Mangalore is rich in its cultural and historical heritage. It is known by the name of the city of statues. It has its boundaries between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. All four modes of transports that are air, Rail, Road, and sea are available to reach this city.

Further, when it comes to the education factor in the city then it is progressing day by day. Top-level universities and colleges are available in the city for students. Mangalore India Colleges and Universities always stand out in providing quality level education in higher studies. Moreover, There are Government universities in Mangalore as well as private universities.

Mangalore University, NITK are some of the best universities in Mangalore. Additionally, some colleges are having affiliations with these universities. Moreover, there are courses for almost every stream. Immense opportunities for students in studies and cultural activities in universities in Mangalore.

Education Facilities

Though it is an Indian state, then also it attracts foreign students.

Mangalore, India Colleges and Universities provide all Arts, Science, Humanities, Science, Commerce courses. Government universities in Mangalore provide art courses. Science courses are also available in Mangalore colleges and universities.

There are degrees which are available in these Mangalore, India Colleges and Universities. These degrees like Bachelors’s, Masters’s, P.hd, diploma, and certificate courses. Some of the colleges provide aid to backward students. Government universities in Mangalore have reservations for many castes in the state. Students must check about the college and university before taking admission in it.

Placements are one of those factors which decide the status of a university. Besides that, the fee structure, courses available, and the NIRF rank are other factors to see.

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List of Top Universities in Mangalore – Best of 2021

The list of Universities in Mangalore which excels in education is quite good. There are a lot of Mangalore colleges and universities with higher education in the city. Each one of them is setting the bar higher and higher each passing year. Now, the question arises that on what grounds the colleges must be marked good. For an easy instance, the NIRF rank must decide the rank of the university.

It will be beneficial for the students if they go for admission after thorough research.

University Name Average Fee Structure NIRF Ranking
Mangalore University 8,000/- annually NA
NITTE 1.21 lakh/- annually 74
Yenepoya University 14 lakh yearly 86
University College, Mangalore 8,000/- Yearly NA
Srinivas University 5 lakhs total NA

Mangalore University

This university has a legacy of around 40 years. Established in 1980, it has grown so far and progressive for the students. This emerged out as the top-most and the premier university of the city. Located in the Mangalagangothri region and 20 km southeast of Mangalore.

Initially, this university had only three postgraduate programs. But now it has 26 programs of postgraduation. There is a straight vision of the university to develop human resources. Besides that its mission is to evolve as the center of advanced studies.

Mangalore University has now maintained international relations with foreign universities. This relation covers the exchange of foreign scholars. This exchange takes part with the universities of the UK, USA, Finland, Norway, Germany.


There is a high-profile center for International students at the university. Nationally, it got first place in global Green metrics rankings. Whereas, in the same ranking,  it got 139th place on an international level.

There is always a helping hand for the students at Mangalore University. Being in the field of administration, admission process there is always enough help. Additionally, there are the placements cell, cultural clubs, and societies for different things. A ragging-free campus with lush green surroundings is its specialty.

Hence, the students must opt for this university for their various courses. Science, Arts, Commerce, and medical streams are available with enough seats.

It is the first university to start the course in Hotel Management. Apart from that Yogic science, fashion, and Human Resource Development started here. All the departments are with the best internet facility as well as the computer facility.

Mangalore University receives grants from UGC, DST, Development of Ocean Development, etc.

Moreover, this university finds itself for the best of the studies in the state.

Consequently, this is one of the best universities amongst Mangalore universities.

 Number of Colleges

Though there are various opportunities for the students at the campus itself. But there are many colleges affiliated with this university. A total number of 204 colleges have their affiliation to Mangalore University. Affiliation is not merely for increasing the colleges but for increasing educational opportunities.

The more the colleges will be, the more seats will be available for the students. Mangalore India Colleges and Universities have this university as the gem.

Types of Degrees

There is a range of courses with a variety of degrees at Mangalore University. Undergraduate degrees, as well as postgraduate degrees, are available here. Additionally, the number of affiliated colleges provides both degrees. Arts and Science, both the streams have degree specialization in it.

 Top Courses

Faculty of arts includes courses in various streams and subjects. These streams are mainly Economics, History, English, Kannada, Political Science, Sociology. Moreover, there are more courses in this stream to study.

The other stream is the Faculty Of Science and technology. Likewise, this stream too has various courses like Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics. Besides these, courses include Electronics, Biochemistry, and Biosciences.

Faculty of Commerce includes Commerce and Business Administration.

