There are a lot of universities in Hubli. And they offer a variety of courses. Hubli is a famous city in the Indian state of Karnataka. People know this city because of it being a great tourist spot. Hubli is often considered as a twin city of Dharwad. People know these cities with the names of each other or together as Dharwad.
They are the second-largest city in north Karnataka in matters of size as well as population. Even universities in Hubli have a quite vast campus.
Also, Most of the government offices of the Government of Karnataka, and the Indian government are a part of this city. Not only that but the Indian government has also selected Dharwad for the solar city and smart city projects. There are so many projects waiting to be implanted in universities in Hubli.
Hubli plays a very major role in the economy of the Indian state Karnataka. Apart from that, there are so many universities in this city of great national and state-level importance. So it is also like a pillar for the education system of Karnataka. Universities in Hubli are a major part of it.
There are some top Institutes of our country that belong to this city of Karnataka. Some of them are Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences, Nehru Arts Science and Commerce College, Karnataka state law university, etc. These universities offer some if excellent courses in their field. A lot of students aspire to get admission to these universities in Hubli.
So There are both kinds of universities in this city. This means you can choose either public universities private universities of this city as per your preferences. And Some of these universities provide admissions based on your merit. Whereas Some Institutes conduct Entrance exams for admission.

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List of top Universities in Hubli: Best of 2021:

So These are some of the top universities in this city.

  • University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad
  • Chetan P.U. science college
  • IIT, Dharwad
  • Karnatak College
  • Karnatak university
  • Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Karnataka state law university
  • KLE technological university
  • Nalanda BCA college
  • Nehru Arts Science and Commerce college

University of Agricultural Sciences: Established in 1986

This university is also a part of this city. University of agricultural sciences is a private university. It is very famous all over India for the courses that it offers in the fields of agriculture, forestry, and food sciences. The government of Karnataka laid the foundation of this university in Hubli. So that they can improve the level of education in Karnataka in fields of agriculture and other sciences. So This university has a very green campus. And it is mesmerizing to visit it. Especially if you visit it during Mansoon. Also, You can see different kinds of trees, shrubs, etc there for practical studies of students. But it also attracts a lot of tourists to this college. Not only that but also in NIRF rankings of 2019, this university managed to get 83rd rank. And This is quite commendable for a university of Agriculture.

No of affiliated Colleges:

This university in Hubli affiliates a lot of colleges to it. Some of them are mentioned here:

College of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad:

This is a constituent college of an agricultural university, Dharwad. This college offers a variety of courses to students. Who wants to pursue a different kind of specialization course in the field of agriculture. And This college offers almost all kinds of courses in this field. For instance, this college of an agricultural university in Hubli has an Undergraduate course. It also has postgraduate and doctoral courses in the same field. Not only that but this college also gives opportunities to its students for post-doctoral research. This college charges 18,900 per year for providing BSC in the field of agriculture. This college offers great placement packages. UGC has also recognized this college in the field of agriculture. Not only Indian students, but students from other countries of the world also take admission here. To study subjects related to agriculture with quality theoretical and practical knowledge.

College of Rural Home Science Dharwad:

It is also a part of this university in Hubli. This college was established in 1975. It offers several courses in the field of rural home sciences. So Students come from all over India to Hubli just for pursuing these courses. And Anyone who has passed 12th from a recognized board can apply for an undergraduate degree course at this college.

Types of degrees this university offer:

This university is very renowned and offers different kinds of courses in different fields. And It has courses of different levels like some of its courses are for undergraduates whereas some are for postgraduate students. Even post-graduation you have courses available here to pursue in the field of research.

Bachelor Courses:

These are courses for students who have just passed out from school. Anyone who has completed their 12th can apply for admission to these courses. Generally, these courses have a duration of 4 years. But they can be of 3 years too. These are degree courses and are very important from the perspective of jobs. Here are some Bachelors’s courses that this university offer.

B.S.C. in Agriculture:

This is an undergraduate course for anyone who has completed his 12th. And is interested to study agriculture further. So This course is specially focused on teaching and helping students in developing scientific skills. Those are helpful in various operations related to agriculture. Subjects that this course include is plant physiology, tissue culture, environment, etc.

