In simple words, management means planning and systematically organizing certain things. Generally, people manage their businesses, houses, and work in such a manner that it gives a meaningful outcome. When it comes to management, several degrees in management help you become a perfect manager.

In typical terms, management is a method in which we do the planning, organizing, decision making, controlling human resources, physical and financial resources of an organization to reach the desired goals effectively.

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Studying bachelor’s in management courses requires completion of senior secondary school. To pursue a master’s in management courses a student should have done graduation in their respective field. A candidate with a graduate degree in any stream can prefer management. Management courses give wide knowledge in different streams which include marketing, finance, business, economics, etc. Apart from all such wider information management degree also provide practical knowledge and working skills to the candidates to accomplish their goals.

There are several branches of management degree from which a candidate can choose as per his area of interest. These branches include business management, hotel management, sports management, airport management, project management, hospitality management, construction management, supply chain management, marketing management.

A candidate can build his career as per his area of interest. Furthermore, to study management from the topmost universities in India, the candidate has to clear certain entrance examinations. These entrance examinations are CAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT, MAT, AMAT, SNAP, IIFT, IRMA, MICAT, & TISSNET.

After successfully cracking one of these entrance examinations, the candidate is eligible to apply for admission to any of the top universities as per his ranking. Bachelor’s in management degree is a three years graduate-level program whereas a master’s in management degree is a two years post-graduate level degree that provides outstanding knowledge along with the development of his personality.


A management degree is a degree in management subjects that can be bachelor’s as well as masters. Master’s in Business Management as the name suggests it’s a master’s degree in managing a business. It is a post-graduate level degree of two years duration which is offered to those students who have completed their college or business school with the major aspect of management. A business management program teaches you the art of controlling people and functionality while setting up any business.

Management degree holders can easily get placements in much wide variety of sectors like public, voluntary, and private. If you are planning to build your career in management degree then this place is going to be very helpful for you. You are going to get all kinds of information regarding management degree, branches, its exams, all about its career, & placements at one place.

While learning any branch a thought comes to mind that why invest our future in this branch of study, whether we will get a good job or whether we will get a stable career after doing masters in business. Then here are some reasons discussed below:

Wide Career Paths

Management is required in almost every business that does not means every business holder is having a master’s. A candidate with a management degree in hand is in demand because it gives you broad options to work. You can easily build your career as a business manager, store manager, construction supervisor, administration manager, human resource director, and many more.

Salary Security

There are enormous opportunities available to people having management degrees. Hence, if a candidate is having a management degree then he is eligible to work in almost every field as per his interest. This gives security to the job and less possibility of unemployment. Ultimately he can fulfill his desired goals at an ease.

Flexibility in Acquiring Management Degree

A Master’s degree is one of the most flexible degrees which you can acquire as per your flexibility. You can earn a master’s online while working. There are plenty of opportunities available to get masters in a way that suits you.


A management degree is not just one branch of learning. To choose one’s area of interest and build their career thereafter, there are multiple branches of management degree courses. Moreover, before choosing any branch to build your career for a lifetime, it is necessary to get yourself familiarize with the components of education that you are going to pursue in the future.

Furthermore, the curriculum of management degree courses offers fundamental to advanced level of understanding about the branch which helps you to compete in the dynamic industry. No matter which branch to choose but you should earn a solid foundation of that branch so that you can shape yourself in several different kinds of jobs successfully.

Hence, keeping in mind the major perspective of your interest, you should choose a branch of a management degree course. Let’s have a closer look at some of the major branches of management degree courses and what are the learning topics you will earn under those branches.


Financial Management A major area of study is Finance, Personal Finance, Corporate Finance, Public Finance
Human Resource Management How to manage the client-people relationship, study about multitasking, administration, organizing things, presentation, and communication.
Management Cybernetics Candidates learn about cybersecurity management schemes, learn about the tools which help in examining the design and operation of a system that includes social systems. It also covers knowledge of business management & organizational learning.
Information Technology Management Students learn about database management systems, standards of networking, and information analysis. The candidate learns about two fields i.e., computer science and system operation management.
Marketing Management The major area of study is about learning marketing strategies, new technologies, working skills, and convincing abilities. It also covers some marketing strategies like advertising of the products, professional and personal development, communication abilities, decision-making abilities, business accountings, marketing psychology, statistics, business ethics, and law.
Operations Management Students learn about management activities used for the production of goods and services, focused on technology and types of equipment. Also learns how to utilize resources from staff.
Production Management Focus learning planning criteria and how to control an industrial process. Learn management of production of goods. Also, study how to increase the output while reducing inputs.
Strategic Management Here we learn about making profitable strategies, focus on learning how our business or projects can provide long-term profit, rather than focusing on day-to-day profit. Also, make you learn about maintaining competitive behavior and taking profitable decisions as per market movements.


