Are you looking for a quick job opportunity? Besides, do you have passion in management jobs? Certainly, a degree in hotel management will add extra worth to your educational life. Moreover, it is a complete technical degree that will introduce you to an open market and offer the chance of becoming an expert in hotel industry.

Thereby, Any student after completing Higher Secondary examination can easily join this course. Even an undergraduate student who has completed his degree in another subject (e.g. English, Mathematics, History, Economics etc.) can also become eligible for post-graduation in hotel management. Besides, when it comes to the matter of job opportunity this technical course leaves every other degree behind. So, one can claim a secure future after the completion of either Graduation or Masters in this course.

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Apart from attractive scope of jobs also an undergraduate student can expect a handsome salary while staying in India. Although many students think that after the completion of hotel management they can get job only in hotels and no other places, which is completely wrong. Remember you will become a management expert after completion of course. Therefore, various types of job opportunities will be handed over to you if you have become successful in securing good marks.

Moreover, with increasing popularity of hotel management course, nowadays, there are many new universities are enlisting it under their subject lists.  During finding scopes in India, certainly, there are ample of educational institutions which offer this course. Moreover, they assure placements as well. Meanwhile, as per recent studies, it has been noticed that almost 780 colleges across the India are teaching hotel management courses. Besides, the ratio of successful students brings smile to our faces.

Therefore, Some of the top hotel management colleges in India namely, Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Nutrition, Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, BCIHMCT etc. Above all, fortunately, IHM Delhi ranked top as the best institute of hotel management courses and job opportunities. So, if you are also find the course interesting and want to success on this field then you should know everything about it. Meanwhile, we will discuss all about this course. Therefore, you can easily decide what you should do in order to secure entry into this industry.

Top Universities for hotel management in India

During, the search for top colleges, may seem to you a little bit tiresome job. Therefore, we bring the list of top universities which may helpful to you. Meanwhile, you may know that different agencies who publish their own list of universities as per their analysis. But we offer you here the exact true list of universities which has great recognition and marked for their excellence.

However, the rank of a university strongly depends upon a few factors such as, job assurance, quality professors, background etc. Apart from those the locale of the university, selection process, entrance exams and moreover, cut off also matters. Therefore, based upon all the possible parameters, we are going to discuss about best to mediocre universities.

Name of the University


Ranking (2021)

Entrance Exam (Yes / no)

Fees (Per annum)

Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Nutrition Delhi 1 Yes. (Examination name -NCHMCT) 1,30000/- lakhs
Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration Manipal 2


Not Required 3,68000/- lakhs
Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition Chennai 3 Yes (Examination name – NCHMCT) 1,38000/- lakhs
Army Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology


Bangalore 4 Yes (examination name – AIHMCT WAT) 2,56000/- lakhs
Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition Hyderabad 5 Yes (examination name – NCHMCT JEE) 1,35000/- lakhs
Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Delhi 6 Yes. (Examination name – IPU CET) 300000/- lakhs
Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition Mumbai 7 Yes (Exam name – NCHMCT JEE) 1,40000/- lakhs
NSHM Knowledge Campus Durgapur 8 Not Required 200000/- lakhs
Institute of Hotel Management Gwalior 9 Yes. (Examination name – NCHMCT JEE) 1,500000/- lakhs
Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition  


10 Yes (Exam name – NCHMCT) 1,35000/- lakhs

Selection Process:

Meanwhile, after viewing this table it is not difficult to understand which university is leading and tops the list for studying hotel management. However, if you want to secure your admission in the best university then you have to take the admission test. Certainly, top universities mostly conduct the admission by taking National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology test.

Firstly, you have to apply in respective college by filling up the admission form. Secondly, you need to take regular updates about the date of the admission test. After that, you will get notification when the admission test date declare. Meanwhile, you need to take the test. Consequently when you secure good marks easily you can secure admission at desirable university


However, there is no exception that after completing hotel management one can get jobs from top recruiters for instance, ITC, Lemon Tree Hotels, Residency Group of Hotels etc. Accordingly, top recruiters will visit your institute to recruit you. However, it depends on what type of course you are taking admission and how much marks you have secured. On the other hand, hotel management jobs will offer you handsome salary package with prospective future.

