What is Business Management?

To begin with, Business Management deals with organizing and delegating the business activities to the team. Generally, all the business activities are divided among the staff.  They are then supervised by the Business Manager. To lessen the burden, the Manager assigns these tasks to his team members. The activities of business management also involve supervising, organizing, planning, and delegating a team.

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In particular, Bachelor of Business Management is a four years course. This is an undergraduate course to teach the basics of managing as well as developing an organization. Furthermore, they are taught leadership skills that are necessary for this course. Also, these skills are useful for students in the business and corporate world.

There are four major specializations in Bachelor of Business Management: –

  • Human Resource
  • Operational Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Financial Management.


There are other specializations as well such as: –

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Law
  • International Business
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Human Resource Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Financial Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Company Law


In particular, Bachelor of Business Management has a lot of scopes with many opportunities. The skills learned throughout the course can also be applied by the students in several options. They can use them in the jobs they are placed at or in their ventures or businesses too. Nowadays, where start-ups are growing, the skills of business management are also helpful. They also enable people run their own business effectively and without much hassle.

There is also a scope of doing masters after pursuing the Bachelor of Business Management. This could also enhance the skills of the students and make them more competitive. In particular, the scope of their career depends on the elective course they choose. Hence, there are no limitations to the scope it entails because of the diversity of the course.

Types of skills required

To begin with, there are a lot of skills that an organization requires from the staff of management. Furthermore, these skills are important for an organization to be at the top. Some of them are: –

  • Administration,
  • Asset Management,
  • Conflict Resolution,
  • Conflict Management,
  • Cost Accounting,
  • Data Management,
  • Critical Management Studies,
  • Crisis Management,
  • Human Interaction Management,
  • Logistics,
  • Program Management,
  • Risk Management, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Operations Management, Scientific Management and so forth.

Benefits & Opportunities

In particular, a degree in Bachelor of Business Management offers various opportunities and career options. During this study, various benefits can be reaped by the students. Some of the benefits are listed below: –


Firstly, the capability of being employed at the top organizations and businesses. Because, skill development will come with this degree. It will also be beneficial for the students to get the placement of their choice. Generally, most employers look for highly skilled people to hire for their organization.


Bachelor of Business Management also offers various specializations to the students. And it also allows them to choose the one they are interested in. Some of the specializations are: –

  • management,
  • consultancy,
  • human resources,
  • retail and sales,
  • finance, marketing, and advertising.


To begin with, the students explore business world after admission in the Bachelor of Business Management course. It also gives them the freedom to explore all areas involved in the business. In particular, any prior experience in the same is not required for this pursuit. Therefore, all the experience is given to the students after they enroll themselves in this course.

They also get to meet the industry experts and receive industry insights. They also get to know about the market and reports that are useful to understand the business world. Also, it helps them to understand the real-time situations as compared to the theory they read.

Personality Development

Above all, Bachelor of Business Management helps them to develop important skills. They are also important for any organization and business to function well. Therefore, the most important organizational skills are: –

  • Communication,
  • Problem-solving,
  • Leadership,
  • Critical and strategic thinking,
  • Reporting,
  • Project management
  • Analytical thinking.

By learning these skills, they are also In particular, they get knowledge about how to make managerial decisions and how to respond to the change in the market.

Firstly, Bachelor of Business Management will provide students with skills and opportunities. Secondly, an edge to start their own business. It also helps them to turn ideas into a reality. Their knowledge and skills about business management also helps in this. In conclusion, it gives an individual to pursue whatever they feel like doing.

Creative Freedom

It also provides the freedom to have one’s work and be the boss of oneself. Throughout this course, students are also trained by experts through workshops and seminars. Students learn and grow in such an environment. Therefore, this gives them the confidence to start their own business.

Students also get to learn about various specializations of Bachelor of Business Management. They also get to choose any one of them. Accordingly, they choose their career path. But different disciplines also help them to get a better clarity towards business management. It also gives an overview of the whole process of business management. Also, about how a successful business is made.

The different areas of specialization in Bachelor of Business Management are: –

  • Human resource management
  • Finance
  • Operations management
  • Marketing management
  • Entrepreneurship

All About Bachelor of Business Management


Bachelor of Business Management Duration


4 Years


Bachelor of Business Management Duration Admission Criteria


Merit/Entrance Based


Bachelor of Business Management Eligibility


12th Pass


Bachelor of Business Management Course Level Undergraduate/Graduate/Postgraduate/PhD


Bachelor of Business Management Fees


Rs. 1 Lacs to 2 Lacs


Bachelor of Business Management Full Form


BBM stands for Bachelor of Business Management



Bachelor of Business Management Average Placement Package


Rs. 3 lacs to 7 lacs p.a



Bachelor of Business Management Average Cut Off






Bachelor of Business Management Eligibility Criteria

Firstly, Business Management aspirants are required to meet minimum eligibility for a college of their choice. This is also the minimum requirement and is compulsory to be met by the student. Therefore, failing which the student’s application is rejected.

Furthermore, students with a Commerce stream have an understanding of the subjects this course. But this does not restrict other students with a different stream to pursue the same. Given below are the criteria that a candidate must meet to pursue a course in Business Management: –

Eligibility Criteria

For admission in the Bachelor of Business Management,

  • To begin with, the first requirement is that the candidate has qualified 10+2 examination. An equivalent from a recognized board or university in India will also do. Provided, with a relevant specialization.
  • The second requirement is that the candidate scores at least 50-60% aggregate in whichever qualifying exam he/she is appearing.
  • Thirdly, the candidate must also have English as one of the subjects in 10+2.
  • Fourthly, A grasp over subjects like Mathematics, Accounting, and Business Studies is also a plus point. Although, students with Arts or Science background are also eligible to take admission in this course provided they clear the entrance exam of the particular college or university.
  • In conclusion, any student not falling in the above criteria will not be considered as eligible for the course. Hence, his application will be rejected.