Masters Courses :

These courses are for students who have completed their graduation. And are interested in studying the same subject further. Usually, the duration of this course is around two years. and These courses provide students with a deeper knowledge of the subject. And help them to be ready for research too. This university in Hubli offers masters courses like: Agriculture: This is a master of science in the field of agriculture. And This university has this course. An Entrance exam is conducted by the university for admission to this course. This course gives students a broad perspective about agriculture and teaches how to solve field problems in this sector.

Apart from these this university offer Ph.D. and post-doctoral research courses too.

Top courses:

The top courses at this university are B.S.C and M.S.C in the field of agriculture. a lot of students pursue these courses here from all over Karnataka as well as India. And Eligibility criteria for admission differ for each of these courses.

Average fee structure:

Now Average fees can be different for different courses. So It does not apply to all courses but in general, this university charges around 20 thousand rupees per year for a Bachelor’s course. Apart from that For a master’s course at this university, the fees are around 25 thousand rupees.

Average Salary:

Again Average salary too can be different posts in different organizations. but in general, after completing your bachelor’s degree from this university you can easily get a job paying 20 thousand rupees per month. Apart from that Students who have completed their masters get slightly better jobs and by that better salaries too.

And People who have completed their Ph.D. and research from this university in Hubli get an average salary of 6LPA usually.

IIT, Dharwad: University in Hubli Established in 2016

So This is the Indian Institute of Technology in Dharwad. As We all know that IITs are the elite Institutes of India. So It’s a dream of almost every student to study in IITs. But only a few of them get this chance. Because of the extreme level of competition. Admission to this Institute is through JEE. Which is the Joint entrance exam. It is an exam for students who aspire to become top Engineers. Students who score well in this exam get admission to top universities and colleges of India for Btechcourses.IIT Dharwad is also a top Institute in that category.

This Institute has a vast campus of 140 acres in this city. And there are so many facilities in this Institute. That includes hostel, labs, and playgrounds for different sports, etc. So This college is famous all over the India and world for providing top quality of education in the field of Engineering. You can pursue different types of degrees and research courses at this Institute.

No. Of Affiliated Colleges:

There are no affiliated colleges of this Institute. And It is one of the old IITs of India. This is an autonomous college. And is established for improving the quality of education in the field of Technology.

Type of Degrees:

This institute offers a lot of types of degrees in the field of Technology. For example, They have Bachelor’s courses and Master’s courses. They have research programs as well. Apart from that this Institute also has some integrated msc and Ph.D. courses in the field of science.

Top Courses:

Top courses at this Institute include Btech and Mtech etc. And These courses are the first choices of students in this field. There are some details about top courses at this university in Hubli:


This is Bachelors’s in Technology. It is an undergraduate course and the duration of Btech is four years. And this program is divided into 8 semesters. IIT Dharwad offers btech in a lot of streams of Engineering. For instance, they have civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and Computer Engineering, etc. In addition to that, It also has a btech in Electronics and communication and IT Engineering.

So Most of the students apply for JEE to get admission in these streams at this Institution. And Admission Process here is also quite simple. You just need to clear the cut-off in Both Stages of JEE exam. Just for additional information, There are two stages in JEE Exam. So The first one is JEE mains and the second one is JEE advanced. Anyone who has scored a minimum of 50 percent in his 12th can apply for this exam.


Apart from the Btech course this Institute also offers some programs for post-graduate students. This is a semester-based program.  It has mtech and msc in different streams of science. Candidates who have completed their Btech degrees can get admission to these mtech courses.

Admission to these courses here is mostly based on GATE. So This is a national level exam for admission to various masters, Ph.D., and research programs in Institutes all over India.

Average Fee Structure:

Again fees structure depends on the course that you want to pursue. For instance, It can be a little lower for some courses. And in Some cases,s it can be higher. But for example,e if you want to pursue a Btech in Computer Science at this Institute, You will have to pay around 1 lakh rupees per year.

Various scholarships are also available for deserving students. So anyone is eligible in every other way. But are unable to pay fees can avail benefits from these programs.

Average Salary:

Average salary differs based on qualifications and posts that candidates are being recruited on. For obvious reasons, anyone who is getting a job at a higher post with a better qualification will get a higher salary too. But we can say that an average student who has completed his bachelor’s from this college can easily get around 5 LPA.

Apart from that, it’s true that there are some branches like IT and computer science that offer higher placement packages these days. This is because of the increase in the number of IT companies and the development of Technology.