Above all, one can get different job opportunities apart from seeking good salary. Therefore, if you will get the job offer of kitchen chef or catering supervisor then you will definitely draw more than 5 lakhs per annum. In addition, if one able to secure the job of Cabin Crew then salary package may start from 6 lakhs. So, it is not difficult to understand approximate hotel management salary in India.


Hence, all these above mentioned universities offer good job opportunities as well as Masters and Doctorate on hotel management too. Therefore, after completing BBA in hotel management one can also apply for MBA. After that he can also apply for Doctorate of Philosophy in hotel management. Certainly, a PhD qualified student will draw highest hotel management salary in India.

What is hotel management?

To begin with, It is a technical course which deals mainly with managerial behavior applicable for hotel industry. Therefore, students who take admission in hotel management generally need to handle lots of liabilities. Firstly, a person who do the job in hotels needs to maintain good skill of communication. Secondly, he has to possess strong observation power and brief knowledge about finance and accounting. Most importantly, that person should know how to segregate works during hotel management and must finish work within time.

As a rule, the hotel management graduate always gets the placement in public serving sector therefore, he should always ready to serve clients. So, he needs to possess enough efficiency level in order to meet desirable customer reach. Moreover, a student of hotel management should prepare himself in such a way so that he may never hesitate to get back to work.

Multiple opportunities are open when you enroll your name for hotel management such as,

  • After completion of 10+2 you can enroll yourself for Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM).
  • Secondly, if you want then you can also go ahead with Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management too.
  • You can also peruse the course of Bachelor in Hotel Management in Catering & Technology.

Similarly, if you have completed your graduation in some other courses then also you can do higher studies in hotel management. Meanwhile, the course will then become a Post Graduate hotel management courses.

During obtaining an undergraduate degree in hotel management will take atleast 3 years, to some educational institution it is 4 years may be. However, to obtain post-graduation degree in hotel management it will take minimum 2 years.

In addition, fees structure comes under 150000/- to 600000/- at the maximum level.

Meanwhile, after seeing high fee structure many students may give it a second thought and drop the plan of studying hotel management. But it will be an imprudent decision because, many colleges and universities take admission on the basis of merit.

Key Highlights of hotel management:

Timespan Bachelor degree 3 years

Post-graduation degree 2 years

Qualification BHM – 10+2 passed from Government authorized board

MBA – Graduation

Selection procedure Merit based

Admission test

Charges Rs. 1500000/- to 600000/-
Scopes Firstly, you can get a job. If you do not like to get into job therefore, after completing BHM you can apply for Post-graduation.
Remuneration Rs. 400000/- to 1000000/- per annum

Details of Best Hotel Management Universities

Certainly, when you search for different universities to peruse this course you will find various colleges. Likewise, some may come under Delhi University or some may come under Hyderabad University and some others may include under Foreign University. However, hotel management course fees does not depend upon different universities, rather reputation of the college. Most importantly, Return of Investment also comes under consideration.

Particularly, based upon the ROI measure, rank of the colleges depends. For instance, IHM Hyderabad tops the list when it comes to the matter of fees and salary to get after completing hotel management. So, we suggest do not get into confusion after seeing several other rankings. Above all try to find out the best university only after considering quality of education, faculty and job assurance after becoming graduate in hotel management.

Therefore, here is a list of details of best colleges with their designated universities so that you can choose the best place to study hotel management.

Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Nutrition, Delhi

So, whenever you start searching for best colleges of hotel management one name that comes first even in Google search engine, i.e. IHM Delhi. Meanwhile, it is an autonomous educational institution which offers several technical courses apart from hotel management. However, it was established in 1962 and from then till now it never stopped its journey towards excellence.