Bachelor of Business Management: Fees Structure


College/University Type


Average Fees
Central Universities Rs. 30000 to 50000
Private Universities Rs. 50000 to 1,00,000
Deemed/Deemed to be Universities Rs. 1,00,000 to 1.5 lacs
State Universities Rs. 30,000 to 50,000
Private Colleges Rs. 2 lacs to 3 lacs
Government Colleges Rs. 20,000 to 30,000
Institutes of National Importance Rs. 2 to 3 lacs



Bachelor of Business Management: Admission Process

To begin with, the admission process of Bachelor of Business Management is done based on different parameters. Therefore, the whole process starts by considering the merit of the student as the foremost requirement. The candidates are also first shortlisted based on their merit. Also, the merit is decided based on their score in the 12th standard.


Many colleges and universities have this criterion but some of them also conduct entrance exams. The students are then shortlisted based on their ranks in the entrance exams. Therefore, to clear the entrance exams, various coaching centers are available in the market that helps students to get the concepts easily.

Key Points

Below are some important points to keep in mind before applying for the course: –



Not to mention, the first and foremost requirement is that the candidate must be eligible for applying, keeping in mind the eligibility criteria. The eligibility covers the score of 12th standard, English as a compulsory subject and also passing marks in the entrance exams.


Once the eligibility criteria are covered, the students can then apply for the colleges or universities of their choice. At this point, it is also important to see which college or university is taking admission based on merit and which ones are taking entrance exams. Therefore, after categorizing it, the application is submitted.


Entrance Exam preparation

In particular, those colleges that are conducting entrance exams, students need to prepare for the same. The preparation also involves covering up the important parts of the syllabus according to previous years’ question papers. Once the entrance exam is done, the cut-off is released by that particular college. If the student falls in the cut off then the admission formalities begin.



Furthermore, students who get selected in the entrance exams, need to sit for the interview. Not all colleges conduct an interview session but only some of the top-ranking and prestigious colleges. The questions asked in the interview are mostly related to the syllabus of the course together with general awareness questions. Once, the student clears the interview round, he can proceed with the final stage i.e., counseling.



Lastly, the counseling process is done by the particular colleges at the final stage of the admission process. Right before the admissions take place, counseling is done to ensure that the students get the right college, provided they are also completely eligible. aFurthermore, Counselling sessions re done to help students to get more clarity towards the course and the college in which they are likely to get admission.

Bachelor of Business Management: Entrance Exams

In particular, various entrance exams take place for the Bachelor of Business Management aspirants. Some exams are conducted on the national level and some are also conducted exclusively by a particular university or college. Therefore, to be eligible to sit in these exams, the students should have appeared for the higher secondary exam.



Those waiting for the results may also apply for this exam. Furthermore, the aggregate of 50% in the 12th board is a prerequisite to be eligible for the exam. The candidates who have appeared for the 12th board exam should obtain a certificate from the AIU i.e., Association of India Universities. To be able to appear for the exam the candidates must also register online.


The registration process can be done on the website of the exam or the university that is conducting the exam. During the registration, some fields need to be filled by the candidate such as name, date of birth, mobile number, email, age, names of father and mother, etc.


Steps for the registration

  1. After the registration is complete, the option for paying the fees is also generated through the server. After the fee is paid, the candidate receives a confirmation email and also a message that the registration is complete and the fee is paid.
  2. Furthermore, the date of the admit card is released. After receiving the admit card, the candidate is then eligible to sit in the exam. The students must also take the print and carry their admit card in the exam. Lastly, if a candidate is giving the online proctored exam, the server may ask the candidate to show the admit card before starting the exam.


Following are the entrance exams that are conducted for this Undergraduate program: –


UGAT Under Graduate Aptitude Test

To begin with, UGAT is an entrance exam conducted for admissions in many undergraduate courses including Bachelor of Business Management. This exam is conducted by the All India Management Association. The ranking of this exam is valid in many private and also a government colleges. Therefore, various parameters are the basis of these exams.


These exams also help to judge the students based on their knowledge and understanding of these parameters. The test includes questions from the field of Logical Reasoning, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, and also data analysis. In particular, these field of subjects for the exam of Bachelor of Business Management collectively provides a better judgment of a candidate’s capability to assess things.


Mode of exam

Generally, this test is conducted in offline mode, on pen and paper. Recently due to the pandemic and social distancing, the mode of the exam has been changed to an online proctor system. Hence, the choice of mode is in the hands of the candidate. Although, some students are more comfortable in the offline mode. Therefore, the majority choose the online mode now because it is safer and convenient.

In particular, Also, there are various applications and google chrome extensions that provide the system to conduct online examinations. Therefore, all students just need to add a particular extension from which the university is conducting the exam and log in.



Afterward, it will direct the candidate to proceed by providing their credentials, taking their snapshot, and also a snapshot of their ID card. Furthermore, it will provide the candidate with the instructions for the exam. Also, on the other end of the server, there will be an invigilator who will be watching the students through a webcam, to maintain the transparency of the exam. To give this exam, students must also check their internet connection so there is no hassle while giving the exam.

This exam of Bachelor of Business Management entrance is conducted in 20 cities. This is a 3-hour test.


Exam Syllabus: Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, Data Analysis & Mathematics

Validity: IIM, IIT, Private Colleges, Central Universities

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Exam Fee: Rs. 700 to 800


Read more about the exam (https://bit.ly/UGAT2021)


SET Symbiosis Entrance Test

SET is an entrance test for various courses including Bachelor of Business Management courses. Symbiosis International conducts this exam every year to test the students based on their knowledge in various domains such as General Awareness, logical reasoning, English, and Mathematics. Generally, there are only multiple-choice questions with four options each.


From this year onwards, some changes have been made in the pattern of the questions too. Now the last 30 minutes of the exam have been dedicated to the written ability test. Also, the total duration of the exam has also been reduced. There is also a reduction in the number of questions asked.


Format & Mode of exam

Generally, there are 4 sections in the question paper which all consist of multiple-choice questions. The total time given to the candidates is of 90 minutes. Each question shall consist of 1 mark. Also, there is no negative marking. The total marks are 60.


