To begin with “Digital marketing” and “online marketing” are frequently interchanged. Digital marketing is known as the technique of advertising a brand, service or product using the Internet. Simply said, digital marketing varies from traditional marketing since it is able to track the efficacy of its marketing initiatives, often in real time, via internet channels and methods that enable companies and organisations to understand better what works and what doesn’t.

Similarly, the Most businesses have developed in the 21st century, web presence. An E-mail has been utilised extensively and technology has allowed users to handle it reasonably easily. Meanwhile, customer relationship management (CRM) systems were used to maintain databases. A similar method has been employed by several companies to print publicity by presenting banners on websites. Forward-thinking companies developed their search engine strategy and even worked with affiliates. It was only a matter of time until online marketing and pros came up. All this was internet marketing.

First and foremost, a website of the enterprise, which serves as the hub for all online activity. The most prevalent method of digital marketing. All competent marketers employ e-mail marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-per-Click (PPC) and social media to attract quality website transaction or drive repetitive visits and transactions.

Accordingly, the digital marketing is distributed through digital channels as well as through search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile applications at its most basic levels. Digital marketing is the method through which organisations support goods, services and brands by using these online media channels. For products to be researched, consumers rely largely on internet resources. Think with Google marketing insights that 48% of buyers begin searching for search engines, whilst 33% access brand websites and 26% use mobile applications.

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Digital marketing is interactive and targets a certain customer base group. Digital marketing is rising with search results advertisements, e-mails and promoted tweets – all of which incorporate marketing with consumer feedback or two-way company-customer engagement.

Especially, the marketing of the Internet differs from that of the digital. Internet Marketing is publicity on the Internet alone, whereas digital marketing can be carried out via mobile devices, the metro, a video game or a smartphone app.

Finally, advertisers are generally referred to in the context of digital marketing as resources, while members of the target ads are commonly referred to as recipients. Sources often target specific and well-defined recipients. For instance, McDonald’s had to get the word out of many of his places after increasing the late-night hours. It was aimed at shifting employees and travellers with digital commercials because the corporation was aware that they constituted a major part of its late-night business. Similarly, McDonald’s urged people to download the Restaurant Finder app with advertisements from ATMs and gas stations, and websites that his consumers were aware of during the night.

What is Digital Marketing?

Earlier, it was defined as a projection of traditional marketing, its instruments and techniques on the Internet. first attempts. It was defined by Satya (2015) as online commercialization, web marketing or Internet marketing. In particular, in specific nations, the term digital marketing was widespread. In the United States online marketing is still prevalent, but in Italy digital marketing has become the standard phrase, particularly after 2013, in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Moreover, digital marketing means the promotion and use of digital technologies, for example the Internet, as well as mobile phones, display advertising and other digital terms, for products or services.

Furthermore, digital marketing has changed the way corporations and companies use technology and digital marketing to sell themselves in the 1990s and 2000s. Digital marketing strategies are more widely distributed and effective as digital platforms are more interwoven in marketing plans or everyday life and as people use digital gadgets instead of going to physics stores.

Hence, Examples of digital marketing are Search Engine Optimizing (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, Content Automation, Marketing for Campaigns and E-Marketing, Social Media Optimisation, Email Direct Marketing, Display Ads, e-Books, Optical Disks and Games. In actuality, this category is for non-internet methods that provide digital media, for example mobile telephones (SMS and MMS), callbacks and mobile ring tones.

Marketers can gain useful insights into target audience behaviour and also introduce new customer participation channels through a digital omnichannel marketing strategy. Companies should also anticipate that employee retention will improve. Compared with companies that have poor over-the-counter programmes, organisations with excellent omnichannel consumer engagement strategies keep an average of 89 per cent of their clients, according the Invest report.

In the mean time, while modern digital marketing is a vast network of channels, in which marketers simply have to integrate their brands, online publicity is much more sophisticated. Marketers must also delve deeper into the huge and complex world of today’s cross-cutting channels to identify methods that will have an effect through commitment marketing to realise the real potential of digital marketing. In the first place Based on data that you collect over time, the approach of creating meaningful relations with new and returning customers is known as engagement marketing. Here, you may become more brand conscious, become an industry leader and position the consumer at the heart of your company when they are ready to buy, after involving customers in a digital environment.

History of Digital Marketing

To begin with, In the 1990s, the term “digital marketing” originated from the mid-1980s when the soft ad group, now ChannelNet (Germany), developed automobile advertising campaigns in which people send magazine reader reply cards and receive floppy discs containing multimedia content to promote various cars and offer free test drives in return.

Compared to In the 2000s and 2010s, digital commercialisation became sophisticated and digital advertising has expanded at nearly every time; numbers from 2012 and 2013 demonstrated that digital advertising continues to increase.

In addition to Online marketing, internet marketing and web marketing are all terms used in digital marketing. Digital marketing is defined in the following terms. In recent years, especially in some countries, the word “digital marketing” has become more prominent. Therefore, The US is still popular for online marketing, while web marketing is used in Italy, but the most popular phrase in the UK and around the world, in particular since 2013. digital marketing has become.

Thus, the rise of digital advertising in media is projected to reach 4,5 trillion annually, with digital media spending in 2010 rising by 48 percent. Afterward Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) companies are increasingly responsible for advertising for internet users, yet they are raising concerns about consumer privacy and data protection.

