousand students compete for around 200 seats in this course at this university. This exam is quite hard to crack but with proper preparation, you can do it.

Mode of Exam and other details:

This exam is conducted in both online and offline modes. You can choose to give a pen and paper-based exam or computer-based test. The eligibility criteria for applying for this exam are the same as others. Anyone with a 12th with physics. chemistry, biology, and English can apply. Apart from that, one should have also scored at least 55 percent in his 12th from the board that this university recognizes.

Subjects that are asked in this exam are biology, physics, and chemistry. There can be also some questions from general knowledge and current affairs. Apart from the main campus, there are some colleges affiliated to B.H.U too, for example, MMV( MahilaMahavidyalaya ) that offer this course. Admissions to them are also through the same exam.


This is a combined paramedical pharmacy and Nursing Entrance test. This is a state-level extra exam of Uttar Pradesh that offers admission to various paramedical and nursing courses that state institutes offer. Uttar Pradesh University of medical sciences conducts this exam every year in June. This exam is conducted only in offline mode. The computer-based test pattern is not available for this exam. There are various steps for applying to this exam


Firstly you need to register yourself on the portal of UPUMS.

Online application:

After registration, you need to fill in your details and submit the application form. In this step, you also need to mention the particular course you are applying for.

Fee Deposit:

After successful submission of your application you also need to pay the application fees.

Downloading Admit Card:

Admit card is allocated to students who have verified their documents and paid the application fees. They can download it and then they have to take it with them to the exam center.

Top Nursing Courses for Bachelors in India

There are a lot of Institutes that offer several nursing courses for Bachelors in India. After completing your 12th it can be quite confusing to decide which course you should opt for when there are so many choices available. So here are some top Bachelor’s courses in this field that are available in India.

B.S.C Nursing:

As its name suggests it is a Bachelor’s of Science in the nursing sector. The duration of this course is 4 years like most of the bachelor courses. The course curriculum for this course is designed in a way that it teaches students that how to deal with different aspects of nursing with all the professionalism and care.

They train students with the skills of taking a lot of critical decisions while being caring and assertive in different situations. A lot of students every year choose to pursue this course just after they finish their schooling. This course is quite popular in India when compared to other nursing courses. And its popularity is only increasing day by day. This course has both theoretical and practical subjects. That allows students to use everything they are taught in the actual world.

Anyone Who has completed their 12th can apply for admission to this course. Also, this course offers a lot of scope in this sector of health care. Some Candidates choose for master’s and other programs after completing it. Whereas some of them start working just after this course.

List of top Colleges for B.S.C. Nursing in India:

It can be tricky to decide when there are so many options available for admission in this course. So let us make it a little bit easier for you. Here we’ll talk about some top colleges for this course and their details. So you at least get an idea about what to look for when choosing a college for pursuing this course.


When we talk about top colleges for this course we can not miss BHU. It is one of the elite institutes of India. It’s almost a dream for many students to get admission to this course at this university as it is very competitive. A lot of students apply for BHU UET so that they can get admission to this course. However, only some of them manage to get into this institute for this course. Several seats are very low but the quality of Education is very high here.

Affiliated Hospital of B.H.U. :

It has a medical college with a hospital affiliated with it. So mostly students get a chance to practice just after completing any medical course from here. B.S.C. Nursing from a top Institute like this provides one with a quite promising career and secure future. Fees for this course at this Institute can be around 40,000 per year. This means for a 4year course you need to pay about 1lakh 60, thousand rupees. Which is comparatively lower than other Institutes for this course in India.

As We have discussed earlier this Institute also has a hospital affiliated with it so placements are about 90 percent every year. Not only in the Hospital of BHU but Students get placed in many other top hospitals too. After this course from this university, you can easily expect to earn anywhere between 3LPA to 6LPA in the very beginning. Obviously, with an increase in your experience, your salary will also increase accordingly. Some of the Hospitals that hire graduates from college offer as high as 1 lakh per month. So overall we can say that BHU should be one of your top preferences while applying for this course.

R.V. College of Nursing, Bangalore:

This is a top private college for nursing and is a part of Bangalore that is the capital of Karnataka. This college has both graduate and postgraduate courses in the field of Nursing available.