In particular, this test is conducted in the whole country. This is a pen-paper test. But, presently due to COVID the mode of the exam has been changed to the Online Human Proctoring system. Also, choosing the mode of the exam is dependent on the students. Furthermore, those who prefer the online proctor exam will have a different set of guidelines. Also, the exam will be conducted by an invigilator just like in the physical or offline mode of the exam. Therefore, the server on which the exam is conducted is shared with the students beforehand.


Things to know

Exam Syllabus: General English, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Skills, and General Awareness

Validity: Symbiosis International (Deemed University)

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Exam Fee: Rs. 1750

List of Top Bachelor of Business Management Specializations

In particular, Bachelor of Business Management offers many specializations. The purpose of offering these specializations is that the students get more variety of courses. Also, they can particularly choose one course and think about a career in the same. Therefore, specializations are also offered because there are so many roles in managing a business.

These roles also require some special set of skills individually. To acquire these skills, the students must also get proper training on the particular subject matter and improve their skills for the same. Therefore, below mentioned are some of the top Bachelor of Business Management specializations: –


Marketing Management

Marketing Management, as a specialization covers various marketing concepts such as practices, fundamentals, and techniques of the market which change with the consumer needs. It also helps the students to learn about the whole process of marketing strategies. Also, the pricing and promotion of goods and services are learned.


In addition to this, there are various other skills that the students learn in this program such as customer retention & creation, cost-cutting analysis, and techniques for promotion. So, this course is a branch of management courses and is offered as a specialization. Also, the duration of the UG course in this is for 3 years. In this case, the students who may wish, also pursue the post-graduate course and diploma in the same.


Exams for Marketing Management

The admissions are done in this course based on entrance exams such as NPAT, SET, CAT, MAT. Generally, the job options after pursuing this specialization are Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Market Research Analyst, and Brand Manager. The average salary could be Rs. 7-8 lacs.


Scope of Marketing Management

To begin with, pursuing this specialization opens many other opportunities for the students. In particular, the scope of marketing management is present everywhere around the world. In India, the demand for such roles is rapidly growing. The growing corporate sector also has a beneficial future for marketing aspirants. Also, the profession requires some important roles to handle such as evaluation of the changing market, formulating marketing plans, retention of customers, and increasing productivity and development.

Marketing management also plays a very big role in developing the economy of a country. Currently, many countries are seeking marketing management roles. As a result, a career in this field is blooming. Many skills such as planning, organizing, decision making, and controlling are involved in the process of marketing management.


Things to know

Specialized Subjects: Data Analysis, Managerial Economics, Business Communication, Economic Environment of Business, Organization effectiveness and change, corporate finance, Human resource management, Management accounting, Business communication, Management of information systems, Business ethics and sustainability, Global business management, Digital marketing, Retailing management, Business marketing, and Marketing analytics.

Average Fee: Rs. 10,000 to 10 lacs

Types of Jobs: Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Market Research Analyst, Sales Manager

Average Salary: Rs. 7-8 lacs


Financial Management

Financial Management is also one other specialization that the Bachelor of Business Management offers. In particular, students are taught various aspects of dealing with finances and risk management. They are also properly trained in the field of accounting, managerial economics, tax planning, financial analysis, and various other subjects. Therefore, It also helps them to understand the financial concepts required at the position that this specialization offers at a later stage.


Role of a Financial Manager

To begin with, every company has its finances to manage and deal with. For the management of these finances, the need for financial managers arises. Therefore, the role of financial management includes planning, delegating, organizing, and decision making which are key roles for any role in the management sector.

In particular, these are the general principles of management that are applied by the financial managers in the financial department of a company. Financial management also handles the management of the financial aspects of the business or an organization. Also, It helps to avoid risk and make the best financial decision possible for the company.



To begin with, if an aspirant is looking for a career in financial management, there are a few things to be kept in mind that the position of a financial manager requires. These are as follows: –

  1. Making sure that the funds of the company are in an adequate and continuous supply to the concerned party.
  2. That the investment safety is being taken care of. It should also be taken into account that the funds are being invested safely. This gives an outcome of a better rate of return.
  3. Also, there should also be a check on the utilization of funds being done effectively. In particular, the utilization of funds should be done at the least cost possible. The financial manager needs to make sure of that.
  4. The balance of debt and equity capital must also be maintained. A balanced capital structure also provides better and safe financial stability to the company.



All these requirements are demanded from a financial manager. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be taken care of while pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management. Also, all students must also take internships at firms and organizations where they can have some experience in managing these demands from the company.


Things to know

Specialized Subjects: Risk Management, Business Writing, Investment Planning & Management, Money and Capital Markets, Corporate, Managerial Economic, Advanced Marketing, Managerial Finance, International Economy & Finance, Portfolio Analysis, Accounts, Tax Planning, Money and Capital Markets, Introduction to Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Financial Management, Microeconomics, Statistics for Business, Macroeconomics, Accountancy for Managers, Financial Analysis and Reporting, Human Resource Management, International Financial Management, Operations Research, Security Analysis, and Portfolio Management, Management Information Systems, and Strategic Cost Management

Average Fee: 2 lacs to 13 lacs

Types of Jobs: Financial Service Analyst, Management Trainee, Financial Assistant, Finance Manager, Personal Financial Advisor, Account Manager, Accountant, and Business Analyst.

Average Salary: Rs. 9 – 13 lacs


Operations Management

In particular, the conversion of material into goods and services is what operations management is all about. This field of specialization in Bachelor of Business Management also teaches the students to develop skills in the same. Some basic principles required to excel in this field of management are planning, observation, analytical thinking, delegation, decision-making, and so forth.

Along with these skills, the course also covers concepts of operations strategy, quality management, etc. Also, those interested in knowing the business and its processes can take up this specialization. There is also a scope of pursuing a postgraduate course in the same field. Therefore, the same procedure of the entrance exam is carried out.



To begin with, it involves creative and innovative ideas that will help in developing new products. Hence, making the expansion of ongoing ideas into something more useful and consumer-friendly. It also needs to be kept in mind that the products must match the standard of the market and present demand. Therefore, satisfying the customer is the priority of the product designers and the products should be made accordingly.