What is hotel management eligibility criteria in IHM Delhi?

In particular to become eligible for this course, a student must complete his higher secondary examination with securing minimum 80% marks in aggregate.

After that, he can become eligible for getting admission in hotel management. Therefore, that student needs to be appear in NCHMCT JEE examination and secure good marks. Generally, each year IHM changes their cut offs in entrance examination especially for hotel management. For instance, in 2020, the cut off wen for General category above 250.

What is hotel management course fees in IHM Delhi?

Hence, to peruse this hotel management course from IHM Delhi a student needs to pay more than 1,3000/- per annum. However, it depends from course to course. Therefore, here is a list of all the course fees per annum regarding hotel management.

Certification course 45000/- (Per Annum)
Bachelor Degree 1,30000/-
Post-graduation 200000/-
Doctorate: 160000/-

What is hotel management course duration in IHM Delhi?

Generally, the course duration depends upon which hotel management degree you are obtaining. For instance, if a student wants to get admission in certification course then the duration of his course will not a lengthy one. Compared to another degree such as Bachelors of Hotel Management (BHM), MBA in Hotel Management, PhD in Hotel Management will take a long to complete.

Diploma in Hotel Management

Selection Process – On the basis of merit qualification – Completed Secondary examinationTimespan – From 6 months to 1.5 years

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Qualification – Hence, a student must have passed Higher Secondary examination with 80% in aggregate from a Government sponsored education board.Timespan – 3 to 4 years

Selection Process – Admission test

MBA in Hotel Management

Qualification – Usually, an undergraduate student of hotel management who has completed BHM generally gets the chance. Cut off changes years after years.Timespan – 2 years

Selection process – Admission test

PhD in Hotel Management

Qualification – Generally, a Post-graduate student undergoes this degree on hotel management.Timespan – 3 to 6 years

Selection process – Admission test

What hotel management entrance exam needs to clear to secure admission in IHM Delhi?

Usually, a student who wants to secure admission in hotel management in IHM then he has to pass the entrance examination. Besides, a student who wants to take admission in Diploma in hotel management then he needs not to pass any entrance examination. In brief, a student needs to secure good marks too. Therefore, he can secure admission in IHM Delhi.

In addition, entrance examinations that conducted every year, for instance, AIMA, NCHMCT JEE, UGAT, for instance. Generally, IHM Delhi takes admission on the basis of NCHMCT JEE.

How can a student get a prospective hotel management career in IHM Delhi?

Most importantly, every year almost 500 students complete their management degree on hotel management with successful placement. Organizations for example, ITC Sonar, Leela Palaces & Hotels, Taj Hotel etc. used to campaign at the campus of IHM Delhi for recruiting students. Therefore, after completing Bachelor degree in Hotel Management one can get multiple job opportunities with handsome salary package.



Salary Package (Per Annum)

Certification course Housekeeping, Manager 250000/- to 300000
BHM Chef, Hotel Manager 500000/- to 900000
MBA in        Hotel Management Front Office Manager 400000/- to 800000
PhD in Hotel Management Professor in different colleges 600000/- to1000000

Why choose IHM Delhi for obtaining degree in hotel management?

Meanwhile, there are thousand good reasons to choose IHM Delhi for completing graduation in management course. However, some of them include,

That is to say, it is the best college which offers almost every types of technical course for students.

Subsequently, this autonomous body recruits best professors from all over the India

Most importantly, placement assurance is another important reason to choose this college. Besides, it offers golden opportunity to represent a student in front of renowned recruiting bodie

Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal

Certainly, WGSHA, it is one of the top most college in India for hotel management degree. However, established in 1986, this college is serving at the best possible way to the welfare of the students. Therefore, this popular college enrolled under Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Besides, in 2016 National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) has graded it as ‘A’ because of its excellent infrastructure and well managed curriculum.

What is the qualification criteria for admission of hotel management in WGSHA?