A management degree is a professional degree that gives you knowledge of business analytics, building strategies, insulting leadership qualities. A degree that makes you learns about how to manage a small business or become a part of a multinational organization. Ultimately, the management degree transforms your personality and builds self-satisfaction inside you. The degree which makes you feel proud at the end.

Generally, there are four different levels of degrees to pursue in the management field. Each level of the degree requires a different amount of time to complete. Every level of degree may not be available in a single college or university. Some schools may provide only associate degrees while they do not offer advanced management programs whereas some colleges or universities provide advanced degrees like doctorate level of management and they do not offer associate level. Different levels of management degree courses include:

Diploma or Associate’s Degree Level

A candidate can earn an associate’s degree level of management in two years of college. This program includes a general introduction of management subjects along with some general subjects that include English, Maths, and Science. Management subjects include Finance, Leadership, Business, and Communications. Some of the associate degree level courses in management include:

Event Management:

Event management is a kind of associate-level degree program in management that lasts for two years duration. This program majorly prepares you for employment as a wedding planner, event management, festival event management, travel planner, conference coordinator, catering coordinator, and many more.

Diploma in Management:

Diploma in management is a two-year associate-level management degree program. The curriculum of a diploma in management includes knowledge of many different branches like business environment, resource management, finance, customer relationship management, etc.

The diploma program is generally preferred after the 10th standard and it gives the authority to directly get admission in the third year of the bachelor’s program.

Quality Management Systems

Quality Management System is also one of the associate-level management degree courses of two years. The curriculum gives you broader knowledge and understanding of measuring and testing the quality of the product. The management program also teaches you various techniques of quality inspection, problem-solving methods, interpretation of engineering blueprints, statistical control, quality control, and many more. The program prepares you for the upcoming challenges and also develops your personality as well as leadership qualities.

Bachelor’s Degree Level (BBA)

Bachelor’s degree level management program takes three years to earn a degree. This is an undergraduate-level management degree program that includes comprehensive knowledge of the management subjects like leadership, business, and many more topics related to this area.

The most common branches in bachelor degree level management programs include:

Business Management

Bachelor in business management can be done if you pursue BA or BA (Hons) in Business Management Program. You can earn this degree in three years. This is a full-time program.

The curriculum involves the entire basic to wide aspects of business management. By undertaking BA in business management you will get proficiency in knowledge as well as skills that the recruiters are looking which include critical analysis, presentation skills, teamwork qualities, research-oriented views, problem-solving & decision-making qualities, and entrepreneurship.

There are plenty of career options and employment options available after the completion of this program which includes roles like business analyst, entrepreneur, operations manager, or management consultant.

Hotel Management

Hotel Management is a bachelor’s degree level program in management. You can earn a degree in hotel management in three years. The Hotel Management degree program comes under the hospitality industry and hospitality is recently the second-largest employment industry worldwide. It is proven in employment research that the hospitality industry will grow by 4% per annum till the end of 2023.

The curriculum of the hotel management program teaches you a wider skill of presentation and hospitality. Apart from all this it also offers you a broader knowledge of professionalism, more than three foreign languages, extra-ordinary ICT skills, teamwork, economic foundation, and above all international experience.

There is a wider range of career opportunities after pursuing a bachelor’s in hotel management which include a front desk or administration staff, tour planners, reservation staff, and many more. Furthermore, there exists a great opportunity for hotel management bachelors to pursue their master’s degree which would directly offer a role of manager at the end. Once your degree is completed the recruiters of hotel chains will welcome you. Moreover, you can also get a rewarding employment option in restaurants, institutional caterings, cruise ships, banks, airlines, or insurance houses.

Airport Management

Bachelor of Science in Airport Management is one of the bachelor’s degree levels in airport management. With the increasing demand of airline authorities, the employment needs of the recruiters are on the hike.

The study of airport management degree offers you trending business skills and strong management techniques that will help an employee to perfectly manage these modern airports. The course also teaches you to smartly overcome the challenges of the increasing transportation sector and its demands.