Quality control – This is one of the most important steps of operations. The individual is also responsible for this need to keep a full quality check on the products being designed and supplied to the market. Because customers focus more on quality than quantity, having a proper procedure in this regard is important. Every product that is being made and distributed, need to go through a quality control check before it goes out in the market.


Supply Chain Management – To begin with, it is one of the processes involved in Operations Management. Bachelor of Business Management offers the specialization of Operations to provide clarity on all these procedures. This task also involves the whole chain of requirements that are necessary for a product to reach its customer base.


In particular, supply chain management involves various activities from the start to the end of manufacturing. The activities involve processes such as shipping, delivery, production, and distribution. The role of the operations manager is to manage the supply process, delivery, distribution of goods, managing inventory, and so forth.

Also, Proper management in the supply chain is an important thing as many factors depend on it. The timely delivery of goods at reasonable prices is only done when the supply chain is managed with full efficiency.


Things to know

Specialized Subjects: Operations Management, Operations Strategy, Demand, and Business Forecasting, Total Quality Management, and Business Process Modelling

Average Fee: Rs. 40 thousand to 9 lacs

Types of Jobs: Management Trainee, Online Media Analyst, Operation Manager, Consultant, Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Manager, Executive, Consultant, and Inventory Control Manager.

Average Salary: Rs. 2 – 12 lacs


Human Resource Development Management

Human Resource Development is a very important course in Bachelor of Business Management. For any organization, it is also a necessity to have employees who are comfortable and productive. Moreover, employees who have a positive attitude towards each other and towards work are more likely to benefit the company and organization.

Having this subject as a specialization also helps the students to inculcate the skills to excel in the Human Resource department. Therefore, in today’s time, there’s a lot of scope in this field. Therefore, every company requires a manager who can create and design solutions for the benefit of the employees and the organization.


Skills required

To begin with, the candidates selected for this role are required to have certain skills that could make them stand out and excel at their job. Moreover, these skills help the employees of an organization to develop their potential and creativity towards their job. It also helps them become more capable of exploring and bringing new solutions to the table. It also helps the organization to grow.


In addition to this, Human Resource Development Management brings out the best in the organization and helps to develop it to its full potential. It also brings out good relationships among the team members. Motivation also plays a key role here. The task of the Human Resource manager is that he motivates the team workers to work at their full potential. In brief, the job is to keep everyone satisfied and content.


Job Profile

To begin with, they provide counseling and training to professionals. They also need to interfere with the working professionals time and again. In particular, it is a way to keep a check on the workings and performance. The Human Resource department in any organization also needs to initiate ideas and ways to keep maximum employee satisfaction. In addition to this, their job is to push the employees to their best selves and keep their needs in check.

The scope of this work is vast because any organization needs to have employees who are best at what they do and are satisfied with the organization. The managing of these employees is done by a Human Resource Manager or Coordinator. Moreover, for an organization to flourish, it is important that its employees are satisfied, motivated, and morally strong.


Things to know


Specialized Subjects: Quantitative Skills, Legal Environment of Business, Managing Customer Value, Research Methods, Strategic Management, HRM Project, International HRM, and Management Problem-Solving

Average Fee: Rs. 4 lacs to 30 lacs

Types of Jobs: Talent Acquisition Manager, HR Manager, HR Coordinator, and Employee Benefits Manager

Average Salary: Rs. 3 lacs to 10 lacs


Subjects/Syllabus for Bachelor of Business Management in India

To begin with, Bachelor of Business Management offers a variety of subjects to the students. Also, all these subjects are meant to cover the syllabus of the course in the finest way possible. In particular, the subjects focus on the clarification of the whole concept of managing a business. The course is for 3 years and there are 6 semesters in total. In particular, the syllabus starts with the basics and keeps on covering all the areas necessary for the students to study.


Generally, this helps the students to learn all the concepts of managing a business and how to effectively do it. Moreover, for a business manager to function at his best potential, every aspect of managing a business must be taught to him. Also, the students are also taught the process, theories, and fundamentals of business.


Approach towards the syllabus

To get a better understanding of these subjects, it is required for the students to have a base about some of the subjects such as economics, accountancy, mathematics, organizational behavior, and so forth. Keeping some basic knowledge also helps the students to understand these topics better in their college years. Also, the subjects are taught with the utmost clarity in the colleges. Therefore, the top colleges make sure that the students receive the best education possible.


Activities of involvement

They conduct various seminars, workshops, and field trips of the students so that the base of the students is stronger. Also, the classroom activities that take place in the college years are done keeping in mind that the students reap the maximum benefits out of the course they are pursuing. Therefore, rore interactive classes can cover the subject in a better way. Furthermore, students are made to think critically and analyze the subject creatively.

This kind of exposure given to the students also makes sure that by the end of their course they become efficient candidates for the managerial posts in different sectors. Also, the subjects of the Bachelor of Business Management semester wise is given below: –

1st Sem

  • Principles of Management
  • Economic Environment of Business
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Communication and Soft Skills
  • Business Mathematics



2nd Sem

  • Business Regulatory Frame Work
  • Office Management & Automation
  • Business Statistics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Cost Accounting
  • General Hindi


3rd Sem

  • Corporate Accounting
  • Indian Financial System
  • Income Tax
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • International Trade and Finance


4th Sem

  • Organizational Behavior
  • Financial Management
  • General English
  • e-Commerce
  • Comprehensive Viva
  • Research Methodology


5th Sem

  • Production Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Auditing


6th Sem

  • Banking Law and Practices in India
  • Environmental Studies
  • Company Law & Secretarial Practice
  • Project and Viva-Voce
  • Marketing Management
  • Operation Research



Skills Required for Bachelor of Business Management in India

In particular, having useful skills as per the requirement of the job is necessary to land a good opportunity. The students who pursue a Bachelor of Business Management are also trained with the skills that help them to excel in the field. Hence, they are trained with skills such as administration, finances, business management, organizing, discipline, and so forth.

More importantly, candidates who have business managing skills are preferred by recruiters as compared to those who don’t have them. Learning these skills is also very important for the candidates to have a job of their choice. Building expertise in them and also being aware of the market trends is a necessity for the candidates.