Meanwhile this institution a student who wants to take admission in this college for hotel management, he needs to complete higher secondary examination. However, if a student has completed his 10+2 from any American school board still they accept application from students. Therefore, if a student secures minimum 65% in aggregate at his 10+2 then he is eligible for perusing hotel management course.

After that, a student needs to undergo a Departmental Examination (DE), followed by a Group Discussion (GD). In addition to DE and GD a student must qualify in personality test or personal interview round. To summarize, after the securing good marks in all these tests a student can prove his eligibility for hotel management course.

What is hotel management course fees in WGSHA?

Moreover, this particular college charges really high amount of fees from students. However, even after this, many students used to apply for pursuing hotel management course particularly in this college. In the same vein, here is the list of fees for each course in WGSHA.

BHM 3, 68000/- Per Annum
MHM 2, 60000/- Per Annum

Subsequently, this particular educational institution only provides Bachelor degree and post-graduation degree for students.

What is the hotel management course duration in WGSHA?

Likewise, other universities, this education institution too set different duration period for a different hotel management course. For example if you apply for Bachelor of hotel management then the entire course duration will comprise of 4 years. On the other hand, if a student opts for only Post-graduation course like Masters on hotel management then it will take only 2 years to complete.

Bachelor in hotel management

Qualification – 10+2 with 65% marks in aggregate from a Government recognized educational mediumTimespan – 4 years

Selection process – Departmental Test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview.

Masters of Hotel Management

Qualification – Must complete bachelor degree in hotel management.Timespan – 2 years

Is there any necessity to qualify admission test for taking admission in WGSHA?

Therefore, it may seem that there is no requirement of qualifying popular admission tests like, AIMA, NCHMCT JEE, UGAT etc. But it is no the end as this particular college has set up its own test category which completely focuses on specific department. However, this college has designed new selection process on the basis of merit.

Firstly, this institution takes a Departmental Examination on the specific field applied for. Secondly, there is a Group Discussion round amongst those qualifying students. Thirdly, there is a personal interview round which conducts among final qualified set of students. Finally, students who qualify in last round will get the chance in hotel management degree.

What are the prospective career opportunities after completing degree in hotel management from WGSHA?

That is to say, WGSHA, always stays a step ahead because of guaranteed placement. In other words, every year almost 45% of the entire hotel management students take admission in WGSHA for better placement with handsome salary. Besides, famous hotels such as, Taj Bengal, The Oberoi, Grand Hotel etc. visit its college campus for recruiting students.



Salary Package (Per Annum)

BHM Kitchen Cook 450000/- to 600000/-
MHM Cabin Crew 600000/- to 800000/-

Why choose WGSHA for studying hotel management?

To sum up, placement guaranty, there are thousands other reasons to choose WGSHA for studying hotel management. Meanwhile, some of the notable ones are,

Firstly, low application fees is the primary reason to consider this college for taking admission in hotel management. Likewise to apply in this college you will need to pay only 600/-.

Further, this educational institution has introduced scholarship program for students who are unable to secure admission due to inadequacy of fund. However, such scholarship program is especially applicable for women and specially disabled whose family income should come under 5 lakhs.

In addition, one can get attractive placement opportunity after completion of hotel management degree from this college. For example, companies like, J.W. Marriot, Taj, Gran Hotel recruit workforce from WGSHA.

Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Chennai

During discussing about in brief about this educational institution of hotel management there are various things to cover. However, established in 1963, this college still holds the position among top 3, because of its excellence. Meanwhile, it is a branch of IHM situated in Chennai but even after being an autonomous body this institution designs course of hotel management in collaboration. Subsequently, its collaboration partners are, NCHMCT and Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).

What is the eligibility criteria for securing admission on hotel management in IHM, Chennai?

However, to secure admission in hotel management in IHM, Chennai the eligibility criteria is quiet similar to IHM Delhi. Therefore, a student needs to secure good marks more than 55% in his 10+2 examination.