The graduates of the airport management program get a variety of opportunities to work in several aviation services as a supervisor of an airport, strategic planner, human resource manager at the airport, Finance manager, customer service executive, and many more.

Sports Management

Sports management is also one of the bachelor-level degrees in management of three years. Though it comes under the bachelor program if you are interested to go for a master’s in sports management then it’s a great opportunity.

The sports management program covers an extremely wide knowledge base along with the practice and training sessions. The sports industry is growing every single day, similarly, opportunities for sports graduates are also increasing accordingly. The curriculum of sports management teaches you every aspect from which you can succeed in achieving your goals.

There are tremendous opportunities for sports management graduates that include:

  • Marketing communication manager
  • Ticket sales and service manager
  • Accounts manager in the sports industry
  • Business Account Representative
  • Product Sales Lead
  • Customer Service Executive and many more.

Project Management

Bachelor in Project Management is also a three-year degree program. The candidates in this major learn basic skills and knowledge of project management. They also learn the advanced skills of managing a project.

A Candidate pursues project management studies to inbuilt following capabilities:

  • To adopt broader skills of project management.
  • In order to grab the knowledge of investment economics
  • For learning tech knowledge of civil engineering
  • Consequently gaining the abilities to smartly decide on projects and much more.

Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry is the fastest growing industry these days. Hence, pursuing a management program of three years in hospitality management will be fruitful for the candidates for their employment.

A candidate can pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Hospitality Management to get many opportunities within the hospitality sector. BA (Hons) and BSc (Hons) in Hospitality or Tourism Management is also a great option for candidates who want to spend 3 years apart from 4 years of education.

The degree provides all the required knowledge, communication skills, leadership qualities, analytical capabilities, and decision-making skills to achieve success in the economic sector. It also provides proper internship to the candidates which prepare them to overcome all the challenges of the hospitality industry. After completion of the degree, any candidate can easily make his strong position in the industry by showing his extraordinary skills.

Construction Management

The candidates in this major earn a bachelor-level management degree after spending three years of learning in construction management. The graduate seeks employment in the construction industry after this degree. Generally, the construction industry is divided into four different areas which include residential building construction, commercial construction, civil construction, and industrial construction.

The course of construction management provides quality education to the student and makes them prepare for the success of their career. The construction management graduate can easily build their career as a manager in residential building construction, commercial building construction, industrial construction, or civil construction.

Marketing Management

Marketing management is for those people who have outstanding analytical and decision-making skills. People who have an excellent hold on business strategies and want to work with exciting challenges can pursue BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) in marketing management. BBA is a bachelor’s degree level program of three years.

The curriculum of this major includes personality development, convincing strategies, presentation skills, communication skills, marketing principles & techniques, and much more. Marketing professionals can effectively use the latest marketing trends to gain profit for the industry. They know how to work in a team or campaign.

Marketing graduates can easily establish their successful careers in the industry with the profile of marketing strategist, consultant, or advisor. Moreover, if you have an independent kind of personality, you can easily establish your own business or firm with the knowledge of marketing trends.

Apart from all this, if you want to further continue with your studies, you can pursue MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) which will give you an excellent return in the industry.

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is an interconnection of businesses that deals with the overall delivery of commodities from one place to another place. The Supply chain manager has to manage all the deliveries effectively to avoid losses to the industry.

A person has to acquire excellent management skills and education regarding the management of supply chains to achieve success. You can easily enroll yourself in a supply chain management degree which prepares you to fight the upcoming business challenges with the current market trends.

The curriculum focuses on areas of transport & distribution, purchasing, warehouse & management of materials, and much more. One can easily build a bright career in managing the supply chain either in public or in a private organization.

Quality Management

Pursuing a quality management program is beneficial for people to get a job in a reputed organization because it proves to the employers that a candidate is capable of keeping the organization’s reputation at priority.

The study of this degree provides students the knowledge of controlling the quality of the organization. In addition, it also teaches statistical controlling, industrial safety, the economics of the quality, quality systems, auditing done for the quality control, post-marketing strategies. Besides, students in quality management programs also learn the skills required to increase the productivity of an organization.

Once you have completed your bachelor’s level degree in quality management program, at this point you are ready to trigger your career in many fields. There are several profiles you can apply for like quality assurance engineer, quality control inspector, or managerial consultant.