Admission to undergraduate nursing at this college is based on an entrance exam they conduct. After qualifying for that Entrance exam you can easily get a seat in this course of this college. AICTE and UGC have approved this college for nursing in India. The basic eligibility criteria for admission here is around 50  percent marks in your 12th. You should have physics, chemistry, and biology as your subjects. The fees structure here is a little higher as it is a private Institute. On average you need to pay around 1 lakh rupees every year for this course. Placements at this college are great too. They collaborate with a lot of hospitals so that their students can get a chance to do their practice there and maybe work too.

Average fees for it in India:

Though the fees structure of each college that provides this course is different and is based on numerous factors. We can assume the average fees of an average college for this course. It can be around 1 lakh per year. However, As we all know top Institutes tend to have a comparatively higher fees structure. Also, private Institutes too charge a little more as they do not get any funding from the government. But if you want to pursue this course and you are eligible you can apply for various scholarships too. Many governments organizations and hospitals provide several scholarships for students in this area.

Admission Criteria:

Now again this can also be different for several Institutes. A lot of institutes conduct entrance exams so admission criteria for them are different. Some of them accept scores of national and state-level entrance exams. So they have a completely different kind of admission process. But usually, you need to register yourself in the portal of that Institute. Follow all the steps and complete your application. After that, you need to sit in the examination. Then if you are found eligible you can get admission to this course at that Institute.

Type of Jobs after B.S.C.Nursing:

There are a lot of jobs that are available once you are graduate from this course. It’s totally up to you that in which sector you want to work in. With this degree, you are eligible to apply for various posts in both sectors.

  1. Teacher of Nursing

: After completing your B.S.C. in nursing you are eligible for the post of a teacher of nursing in any medical college. Your work at this post includes teaching students the basics as well as advanced techniques of nursing so that they can be skilled professionals in this field in near future. This job provides one a lot of respect and opportunities to grow his skill. Salary can be different according to college but on average they earn 3LPA.

  1. Military Nurse:                                          Isn’t it a dream for most of us to join the Indian military at least for a day. Well B.S.C. in nursing provides you the opportunity to make your career in the Indian military as a nurse. This job post is respectful and adventurous too. This is a government job with a lot of perks. Your work as a nurse in the military is to take care of military personnel and their families in army hospitals. During the war, these nurses also provide aid to wounded soldiers to save their life. Apart from all the perks of a government job that too in the army you will get at least 6 LPA.

Post Basic B.S.C. Nursing:

This is also an undergraduate degree program in the field of nursing, that many Institutes in India offer. The duration of this course is 2years. This course is designed to understand advanced nursing. They allow candidates to improve all their skills related to this field be it Surgical or nonsurgical. Candidates who have passed 10+2  with Biology, chemistry, and physics can apply for admission to this course. However, they also need to have a degree in the GNM course. So This course is for already registered nurses to help them improve their skills.

Admisson to these Colleges:

Selection to various colleges which offer this course is often based on the applicant’s 12th and GNM scores. So we can say that most admission to this course is merit-based. There are also some Institutes in India that conduct entrance exams for admission to this course.

The admissions process for this course can vary according to colleges. A lot of colleges provide online application facilities while e provide admission to this college in offline mode only. However, in any case, you can apply to your favorite college for admission to this course. And you will get admission if you are found eligible for it.

Average fees:

Fees for this course can vary for different colleges, depending on a lot of factors. Which include the popularity of that college, number of seats, quality of education over there and placements, etc. But you can expect it to be anywhere between 1lakhs to 6lakhs for the whole course, which is of 2years.

Admission Criteria for this course:

Eligibility criteria are different for every institute for this course in India. But there are some basic requirements for getting admission to any Institute. These requirements are common for all of them. All India Nurse Council has decided on this criterion.

  • Anyone who wants to get admission to this course needs to have qualified for the GNM course after they complete their 10+2. A science background is more preferred for admission to this course.
  • Candidates who have not done a GNM course can also apply for admission but they should have completed any certificate course in this field.
  • Also, Every candidate should have a good command of the English language. Medical fitness is also important.
  • For Some colleges, a professional experience as a nurse or midwife of 2years is mandatory too.