After that, that applicant needs to sit for entrance examination for securing admission in hotel management. To clarify, IHM Chennai mostly prefer NCHMCT JEE for the purpose of evaluation of a student. Certainly, just like IHM Delhi, it also changes cut offs as per the highest number. But there is no necessity to keep same cut off for both IHM Delhi and Chennai but during some admission year, it became almost same. For example, in 2020, while IHM Delhi fixed the cut off above 250, IHM Chennai fixed the cut off above 255.

What is hotel management course fees in IHM Chennai?

So, a student needs to pay minimum 35000/- to maximum 200000/- per annum for completing hotel management course from IHM Chennai. Therefore, this branch of IHM also provides the facility of certification course and every year more than 100 students from Chennai used to enroll themselves in such Diploma. For instance, here is a list of course fees according to the level of course.

Certification Course 35000/- (Per annum)
Bachelor Degree 1,38000/- “
Post-Graduation 200000/- “

Meanwhile, being a branch of Chennai it does not provide the ease of completing Doctorate degree in hotel management.

What is hotel management course timeframe in IHM, Chennai?

During applying for certification course it will not take too long to complete the course. On the other hand, when it comes to the matter of perusing undergraduate degree then it will take whole 3 years to complete. Moreover, when post-graduation degree will take only 2 years to complete Masters in hotel management.

Certification Course in Hotel Management

Qualification – Completed Secondary ExaminationTimespan – Starting from 6 months to 2 years.

Selection Process – Merit based

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Qualification – Must secure 65% in aggregate in 10+2Timespan – 3 – 4 years

Selection Process – Admission test

Masters in Hotel Management

Timespan – 2 years

Qualification – Must completed graduation on hotel management. Besides, needs to sit at admission test.

Selection process – Admission

Which entrance examination IHM Chennai takes to secure admission in hotel management?

Likewise, IHM Delhi, in order to secure admission in hotel management course a student needs to sit on entrance examination. Finally, after passing which, one gets the chance of studying hotel management in IHM Chennai. However, lots of entrance exams conducted each year in India regarding the admission of hotel management.

Therefore, IHM Chennai gives preference to NCHMCT JEE. Subsequently, after securing good marks a student can get the chance in hotel management.

How prospective career growth a student can get after the completing hotel management from IHM Chennai?

Most importantly, every year almost 100+ students used to take admission in this college to get Diploma course on hotel management. Therefore, number of successful students in hotel industry is increasing day by day. Moreover, most of the students find the chance of placing themselves in front of renowned recruiters such as, The Oberoi, Taj Lake Palace, The Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai etc.



Salary Package (Per Annum)

Certification Course Laundry Head Assistant Cook 2,55000/- to 450000/-
BHM Junior   Chef 450000/- to 700000/-
MHM Head Cook   Front Desk Manager 600000/- to 1000000/-

Why choose IHM Chennai to study hotel management?

However, so many reasons to choose IHM Chennai. Meanwhile, among them here is mentioned the most convincing ones.

Consequently, IHM Chennai works in collaboration with renowned universities like, IGNOU and National Council for Hotel Management, Food & Beverage Management, and Accommodation.

Afterwards, the completion of hotel management course a student gets the offer to attain a training session of 20 weeks at renowned hotel.

However, the Post-grad student can get the opportunity to opt for specialization in Food Producing Management and become a Food and Beverage specialist. Therefore, this particular job has very bright future in hotel industry.

Army Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Bangalore

Consequently, in our list, AIHMCT comes under one of the top 5 institution of hotel management. However, established in late 90s, this institution is continuously serving its best to bring up the future of aspiring students.  Therefore, it is considered as one of the best hotel management college of Bangalore. However, this college comes under the umbrella of Army Welfare Education Society. Most importantly run under the governance of Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India.

What is the eligibility criteria for securing admission on hotel management in AIHMCT?