Types of Digital Marketing

In short, eight common digital marketing channels include social media, influencer marketing, content marketing, e-mail, SEO, pay-per-click and affiliation (PPC) as well as mobile. Let’s examine each of these more closely.

Social Marketing Platforms

In this case Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Snapchat are therefore widely being used by consumers today. It is therefore important that brands are active on multiple accounts. Take the following figures into account:

  • Users have eight profiles on average in social media.
  • Everyone spends on social media on average 2 hours and 22 minutes every day.
  • The 5,11 billion people who have a telephone use them to access social media are 3,26 billion.
  • Around one-seventh of their time on social media is spent on social media.

Therefore, Marketers may thus reach their perspectives through social media platforms in a variety of ways. Marketing teams can use these channels to start by offering paid ads and sponsored content. Also, Each platform contains a function that enables the development of sponsored advertising and segment users by marketing teams so that these ads are presented to their intended audiences. Although each platform is unique, most marketing teams are able to target geographical, employment, interest, age and other advertisements.

Accordingly, Social media is also a fantastic tool for communicating with clients and promoting organically following items or resources. People on social media who follow your brand probably purchased from you in the past.In additional, Interacting with them on social media or answering questions relating to customer service is an excellent way to maintain brand commitment and develop positive experiences and customer loyalty.

Finally, Social media can be used by marketing departments to build a brand and a voice that make it attractive to follow and share. For example, Wendy’s bright and humorous sound made them very popular on Twitter, with loves, retweets and responses they receive many times.

Marketing with Influencers

In this case, Another successful method for using digital media to reach certain demographics is influencer marketing. Celebrities, websites and other professionals who share similar convictions may develop agreements with brands. Subsequently,They are well known. Brands can then connect with branded contents and offers to their fans. For many enterprises, influence marketing has proved to be effective, with 9 out of 10 arguing that it is better than or as good as other channels. In addition, one in two women purchased on the recommendation of an influencer. Here is an instance of marketing influencer: GoPro has partnered with Loki, an influencer located in Colorado with a significant number of outdoor enthusiasts. As a result, Their items were brought before the target audience by a reference from a similar, trusted source.

Marketing via email

Such as , Organisations can send them personalised newsletters or deals based on previous purchases or brand commitments to employ email marketing campaigns to stay in touch with prospects and consumers. Including, If someone interacts with some of your brand-name touchpoints – such as a 10 percent off-the-shelf email offer or a free shipping – they may be converted. In about 60 percent of consumer purchasing decisions, e-mail is thought to play a part. In addition, subscribers tend to open transactional e-mails.

 Content with Marketing

Generally, Marketing teams can utilise content marketing to answer user questions proactively. Such as Over the three phases of the customer journey, marketing teams develop content, videos and other assets for customers to answer issues and provide context:

  • At this point, the buyer realises they need it.
  • During the examination step the buyer decides on a course of action to address this need.
  • Phase of decision: In order to meet a requirement, the customer chooses a product or service.

For example,A client may find that new fitness sneakers are required. A marketing department of an athletic organisation may advertise what features in a running shoe you need against what you need to train your strength. Soon, The buyer determines based on this information that they need a couple of running shoes to meet these specifications. A list of the most popular running shoes and their price ranges can also be included in a different topic. After being informed of these factors, you will make a decision. Finally, the whole recommendations of your brand will almost definitely persuade you to buy. Content marketing is often less costly and genetically modified than other approaches. Furthermore, Content marketing is often less expensive than other marketing methods and generates around three times as many leads.

Search Engine Optimisation Marketing (SEO)

To begin with, First, the optimisation of search engines and the marketing of content often go together. If the buyer goes to Google to hunt for fitness centre shoes in the example below, they will probably click on one of the first three results. As a result, In this context, the marketing team for sports shoes wishes to ensure that your product is among the first in the search results. Later, This will be achieved through the optimisation of content for user experience and the need to identify and index the material in technical elements for search engine crawlers.

Advertising pay-per-click (PPC)

Likewise, Pay-per-click advertisements are likewise a kind of sponsored ad that enables marketing teams to purchase visitors from websites.Thereby, Marketers pay the cost on any website or search engine like Google or Microsoft Bing every time they click an ad. Here, These ads are often picked by bidding on certain keywords and are often shown on the top of the search results pages, whereas banner ads in websites usually pay predefined fees.

Mobile marketing or marketing of affiliates

Thus, Affiliate markets, therefore, seem like referral programmes in that they involve partnerships in exchange for a commission for each operation to support individuals or companies promoting your product. Thus, this is an economical way to outsource some heavy lifting of advertising; yet, as you give someone else the reputation of your company, this sort of marketing sometimes requires greater control and monitoring.

In short, An example of affiliate marketing where an ad on a podcast or radio transmission offers a discount coupon to listeners when they buy a product. However, the purchaser may, for example, gain 30% off purchase and a small percentage of each buy done with the coupon is shown. In the course of mobile marketing initiatives, several of the above-mentioned digital marketing methods can be utilised. Additionally, tese often consists of text messages, social media, email, push reports and mobile applications. Besides, the relevance of mobile marketing is expanding, since about 187.5 million mobile shoppers are projected to exist by 2024. In order to offer a consistent, user-friendly experience, marketers have to explore how to optimise their existing marketing operations for mobile.