Types of Jobs after this course:

Coming to placements and jobs after this course, there are plenty of choices available for a fresh graduate of this course. There’s no way that a nursing graduate will remain unemployed when there’s so much demand for skilled nurses in the health sector. After this course, you can work as a nursing manager, nurse supervisor, Nurse educator, and critical care nurse, etc. Some of the job profiles that you can choose to work on after you complete your graduation in this field.

Average Placements:

Again, Average placements can be different for different colleges. Various factors affect the average placement structure of an Institute. This may include the popularity of that particular institute, the number of students there, companies visiting, and the quality of education over there, etc. Your placement also depends on the post you get to recruit on. For obvious reasons, the salary of higher posts tends to be higher and for lower costs, it is comparatively low.

But on Average, we cAn say that after completing your graduation with this course you can expect around 30 thousand rupees per month as salary in beginning. As the experience increases and you also get promotions, your salary increases too.

Undergraduate Diploma courses in Nursing

Apart from Bachelor’s courses, there are a lot of undergraduate diploma courses available too in India. You can apply for admission to them just after completing your 12th. These courses are often of shorter duration than Bachelor’s courses. And they are more focused on specialized nursing than general nursing, unlike Bachelor’s courses. These courses include G.N.M., A.N.M., diploma in Nursing administration, Diploma in Home nursing, advanced diploma in ophthalmic care management, etc. Let’s discuss some of them in detail.

A.N.M. :

The full form of this course is auxiliary nursing and midwifery. This is a certificate course in this field offered by various institutes of India. The duration of this course is 2years. This course is quite popular among students due to its comparatively short duration and the techniques that are taught in it. Mostly this course and profession are about maternal care. These professionals are often involved in taking care and providing service to new moms and their kids.

The course curriculum of this course covers a very vast area of subjects. For Example Biological Sciences, Anatomy, Physiology, behavioral science, and first aid, etc.

Average fees for this course:

As for others, Average fees can vary according to institutions for this course too. There is no fixed fees structure that all Institute that offers this course follow. But still, On average, we can say that it can cost you around  1 lakh for pursuing this course. Private colleges charge higher amounts of money as fees than government colleges. Though there are a lot of Institutes that offer free admission and waivers on fees to Deserving candidates. If you are from a financially weaker background you can apply for these scholarships.

Admission Criteria for this course:

Every Institute has set its admission criteria for admission to this course. Some of these institutes offer direct admission which means anyone who has scored 50 percent in their 12th with a science background can apply. Whereas there are some Institutes that provide admission to this course based on merit which means if you want to apply you need to clear their cut-off. In Both ways after application and document verification, if you are eligible, you can pay the fees and secure your seat. There are also some Institutes that consider marks of various national and state-level entrance exams for admission to this course. Some colleges also conduct their entrance exam to admit students to seats of this course.

Types of Jobs after this course:

There are ample choices available for you once you complete this course. As we have discussed earlier this field is rapidly growing in India. And this epidemic of Covid -19 has only increased the demand for skilled nurses in the health sector. After completing this course you can apply for the following posts.

  • Home nurses
  • Midwife
  • Community health worker
  • Certified nursing assistant
  • Community health nurse
  • ICU Nurse Forensic Nurse.

Average placements after this Course :

Various hospitals and posts provide you with different salaries as a graduate of this course. For example salary of a nurse, the supervisor will always be more than that of a nurse. But in general, we can say that after completing this course from an average rated college and you being an average student, your placement package can be around 20 to 30 thousand rupees per month.

G.N.M. :

This is general nursing and midwifery course that a lot of Institutions offer in India. It is a diploma certificate course with the duration of 3years and 6 months. This means it takes a little more time to pursue this course than A.N.M. and a little bit less time than Bachelors. This course is designed so that they can provide proper skills to general school students of a science background to make them skilled professionals in the field of clinical nursing.

Though the Course curriculum can be different for various colleges in general this program is focused on preparing and educating students so that they can develop a clinical approach to deal with patients. And will be able to take better care of them. This course is primarily for 3 years but an internship of at least 6 months is mandatory to complete this course. This means that even if you have passed all your semester exams and haven’t done your Internship, your G.N.M. is incomplete.

This course can follow of semester system or yearly system. This depends on Institute that is providing this course in India.