Average Fee Structure

For all the P.G. courses there is a fee of around 8,000 rupees annually. While for U.G. courses the fee is around 5,000 rupees.

This fee may include the additional charges of other fees too.

 Average Salary

When the University Submitted the data for NIRF ranking the salary was also put in. So, the average salary of the placed students in the Mangalore University is as below,

2,20,000 (Two lakhs, twenty thousand).

NITTE, Mangalore

This university known by the name of NITTE came into existence in 1979. This university continuously imparts education to the welfare of students from rural areas. The renowned justice, Justice K.S. Hegde is the founder of this university in Mangalore. NITTE, Mangalore stands out in every field to mark itself high.

Mangalore Colleges and universities are some of the top-notch. And NITTE comes in that notch. Universities in Mangalore are for main education and to label them as premier ones. But, NITTE vision and mission is to promote education in rural areas.

Excellence in education and human health is the vision of the university. In addition to that, imparting quality education is one of the missions of NITTE too.

It is NAAC “A+” Grade University. In QS Asia ranking it falls in the band of 450-500. Also, the Diamond rating by QS I- Guage India universities and colleges ratings also reviewed.

It introduced the new program in Architecture in 2015. In 2013, new programs in biological science and public health came to light. A new program in mass communication and journalism got their life at this university. NITTE is one of those universities in Mangalore which is merely on the vision of its founder Justice K.S. Hegde.

NITTE is in the list of universities in Mangalore which marked its rank in the NIRF Rank. NIRF defines the status and the authenticity of any institute, and NITTE passed stand out.

Gymnasium, sports facility and students club are the other activities and facilities there. A hostel facility is there for the students at the university. Though the hostel fee is applicable but is not as much which the students can not afford.

 Affiliated Colleges

It is deemed to be a university hence there are not any colleges affiliated with the NITTE. But there are immense courses and streams at the university campus. Affiliation maybe after the university gets its full status.

Types Of Degrees

There are Undergraduate degrees in the streams of medical science and other streams too. Apart from that Postgraduate Degrees, Diploma programs, Certificate programs are there at university. There is Post Basic Diploma in Dialysis Nursing and PhD in various streams. There are value-added programs and fellowship programs for the students.

Types Of Courses

MBBS, BDS, B.Sc, BA are the undergraduate programs and courses in medicine at NITTE. In Postgraduate Degree, Courses like MD, MSc, MDS, MPharma, MCh are available at NITTE.

Average Fee Structure

The average fee structure sits around 1.21 lakh rupees for one year. Though this is the fee for 1 year only it can increase year by year due to extra charges. This fee may be different for different courses like MBBS, BPharma. Hence, the fee may variate accordingly. On average the above-mentioned salary can be taken into consideration.

Average salary

This university deals mainly in medicines. Hence, most of the students get jobs in high medical institutes, hospitals, etc.

Salary shall never be a deciding factor to take admission in NITTE.

Yenepoya (Deemed To Be University)

In 1991,  Yenepoya Abdulla Kunhi, a social activist, established the non-profit trust. This trust was by the name of the Islamic academy of education and its purpose was to uplift the minorities. The trustees of this trust saw the lack of education in the minorities. Hence, they granted permission in 1992 to form Yenepoya Dental College.

Further in 1994, the Yenepoya Institute of Nursing Sciences came into existence. Following this, the Yenepoya Medical College saw the light of the day in the year 1999. Additionally, there was the formation of the Yenepoya Nursing College in 2002. And the Yenepoya Physiotherapy College in 2003.

In Year, 2007, trustees thought to create the deemed to be university. As a result, in 2008, the University Grants Commission approved it as deemed to be university.

For Mangalore India Colleges and Universities, Yenepoya is the important one. It is NAAC accredited with an A+ grade. Among all the colleges and universities in Mangalore, it is the best in medicines.

The facilities which this university provides other than studies are hostel, library, sports. Placements cell and Information and Communication Technology are the other facilities for students.

Usually, students opt for medical courses like MBBS, BDS but here are the other courses too. Courses like B.Sc, BBA are the options here for the students. The fee is comparatively less than the other government universities in Mangalore. Degrees are according to the courses. MBBS will be of 5 years, will be of two years and BBA will be according to its course.

After all, Yenepoya University proved to be a landmark for the minorities in the area. It is running with the core mission and the vision of the founder.

Affiliated Colleges

There are no such affiliated colleges but there are many faculties. As the trust establishes colleges earlier, now comes under Yenepoya University. Yenepoya Dental College, Yenepoya Institute of Nursing Sciences, theYenepoya Medical Colleg. Yenepoya Nursing College and Yenepoya Physiotherapy College also comes under it.