In addition, the degree also prepares you to further pursue a master’s program in quality management as it would open brighter chances of getting managerial profiles in reputed companies.

Master’s Degree Level (MBA/PGDM)

Master’s degree in management is two years post-graduate level program. You can pursue a master’s level from many different colleges, universities, or business schools. The most common master’s degree in management program is MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) and PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management). The curriculum includes intense learning of the management subjects along with practical skills. This program majorly focuses on student’s internships as well.

Most common master’s degree level management programs include:

MBA (Masters in Business Administration)

The candidate can enroll himself for a master’s level degree program in management if he has completed his bachelor’s level program with any specialization. Masters in business administration can be pursued in any specialized subject. Most importantly, MBA is just two-year post-graduate degree course from a recognized university or college.

MBA majors offered by the institutes include:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Product Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Quality Management
  • Project Management
  • Information Technology
  • Sports Management
  • Supply chain
  • Textile Management and many more.

Distance MBA

On the other hand, a candidate can pursue MBA as a distance education also. It means a student will attend the class virtually and appear for the exams. Further, there are so many universities in India that provide this opportunity to those candidates who are job holders or want to pursue MBA along with their jobs.

Doctorate Degree Level (Ph.D., FPM)

Certainly, the doctorate degree is the highest academic degree above all. This degree level majorly focuses on the research work related to the management subjects. However, every university or college does not offer doctorate-level management programs.

Some of the common doctorate level management programs include:


Ph.D. in management with any specialization is a doctoral-level degree program in management that focuses on the deep knowledge of your specified major. This degree is concerned with the research work in your specialized subject. Starting from the academic knowledge student has to acquire in-depth knowledge of the major subject.

Usually, the student has to complete the degree in the period of five to six years. To enroll in the Ph.D. program a student must have a post-graduate level degree.

FPM (Fellowship Program in Management)

The Fellowship program in management is also a doctorate-level management degree program. The program offers to learn in various specializations. Mostly, Top B Schools and the Indian Institute of Management offer the FPM program which is a four-year program.

Candidates who want to shape their career in teaching or lecturer ship often pursue this program. FPM program intensely trains the student for research work and teaching.

Further, the institutes offer FPM programs to those candidates who have post-graduate degrees with good academic records as well as a good score in one of the entrance exams.


To pursue any level of a management degree program, the candidate has to fulfill the eligibility criteria of the respective level of the program. Failing which, he or she is not eligible to get admission in the respective level of education. Many private institutions have their eligibility criteria for different levels of the program along with prior academic records.

In addition, the institutes ask for the eligibility details of the students because they have already set the threshold of knowledge that the students must-have for getting admission in respective levels of management degrees.

Hence, before applying for any level of education in management studies, students must explore the eligibility criteria for the respective course of that institute. Consequently, the student will prepare himself as per that criteria from the beginning itself.

The table below mentions the eligibility details according to the respective degree levels of education in management.


Associate Degree Level in Management Candidate must have completed 10th standard with a minimum of 50%.
Bachelor’s Degree Level in Management Admission to this course is given after 10+2 with good academic records along with the score of the entrance exam.
Master’s Degree Level in Management Students must have a bachelor’s degree with good academic records plus a qualified score on the entrance exam is necessary along with a personal interview and group discussion round. The student should qualify for CAT (Common Admission Test)
Doctorate Degree Level in Management A candidate must qualify for the entrance exam, written aptitude test, and personal interview.

Common entrance exams to get a research fellowship in management include:



Any student who chooses to build his career in the field of management should start his preparation for the entrance examination early in class 12th standard itself. To examine the candidate’s capability, the government conducts entrance examinations separately for admissions in bachelor’s courses of management or master’s courses of management. However, these entrances are either state level or national level.

As per the scoring of these entrance tests, candidates get admission to the respective colleges. Some of the top entrance exams to get admission in bachelors of management courses are:


Some of the top entrance exams to get admission in master’s courses of management after completing a bachelor in management are:


Bachelor’s Degree Level Management Courses


DU JAT is an entrance examination for the students who have completed their senior secondary education with 60 percent. Conducting body of the examination is Delhi University to get admission in BBA Delhi after 12th standard.

Candidates who have passed senior secondary and those who are appearing in the senior secondary are eligible for this examination. Therefore, before applying for the exam students should fulfill the eligibility criteria.