Average fees for G.N.M. :

Based on the facilities they provide, their popularity, and the number of seats available in this course Institutes have set their fees to structure for G.N.M. Some Institutes charge a very low amount of fees that can be around 10  thousand rupees for the whole course. But some colleges charge as high as 1 lakh rupees per year for this course. But on Average fees can be around 10 thousand per year for this course. Scholarships are available in almost every institute for deserving candidates. So that money can not be a bar in their way to pursue their favorite course.

Admission Criteria for G.N.M. :

If you have completed your 12th with Biology, physics, and Chemistry, you can apply for admission to this course.

Most selection is based on 12th marks, but some institutes conduct entrance exams too.  Some state-level and national-level exams are also there for admission to the various certificate and diploma courses in this field of the health sector. After these exams candidates who clear the cut-off are eligible for admission to G.N.M. courses that various institutions offer.

Types of Jobs after G.N.M. :

This course is accepted for a lot of posts in the field of the health sector. Health care nurse, clinical nurse specialist, nurse tutor, legal nurse consultant, senior nurse educator, community health nurse, etc. are some of these job posts. Some students also opt for a career as teachers in nursing school. And help other aspirants develop skills so that they can be future skilled nurses.

Average Placements after this course:

Average placements can be anywhere between 10 thousand per month to 50 thousand per month. Mostly they also get to work as paid interns during their course.

Top Nursing Courses for Masters in India

After completing their graduation in this field a lot of students choose to work. But several students opt for further studies like masters and research etc in this field after graduation to enhance their knowledge and skills. As per the demand, a lot of colleges in India offer master’s courses for specialization in nursing. One can choose a course for master’s in this field according to his interest and qualifications. Here we’ll discuss some top Master’s courses in this field.

M.S.C. Nursing:

This is a post-graduate course for students who are interested in masters in this field. If you have just completed your Bachelor’s with B.S.C. Nursing or any other branch of this field, this course can be the right choice for you. It can help you improve your CV and skillset.  This is a 2-year duration course and is often full-time.

This program is research-based, you have to select a topic and research on it. As you need to submit your final thesis in the last semester of the course if your thesis gets accepted then only you will pass this course. The syllabus of this course includes subjects like advanced nursing, clinical nursing, nursing education, research statistics, etc. Apart from these it also includes economic and political aspects of health care, bio physiopathology, nursing process approach, human relationships, and roles, etc. Some of the top colleges that offer this course are AIMS, Armed force Medical College, Pune, and Madras Medical College, Chennai, etc. Let’s discuss this in detail:


This is a premier institute in India and It offers a variety of courses in this field. It also has a lot of courses available in paramedical science. This course here is also a 2-year program and is focused on research. This Institute has been ranked 1st in the category of medical colleges by NIRF in India. Admission to this elite institute is based on an entrance exam.

This college itself is the conducting body of that exam. There is also a top hospital in India affiliated with this college. Most students who complete their courses here get a chance to Internship at that college. The fees structure is the lowest at this Institute. It is around 1 thousand rupees per year. Placements at this college are one of the highest. You can easily get around 10 LPA if you have completed your post-graduation from this reputed college.

Armed Force Medical College,  Pune:

As its name suggests it is a college of the Indian Army. Studying or being a part of a college of the Indian Army is always a pride for anyone in India. This college is one of the Top colleges for medical and paramedical courses. Anyone who has completed their graduation with at least 60 percent marks of the relevant stream can apply for this course.

Pursuing your post-graduation from this college can increase your chances of selection in the Indian Army as a nurse or nurse supervisor. Admission here is based on marks in the entrance exam conducted at the national level for courses in this field. Candidates who have an NCC C certificate will get a reservation. The college doesn’t charge free but there is an agreement that after the completion of the degree, you will work for the Indian Army for a certain period. If you fail to do that you will have to pay a fine.

Average fees for this course :

Average fees for this postgraduate can again vary depending on a lot of factors in different institutes. Colleges that provide better education quality and facilities charge more fees than other colleges for obvious reasons. But Generally pursuing an msc nursing course from a government institute in India can cost you around 10  thousand rupees. Whereas fees for an average private college can be around 20 thousand rupees minimum and 3 lakh rupees as highest. Both public and private institutions offer scholarships for their meritorious and deserving candidates. Not only that there are some other organizations too that offer scholarships to students of various fields for pursuing their favorite course. All Students who can not pay the fees due to financial disabilities but are interested in pursuing this course can apply for these scholarship programs.