Also, IITs are famous for offering some of the highest placements in the country. Every year some students of this Institute get packages of around 1 crore rupees per annum.

Karnataka University in Hubli: Established in 1949

This university in Hubli is also a part of the city of Dharwad. It is a state university in Karnataka. The motto of this university is conscience is master. Also, this is a public university. Currently, In 2021 the Chancellor of the University is Thawar Chand Gehlot and the vice-chancellor is professor Shivappa. This university offers a variety of courses in different streams for students. It also has some courses in the Kannada Language. Apart from that most of the courses at this university are in English. QS India has ranked this university s 95th position in the top 550 colleges of Asia. This university doesn’t only attract Indian students to pursue degree courses. But It also is a home for various foreign candidates. Apart from degree courses, this Institute has a lot of diploma and certificate courses too.

Also, UGC has acknowledged this university, and NAAC has accredited it too. It has a lot of courses for graduation and post-graduation in departments of science and social sciences. In addition to that This Institute provides students to research after completion of their studies. It also has a Master of Philosophy and Ph.D. programs.

Admission to graduate and post-graduate courses at this university are merit-based. But for Ph.D., they accept scores of CSIR and UGC NET. Which is National Eligibility Test. Every year this national test is conducted twice for admission to various research programs all over India. This university provides some of the highest stipends to its research scholars in the country.

No of Affiliated Colleges  in this university in Hubli:

This university has 5 constituent colleges all over Karnataka. These colleges help this university in improving the level of higher education in the state. And make it possible for everyone irrespective of their financial and social background.

Also, there are 249 colleges in Karnataka that are affiliated with this university. And Most of these are private colleges. And are a part of Dharwad city only. These colleges offer under graduation and post-graduation programs to a very big number of students.

Some of the Top colleges of this university in Hubli are here:

Karnataka arts college:

This college also comes under the range of top colleges in Karnataka. It is especially for students who have a humanities background and want to pursue the same stream further. This college offers a lot of BA and MA programs. One can choose to study BA history, BA English, or BA in any other subject from here. This college also has MA programs in different subjects of Arts. This is a government college and admission here is merit-based. After completing your 10+2 with a minimum of 60 percent, you can apply for admission to this college. Also, your 12th should be from a recognized board.

University College of Education:

Dr. Dc Pavate established this college in 1962. Who was also the vice-chancellor of Karnataka university at that time? This is one of the five constituent colleges of Karnataka university and UGC has also approved this college under section 2. This is a Co-ED college which means candidates of both genders can study here. It offers training courses to pre-school teachers. And help them develop great teaching skills. So that they can use them in the future and shape the career of a lot of students.

All the Teachers at this Institute are Ph.D. degree holders and highly qualified. Most of them also have several years of experience in the field of teaching.

Also, this Institute organizes various workshops and seminars. Every year this Institute gets 100 percent results in annual exams, and secure university ranks too.

University College of Law :

This college was established in 1962 under Karnataka University. So that all the needs of education in law sector of students in this state van be fulfilled.

This is a very famous college for law courses. It has launched a 5-year bachelor’s degree law program.

A lot of students apply for this program every year at this college. But only Some of them manage to get a seat here. Because there is high competition for admission at these seats of this college.  This college has a merit-based admission to this course. But Sometimes It also accepts scores of the ALCAT exam. This is a national-level exam for admission to law programs in top Institutions of India. Admission to Top NLUs which are national law universities is based on this exam only.

For merit Based admission to this college, the cutoff differs every year. For Instance, In 2018 it was 78  percent. This means candidates who have scored 78 percent or more in their 12th can get admission only.

Also, you need to have your 12th with Maths as one of the compulsory subjects to get admission in law courses. Apart from that, your 12th should be from the A board that this Institution recognizes.

Types of Degrees

This university offers a lot of degrees. That can be an undergraduate degree or post-graduate degree. In addition to that this university in Hubli also offers various Ph.D. and Mphil degrees. However, We’ll talk about degrees that this university offers in various fields of academics.

Degrees in Field of Arts: This university offers almost all the degrees in the field of Arts. You can choose to pursue a BA or BFA from this public university. It also has several MA and Ph.D. degree programs in the field of Arts.