Above all, to secure admission in such a renowned college a student needs to go through a special admission test namely, AIHMCT WAT. However, in order to sit into the examination a student must have to complete 10+2 from recognized board or equivalent under Govt. of India. In addition, one more extra criteria is also there i.e. an applying candidate must have a family person who works in India Army. Most importantly, the age of the student must not beyond 22+ and even after qualifying entrance exam, a candidate must pass in physical evaluation.

What is hotel management course fees in AIHMCT?

Subsequently, this institution of hotel management will not provide the course opportunity of Post-graduation but still one can easily complete his undergraduation. Therefore, this institution only offers BHM program to students.

256000/- Per Annum

What is the hotel management course duration in AIHMCT?

As a result of only one Bachelor course, there is not more thing to remember. However, a student who wants to pursue degree in hotel management can easily obtain it within 4 years. Moreover, after completing undergraduate degree there is a chance of employment in Indian Army too as a chef of military restaurant.

Is there any necessity to qualify admission test for taking admission AHMCT?

Afterwards, fulfilling the main criteria of being a family member of army personnel, a student must qualify in the entrance examination namely, AIHMCT WAT. However, every year all along India, in 26 cities this specific admission test conducts. Therefore, an aspiring student needs to pass the examination and then qualify for taking admission in hotel management. Above all, Institution authority the decides the cut off marks on the basis of –

  • Entire number of candidates appearing for the exam
  • Level of Hard questions in the paper
  • Ratio of qualified and failed candidate in the examination
  • Cut off marks of last year
  • Number of reserved seats and unreserved seats.

Therefore, students who qualify in this examination need to face a counselling session where professors will take interview of each candidate. Above all, students who comes at top 60 only they get the chance to admit in hotel management course at AIHMCT.

What are the prospective career opportunities after completing degree in hotel management from AIHMCT?

To sum up, this hotel management institution ranked high in offering prospective career opportunity. However many students after completing hotel management course from this college used to get chance in Govt. Job i.e. army or even other Private hotels. In addition, there is no exception that each and every successful students seek handsome salary and express their satisfaction level.

Therefore, Government job, popular hotels such as, UMAID BHAWAN PALACE, AMAN-I-KHAS hotel, THE OBEROI AMARVILAS etc are top recruiters from this college. So, here is a list of job opportunities and salary package after completing hotel management.



Salary Package (Per Annum)

BHM Army Restaurant Cook,   Chef, Hotel Manager 500000/- to 7,50000/-

Why choose AIHMCT for studying hotel management?

Certainly, there are so many reasons to choose AIHMCT for achieving degree in hotel management. However, from acquiring knowledge this college campus has something different which one never find in other institution.

In other words, getting training under strict rules and regulations make a person responsible.  Therefore, a hotel management student should always be responsible.

Most importantly, strict rules and regulations help to become punctual. Meanwhile, punctuality is the key of success in hotel management job.

To sum up, opportunity to get good placement in renowned hotels attract students to choose AIHMCT over other colleges.

Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Delhi

After that renowned institution for instance, IHM Delhi, this hotel management institute comes second for achieving quality education as well as to shape the career of students. Meanwhile, apart from other colleges, this institution is serving excellence since long from its very establishment year in 1999.  Therefore, it has successfully enrolled under the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) as well as Ministry of HRD.

What is the qualification criteria for admission of hotel management in BCIHMCT?

During, taking admission in hotel management course in this institute certainly there are some eligibility criteria which you should meet. However, an aspirant should complete higher secondary examination from any government recognizable board. After that, an applicant becomes eligible for applying in this college.

Similarly, that applicant needs to upload respective proofs of his certificate of passing 10+2 during filling up the application form. In short, apart from qualifying higher secondary examination a candidate must qualify the entrance examination too.

What is hotel management course fees in BCIHMCT?

Similarly like other colleges, this institution also requires a certain amount of admission fees to complete the entire admission procedure. However, there are not much variety applicable for hotel management course in BCIHMCT.  In the same vein, this college is famous for BHM degree only. Therefore, the list of course fees includes,

BHM (Bachelor of Hotel Management) 300000/- Per annum

What is hotel management course duration in BCIHMCT?