Admission criteria for this course in India:

The basis of admission can be different for each college. Depending on the number of applicants and seats available a lot of Institutions provide merit-based admission. While some of the colleges in India either conduct their entrance exam or recognize other entrance exams conducted at the state level or national level. A few colleges also provide direct admissions to this course to fill the vacant seats.

Anyone who has scored 50 percent in his 12th, as well as graduated from a recognized university, can apply for this course. Your bachelors should be in a relevant stream to the specialization course you want in your master’s. Sometimes a B.S.C. in the same stream is preferred over other courses.

Types of Jobs after this course:

There’s no shortage of jobs once you complete your post-graduation with this course. You can apply to a lot of posts in this sector. There are a lot of specializations available in M.S.C. nursing that you can choose to study. And after that, you can opt to be a specialist in that particular field. Some of these unique specializations are Oncological, Nephrological, Child care specialist and Neuroscience and mental health, etc. After completing your specialization in any of these you can easily get a job. Specialist in these fields.

Average placements after this course in India:

As there are so many job posts available for these postgraduates in India. So average placements percentage is also high. Almost 70 percent of the total students get placed in different hospitals and other organizations. As for the package after placements, you can easily expect around 6 LPA after this course.

Ph.D. in this field in India:

Ph.D. in any subject is a research-level doctorate program. The duration of this course can be anywhere between 4 years to 7 years. The full form of this course is Doctor of Philosophy in this field. This course is mainly for students who have completed their masters and are interested in research in this field. A Ph.D. is a very intensely focused program and one needs a lot of passion and patience for pursuing it. Recently pursuing a Ph.D. in this field has become relatively common but in past, it was very rare. Only a few students used to choose nursing as their topic for research. But as the demand is increasing for these professionals candidates opting for this course are also increasing. So now there are a lot of Colleges in India that offer Ph.D. in this field. Some of them are mentioned below.


B.H.U. is not only famous for offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses but it also is a great choice for pursuing a Ph.D. in this field. It has some top research faculties that are famous all over the world in the research field especially in various streams of science. It also offers Ph.D. and research options in this field of the health Sector.

For admission to a Ph.D. program in this field at Banaras Hindu University. You need to have completed your masters with at least 55 percent marks. Your degree should also be in a relevant stream and from a university that B.H.U. recognizes.

Entrance Exam of BHU for research:

Apart from the Bhu also conduct its entrance exam RET for admission to various research programs. RET which is the Research entrance test is a university-level exam for every master’s student who wants to pursue a Ph.D. in this field. BHU also accepts students who have qualified GATE or NET JRF. These are national-level entrance exams for research in various fields of science. BHU doesn’t charge any fees for this program but instead, pays stipends to these research scholars.

Average fees for Ph.D. in this field:

Not all the institutes that offer this course charge a fee. Some colleges even provide stipends to these research scholars. But there are institutes that charge fees for this course. There are two options available either you can choose to pursue a funded Ph.D. by some organization or you can opt for a self-funded Ph.D. For A Ph.D. which is funded by some Institute, you need to qualify for a certain exam. Self- Phds are a little bit easier to get. For a self-funded Ph.D., it can cost you anywhere between 60 k to 1lakh rupees.

Admission Criteria for phd in this field in India:

Admission criteria for admission to a Ph.D. course can differ for various colleges. But in general, here are some qualifications that you need to have to pursue this course.

  • You should have a minimum of 55 percent marks in your master’s from a recognized university. Your master’s stream should be relevant to the topic you want to research on.
  • For some Institutes you need to clear the entrance exam they organize for admission to Ph.D. courses there. You should also try to clear CSIR NET and GATE as many colleges accept their score for admission.
  • In Some colleges, you also have to write a letter of purpose for pursuing a Ph.D. course there. You need to write a research proposal on your topic and then send it to a professor under whom you want to pursue research. Only If that particular professor accepts your research proposal you will get admission to the Ph.D. course in that Institute.

Note: While writing a research proposal you need to keep some things in your mind.

  1. Always write to the point, Don’t beat about the bush. Mention what you want to do in research in that particular field and why?
  2. Apart from that also tell them how can you contribute to future research and development of their sector and what are your research plans. What are you planning to do after your Ph.D. etc?