Degrees in the Field of Science:

This university offers different B.S.C. and M.S.C. programs in the field of science. It also has a lot of Ph.D. and Mphil programs in Field. For Instance, This university offers B.S.c in zoology, botany, anthropology, etc. In addition to these, It has msc programs in subjects like food and health sciences. Bioinformatics and many more. Even for Ph.D., there are so many topics in different subjects that you can choose from. and conduct your further research based on them.

Degrees in the field of Commerce:

The this university of Karnataka has a lot of programs for students of commerce background too. It has Bcom and Mcom courses. It also has various MBA programs like MBA in Investment Management, Industry Management, etc.

Apart from those it has Ph.D. programs for research in Finance and Accounts sector. People who are interested in research in this field can apply. And if they get selected they can choose any topic from the available topics and start their research.

Top Courses:

One of the top courses at this university is BA. This course of Bachelor’s of Arts is famous over here. And every year a lot of students apply for admission to this course at this university. This university has a variety of subjects that you can choose from for your degree. So It has BA in Hindi, English, Ancient History, Medival History, Art and culture, Human Resources, etc. They also offer a BA in English, Kannada, French, and many other Indian as well as foreign languages. BA in Kannada is a subject chosen by a lot of students every year. Maybe that is because this college is a part of State Karnataka.


Bachelor’s in Fine arts is also one of the courses that many students pursue from this college. It is offered at the University College of Music which is A constituent college of this university.

In this course, students are taught subjects like music, dance, acting, painting, etc.  These artistic subjects have a lot of scope in the present and near future in India. Karnataka is also famous for its folk dances and songs. There are so many traditional dance forms like Nagamandala Dance that are originated from Karnataka.

Average fee structure of this university in Hubli:

This is a public university so the fees structure of this university is comparatively lower. And It differs for different courses. For Instance, the fee of a Bachelor’s course in Science stream is around 10 thousand rupees per year. Whereas a Bachelor’s course in Arts will cost you only around 6 thousand rupees.

In a similar way fees for a master’s program in science can be around 8 thousand rupees. But for the same program in Arts subjects, it will be around 5 to 7 thousand rupees per year.

For Ph.D. programs, this Institute charges fees depending on topic and subject. There are some subjects in which a certain amount of stipend is provided to deserving research scholars.

This university also has a variety of scholarships for deserving candidates.

Average Salary:

This figure is different for each working professional. Some graduates of this Institute earn 10 thousand per month.  Whereas Some pf them earn 1 Lakh rupees per month. For Example, Some postgraduate students who work as assistant professors or lecturers in a college earn around 70 thousand rupees per month.

Many people who choose to research after their Phds also earn around 1lakh rupees per month.

KLE Technological University IN Hubli : Established in 1979

This is one of the private universities in Hubli. At first, it was just the college of Engineering. And people used to know it as B.V.B. college in Karnataka. but later it developed a lot and was converted to a university under the University Act 2012. It is a university for technological courses in this city. At present time this college is very famous and a lot of students are currently studying different technical courses at this university.

In 1947 KLE society Belgaum founded this university as a college. The motto of this university is creating value, leveraging knowledge.

UGC and AICTE have also approved this university. This university has a campus of 64 acres. And It is for Both girls and boys. This university has a very vast playground, hostel facility, labs for practical studies of students, and Mess too. Times 2021 has ranked this university at 52nd position for MBA programs all over India. Apart from MBA, this university offers many other courses that we will discuss further. But before that, It is also important to know that admission to these courses is merit-based. This means a student with a higher percentage and better grades possesses a higher chance of admission to this university in Karnataka.

No of affiliated Colleges:

This university has no affiliated colleges to it. Instead, it is affiliated with Vishwesharaya Technological university. But that doesn’t mean that this university is not famous or has fewer students. Currently, there are almost 3500 undergraduates and 1200 postgraduates that are studying at this university.

Type of Degrees:

Currently, This Institute offers Under graduation and posts graduation degrees in Technological Subjects. Most of the degrees provided here are in different streams of Engineering. But in addition to that, there are also some degrees at this university in management. It also has programs in the field of fashion designing and architecture.

Top Courses:

B arch:

This is Bachelor’s in architecture that this university offers. It is an undergraduate program for students who want to learn the basics of architecture. The duration of this course is 4 years. And it consists of 8 semesters. For getting admission to this course at this university one has to clear JEE mains. This university accepts scores of this national level exam for admission in Bachelors of architecture. It is one of the most famous courses of this university. A lot of Graduates of this university works like a professional architectect in Industry.