Going Marketing

Namely, Many of the following digital marketing strategies, generally including a combination of text message, social media, email, push notifications, mobile apps, may be employed in mobile marketing campaigns.However, The relevance of mobile marketing is expanding, since about 187.5 million mobile shoppers are projected to exist by 2024. In order to offer a consistent, user-friendly experience, marketers have to explore how to optimise their existing marketing operations for mobile.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Namely, the purpose of digital marketing has gained huge proportions in India during the past five years. The term “digital marketing” is being commonly used by professionals in India The reason for this is the expansion of digital platforms in India, as well as an increase in the number of start-ups and small and medium businesses. Hence, Due to the rapid growth of the Indian economy, it is now necessary for businesses of all kinds to take advantage of the benefits of digital marketing. Even with so much going on in India’s digital business, we can still conclude that digital marketing in the country is rapidly evolving. This indicates that digital marketing would only develop significantly in the years to come in India.

Lastly, Digital marketing is the process of using various web platforms to promote and sell your brand and its characteristics. Search engine optimisation, display advertising, mobile marketing, and social media marketing are all examples of digital marketing techniques that companies employ to not only promote their products but also sell them successfully through these channels.

The role of digital marketing

As a professional blogger in online enterprise

Regularly,Many marketing specialists have nevertheless chosen blogging as a complete workflow. Thanks to their passion and hard effort, many professionals have become excellent bloggers in their chosen field. Through advertising and affiliate marketing, bloggers can make money. Most bloggers can earn between $100 and $1000 a month with 1-2 years’ experience. Celebrities can make up $10,000 every month to celebrate bloggers.

Thus,Get money through AdSense and affiliate marketing: A specialty that fascinates you may be able to establish a webpage/blog/app and work hard first to attract people and traffic. You can live successfully after generating plenty of visitors with AdSense and affiliate marketing strategies. Most professionals construct websites focused on specialised subjects in order to attract high-quality traffic. Review our whole Marketing Guide for Affiliates.

Start to provide self-reported services:

To begin with Freelancing is first of all a concept of one-on-one delivery of services to customers. From the convenience of your own home or workplace, you may develop a global client base. There are many of freelancing internet platforms, such as and

Start your own agency:

Therefore,If you have company management skills and resources, contacts. Contact us. You can launch your own digital marketing agency in full time. You can develop marketing plans for customers and implement them through digital marketing with your agency.


Hence, You can therefore become a YouTuber in a specified topic in full time. You must focus on content quality and increase your audience on YouTube. You can generate money through YouTube monetisation once you start gaining subscribers and views.

Start your shipping company with your drop:

Likewise, Drop Shipping is also a business method that enables you to offer stuff to customers online without having to maintain the inventory. In this field, a website for e-commerce is commonly created at Shopify and you choose your products according to your studies. You then connect your store to Chinese manufacturers and online retailers through Ali Express.

Here, All pricing for products have been marked and the producer will directly send them to the consumer when you sell a product, enabling you to profit.

Future perspectives for online career professionals and students

However, learning digital marketing will open the door to numerous new online opportunities while studying or working in your existing job. According to industry statistics, many digital marketers have established their own brands by influencing specialised niches. For a variety of digital marketing organisations, students can work part-time online.

As a trainer or coach, responsibilities

Beyond, If you’re passionate about education, have previous expertise in the field of teaching and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, you might develop a beautiful career as a digital marketing coach. You need to acquire a profound practical knowledge of each topic and work on actual projects to become a quality trainer before performing your training. You can only become an online or classroom trainer once you have achieved adequate knowledge of every technology.

Eligibility Criteria for Digital Marketing in India

In the meantime, Digital marketing Organisations are progressively embracing data-driven digital marketing in their total marketing campaign and putting in tremendous effort to achieve the best ROI as digital marketing consolidates its importance and supremacy in today’s business environment. Also, it’s not about running the same generic ad over the internet or on social media platforms or producing brand impressions with digital marketing. It necessitates a variety of tactics as well as a nuanced view of the marketer’s role. To this goal, businesses need people who are knowledgeable in digital marketing tools and approaches.Because there is a scarcity of experienced specialists, salaries have increased, making the field attractive. As a result, the number of people who participate in the top digital marketing courses available online has increased significantly.


To be successful in the digital marketing environment, you must have some kind of originality. This is due to the fact that you must work with a variety of businesses on a regular basis and appeal to their target demographic using distinct messaging.


Different types of tools for analytics, keyword analysis, and other things are used to alter and implement digital marketing strategies. As a result, you must be eager to learn these skills and improve your performance. It is critical to always be a student.

Ability to communicate:

It’s all about communication in digital marketing. As a result, you must be able to clearly convey your thoughts and opinions.

Lastly, If you want to work in the field of digital marketing and are looking for a top digital marketing institute in Mumbai that will not cost you an arm and a leg, TSCFM is the place to go. It provides a Professional Digital Marketing Course that is both accessible and inexpensive, as well as a financing option.

Some conditions are required for digital marketing:

  • Strong analytic abilities
  • Ability to Communicate
  • Creativity
  • Always eager to learn
  • Who is eligible to participate in this course?


Graduates who want to find a job after completing this short course might enrol in digital marketing courses.

Managers and executives in marketing

Marketing managers and executives can enrol in a Google digital marketing course to gain a clear understanding of digital marketing and boost their confidence.


If you own a business, you must have a thorough understanding of web marketing. To make your firm more profitable, you should conduct smart work, which means learning digital marketing and its tactics. It aids in the expansion of your company.