Afterwards, a student gets the opportunity to achieve degree in hotel management. Therefore, bachelor course of hotel management runs for 4 consecutive years. Moreover, there is no post-graduation course offered under this institution.  Above all, if you are thinking that, whether you will get placement assistance only after completing BHM. Further you must look back at the previous track record of placement assistance of BCIHMCT.

What hotel management entrance exam needs to clear to secure admission in BCIHMCT?

Subsequently, a student should know that this institution conducts admission test through two channels. Such as, NCHMCT JEE and IPU CET test. For instance, one is for students who have not still completed their 10+2 and the other is for them who has completed their higher secondary examination. Certainly, students who have not got their higher secondary passing certificate appear for NCHMCT JEE.

On the other hand, students who has successfully completed and got their 10+2 certificate are eligible for IPU CET test. But before appearing for such entrance exams a student must adhere to important terms and conditions. However, cut off changes years after years and sometimes also depends upon number previous year highest cut off.

How can a student get prospective hotel management career in BCIHMCT?

Likewise other colleges, the name of BCIHMCT comes second just after IHM Delhi in terms of placement assurance. In addition, the popularity level of this institution went beyond the wall because of the ratio of successful students. Above all, in every 2 years, almost 500 students achieve their dream jobs from top recruiters. Therefore, organizations which visit this institution for recruiting students come again and again due to satisfaction level. For instance, companies like, InterContinental Hotel Group, Oberoi Hotels and Resort, Delhi International Airport etc. recruit workforce.



Salary Package (Per Annum)

BHM Chef, Hotel Manager

Cabin Crew, Front Desk Manager

500000/- to 900000

Why choose BCIHMCT for obtaining degree in hotel management?

Meanwhile, this university is quite popular to every aspiring minds due to placement assistance. However, there are so many reasons to state. Such as,

That is to say, this educational institute offers the chance to keep your step firm when there is huge competition.

In addition, to famous recruiting bodies visit this campus often to recruit workforce which you may hardly find in other college.

Certainly, well maintained infrastructure to provide the scope of flawless education to students.

Hotel Management Course Details

Above all, after securing the admission in hotel management are you still wondering of what to read? To clarify, when you will know what subjects you need to read then it will keep you more prepared. However, in order to know the course details of hotel management, you should know all the hotel management subjects to read at each semester.

Semester I

Semester II

Engineering on Hotel Management Communication Skills
Beginning Lesson of Producing Food – 1 Accounts
Beginning Lesson on Front Desk – 1 Vivid knowledge about Nutrition
Beginning Lesson in Beverage and Food Service – 1 Beginning Lesson on Tour & Travels
Applied Knowledge on Computer Beginning Course in Producing Food – 2
Law of Food Science Starting Course in Front Desk -2
Beginning Lesson on Accommodating Operation  – 1 Beginning Session in Accommodating Operation – 2

Semester III

Semester IV

 Operations of Food manufacturing HR Management
Front Office Handling Managing Tour & Travels
Operating Structure of Food & Beverages Training on Hotel Industry
Structure of Accommodation Communicative English
Measures of Food Safety & Quality –         –
Research & Development Structure –         –
Accounts of Hotels –         –
Controlling Method of Food & Beverages –         –

Semester V & VI

Different Ways to Plan Facility
Techniques to manage Food & Beverages
Front Desk Managing Skills
Accommodating Management
Advance Feature of Food Operation
Strategies of Management
Finance Planning
Creating own Project

Afterwards, following the hotel management course list, you may want to know what are the basic admission test you need to seat for securing admission. That is to say, for your convenience, we have enlisted all the probable admission test name too. Therefore, you can easily have a brief knowledge about the course.

Selection Process of Hotel Management in India

So, while you are feeling confused about how to prepare for securing admission in hotel management, we are here to help you out. But before sitting at the examination you should know that selection process not only limits at passing the exam. Similarly, you need to secure good marks and also need to qualify at personal interview test. Therefore, we will discuss about exam by exam for your convenience.