Types Of Degrees

Each one of the colleges under Yenepoya University offers each type of degree. Degrees like Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PhDand Certificate Programs are here to pursue. Students can opt for any of the degrees as per their choice and eligibility.

Types Of Courses

Dentistry, Pharmacy, medicine, and Nursing are the top courses that students opt for. Commerce and management, Science, Arts and social science, Ayurveda are also here. MBBS,, and BDS are the bachelor’s courses which someone can opt for.

Yenepoya is that Mangalore Colleges and Universities that offer such courses.

Average Fee Structure

The Fee Structure for MBBS stands at 17 lakhs for one year whereas the fee differs for other courses.

For B.Sc it is 60,000/- for one year and for B.A.M.S the fee goes for 3.75 lakhs for one year. For courses like BBA, the fee is 95,000/- yearly.

Average salary

The reviews for placements for Yenepoya University are quite good. It may get the ratings of 8/10 in the placements. Many companies arrive for the placements for students. While medical students get a high salaried job in the country or outside it.

University College, Mangalore

There are a lot of historical events that happened before this institute got its name.

In 1824, Basel Mission laid the foundation of the first English medium school in the city. It was by the name of Provincial School.

In the year 1868, the school got the standards from 1st to matriculation. Adding of Fellow arts course in 1879. And in the same year, the provincial school got converted into Government College.

The Year 1902 will be in the best of memories as lady students got admitted for the first time. In the year 1948, just after the independence, this college got the first-grade status. The college introduced the courses like bachelors’ in arts and commerce. In 1957, this college switched its affiliation from madras university to Karnataka University. And in the year 1958, it got affiliated with Mysore University.

From 1959 to 1966, various bachelor’s courses in science streams got added. And the courses in chemistry, physics, Botany, and Zoology also got in the syllabus.

The then Chief Minister of Karnataka and the alumnus of it got the vision to upgrade this college. Hence, in 1992, the Government college got upgraded and got the name of University College. It went under Mangalore University and became its constituent College.

Since then, there are various courses which are being added to this college. This historical heritage makes it important among the Mangalore India College and Universities. In 1996, the University Grants Commission gave the grant to form the new library. As a result of which the Library got its foundation stone in the same year as 1996.

Best activities

Beyond history, this University college, Mangalore has emerged as one of the best in the field. No other college has seen such growth which this college has seen. Every year, there are new challenges for the students as well as the teachers.

There is a separate Alumni association of the college. This association sums up and keeps the data of the alumni. These things make any college stand in class. Besides that, none of the government universities in Mangalore has such unique things.

The College actively takes part in the NIRF ranking by submitting the annual data each year. Various forums have awarded this institute with many awards. There is a list of universities in Mangalore which are better in studies but lacks in facilities. But, in the case of University College, it has various facilities like sports and library. Sports facilities include enormous ground with tennis court, volleyball court too.

Mangalore India colleges and universities are known for their excellence in studies. They are debt with high historical heritage, but University College, Mangalore stands out. This college not only excelled in the study but also best in facilities and all.

University College is one of those Mangalore colleges and universities. This College has a unique career guidance facility. The college is completely authentic and with huge infrastructure. As a result, it is NAAC accredited with an A+ grade. University College is imparting knowledge and education to maintain its legacy.

Affiliated Colleges

University College is itself a college that has an affiliation with Mangalore University. Mangalore University has around 200 affiliated colleges. Affiliation from the central university proves the authenticity of the college. Hence, University College is itself a college with historical heritage.

Earlier from the affiliation with Karnataka University to the Mysore University. Later, got the final affiliation with Mangalore University. There are many government universities in Mangalore. But Mangalore University gave the affiliation to the best colleges like University College.

Types Of Degrees

Degrees are the things which decide whether the college is good or not. Proportionally, there will be more seats with the number of degrees. Degrees are based on need. Like in the olden times, no other college or university was providing degrees. So, the University College initially started the degree programs in courses.

And in the University College, Mangalore, there are degrees like Postgraduation. And yes the most number of seats are in the Undergraduate.

Degrees are also provided in the college for research. So, Ph.D. programs are also there in specific streams. Apart from that, there are some certificate programs too for the students.

There are the eligibility criteria for undergraduate as well as postgraduate degrees. Like, for undergraduate one the eligibility is 10+2 passed candidates. There are also other eligibility criteria according to college and University.