The examination is conducted every year apparently in September. Meanwhile, a student should get the required cut-off to qualify for the exam so that he may get admission to the affiliated colleges of Delhi University.

Most importantly, the examination checks the following abilities of the student which include Analytical Ability, Quantitative Ability, Reasoning, General English, General Awareness, and Business.

Applicability: The candidate must have completed his senior secondary education with 60%

Sessions: September

Duration: 2 hours


SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test) is a national-level entrance test to get admission in the bachelor-level management courses in India. Hence, students who are appearing for their senior secondary examination can also apply for this test. The conducting body of this examination is Symbiosis International (Deemed University)

Candidates who are willing to apply must fill the registration form from the official website of the university. On the other hand, SET is conducted every year to get admission in the following management courses BBA, BCA, BA in Mass Communication, BA/BSc in Liberal Arts, BSc in Economics, or Economics (Hons).

Applicability: A candidate with 50% in senior secondary education can apply for SET.

Sessions: Registration starts in February and the commencement of the exam is in July.

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes


IIM Indore conducts IPMAT entrance exam to offer management courses to capable students. IPMAT is conducted every year to offer 5 years BBA + MBA integrated program to the students after the completion of their senior secondary education. This is an online test usually conducted in 34 cities at multiple test centers. Further it checks the quantitative ability and verbal ability of the candidate.

Applicability: Students who have completed their senior secondary education with a minimum of 50% are applicable.

Sessions: Certainly, once in a year

Duration: 90 minutes

Master’s Degree Level Management Courses


Common Admission Test (CAT) is conducted by IIMs for the students to get their master’s in management courses. However, the students must check the examination pattern and time duration before start preparing and applying for the CAT exam.

CAT tests for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), and Quantitative Aptitude (QA) in just two hours of the computer-based test. Shortlisted candidates can get admission to the top universities of MBA

Applicability: Must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50%. However, the students pursuing last year of graduation degree can also apply.

Sessions: Conducted once a year but in three shifts of morning, afternoon, and evening

Duration: 2 Hours


MAT is a national-level entrance exam for management studies conducted by All India Management Associations (AIMA) to get admission in more than 800 top B- schools of India.

Candidates can apply for the MAT exam in any of the three modes which include Paper Based Test (PBT), Computer Based Test (CBT), or remote proctored (Internet Based Test) IBT.

MAT tests student’s capability in Language Comprehension, Data Analysis & Sufficiency, Quantitative Aptitude, Intelligence & Critical Reasoning, and the Indian & Global Environment.

Applicability: Must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50%. However, the students pursuing last year of graduation degree can also apply.

Sessions: Conducted four times in a year February, May, September & December

Duration: 2 Hours and 30 Minutes


Qualifying Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) can lead the student to get enrolled in MBA/PGDM courses in XLRI and to get admission among the top MBA colleges which include SPJIMR Mumbai, TAPMI Manipal, IMT Ghaziabad, XIMB Bhubaneswar, and 160 more top MBA institutes in India.

Most importantly, the eligibility criterion of XAT is only passing in your bachelor program whereas other exams ask for a certain minimum percentage.

Applicability: Must have passed bachelor’s degree. Meanwhile, the students pursuing last year of graduation degree can also apply.

Sessions: Single Session

Duration: 3 Hours


To enroll you in topmost B schools to study management is certainly a very big challenge. You have to clear entrance exams, written tests, as well as group discussions. In addition, there are so many top trending private and government universities that offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate level degrees in management with various specializations.

On the other hand, some of the universities conduct their entrance test to enroll the candidate whereas some follow the national level or state level entrance score of the candidate. Therefore, the students before applying for the bachelor level or master level degree in management must check the eligibility criteria and terms of getting admission to any college or university.

The table below mentions some of the university or institute names along with the average fee structure and NIRF ranking for your reference.