However, it is a national eligibility test that every institution gives preference. Most importantly, this exam conducts under the governance of All India Management Association. Most importantly, students have to pass 10+2 to apply in this examination. On the other hand, there are 130 questions altogether in the paper. Consequently, there are five sections in the paper such as,

  • English
  • Aptitude and data analysis
  • GI & Reasoning
  • GK


However, Gurunanak Institute of Hotel Management used to organize this Joint Entrance Test examination every year. Therefore, applicants who are aspiring for hotel management course can appear in this test. Above all, to seat for BSC degree in hotel management a candidate must pass his 12th class. So, the question paper will comprise of total 120 questions with both objective and descriptive type. Particularly, this hotel management entrance exam syllabus includes,

  • GK
  • English Language
  • Current Affairs


Subsequently, due to heavy outbreak of Covid 19, this particular examination has postponed. However, to apply for this examination a student must have completed his 10+2 under Government recognized board. Besides, as a new addition, a student must submit his fitness certificate during filling up the form.

Moreover, this examination has highly acclaimed for securing admission in several famous colleges like, IHM Delhi, IHM Chennai and many more. Therefore, this particular hotel management entrance exam syllabus includes,

  • Quantative Aptitude
  • English Language
  • GK & Current affairs
  • Logical Analytical Test


Is hotel management a good carrier option?

Before you take admission in hotel management this question comes naturally in your mind. To answer this, it is not difficult to get employment opportunity after the completion of BHM degree. Moreover a hotel management student can get good amount of salary too.

How many years in the hotel management course?

It will take 4 years to complete BHM degree. Above all, it depends upon the course you are choosing. For instance, if you choose certification degree then it will take only 6 months to complete.

What is the monthly income in hotel management?

There are multiple job opportunities after completing hotel management degree. So, if you are opting for hotel management faculty jobs then the salary will start from 600000/- per annum.

Which Subject is best for hotel management?

There are lots of subject choices. Certainly one can choose the best suitable for him. For example, undergraduate students generally want to peruse specialization on Operating Structure of Food & Beverages, Structure of Accommodation etc.

What is meant by hotel management?

If you want to know about hotel management then it can be said that a study on how to manage hotel and hospitality sector. Meanwhile, you will learn how to manage hospitality sector.

What is the highest position in hotel management?

In order to secure high position one must work hard. For example, Executive Chef, Hotel General Manager, Casino Director, Professor, are some of the highest position in hotel management jobs.

What’s the salary of hotel manager?

It is not necessary that every company will pay same remuneration. Therefore, the average salary of a hotel manager starts with 600000/- per annum.

What courses are there in hotel management?

Many colleges offer several types of courses. In other words, IHM Delhi offers every single possible course on hotel management. For example, Diploma, Degree, Post-grad and PhD on hotel management.

Is hotel management hard to study?

From other courses hotel management degree is quiet simple to achieve. However, it depends upon the merit of a student.

Is hotel management a good career?

The subjects in hotel management syllabus set in a beautiful. So, it shapes best the carrier of a student perfectly.

How can I become hotel manager after 12th?

Most importantly, to become a hotel manager one must peruse the course of Bachelor of Hotel Management. He needs to represent his hotel management resume in such a way therefore recruiters find it interesting enough. A student who is able to answer firmly at the recruitment campus has possess the ability. Therefore, he can assuredly get the job of a hotel manager.

What is the salary of Taj hotel manager?

The salary of a General Manager of Taj hotel comes in between 150000/- per month. Therefore, if you get the chance you can also draw same amount.

What is the highest salary in hotel management?

While taking hotel management information, one of the most important thing that comes into our mind is salary scale. However highest salary scale varies up to which company you are joining. For instance, if you are lucky enough to join JW Marriot then you can draw up to 1000000/- per annum.

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