For Postgraduation, the basic eligibility is that the candidates shall pass the bachelors. Here also in some cases, the criteria may vary and depends on the university or the college.

Types Of Courses

There are courses like B.A, B.Sc, BBA, and B.Com. These courses are in the subjects like Language courses like Hindi, Sanskrit, Kannada.

Masters courses are M.A,, MBA, and Ph.D. too.

Arts subjects include economics, geography, history, political science, journalism, Tourism, and Travel Management. English, Hindi, and Kannada are the other arts subjects included in the course.

Here are some vocational courses too in the university college, Mangalore.

College offers science courses are in the subjects like Computer Science, Botany, Microbiology. Zoology, Physics, and Chemistry are also on the list of science courses.

The Commerce stream includes the courses like Financial Management, Business Statistics, Financial Accounting, Economics.

There are other courses in the stream like Banking, Principles of Management, Auditing.

Hence, this University College is with a variety of courses in all three streams.

Average Fee Structure

The Fee is comparatively low at this college. Every course has a different fee structure. The fee for the master’s program is around 8,000/- yearly. But for the bachelors’ courses, the fee falls between 3000/- to 4,000/- rupees yearly. Hence the average fee could be considered around 8,000/- yearly.

Average salary

The salary is around the expectations of the placed students. The placed students see the opportunities for better salaries. So various companies offer great opportunities at the campus. Each year many students sit in the placements and got placed for better things.


Mangalore is not only rich in its cultural and historical heritage but also its education. There are various Mangalore India Colleges and Universities. But, some institutions are best for specific fields. And, St. Joseph Engineering College is one of them.

There are Institutes for Engineering, Arts, science courses. But for specific engineering courses, this institute marks itself as one of the best. From its start in the year 2002, it is rapidly imparting high-class education in engineering. All India Council for Technical Education, ( AICTE ) has recognized St. Joseph Engineering college.

It is working with the vision of being a global institute of professional education.

Its mission is to achieve technical manpower, international needs. Besides that, its mission is to provide education to all the communities.

There are various committees in the college for the betterment of students. Committees like cultural and media group, library and learning group, Sports group. Discipline, Academics, and other groups are also there in the college. There is a list of universities in Mangalore which excels in education but lacks in others. But, this St. Joseph engineering College excels not only in education but also in others.


There are various facilities at the college for the students. For example, Entrepreneurship cell, Hostel, Scholarship, Canteen, Stationary, Dispensary, etc.

This college has an excellent campus life. As various fests and events are happening around the year which makes it special. Moreover, there are many seminars, conclaves, seminars, and technical events for the students.

After all,l it has made an even and good place among Mangalore colleges and universities.

Affiliated Colleges

Unlike other universities in Mangalore, which have affiliated colleges. This institute does not have any affiliated colleges. Also, there are government universities in Mangalore which has various colleges affiliated with. But here, in this case, St. Joseph Engineering College is an individual college. So, consequently, it does not have any affiliated colleges. It is having affiliation with the University

Hence, St. Joseph Engineering College is having an affiliation with the Visvesvaraya Technological University.

Types Of Degrees

Being an Engineering College, this institute offers degrees in all UG, PG, and Ph.D. Generally, in Mangalore colleges and universities all the degrees are there. Hence, in St. Joseph Engineering College also, there are all these degrees.

UG courses may be here like Bachelors in Engineering, Bachelors in Computers. And PG courses are like Masters in Engineering and other Masters courses

Types Of Courses

There are various courses in different streams. Streams such as Civil Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry. Engineering courses in the streams like Electronics and Communication Engineering Electrical and electronics. Computer Science Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, CSE are the other courses to offer.

Average Fee Structure

Fee structure variates for different courses. For example for the courses of MBA, the fee falls around 1 lakh per year. For M.Tech, it is 1.11 lakh per year. And yes for the courses like Bachelors in engineering the fee is between 88,000 – 98,000 per year.

Average salary

The placements are high as per the reputation of the companies. There is a specific placement cell for the fluent placement drive in the college. Infosys, Tech. Mahindra and Cognizant are the top companies to place students from this college.

According to the reports of The placement cell of The college, the highest salary band is around 7-9 LPA. Hence, there is a good placement history of the college.

Srinivas University

In 1988, A Shama Rao foundation Mangalore came into existence. This foundation started many professional colleges in Mangalore. And, Srinivas University is the flagship of those 18 Srinivas group of institutions. The start Of Srinivas was in 2013 by Karnataka University Act.

This university has the vision to make world-class-leading education. Though its mission is to provide an exceptional learning environment for the students.