Responsibilities of a Business Manager

To begin with, there are various responsibilities that a business manager has were having these skills help a lot. Furthermore, being in a certain position of managing a business, a candidate must have the skill of strategy making and executing plans. For a company, these objectives are also necessary to fulfill to achieve a certain pace of growth and success.


Further, these people are also responsible for keeping track of the implementation of these plans. They are also responsible for hiring new employees and training them for the new job. They also keep track of their performance and update the same. Business Managers are also responsible for keeping a check on the financial goals.

For all this to take place, they need also to learn and possess the required skills. Some of the important skills are discussed below: –


Reasoning Skills – To begin with, having good logical and reasoning skills is a very important skill that the course of Bachelor of Business Management focuses on. The top recruiters specifically consider those candidates whose reasoning skills are top-notch. There are also Therefore, having a good base on these skills helps the candidates to manage the business requirement well and brings solutions to the existing problems.


Benefits of Reasoning

To begin with, being able to reason things is a great skill that has its uses almost everywhere in life. It is also a smart way to approach things. Also, without reasoning or questioning things, decisions could go wrong. Therefore, having this skill in a business setting provides a strong base for the candidate. Taking experience in managing tasks that require reasoning skills is also an important decision that every student must consider. There are also various roles and internships available for the students to get experience and improve their reasoning skills.

Leadership – This is one of the most important skills for someone pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management. The kind of work that exists in the field of management also requires a lot of leadership skills. Only then a candidate can justify a particular job. Leadership also requires a certain capability to influence and empower others.


It requires a positive attitude and also a constant push towards achieving a certain goal. Being a leader is a very important and also a tough job if the attitude of a candidate is not right. In particular, the level of enthusiasm that it requires is a skill that could be developed and polished with time. Also, there is a requirement of a driving force for the team members. Hence, this helps them to work efficiently and with full interest.


Role of a Leader

A leader can motivate his team members and also push them towards achieving their goals. He allows free and critical thinking rather than imposing what’s already set for a certain activity. Therefore, this attitude helps the company to achieve its goals with minimum hassle.


While recruiting, it is preferred by the recruiters that the candidate is experienced in leadership roles. To get this experience, it is good for the students to look for internships during their college time. Thus, that experience and exposure also helps them to grab such leadership opportunities in the future.


Research – To begin with, it’s important to have deep market knowledge and awareness of the aspirants of business management. It’s a competitive field and having good knowledge about the market trend and prices can also be an add-on advantage for a candidate. Hence, it’s useful to keep a good knowledge about the market and economic trends.


This knowledge also helps the company to grow efficiently. It also helps a candidate to make useful decisions for the company. A candidate with deep knowledge about the market is also an asset for the business and the organization. Recruiters look for such candidates during placement and interview accordingly. The candidates need to learn and grow with these skills during the college years.


Only through proper training in this skill, a candidate can stand out when the placement drive is done.


Subject of research

The course of Bachelor of Business Management also covers the subject of Research Methodology. This subject is meant to give students a better understanding that they will require at a later stage of their career. Being good at research also helps a student to declutter their mind about any misconceptions about the topic. Besides, it provides them with a better understanding of the subject and makes them stand out in the crowd.


Relationship-building – In the first place, building and maintaining good relationships and networks is an important skill to learn for the students of Bachelor of Business Management. Possessing this skill also makes the environment of the company or organization better. When the relationships of all the people are good, there are more chances of growth for the company.


Also, the candidate in the management field needs to enhance this skill. Business growth is also dependent on relationships and networking in many ways. Therefore, the responsible person must view it as a necessity and work on it. There are various ways in which this can be done such as attending workshops, seminars, events, and any other public event which will help in making more contacts.



Once a relationship is built, it is important to maintain it and attend to it whenever possible. To be effective at this skill, good communication is also a prerequisite. It not only helps develop good and useful relationships but also makes managing the business easier.


Having a good hold on this skill also helps expand the network which results in better business growth and expansion. It also helps the students to grow in their careers. Therefore, building such a network is useful for the business. Also, this is because a great network of people is there to give worthy advice. Hence, this is a great way to go ahead with the management of the business.


Organizational skill – Bachelor of Business Management is also focused on building organizational skills among students. Also, It is one of the most important skills students learn while pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management. Hence, for a candidate to play the role of managing a business in any organization, it is important to have organizational skills.

Above all, a well-managed business or organization is an important consideration. All the activities also depend on the business manager that enhances the growth and productivity of the employees. The way a business is being managed also depends on the qualities and skills of the Business Manager. Additionally, they must have the knowledge and ability to conduct and hold meetings and have discussions with the employers.


Unbiased Attitude

To begin with, the manager should not do anything that brings out differences among the employees and create an uncomfortable environment. In addition, He should be well capable of maintaining a friendly environment. This also enhances the growth and works quality of the team working with him. He should also be able to manage communications among the employees. In particular, there should be the least barriers possible.


Basic Skills

Above all, he should be able to take up useful communications to discuss the objectives of the organization and the goals that are important to achieve. Various organizational skills can also be helpful for a Business Manager to keep account of in his daily professional life. Some of them are time management, Delegation, Analytical thinking, Decision-making, and Communication, etc. The details of these are also discussed below: –



Managing Time


The most important of them all is managing the time properly. The whole duration of the Bachelor of Business Management is one of the most important things that are taught to the students. Managing time also requires a certain kind of discipline that the students start learning at the very beginning of their course.


The activities included in managing the time well are activities such as finishing the important tasks on time, keeping a priority list of the tasks that need to be completed, and so forth. Also, It is important to manage the time well as it saves time for secondarily important things and saves energy too. In an organization, it is a priority to keep a track of time and do things accordingly.



The second and another important thing in an organization is the skill of delegation. It should also be the responsibility of the manager to know which task should be assigned to which team member. Hence, if one member is overloaded with work and needs to have a delegation, this should be managed to keep in mind the capabilities and skills of the team members.

Also, the tasks of each member should be assigned beforehand by the manager. Thus, there will be an absence of biases which in turn will be beneficial for the employees.