Average placements after P.H.D in this field:

Placements are the same as other courses and depend on your college and job role. But An average, you can expect a package of 7 lakhs per Annum. Junior researchers are paid well in this field and after some years of experience, you will get around 12 LPA which is quite high in India.

What to do after Ph.D. in this field:

As you will complete your Ph.D. in this field you will get two options to choose from. You can opt for jobs or further post-doctoral research. If you apply for jobs you will easily get any job as this is the highest degree one can earn in any field. And if you want to pursue further research then you can continue it. You can also get a chance to do your research anywhere in India or abroad.

Some students also choose to work as lecturers or assistant professors in various colleges that offer specialization courses in this field. And after they gain experience of 10 years as an assistant professor most of them get promoted as professors.

So this was an overview of what you can do after completing your Ph.D. in this field.

Nursing Job Roles and Levels in India:

There are so many job roles in this field in India. Some of the job descriptions are mentioned below:

Pediatric Nurse:

These nurses are specialized in neonates and children until they grow up completely. This specialization has been a blessing for families where both parents are working. They can be relieved at work as they have hired someone who will take care of their baby behind them.  These nurses take care of all the needs of the babies like food and other routine tasks.

After a specialization in Nursing, you can apply for this post. For this type of nursing, you at least need two years of education and some months to work experience as a nurse. In the very starting one gets almost 10 thousand rupees per month for this job post in India.

After some years of experience, you can expect a salary of around 30 thousand in India.

Highly experienced pediatric nurses cost as high as 50 thousand rupees per month.

Oncology Nurse:

Oncology is the field of science that studies different types of cancers. Cancer is not so rare disease anymore. The number of cancer patients is rapidly increasing in India as well as all over the world due to different kinds of mutations occurring. Population and pollution can be a reason behind these mutations. Oncology nurses are specialists in taking care of different types of cancer patients. Their job role includes dealing with Bone cancer patients, blood cancer patients, skin cancer patients, etc.

They take care of all their need. They make sure that they are following the right diet. Keeping an eye on their exercise schedules is also one of their work roles. The salary of an Oncological nurse is one of the highest in the field of nursing.

In Beginning, one can expect around 30 thousand rupees per month.

After being mid experienced in ecological nurses charge almost 60 thousand rupees per month in India.

Some of the very high experienced nurses charge as much as 1lakh rupees per month for taking care of cancer patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1> What is the Best course in Nursing?


There is no such thing as the best course in this field. It depends on your qualification and preferences that which course is most suitable for you. We have already discussed a lot of top courses that are offered by various institutions in India in this field. You can choose to pursue any of them as per your interest. Still, there are some courses that most students pursue in this field. For Example B.S.C.Nursing, BSc.Nursing Post Basic, G.N.M., A.N.M. and Msc nursing, etc.

Q2> What qualifications are needed to become a nurse?


Qualification criteria for being a nurse can be different for various colleges. But as per the All India National Nurse Council to become a nurse, one should have a degree in Nursing from recognition in University. Apart from that you also need a license to provide by the All India National Nurse council to work as a nurse. Some Hospitals also require some years of work experience for providing a job of nurse over there.

Q3>  What are the courses in Nursing?


We have already discussed a lot of courses that various Institutes offer in the field of Nursing. There are several degree courses as well as certificate and diploma courses in this field. You can choose to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course as per your preference. Some of these courses are B.Sc Nursing, M.Sc, Diploma in Pediatric Nursing, Diploma in Oncological care and support, etc. Most of these are full-time courses. And you also need to practice under a certified physician after completing your specialization course in this field.

Q4> How many years is a nursing course?


The duration of a nursing course can vary depending on various factors. For Example, an undergraduate degree course in this field is usually of 4 years. Whereas the duration of a post-graduate course is around 2years. An undergraduate diploma or certificate course can take up to 2 years to 3 and a half years.

Q5> What are some qualities of a nurse?


Apart from specialization courses there are some qualities that one needs to develop in himself if he wants to pursue his career in this field. These qualities may include patience, Hard work, passion, knowledge, curiosity optimism, compassion and empathy etc.

So Here was a detailed view of specialization in Nursing in India.

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