Changemakers in the Workplace

People who are transitioning from one workgroup to another and are interested in the digital marketing area might enrol in a digital marketing school and start a lucrative career.


However, Startups! Your marketing strategy is a critical component in determining whether a company will succeed or fail. Simply be smart and begin learning digital marketing.

Specialist in Information Technology

An IT professional, such as a software or hardware engineer who works in a computing environment or with software components, can enrol in digital marketing training to ensure a bright future.

Digital Marketing Entrance Exams

Most of the applicants have successful entry exams and admission to different institutions and universities determined. Acceptance at different colleges and universities was based on the success of the applicant in the relevant entry exams. Here is a list of the finest digital marketing admission exams for MBA. Here are the top MBA entry examinations in digital marketing management.

  • The Common Admission Test (CAT) for 20 IIMs and more than 1,200 business schools in India is a National Admission Test.
  • The MAT, a national MBA/PGDM admission examination, conducted by All India Management Association (AIMA).
  • GMAT: The Graduate Management Admission (GMAT) trial conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council and other graduate management students (GMAC).
  • The NTA runs the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) for candidates for MBA programmes in more than 1000 Indian education institutions (NTA).
  • XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test), the national management entry exam of MBA admission, conducted by the Xavier Leadership Institute in Jamshedpur.
  • NMAT: For NMIMS and other important management institutes, GMAC organises NMAT for MBA admissions (National Management Admission Test).

Common Admission Test (CAT)

A Computer-based examination for graduate management admissions is the Common Acceptance Test (CAT). The test is broken down into three parts: verbal capacity and understanding; data interpretation and rationale; and quantitative capacity. The test is divided into three portions; var (QA). The test takes three hours, each portion one hour. Because of COVID measures in 2020, IIM Indore has opted to run the CAT Exam in two hours, with 40 minutes dedicated to each section.  This exam created by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), who utilise it to select students for their business administration programmes (MBA or PGDM). Generally, the test administered annually by one of the IIMs in accordance with a rotational procedure. Therefore, the CAT 2021 exam will be taken in 158 cities on November 28, 2021.

Management Aptitude Test (MAT)

Furthermore, Since 1988, the Management Aptitude Test (MAT) has been used to help Business Schools (B-Schools) assess students for admission to MBA and other related programmes. In 2003, MAT was recognised as a national test by the Minister of Human Resources Development of the Indian Government. The MAT score may be used as an admission input by any B-School – national or international – based on score Cards provided to the candidates. MAT, the largest test of its type in India, remains your passport to more than 600 B-Schools throughout the country.

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

The GMAT (/dimt/(JEE-mat) is a computer adaptive exam designed to measure certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills, for example for an MBA, in writing english. The vocabulary, precisions of algebra, geometry and arithmetics need to be thoroughly understand. The GMAC, proprietor of the test, argues that the GMAT measures the analytical writing and problem solving ability as well as the adequacy of data, logic and essential reasoning skills which are fundamental to the success of real-world business and management.It may be used up to 5 times a year, not more than 8 times in total. The time between the attempts must be at least 16 days.

Joint Admission Test Management (CMAT)

The Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) is an aptitude test conducted in more than 1300 business schools in India by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The CMAT question paper contains all quantitative techniques & data interpretation, logical justification, linguistic understanding and general awareness. A new portion of the CMAT Question Paper has been added during the 2021 exam. A new segment with 25 questions is the Innovation and Entrepreneurship portion. The score for CMAT is 500 in total. The test is performed in a computer-based test for three hours and is performed (CBT).

The CMAT 2022 exam dates will most probably be announced in October by the NTA. The CMAT examination should not be postponed unlike previous year. Registration shall commence in October and the examination shall take place by the end of January 2022. CMAT is one of the most common MBA input assessments. More than 70,000 individuals take the CMAT every year. JBIMS, SIMSREE, K J Somaiya Mumbai, Welingkar and PUMBA are among India’s best CMAT scores B-schools.

Aptitude Test Xavier (XAT)

The Xavier Aptitude Test or XAT is an XLRI Jamshedpur national aptitude test. XAT results are used for admissions from XLRI Jamshedpur and other Xavier Institutes and more than 160 B-schools in the whole of Canada. On 2 January 2022, XAT 2022 will take place. The XAT is a national XLRI test to discover the best management education candidates from all throughout the country. The Institute is able to organise the examination and then pick the most eligible candidates. The results of XAT are utilised in their screening procedure by a number of additional institutions.

In their admissions procedure, XAT results are used by more than 150 management institutes. The XAT is a 3-hour test for admission to associated institutes XLRI and XAT. Apart from XLRI applicants must apply individually for each XAT Associate Institute. The issues related to Verbal and Logical Capability (VA & LR), Decision-making (DM), QA & DI, and General knowledge (GA & DI) (GK). For XAT 2022, the most important change is that no essay writing section is available.

Test of Admission to National Management (NMAT)

Registration and timing of NMAT 2021 started on 3 August. GMAC may register candidates for the NMAT until 10 November, however, the session’s exam schedule from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022 ends on 17 November. Candidates can book their NMAT 2021 exam between 14 October and 27 December. GMAC permits three NMAT attempts for each applicant. However, the first attempt must be made on or before 24 November. Between 25 November and 10 December GMAC’s second attempt on NMAT can be made.