IIM Ahmadabad INR 23 Lakh 1
IIM Bangalore INR 23 Lakh 2
IIM Calcutta INR 20 Lakh 3
IIM Lucknow INR 19.25 Lakh 4
VGSOM IIT Kharagpur INR 10.30 Lakh 5
IIM Kozhikode INR 20.80 Lakh 6
IIM Indore INR 15.01 Lakh 7
Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi INR 9.60 Lakh 8
XLRI Xavier School Of Management INR 23.60 Lakh 9
MDI Gurgaon, Management Development Institute INR 21.34 Lakh 10
Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay INR 8.67 Lakh 11
DoMS IIT Madras, Department of Management Studies INR 8 Lakh 14
IIM Trichy- Indian Institute of Management, Tiruchirappalli INR 16.80 Lakh 15


If you have decided to pursue management studies and want to build your career in the same, you must be aware of the average fee structure of the bachelor’s degree level, master’s degree level, as well as doctorate level of degree in management. Some of the fee structures are given below:

Bachelor’s Degree Level

  • Private Universities: INR 5 Lakh – INR 17 Lakh
  • Institutes: INR 6.3 Lakh – INR 10 Lakh

Master’s Degree Level

  • Private Universities: INR 12 Lakh – INR 23 Lakh
  • Institutes: INR 20 Lakh – INR 40 Lakh

Doctorate Degree Level

  • Private Universities: INR 10000 – INR 3 Lakh
  • Institutes: INR 2Lakh – INR 5 Lakh


A student chooses to have a bachelor’s and master’s degree in management with the perspective of achieving an amazing job role in a reputed organization with an excellent salary package. Moreover, multiple career opportunities crosses your way after you complete your bachelor’s in management whereas some students choose to move forward with higher studies so that they can get broader options of jobs in reputed companies, which is true.

Truly, it is a fact that more you study, more you get experience, more you are experienced more hikes you achieve in your salary. There are several job roles with the average salary as per bachelor’s and master’s degree in management for example:

Job Roles after Bachelor’s Degree in Management (BBA & BCOM)

  • Business Development Executive – INR 3 LPA
  • Executive Assistant- INR 2.88 LPA
  • Marketing Executive- INR 6.28 LPA
  • Travel & Tourism Manager- INR 3.5 LPA
  • Event Manager- INR 4.5 LPA
  • Account Manager – INR 4 LPA
  • Brand Manager – INR 5 LPA

Job Roles after Master’s Degree in Management

  • Operations Manager – INR 7.97 LPA
  • Senior Business Analyst – INR 9.44 LPA
  • Human Resource Generalist – INR 2.94 LPA
  • Marketing Manager – INR 7.56 LPA
  • Human Resource Manager – INR 7.38 LPA
  • Project Manager – INR 12.38 LPA
  • Relationship Manager – INR 4.24 LPA

Job Roles after Doctorate Degree in Management

  • Management Consultant – INR 6.50 LPA
  • Business Analyst – INR 5.50 LPA
  • Data Analyst – INR 13.50 LPA
  • Project Manager – INR 9 LPA
  • Forensic Accountant – INR 6 LPA


Is a management degree essential to be a manager?

A1. There are so many business holders who are managing their business perfectly but they do not have any management degree with them. Indeed there are so many who are working as a manager in the companies. Therefore, as per the current competitive situation if you want to achieve success in your life and want to get settled in any of the reputed companies, you must have a systematic and sequential knowledge of your subject in the form of a degree.

Hence, getting a management degree teaches you every possible pros and con of the current market situation and also helps you to be ready all the time to tackle any instant challenges that are on the way to your work. It allows you to be pre-prepared rather than instant preparation at the moment when a challenge occurs.

In other words, this doesn’t mean the managers who are not having management degrees don’t have any leadership qualities or skills to manage their organization but there is a drastic personality difference between the two. Furthermore, there are some reasons to discuss whether a management degree is essential to be a manager or not.

Reasons that Management Degree is Essential

  • Enhanced Self-Confidence

Whenever you achieve some task, consequently it boosts up your confidence in yourself. According to my opinion, this confidence never lets you down in any situation. It continuously gives you the strength to get success. Hence, apart from your financial power of getting a well-settled job self-confidence is the biggest nonfinancial power that you achieve after getting a management degree in your hand.

  • Think Strategically

In addition, earning a management degree will make you think strategically in the challenging situations of an organization and through the challenges of personal life. You will notice a drastic change in your personality that lets you think out of the box in every situation.

Hence, earning a management degree will help you tackle the situations through mature strategic thinking rather than thinking with your heart.

  • Curiosity of learning

Management degree graduates ultimately adopt the feeling of curiosity of learning new skills. Earning a management degree will inbuild a power of curiosity inside you that will poke you every time to acquire more information and learn new things.

The degree will enhance your ability to move parallel with emerging trends and technologies. It will help you to maintain your position always on top of the new technologies and developments that are emerging in an organization.