This is also one of the famous programs that this university offer. Every year several students apply for admission to vacant seats in this course at this university. It is Masters’s in Computer application. And this course is designed for teaching all the basic and advanced skills of the computer to students. It helps them develop new skills. As well as advance and refurbish their existing skills in the field of Computer application. Admission to this course at this university is based on GATE scores or Karnataka PGCET scores. Karnataka PGCET is a state-level program that is accepted by a lot of universities in Indian state Karnataka. And Universities in Hubli also belong to this category.

Average fees structure:

Each course that this university provides has a different fees structure. For example, The fees of Btech per year are around 1.5 to 8 lakhs at this university. Masters in Technology costs about 1.3 lakhs to pursue per year from here. The fees for an MBA at this university are around 1 lakh rupees.

Fees here are quite high because it is a private university. But the facilities that they provide justify this.

Average Salary:

Many top companies visit this private University of Karnataka every year for Campus Placements. In which they higher fresh graduates and postgraduates on various posts. In the past two years, only Amazon has hired 10 btech graduates of this university.

Apart from that Tata India, Infosys, Wipro, and Maruti, etc. Also, visit these companies on yearly basis for hiring fresh graduates.

The salary that these companies provide is around 7LPA on average in the beginning. But as the experience of the professional increases, their salary increases too. For example, a graduate after 10, years of experience can earn around 20 LPA. So It depends on a lot of factors.

Karnataka State Law university in Hubli: Established in 2009

It is a state university established by the Government of Karnataka, especially for law programs. So that it can improve the level of education in the law sector of the state. This university also offers a lot of courses in the field of law. You can choose BA.LL.B., BSC LLB., LLB., LLM. etc. It also offers some diploma and certificate courses in this field. This university is not only limited to Karnataka. But also  Students from almost all states of India visit this university to study these courses.

A course that this university offer provides students with a deep knowledge of Indian law and the constitution. This university has a very big and green campus. And facilities like Mess, Hostels playground are also available for students.

No of Affiliated Colleges:

106 colleges affiliate with this university. Some of them are the M.H. college of Law, Government Law College, Shree Krishna Institute of Law, Padma college for Law education Etc. It also includes colleges like Patel law college, Bhuvan law college, N.A. global law college, etc.

Type of Degrees:

This university in Hubli mostly offers only postgraduate and graduate-level degree courses. But it has some diploma and Certificate course too at both of these levels.

Top Courses:

Top courses at this University are BALLB, BBA LLB, LLM, And LLB, etc.

Most of the students choose any of these courses to study and pursue a career in the field of law. Admission to these courses at this university is based on Merit. In addition to that, You must have maths as one of the compulsory subjects in your 12th.

Average Fee structure:

Average fees at this university are different for each course . For Example, BBA LLB has a fee structure of 10,400 rupees. While it costs around 11,850 rupees for pursuing an LLM from this university.

Average Salary:

Most of these students get recruited in various law firms as Advocates or interns. Where they get a salary of around 30 thousand rupees per month in the beginning. Interns are paid a little lesser but after some work experience, you can earn around 1 lakh rupees per month. You can also opt for a profession as an independent advocate with a law degree.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1> How many universities are there in Hubli?

A1> There are about 10  universities in total in  Hubli- Dharwad. This includes both public and private universities.

Q2> Which is the No1 university in Hubli?

A2>Currently  IIT Dharwad is the No1 university of Hubli due to its excellent performance in the field of academics and technology. It is an autonomous  Institute. We have discussed it in detail in the article.

Q3> What are the top Universities in Hubli?

A3> We have already discussed all the top universities in Hubli in detail. Some of them are Karnataka University, IIT Dharwad, Karnataka state law university, etc.

Q4> How are private universities in Hubli?

A4> Private universities in Hubli are hood. They provide nice facilities to their students and quality education too. But Fees structure of this university is slightly higher when compared to the government universities.

Q5> How are government universities in Hubli?

A5> They are great. Some of the top government universities of Karnataka are in this city. IIT Dharwad is also a part of this city which is an elite college of India. Also, Government universities provide quality education to students on a lower fees structure.

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