Analytical Thinking

Analytical thinking is also a very important organizational skill. Furthermore, having a reasonable outlook on things helps solve complex problems. To read and make out a sensible and logical interpretation is also required from someone in a position of managing things. It takes in organizational skills. Therefore, this task requires organizing the thought process and mind in a certain way so the best result comes out.


Decision making

To begin with, taking effective decisions for the company or organization is an important organizational skill. Decision-making involves logical thinking and also considering all the present options. Accordingly, the decision is made for future projects, and policies and outcomes are also thought about beforehand.


Therefore, good communication, a positive attitude, logical thinking, and goal orientation are necessary to make decisions that could improve to be useful for the company.


Jobs After Bachelor of Business Management in India

With the growing world of the corporate sector, a career after pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management is surely a success. There are different fields and specializations also in which aspirants can grow themselves. In particular, pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management opens up a lot of doors for the aspirants. It not only provides for the jobs at entry-level but also prepares the students to use the skills learned in their startup business ideas. The course also makes them eligible for pursuing higher studies in the management field. Therefore, this turns to be even better for the students as they get more diverse options to work.


Bachelor of Business Management also makes the student market ready for any job that they want to take up. The kind of curriculum that they go through during the course is designed keeping in mind that the students will receive the best understanding of the subject. Also, It helps them to cultivate all the qualities that are expected from an individual of management background.


Skills and career options

During the course, students learn various skills that help them to set foot in the field of management with full confidence. These skills can also be put to good use by the students in whatever way they want. Also, they can work for businesses and organizations or any other sector. However, the career option also depends on the specialization of each student. Every specialization has a different set of job prospects attached to it.


Generally, with a bachelor’s degree, students are selected for jobs that involve risk and strategic management. Though, they have areas available to make a choice such as entrepreneurship, real estate, and marketing. Therefore, having a clear choice about the field helps the students to make the right decisions about their career choice.


Diversity of options

But being a student of Business management, there are no limitations to what a student can get their hands on. In conclusion, this course has diverse career options. Some of the top recruiting areas for the students are: –

  • Health Sector,
  • FMCG companies,
  • Retail, and
  • IT

Given below are the posts that the students get hired for after Bachelor of Business Management and also their respective salary packages: –


Major Highlights

Job Name Average Pay (Per Annum)
Financial Analyst Rs.4 Lac – 5 Lac
Actuarial Analyst Rs.4 Lac – 5 Lac
Business Development Manager Rs. 6 lacs – 6.50 lacs
Business Analyst Rs. 6 lacs – 7 lacs
Data Analyst Rs. 6 lacs – 7 lacs
Chartered management Accountant Rs. 8 lacs – 11 lacs
Data Scientist Rs. 7 lacs – 8 lacs
Corporate Investment banker Rs. 9 lacs – 10 lacs
Insurance Underwriter Rs. 6 lacs – 7 lacs
Management Consultant Rs. 18 lacs – 20 lacs
Project Manager Rs. 14 lacs – 15 lacs
Stock Broker Rs. 2 lacs – 3 lacs
Supply Chain Manager Rs. 12 lacs – 13 lacs
Forensic Accountant Rs. 5 lacs – 6 lacs



Top Employers for Bachelor of Business Management in India


In particular, some top employers in the market have the best salary package for graduates of Bachelor of Business Management. The Universities and colleges also arrange for the placement drives for the students. They also get them prepared for the questions that recruiters might be asking. In light of this, all the rounds are very well explained to the students by the placement cell in the universities.

Additionally, the top employers from the top companies look for candidates who are skilled and know their craft well. In particular, the interview round is designed in a way that the whole personality of the students is checked. The subjective knowledge, as well as general awareness of the market trends, is tested properly.



In this case, the opportunities for the students are endless if they have prepared themselves better for a particular kind of job. They must be completely involved during their college years in the concepts which are taught to them. They must also try to self-study and clear their doubts about anything that they don’t understand. This will help to earn better and prepare for the challenge i.e., placement.

Thereafter, based on the interview students are shortlisted who passed all the rounds. The salary package is also decided then & there. The students then have the choice to accept the job offer of the employer they preferred the most. The placement is done for the different posts in Business Management such as marketing, business analyst, Accountant, Human resources, chartered accountancy, business consultancy, law, and tax finance, banking, insurance, finance, and so forth.


Top Employers

Following is the list of some top employers for Bachelor of Business Management: –

  • Ernst & Young (EY) – Financial Analyst, Accounts Executive, & Accountant
  • Goldman Sachs – Financial Analyst, Market Research Associate
  • Google – Market Research Associate, Business Analyst
  • Infosys – Accounts Executive, Accountant, Market Research Associate
  • Accenture – Accounts Executive, Business Analyst
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions – Business Development Manager, Business Analyst
  • Deloitte – Market Research Associate, Financial Analyst, Operations Manager
  • TCS – Associate Manager, Financial Analyst, Business Application Manager
  • HCL Technologies – Business Development Executive, Market Research Associate
  • International Business Machines (IBM)– Operations Manager, Business Development Executive

Top Bachelor of Business Management Colleges in India

Many colleges in India offer a course in Bachelor of Business Management. They also offer a great number of opportunities to the students to excel in their choice of field. Also, there are various specializations for the students. Different specializations have different fee structures and also different course formats. Furthermore, before taking admission to any of these colleges, the students must see properly about the field they want to specialize in.


Generally, in selecting the colleges of their choice, there may arise different questions and doubts. They must do proper research and then proceed. Also, the things to look for are the fee structure, location, faculty, courses and specializations, facilities offered on the campus, hostel facility, etc. Good colleges also offer good placements.


Research and Counseling

It is better to consult a counselor before taking admission. They have proper and also deep knowledge about the college. Also, they are best at guiding the students to select the college of their choice.

Generally, students can reach out to them through online sessions or in person. These days due to Covid many of these sessions are taken online. Therefore, it’s easy for the students to take help in setting their careers in the right direction. These counselors charge some fees for these sessions. Hence, students should first research which counselor is best for them.