You can only book your third NMAT on or after December 11. In contrast to a final session with a test window of 88 days, NMAT 2021 will have a test window for 74 days. In addition to a shorter examination window, the NMAT application price was decreased. Candidates who register for the exam on the early window of registration have to pay Rs 2300, while those who sign up on the late window have to pay Rs 2 800.

Top Digital Marketing Courses for Bachelors in India

B Com. (Hons.)

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), sometimes known as BCom (H), is one of the most popular undergraduate degree programmes among Commerce students. BCom, BCom (H), and BCom LLB are the three most popular courses in Commerce. Candidates who want to pursue higher education and a profession in accounting, commerce, or banking, finance, and insurance should enrol in BCom and BCom (H) courses at the undergraduate level. BCom LLB is the degree of choice for those who want to pursue a profession in law.

BCom is sometimes known as BCom-Pass or BCom-General. Apart from a few core disciplines, this programme is a broad 3-year degree course that is not subject specific, and the candidate can choose a combination of subjects.

The same courses are given in BCom (H), but with a speciality, making it a more popular choice among students.

Aside from accounting and commerce and banking, finance, and insurance, BCom (H) is the finest course option for management, teaching, advertising, journalism, mass communication, law, design, and the public sector, among other fields. For CA and CS aspirants, BCom (H) is the best option.

Thereby, For junior level positions, the average beginning salary for BCom (H) graduates is Rs 3 lakh and upwards.

Lastly, technical and vocational programmes, BCom (H) is offered in both conventional and distance education formats at practically all universities and affiliated colleges across the country.

B.Com Honours Career Prospects and Job Scope

Hence, After graduation, graduates of the B.Com Honours degree programme can find work in the private and public sectors of a variety of reputable firms in India and overseas. The demand for graduates in India and overseas is significant because to the high potential for employment such as accounting, financial advising, financial researcher, and financial analyst. As a result, after completing B.Com Honours, the remuneration for the degree is reasonable, and the average income for graduates in India is roughly INR 4.4 LPA.

Some of the greatest B.Com Hons fresher jobs:

  • Accounts Executive
  • Investment Banker
  • Development Executive
  • Tax Consultant
  • Business Analyst

Some of the greatest B.Com Honours job titles for experienced candidates:

  • Manager of Finance
  • Chartered Accountant Financial
  • Risk Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Business Development Manager

List of Top B.Com. (Hons.) Colleges in India

College Name Affiliated University Cut Off
Shri Ram College of Commerce Delhi University 99%-100%
Mount Carmel College, Bangalore University of Bangalore 80%-100%
Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune Pune University Savitribai Phule. 90%-100%
Hindu College, Delhi Delhi University 70%-100%
Loyola College, Chennai Chennai University 60%-100%
Aditi Mahavidyalaya, Delhi Delhi University 70%-100%
Government College for Girls Sector-14, Gurgaon Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak 80%-100%
MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh Chandigarh University 60%-100%
St Xaviers College, Ranchi Ranchi University 85%-100%

Average Fees for B.Com. (Hons): Rs 15000 – 25000

Admission Criteria for B.Com. (Hons):10+2 Board Exam 50%

Types of Jobs after B.Com. (Hons): Operations Manager, Accountant, Account Executive, Finance Manager, etc.

Average Placements after B.Com. (Hons): Rs, 2,50,000 – Rs, 4,50,000

Top Digital Marketing Courses for Masters in India

M Com. (Hons.)

M.Com Hons, or Master of Commerce Honors, is a postgraduate degree programme in the fields of commerce, accounting, and management. The M.Com (Hons) programme lasts two years and is divided into four semesters. In the first year of M.Com Hons, there are two semesters, followed by two in the second year. Applicants for M.Com (Hons) admission must have completed their B.Com (Hons) graduation with the required percentage as specified by the respective authority. Candidates who pursue a Master of Commerce Honors (M.Com Hons) will get in-depth understanding of the economy, capital, investments, trade, analytics, banking, finance, and business management, among other topics taught at the undergraduate level.


Generally, This course is open to candidates with a graduate degree in commerce or economics. To be eligible for top-ranked institutes, it must be pursued from a registered institute and must have received at least 50% marks or better.

Such as, Some institutes accept candidates with a graduate degree in management, business studies, or a related field.

Various institutes have different age requirements, and some institutes even make provisions or relaxations for reserved castes such as SC, ST, and others.

The Admissions Process

Such as, Interested candidates must submit their fully completed application forms before the deadline. All other essential documents, such as copies of qualification certificates, proof of age, and the application fee, should enclosed with this application. Some institutes select the most qualified candidates and compile a merit list based on their graduation grades. Some institutions administer entrance exams to candidates to verify their expertise.


Therefore course lasts two years and divided into four semesters. Each semester lasts six months and culminates in a final examination. To finish the co-op, candidates must qualify for each semester separately.

Options for Further Research

As a result, Candidates may find it easy to find decent jobs after completing this course. If any of them choose to continue their studies, they might pursue a Master of Philosophy in Commerce. For those with strong research aptitude, a Ph.D. is a possibility.

These individuals can also enrol in management programmes such as M.B.A., M.Com Management, or a Master of Valuation.

Highlights of the Course

The course begins with core themes like as the business environment, accounting for managerial choices, business computer systems, and so on. The candidates then educated on company financial accounting, corporate legal environment, tax planning, financial management, and E-commerce. The course also covers entrepreneurial management, banking, finance, commercial bank management, international finance, and other topics.