What is major in management?

Most of the time, major and programs are used interchangeably. The programs of your interest in management degree are majors. Whichever branch of study you choose to build your career is your major of management degree.

Hence, your major is the subject of your management degree and you will get the degree in that major subject. This major subject in management degree can be finance, economics, marketing, information technology, cybernetics, human resource, production, or operation management.

Considering a major subject before starting a management degree is necessary as it will decide your path throughout your learning. Hence, this major subject should be your area of interest where you want to build your career in the future. Subsequently, major will allow you to go for several profiles during your interview session after completing the management degree course.

Which degree is best for management?

There are so many good degrees in management but the best is where you are interested in. Furthermore, the prediction of the best degree in management can also be evaluated by focusing on the current requirements and technologies of the organization. There are about ten best bachelor’s degrees in management for example:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Accounting
  • Risk Management
  • Technology and Operations Management
  • Information Science
  • Finance, Investment, and Banking
  • Hospitality Management
  • Hotel Management

The best degree is which gives you an opportunity of excessive money-making capabilities. To achieve a best-paying management career you must have a solid knowledge of your subject and trending technology. Sometimes you get the desired job after undergraduate level only and sometimes it requires advanced knowledge to get a great job. Depending on your area of interest, you should choose your specialized subject or education.

Is a degree in management worth it?

During enrolling in a management degree, many people wonder if a management degree is worth it. For instance, I must say education in any field never go waste until and unless you do not use it incorrect direction. Similarly, if we talk about a degree in management, it will never go waste until you use it properly. Management degree gives a broader knowledge in many branches which allows you to make your investment worth it by grabbing great job opportunities.

In addition, earning a degree in management will make you feel proud and consequently give you satisfaction to some extent. There are several reasons, why a management degree is worth it:

  • International Job Oriented Opportunities
  • Versatility in Education
  • Develop Managerial Skills
  • Earn Leadership Qualities

What is the average salary after a management degree?

A5. A fresh candidate having experience of up to 4 years can easily earn INR 5.1 LPA. A candidate having experience of 5 to 9 years can earn up to INR 7.8 LPA. Moreover, there are variations in the range of salary as per the branches of management degree.

  1. Master’s in Finance

After earning a master’s degree in finance one can easily get an average package of INR 6.7 LPA. This package can be increased by the experience and knowledge of the respective field.

  1. Master’s in Business Analytics

A Master’s degree in business analytics can make you earn around 5 to 8 LPA at the initial level. In addition, professionals of business analytics can easily earn approximately 10 to 18 LPA. Moreover, senior-level business analytics can make around 30 to 55 LPA. Hence, doing management is worth it.

  1. Marketing Graduates

Management degree in marketing makes you earn up to 7.52 LPA. There are different profiles in marketing, each profile offers as per your skills and creative strategy of thinking. Marketing graduates can get an opportunity in marketing companies, advertising agencies, financial services, the FMCG sector, or the IT industry.

  1. Human Resource Management

A candidate having an associate human resource management degree can earn up to INR 6.3 LPA however, a human resource manager can make around INR 7.5 LPA. On the other hand, senior HR manager makes a salary of about INR 10 LPA.

Human resource management professional gets plenty of opportunities for example law firms, IT industries, retail industries, media houses, advertisement firms, newspapers and many more.

What are the top management degrees in India?

Choosing to pursue a management course is a tough decision. In addition, there are so many questions that arise in mind while taking such decisions as which degree will be the best degree for management? What will be the salary package after this degree?

The correct way to choose your degree of management depends on your area of interest. Explore several different degrees of management online and move forward with the one with which you are interested apart from moving with the popularity of the course.

Some of the most researched top ten management degrees are:

  1. Marketing Management,
  2. Finance Management,
  3. International Business Management,
  4. Operations Management,
  5. Human Resource Management,
  6. Retail Management,
  7. Media Management,
  8. Sales & Marketing Management,
  9. Social Entrepreneurship,
  10. Supply Chain Management.

Are there any online management degrees?

Yes, there are so many management degree courses that are available online. In other words, the current era of education provides us so much flexibility in earning our education online while doing our job simultaneously. Hence, there is no need to leave your job and pursue management courses while so many universities giving us reliable opportunities to learn and earn together.

Meanwhile, the management degrees available online are:

Strategic Innovation, Business Analytics & Digital Marketing, Product Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management.

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