There could be some confusion in the minds of the students before going through this whole process. Generally, aspirants of Bachelor of Business Management have as many doubts and questions as the aspirants of any other course. Therefore, taking help is an intelligent way to move forward.


Key Points

Also, the students need to keep in mind the particular cut-off of that college and prepare accordingly. Generally, well-done research always helps to select the right college. Therefore, this must be kept in mind that the admissions in Bachelor of Business management to these prestigious colleges are granted based on merit or the result of the entrance exams. After clearing the entrance exams, students are also tested based on their previous achievements. They need to go through the interview process and only after that do they get selected.


Top Colleges

Below is the list of top colleges for Bachelor of Business Management and their NIRF ranking: –



College Name NIRF Ranking
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad


Indian Institute of Management Bangalore 2
Indian Institute of Management Lucknow 4
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur 5
Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode 6
Indian Institute of Management Indore 7
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi 8
Xavier Labor Relations Institute (XLRI) 9
Management Development Institute 10
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay 11
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee 12
National Institute of Industrial Engineering 12
Indian Institute of Technology Madras 14
Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli 15
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


Indian Institute of Management Udaipur 17
S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research 18
Indian Institute of Management Raipur 19
Indian Institute of Management Ranchi 20
Indian Institute of Management Rohtak 21
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management 22
Great Lakes Institute of Management 23
SVKM`s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies 24
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade 26
T. A. Pai Management Institute 27
International Management Institute 28
Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) 29
Indian Institute of Management Shillong 30
Xavier Institute of Management (XIMB) 31



Top Bachelor of Business Management Universities in India


To begin with, various universities in India offer a Bachelor of Business Management. All these universities are prestigious and offer great opportunities to students to build their careers. Also, the Universities alsoprovide great facilities and chances for every student to grow and flourish. These universities fall in the top bracket because they carry on with a certain set of rules and standards that are beneficial for the overall development of the students.


Doubt Clearing

Generally, the Universities that offer Bachelor of Business Management, properly take care of the requirements of the students. Therefore, if a student needs any clarification, they can visit the website of the university and clear their doubts. If that is also not enough, then they can visit the university once before taking admission.

During the visit, they can clear whatever doubts they have by reading a brochure or making a visit with the Dean/Director of the University. The staff of the University will help the students in clearing all their doubts and guiding them accordingly. Students should also visit the whole campus of the University and decide accordingly.


Importance of Research

To begin with, only after a proper research and doubt clearing session, should the students decide to pursue a Bachelor of Business Management from a particular University. Well done research about the university helps in making a better decision. While considering a university, they must also look for its location, fees, and placement facilities. They should keep in mind their preferences and select accordingly.

In particular, there is a different fee structure of the Government and Private Universities. Students should select one according to their budget and course requirements. Also, various universities offer Bachelor of Business Management. Hence, they must consider all the options with an open mind.


Campus Environment

In the first place, the main focus of the universities is the clarity of each topic. Also, there is an open-mindedness among the professors and students. Such an environment also helps the students to polish their capabilities in the best way possible. There are of course, tremendous opportunities for every student apart from academics too. These opportunities help students to and get a break from constant studies and freshen up their minds.

Below listed are some of the top universities in India for Bachelor of Business Management: –



College Name QS Ranking
Banaras Hindu University 801
Amity University Noida 1001-1200
Panjab University 1001-1200
Aligarh Muslim University 1001-1200
Anna University 801-1000



Frequently Asked Questions About the Bachelor of Business Management?

Q1 Is it mandatory to have Commerce as the mainstream to pursue Bachelor in Business Management?

A1 No, it is not mandatory to have Commerce as the mainstream in 10+2 for Bachelor of Business Management. Although, it is beneficial to get a better understanding of the concepts that come in the entrance exams and then throughout the course. But, even if the candidate is from Arts or Science stream, he is eligible to apply for the Business Management course. In particular, any candidate can understand the questions that come in the exam after enough practice.


Q2 What options are thereafter pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management?

A2 As a matter of fact, there are innumerable scopes and opportunities for the candidates who pursue Bachelor of Business Management Course. They can also go on to study for Masters’s in the same field. Various specializations are present in the Master’s course too. They can then choose to pursue Ph.D. and go into academics.

Generally, there are innumerable career options for undergraduates or postgraduates in the field of business management. They are also eligible to start their work or firm. Moreover, they can run their own business. Therefore, there are ample opportunities for the aspirants of this domain.


Q3 Which are the top colleges or universities for Bachelor of Business Management? What facilities are available in these Universities?

A3 There are some top-ranking universities to pursue Bachelor of Business Management such as Banaras Hindu University, Amity University, Panjab University, Aligarh Muslim University, and Anna University. These universities also offer great facilities to the students. These facilities and exposure help them to grow individually in a competitive environment.


These universities also provide free internet connection, cafeteria, hostels, library, sports, auditorium, IT infrastructure, Classrooms, Alumni associations. They also provide good placements to the students of Bachelor of Business Management with the top recruiters in the market.


Q4 What is the difference between a Bachelor of Business Management and a Bachelor of Business Administration?

Both these courses are one of the most pursued courses in the management field and equally important. But because of the popularity of both these courses, students get misguidance while choosing between the two. BBA or Bachelor of Business Administration is a course for making the students aware of the concepts of business, finance, human resource, and marketing, etc.


Whereas BBM or Bachelor of Business Management is concerned with teaching the students about decision-making skills and organizing a business. Both courses are useful in the management field and offer different job prospects and careers. Bachelor of Business Management has subjects such as Organizational Behavior, Market Research, Marketing management, Operations, etc.


Q5 What should be the method of preparation for getting admission to Bachelor of Business Management?

To begin with, the preparation method for every entrance exam is almost similar. The candidate must firstly focus on the previous year’s question papers. These questions also provide the candidate with a basic idea of how to proceed with the preparation. Also, it gives an idea about the weightage of each type of question. This helps the student to prepare accordingly. The question mostly comprises subjects like General Awareness, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative analysis, and General English.