Aspects of the job

These applicants well-suited for positions such as accountant, business analyst, money manager, operations manager, risk analyst, investment banker, corporate analyst, and so on.

List of Top M.Com. (Hons.) Colleges in India

College Name Affiliated University Cut Off/Merit Based
Shri Ram College of Commerce Delhi University 99%-100%
UBS, Chandigarh Punjab University 80%-100%
Chandigarh University Chandigarh University 80%-100%
University of integral Lucknow University 90%-100%
Hinjilicut Science College Berhampur University 60%-100%R
SWAMI SAHAJANAND GROUP OF COLLEGES. Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University 70%-100%
University Maharshi Dayanand Haryana University 80%-100%

Average Fees for M.Com. (Hons):Rs 60,000-Rs10,00,000

Admission Criteria for M.Com. (Hons): After Graduation

Types of Jobs after M.Com. (Hons):Financial Analyst, Investment Banker, Bank Manager, Investment Advisor

Average Placements after M.Com. (Hons): Rs 5,00,000-Rs 10,00,000

Ph.D. in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing degrees teach firms how to promote their products, services, and brands on the internet using various strategies and tools. Social media, search engines, email, websites, and video platforms are some of the most popular digital mediums.

One of the most significant advantages of digital marketing is the ease with which you can track the effectiveness of your initiatives. Creating content that stands out from the crowd, securing money, and developing a trustworthy brand image are just a few of the hurdles.

Digital Marketing principles and practise, data analysis, marketing communication, consumer behaviour, customer engagement strategies, advertising fundamentals, campaign planning, research methodology, The Bachelor’s programme or Master’s in digital marketing can deal with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), lead generation, and other areas.

Later, You’ll need creative and analytical talents, excellent oral and written communication ability, critical thinking, and extensive knowledge of internet marketing tools and techniques to be a successful digital marketing specialist.

In short, A Digital marketing professional’s primary responsibility is to find, test, and evaluate technologies and techniques that promote brand exposure and lead generation. KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and ROI used by digital marketers to track their progress (Return on Investment). Different marketing specialists are in charge of different marketing channels in large corporations. In smaller businesses, on the other hand, a digital marketer may be in charge of the majority of the internet marketing responsibilities.

Colleges/Universities offering Ph.D. in Digital Marketing

College Name Affiliated University Eligibility
 College of Commerce shri ram University of Delhi  NET
Visakhapatnam’s GITAM Institute of Management GITAM University GITAM GAT+CAT+MAT+UGC NET
Bangalore’s Dayananda Sagar University State University CAT+MAT+CMAT+NEET
GITAM, Bengaluru State University GITAM GAT+CAT+MAT+UGC NET
Jammu’s Central University Jammu University CAT+ CMAT+NEET+CUCET
Jhunjhunu’s Singhania University. Rajasthan University NEET+CAT+CMAT
Udaipur’s Sir Padampat Singhania University Udaipur University SPSAT+CAT+CMAT
Vadodara’s Parul University Gujarat University CAT+ CMAT+NEET+Gujarat PGCET+MAT+GUJCET

Average Fees for Ph.D. in Digital Marketing: Rs 50,000-Rs4,00,000

Admission Criteria for Ph.D. in Digital Marketing: Have a Masters degree in a relevant discipline from a reputed university.

Average Placements after Ph.D. in Digital Marketing:Rs 2,00,000-Rs10,00,000

What to do after PhD in Digital Marketing?

Usually, PhD in Digital Marketing study have numerous work options both in India and overseas.Graduates will be offered brand managers, market research analysts, new product managers, teachers & lecturers, marketing communications leaders, etc.With a Ph.D in Digital Marketing, you can get a number of professions that will allow you to have a successful career and continue to progress professionally for the rest of your life.In short, A PhD marketing programme is a fascinating study of the traditional parts of the industry, as well as teachings on human behaviour, consumer psychology, and business mathematics. A marketing doctorate holder might pursue a variety of career opportunities in the commercial world, as well as positions in higher education.

Marketing abilities honed

Digital Marketing students are exposed to a diverse and dynamic curriculum that includes areas like as information technology, organisational behaviour, and political economics. Students can qualify for a number of responsibilities in today’s corporate climate thanks to the diversity of Ph.D marketing curriculums. Depending on a student’s post-graduation ambitions, it may be advantageous to enrol in a programme that offers specialisations and allows the student to concentrate on becoming a marketing teacher or obtaining the essential skills for working in the public sector.

The Importance of Having Your Work Published

When a student successfully publishes after graduation, the types of positions available with a PhD in DigitalMarketing broaden dramatically. A student’s dissertation study will take up a large portion of his or her time in a PhD programme, and it’s critical to maintain research and professional writing after graduation. For example, the American Marketing Association (AMA) publishes the Journal of Marketing Research, a peer-reviewed journal that requires evaluation by other professionals before publication.

Becoming a Marketing Instructor

One of the most important decisions a marketing student will have to make is whether to pursue a PhD in Marketing or to stop after completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree. A student pursuing a PhD in Marketing is likely to have a passion for teaching, and some individuals will even teach classes while pursuing their degree.

Major Marketing Fields of Study and Appropriate Jobs

Digital Marketing students at the PhD level commonly divide their research into one of three sub-categories. These areas include marketing from the standpoints of economics, business, and the consumer. Not surprisingly, each of these categories necessitates a distinct form of education, which can lead to positions in a variety of fields. A company marketing professional, for example, might find work at the management level. A consumer behaviour marketing expert could work for a marketing firm. A marketing specialist with an understanding of economics could make a political career.