Srinivas University is one of the Mangalore India Colleges and Universities. That has some of their core objectives, some of them are

. To create the Intellectual abilities

. Empower and  create excellent opportunities for research and development

. Promote smart education activities along with the traditional method of training. Provide consultants to organizations and industries. promote and create art facilities for education and training

. Create world-class human resources for students.

Srinivas University is one of those universities in Mangalore which is effectively growing. Its vision and mission are clear to make the way for future students. Mangalore Colleges and Universities are always known for their historical vision and mission. So, Srinivas University is working on its mission.

It is one that choices among the list of universities in Mangalore, which can never be a wrong one.

Affiliated Colleges

This is one of the newest Universities established in 2013. Hence, some colleges have affiliations with it. These colleges are

College of Engineering and Technology, College of Management and Commerce, College of Allied Health Science, College of Physiotherapy are those colleges.

Other colleges are the College of computer science and Information science, College of aviation science, College of Nursing, College of education, College of social science, and humanities, and College of Aviation Studies

Hence, these are the affiliated colleges to this Srinivas University.

Types Of Degrees

There are undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs, doctoral and post-doctoral programs. Additionally, there are certificate courses too.

Types Of Courses

Bachelors courses are like the technical ones B.Tech is the most famous bachelors course which is mainly in the streams like:-

Computer Science, E&C, Civil Engineering, etc.

B.Sc, BBA, BCA are the other bachelor’s courses in their respective fields.

Masters courses are like M.Sc, M.Tech, MCA, MBA, etc.

Hence, Srinivas UUniversityis one of those universities in Mangalore which provide courses.

Average Fee Structure

For ba achelors courses fee is around 5 to 6 lakhs for the full course. While for masters courses the fee is about 4 lakhs rupees.

Average salary

For Courses in B.Sc, the median salary is about 3.5 LPA. And for the master’s courses, the Salary goes up to 4 LPA.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Top Universities?

Q1) How many universities are there in Mangalore?

If it is about the full status of Uthe university, then there are only four universities in Mangalore. There are various colleges and constituent colleges but there are only these universities.

Mangalore University, NITTE, Yenepoya University, Srinivas University. These are those with full status of the university in Mangalore. These universities may or may not have affiliated colleges. But these universities provide full-time and certificate courses in various streams.

Q2) How many private universities are there in Mangalore?

There are a total of two full Private Universities in Mangalore. They are namely Srinivas University, and Yenepoya University. There is also University College but it does not have the full status of the university. These two private universities came into existence decades back. There are many private colleges in the city.

Mangalore India Colleges and Universities are always known for their historical background. Hence, the universities in Mangalore, both government and private, are imparting education. There are also private colleges that have affiliations with the universities. Private Universities provide the best of facilities for the students in every field.

Q3) Are there any Government Universities in Mangalore?

Of Course, there are government universities in the historical city of Mangalore. Karnataka is one of those states which is a forerunner in the education sector from way back. Now, if asking about the number of government universities in Mangalore. Then, there are two government universities in Mangalore.

Mangalore University and NITTE are the two government universities in Mangalore. Mangalore University has many colleges which have their affiliation with this University. Apart from studies, then Mangalore University also stands apart in providing other facilities. Facilities like the communities, sports facilities, Cultural committees, and the placement cell too. So, these two government universities are continuously imparting education. They are working for the welfare of students too.

Q4) Are the colleges and Universities in the NIRF Rank in Mangalore?

There are dome colleges and universities in Mangalore which excelling well. There are universities in Mangalore which are in the NIRF rank but there is no guarantee for every rank.

In India, Colleges ranking is on the placements, salary, fee structure, and campus. so, seeing this there are NITTE and Yenepoya University which fall in the NIRF ranking.

the rest of the colleges or the universities does not fall into it. But, there are various other rankings, and awards which these universities have grabbed.

NITTE university has a NIRF ranking of 74. And the Yenepoya university has a ranking of 86.

Regardless of the NIRF rankings, these institutions are continuously imparting education. These institutions not only provide education but also basic facilities.

Q5) How is Mangalore city to live for studies?

After Bengaluru, Mangalore is one of the top cities of Karnataka. Being one of the oldest cities it has upgraded itself as per the times. Some institutions are way older and prestigious. The city has an adequate population which maintains the balance. Hence, this city is better to live in for my studies.

Every Year, many students come here for higher studies but from the years they have lived here a better life. So, it should never be in the point of doubt that Mangalore University is not better to live for studies.

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