Hence, the preparation for a Bachelor of Business Management involves the help of the books to clear the entrance exams. Also, solving the previous year’s question paper and taking help of the books is enough to prepare.


Q6 What are some of the top state colleges to pursue a Bachelor of Business Management?

A6 The top state colleges of Bachelor of Business Management are as follows: –

  • Veerashaiva College, Karnataka,
  • Institute of Business Management & Technology, Bangalore,
  • Chinmaya College of Arts & Commerce and Science, Kerala,
  • Saradamba Dasa Govindaiah Shetty College, Andhra Pradesh, and
  • Anugrah Memorial College, Bihar


Q7 What major skills are required in the Bachelor of Business Management?

A7 To begin with, it is important that to pursue a Bachelor of Business Management, the aspirants possess a certain set of skills. Those skills include critical thinking, analytical ability, leadership, accounting skills, and also ability to deal with high pressure. In a career in Business Management, a person also faces many challenges. Also, the team looks up to him for strength and motivation. Hence, it is important that to have these skills and stay strong throughout the process of managing and organizing the business and the team as well.



In particular, building these skills is not a one-day job and it requires patience. From the starting of the college year and till the end, students must individually focus on working on these skills. Furthermore, in the course of Bachelor of Business Management, students are given various tricks and techniques to learn these skills through seminars and workshops.


They must also take the help of the faculty in learning these skills as well as mastering them. In particular, the skills are of utmost importance in a job. Moreover, faculties get proper training to teach these skills to the students. Therefore, students must take maximum benefit of studying in such universities.


Q8 What scope is there in India and abroad after Bachelor of Business Management?

A8 Firstly, the corporate sector is growing, the career options for those who graduated in Business Management are also growing. Both in India and abroad, such opportunities are enormous. Likewise, every business and every organization need someone to manage their business. In particular, an individual with the skills of a Business Manager is a choice for every employer.


In particular, the corporate sector in India is becoming more enriched with the managing sector They hire more candidates for this role and train them. Above all, employees are provided with several benefits keeping in mind their needs as well as their mental and physical wellbeing.


Hence, doing this makes the employees much inclined towards meeting the daily requirement of work. They become more efficient and also satisfied with their work. Moreover, it adds quality to their work and helps in the growth of the company.


Lastly, there are many job profiles that employers hire for after pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management such as Market research Associate, Business Analyst, Business Development Executive, Operations Management, Supply chain manager, Accountant, Brand manager, Management consultant, Stock Broker, etc.


Q9 What are the subjects in Bachelor of Business Management?

A9 There are several subjects in the course of Bachelor of Business Management. The subjects of the first semester are as follows: –


First semester

  • Managerial economics,
  • Marketing management,
  • Human resource management,
  • Business communication,
  • Organizational Behavior, and
  • Data analysis


Second semester

The subjects of the second semester of Bachelor of Business Management are as follows: –

  • Corporate finance,
  • Decision modelling,
  • Marketing research,
  • Management accounting,
  • Management information systems, and
  • Economic environment


Third Semester

The subjects of the third semester of Bachelor of Business Management are as follows: –

  • Business ethics,
  • Competitive marketing,
  • Consumer behavior,
  • Sales promotion management,
  • Digital marketing,
  • Strategic analysis, and
  • Salesforce management


Forth Semester

The subjects of the 4th semester of Bachelor of Business Management are as follows: –

  • Research Methodology,
  • E-Commerce,
  • Financial Management,
  • Organizational Behavior, and
  • General English


Fifth Semester

The subjects of the fifth semester of Bachelor of Business Management are as follows: –

  • Auditing,
  • Human Resource Management,
  • Project Management,
  • Production Management, and
  • Accounting for Managers


Sixth Semester

The subjects of the sixth semester of Bachelor of Business Management are as follows: –

  • Marketing Management,
  • Company Law,
  • Operation Research,
  • Environmental Studies,
  • Company Law, and
  • Banking Law


Q10 What should be the skills of an Operations Manager?

A10 To begin with, there are basic management skills and some add-on skills required to become a good Operations Manager. An individual must have organizational skills, good communication, Coordination with people, technology-friendly, analytical and critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, etc. Not to mention, all these skills are important for an individual to excel in the job of an Operations Manager. So then, operations managers are responsible for the process of execution of the goods and services.


Hence, the Operations Manager is responsible to keep a check on the manufacturing and delivery of products. There are several stages of this process including product design, forecasting and also supply chain management, and delivery management. In short, these skills are required for all the work.


Q11 Which are the top colleges for Pursuing Marketing Management as a specialization in Bachelor of Business Management?


A11 There are some top colleges that provide Marketing Management as a specialization course to pursue. Some of them are as follows: –

  • JBIMS, Mumbai – Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies
  • IGNOU Delhi – Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • BIMM Pune – Balaji Institute of Modern Management
  • MSU Baroda – Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda
  • Welingkar Mumbai – Prin LN Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research


Q12 What are the top recruiting companies for Marketing Management?

A12 Some of the top recruiting companies in Marketing Management are as follows: –

  • Hindustan Unilever
  • Sony India
  • Here Motocorp
  • LIC
  • L’Oreal India
  • Nestle
  • Volkswagen
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Amazon
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Pepsi CO
  • Vodafone
  • Tata Motors
  • Bharti Airtel
  • Apple
  • Colgate


Q13 What are the eligibility criteria for the UG course in Marketing Management?

A13 Firstly, to be eligible to take admission in Marketing Management which is a specialization course for Bachelor of Business Management, the students must clear their 10+2 examination in Commerce, Science, Arts, or any stream with an aggregate of 50-55%. Also, they must have appeared for their 10+2 exam from a recognized board of India.


Of course, each university has different criteria for admissions. And each one of them has a different range of cut off. Likewise, candidates must ensure that the college they are looking for aligns with the cut-off they have received. Some colleges take admissions based on merit and some also conduct entrance examination. Not to mention, the cut-off of the entrance exams is different in each college.

In conclusion, candidates get admission after clearing the exam and interview. Furthermore, at the end of the process of admission, a counseling session takes place where the students receive an elongated set of information about the course, college, and also career options.


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