Digital Marketing Job Roles & Levels in India

To begin with Digital Marketing recent graduate with a Ph.D. in Digital Marketing may seek work as a public relations or fundraising manager in addition to becoming a college professor or instructor. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), these profitable jobs may pay about $100,000 per year. Sales managers, marketing managers, and a range of jobs in senior management for major firms are all lucrative positions. In today’s connected world, digital marketing is nearly a requirement. It’s also one of the most profitable professions available. In India, online advertising would climb 30 percent over the course of the year, according to an IMAI report from 2018.

In India, income isn’t the only concern if you’re seeking for one of the biggest digital marketing positions. The appeal of a workplace is based on its progress, safety and reputation possibilities.

In particular, a government effort “Digital India” and enterprises entering new territory will be beneficial to the overall eco-system. Below are the top 10 highly paid digital marketing jobs in India. This list is up-to-date and helps you decide which direction to follow, irrespective of your job level (start/start or middle-level).

Digital marketers thus play a range of functions in a company. The varieties of occupations available in today’s working climate are as varying as they are profitable. Let us now go through what each of these approaches involves. We included the initial wage and average pay for each job title (as determined by top job search sites such as Indeed, PayScale, and Glassdoor). This post could help you learn about the most affordable digital marketing jobs.

Digital media managers

This digital marketing role creates multi-channel campaigns to improve brand recognition and enable a brand, product or service to accepted. Digital media managers also decide on the digital strategy and communication of the brand.

First of all, the strengths of the company paid, held and earned media assessed. Then they have a range of techniques, including pay-per-click ads, Google display ads, a website/blog and online reviews. Each has its own range of functions, such as brand awareness, customer preference and confidence.

In particular, the acquisition of new clients and the development of leads are the focus of digital media administration. In this area, people have an analysis that can measure performance and forecast results based on the complexity of client behaviour.

Pay-by-click campaign managers

These marketing pros employ budgeting, keyword selection, copy improvement, extensive search approaches and others to optimise PPC campaigns. PPC managers have several ad formats, including Google Display ads, Bing ads and other publicity on paid search engines. In general, they develop plans for their customers and support efforts to achieve their goals. PPC managers are in high demand and pay is one of the top-paying roles in India on digital marketing.

Rs 10,48,883 annually Salary

SEM/SEO experts in search engine marketing/search engine optimisation

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) encompasses methods such as optimisation of the search engine (SEO), click-by-click promotion, and other forms of sponsored publicity.

As an SEM professional, you would be responsible for ensuring that your organisation is amongst the best results when your target prospects seek something specific online. SEM/SEO experts expect one of India’s top wages in the digital marketing business because of the high and growing demand.

Therefore, you also manage online campaigns and update websites to promote search results in order to create a good business case for SEM costs (for example, blogs and RSS feeds). The money business – yours and others’ – has been one of India’s leading internet marketing works for many years.

Rs 360,098 (entry level) and Rs 975,000 (senior) compensated for year (mid-senior level)

Strategists in Content (Content Strategists)

As one of the most compensated digital marketing positions, In an increasingly digital age, marketing activities hindered by unnecessary clutter and shortsighted. Consumers spend a lot of time online today, yet are still too busy and have too many options. This might an important tool for a well-designed content strategy. As a result, these are some of the most paid jobs in digital marketing. It is no surprise.

Content strategists regularly hire a variety of companies that really change their strategic goals to match their client’s wants. They are responsible for achieving the much-needed visibility and reach of the business and finding out the important link between content and SEO. Some of the jobs they conduct for companies are as follows:

  • Conduct content audits
  • Assemble guidelines of style
  • Calendar adding events
  • Quality cure material and a compelling copy of the brand

In order to fulfil the following requirements, content strategists must be innovative, systematic and well structured. You should able to find relevant subjects of content and then prepare to the target audience involved.

Wage: annual Rs 6,92,498

E-commerce expert

Electronic commerce has developed into one of the world’s largest paying digital marketing roles as a cost-effective solution for traders in recent years. Since no physical space is necessary, it is possible to avoid a large percentage of the overhead.

The omnichannel approach, which usually employed by the majority of large companies and reinforces traditional marketing efforts with an e-commerce presence.

However, all companies have to review their strategies in front of COVID-19. It one of the finest paid digital marketing positions currently accessible.

E-commerce experts have high earnings and expanding demand for e-commerce careers in India.

In conclusion, the right descriptions and button places by e-commerce professionals can optimised with the product pages. They enhance consumer experience and hence increase conversion. They also work with cross-functional teams to establish sales and generate targets.

(starting wage) Rs 3,00,000; Rs 10,86,571. (mid-career)

Marketing expert

As both consumers and organisations develop their online presence, the importance of investment of time and money in the construction of digital brand is increasingly important. Inadequate product ratings and poor customer service are for businesses no longer an option. Digital media also provides unlimited options for storytelling and interactivity. An organisation’s storey (on its website, on its channels for social media) informs its target public about its principles.

In order to generate favourable thoughts from your target audience, brand marketing gurus must utilise their imagination to encourage people to make an acquisition.

In order to fulfil their obligations, they must keep an eye on both detail and communication skills. A superb brand capable of convincing and winning confidence is consistent with the overall vision and strategy of your firm.

Wage: 10.77.700 dollars annually

Sellers using social media

What social media marketing is all about is not only the designing of strategies for supporting companies and implementing public interaction campaigns on social networking platforms. Companies now desire to recruit personnel specialising in the management of Internet campaigns. The traffic of the website will rise if the brand works successfully on social media. Another sort of content marketer is e-mail marketers who support promotion and leadership. It is also one of the fastest-paced and not only one of the best paid digital marketing jobs in India.

You can climb to higher seniority in high-growth companies based on positions such as social media or e-mail marketers. The Communications Manager one of the highest-paid professions in digital marketing.

Rs 3,42,814 for each year.

Digital Project Management

These people bring together a complete project, from conception to completion, as the word implies. In India, IT company digital marketing managers and marketing agency project managers/team leaders receive great pay.

This senior role, for instance, often employs people with a postgraduate degree and appropriate work experience. The high and increasing demand makes digital product managers a pay-as-you-go digital marketing business in India.

You must be able to effectively communicate and manage your time, namely a digital project manager. It would be your obligation to set goals, deadlines and milestones for different initiatives. Consequently, it is necessary to grasp apps like as Trello, Basecamp, Asana, etc. Project managers can use these tools to centralise and monitor all communications. Besides, you will need to learn about SCRUM and Waterfall techniques.

Rs 12,24,490 per year Salary:

Analysts for market research

Marketing analysts employ analytical tools and supply different market metrics to help organic and paid campaigns thrive. In any company, the focus is on market research and analysis. Handling money – yours and others’ – has long been one of India’s leading digital marketing occupations. Solid quantitative abilities, statistical agility and experience in data visualisation needed. A list of their work requirements prepared here.

  • Tests on the market should designed and performed (also, interpret their results)
  • Creating techniques for data tracking.
  • Organize performance data from numerous sources (social media, web analytics, paid media, etc.)
  • Identify and recommend marketing optimization opportunities
  • Wages: 463,560 dollars annually

Designers of visuals

The aesthetic appeal of your website and digital identity are vital when it comes to attracting customers. Due to strong and growing demand, visual designers are one of India’s most paid digital marketing professionals. Companies need expert graphic designers who are aware of Adobe programmes and understand Web development fundamentally. Let’s have a look at their tasks:

  • Create customer brand experiences at many points of contact.
  • Run design initiatives, from research and design to high-resolution visual performance.
  • Work with other teams to ensure the creative ideas provided are consistent with the aims of the firm.
  • Create digital assets, including landing sites, e-mail banners, presentations, reports and ad creatives.

Visual designers and developers of UX/UI usually construct an online portfolio to show their proactive brand storytelling skills. They can be creative directors with sufficient competence, one of the top-paid digital marketing professions.

Annual pay of the Visual Designer: Rs 6,83,744; (Creative director)

Average Salary for Beginners: Rs.2,00,000 to 4,00,000

Also, Average Salary for Mid-Experienced: Rs.4,00,000 to10,00,000

Average Salary for Highly Experienced: Rs. 10,00,000 to 20,00,000

Top Industries and Skills

For all digital marketing professions, certain abilities are necessary. There are coherence, time management, attention to detail, leadership and invention. More specifically, ambitious digital marketers should work in the following areas to enhance their skills:

  • The search engines all include Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Google Adwords, SEMrush and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Examples of content marketing tools include grammar, Buzzsumo, HubSpot, and copyscape.
  • There are three email marketing departments, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social MailChimp, PutsMail, and A weber.
  • All site development is based on MySQL, HTML, and Google Analytics.
  • Examples of web analytics tools include SEO Adobe SiteCatalyst, Optimizely, Crazy Egg, Moz and Clicky.

In India, advertising, IT service, software, and education management are the main industries which recruit digital marketing skills. In big Indian towns such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, digital marketing opportunities are abundant. The salary of candidates varies based on the place of work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing in India

Q1 What is the future scope of a Digital Marketing PhD?

The highest educational degree in the country is a PhD, which is a doctorate level degree. Following the completion of a PhD in marketing, most people do not continue their education.

  • Employability is high, and graduates rapidly hired in high-paying jobs after completing their degrees. There is no end to learning and knowledge with this knowledge.
  • They will be able to teach in colleges and universities after completing this programme and passing the UGC-NET exam, which is essential to become a permanent lecturer.
  • They are working as brand managers, market research analysts, new product managers, teachers and lecturers, marketing managers, resident marketing managers and marketing managers, etc.
  • A DSc (Doctor of Science) degree in any comparable discipline is also an option for students.
  • A PhD in marketing can work in a variety of government and commercial enterprises after having sufficient expertise in the industry.
  • After completing your PhD, you may be eligible for a position as a marketing lecturer, as well as teaching in colleges and universities with UGC ratings.

Q2 How much salary we can earn by Digital Marketing PhD?

Though a Masters’ and PhD’s pay can also start (about $50,000 for every student), over a period of 20 years the PhD’s wage can double, rising to more than $100,000 a year 20 years after completing the PhD programme, making a PhD’s value more obvious.

Q3 What is the Benefit of doing Digital Marketing PhD?

Certifications in Digital Marketing Have a Lot of Advantages

  • Explore a Wide Range of Career Options
  • Boost Your Market Value.
  • Get High-End Salary Packages.
  • Have More Flexibility
  • Develop Your Skills and Creativity.
  • Certifications in digital marketing have become the industry standard since they are cost-effective and time-saving.
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