The Universities in Bagalkot are  one of the most  aspired and underrated colleges in the South of India. Moreover, Universities in Bagalkot are quite practical with their curriculums and furthermore prepares the pupils with the technical aspects of the subject.  Likewise, Education has propelled to advancements, especially with the advent of the universities in Bagalkot. Education in Bagalkot has got a new light since the advent of the universities in Bagalkot.

Likewise, let’s talk about the city in general. It is a city, nestled in Karnataka, India. Moreover, its headquarters is the Bagalkote District, located on the Ghatprabha River branch.  In addition, it is about 481 km North West of Bangalore, 410 km south of Hyderabad and nearly 570 km South-East of Mumbai. As per the national census of India in the year 2011, the urban agglomeration population was about 111933, with a city spread over an area of 49.06 square kilometres. In addition, they are also at an average elevation of 532m or 1745 feet above MSL.

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History of Bagalkot

As per the inscriptions of the stone in the surrounding area, the name of the town was previously known as Baggage. In accordance with the legend, Bhajantries had the town, offered by Ravana, who ruled Lanka. There has been some information where Ibrahim Adil Shah 2, who was one of the kings of Bijapur Adil Shahi, had presented the town to his daughter as Bangle Money. Bangle money is a tradition where the daughter gets a certain amount of money to buy bangles, gold ornaments and sarees from her own parents, just after marriage.

Who were the Rulers of Bagalkot?

Bagalkot was under the dominions of emperors like Peshwas, Mysore Kingdom and Bijapur Adil Shahi. Followed by this were the rulers of Maratha and finally in 1818 were the British. By the year 1865, it came into the establishment as civic amenities and a municipality, which were further presented to Bagalkot residents.

How is the geography of Bijapur?

With regards to Geography, Bijapur is about 16.18 degrees north and 75. 7 degrees East. Furthermore, it also consists of an average elevation of 533 meters or 1749 feet, located at the Ghataprabha Riverbank.

Demographics of Bijapur

As of the 2001 Census of India, the population of Bagalkot is about 112, 068 with males covering about 52% of the population and the female covering about 48%. In addition, the average literacy rate of Bagalkot of 85.4% is greater than the national average of 74.4%, where 91. 73% of it were males and 79.04% were females who were literate. Moreover, even 2% of the population were under the age of 6. Additionally, Kannada is the main language that is spoken in the district of Bagalkot, which is a part of Karnataka.


List of Top Universities in universities in Bagalkot- Best of 2021

University Name Average Fee Structure NIRF Rank
University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot INR 27000-34000 per year 671
S Nijalingappa Medical College, HSK (Hanagal Shree Kumareshwar) Hospital and Research Centre INR 150000-300000 Nil


Best Universities in  Bagalkot

University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot

The University of Horticultural Sciences is a public University and one of the prestigious Universities in Bagalkot. Moreover, it gained its reputation by its emphasis on study and research, which the Karnataka Government establishes. In addition, it also realises the significance of Horticulture and also the research needs it requires, Likewise, it also receives developed support at an immense rate, with further expansion. The University of Horticultural Sciences came into establishment on 22nd November 2008 by the Karnataka Government. Furthermore, it was enacted by Act 11 of 2010, tht was dated on 13th May 2010. Therefore, with it being one of the prevalent Universities in Bagalkot, it has always been consistent with efforts, energy and even the direction with which they intend to go for.

Headquarters of the University of Horticultural Sciences

Bagalkot is always selected for its headquarters and is known as the district for its rich horticultural production. For instance, it produces grapes, guava, banana, lime, sapota and even fig. Moreover, Belgaum is what surrounds the district in the West, with its South surrounded by Koppal and Dharwad. In the North, it is surrounded by Bijapur and lastly with Raichur in the east. Raichur is quite famous for its mango, pomegranate and Grape production. In addition, it also produces alluring flowers and a variety of vegetables. The area consists of a congenial climate, that is suitable for all varieties of crops, besides the cultural heritage and the rich history. Likewise, these all factors cater to it being one if the best Universities in Bagalkot with a suitable spot. The massive Almatti Dam is a major backbone for both Horticultural and agricultural activity.

University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot

The University of Horticultural Sciences is one of the best career-oriented universities in Bagalkot,’ that realizes the importance of the Karnataka Government. Moreover, the Governor of Karnataka has also made approval for the establishment of the University of Horticultural Sciences at Bagalkot. Moreover, it was done by a special ordinance number 2 of the year 2008, on 22nd November 2008. The choice for making Bagalkot the headquarters is rightfully justified on the basis of two reasons.

Firstly, the rich Horticultural grape production in addition to Sapota, fig, pomegranate, lime, ber and a vast variety of vegetables, medicinal plant and spices. It is due to the Bordering districts of the Bagalkot, with Belgaum on the West, Bijapur in the North, Raichur in the East and Koppal and Dharwad in the South. Such locations, make it an ideal spot for growing crops. The second reason being the Historical places in the form of Badami, Aihole, Patrtadakallu and even the Kudalasangama. Kudalasangama is a religious spot, that teaches and preaches, in addition to the presence of the Almatti dam as the backbone of Agriculture, which is within the 50km radius of the Bagalkot.


The Horticultural University is one of the best Universities in Bagalkot that has a mission. Furthermore, it directs and shapes the lives of students on the basis of the mission. The mission of the Horticultural Sciences University is to enhance the growth of the Horticultural sector. Further, it gives provision for leadership in research, teaching and also in the extension of services in allied sciences and Horticulture. It is one of the sustaining universities in Bagalkot, that persists through innovation and also the integration of the concepts, technology developments and even the paradigms.

Furthermore, the University of Horticultural Sciences is one of the best Universities in Bagalkot with its mission on an end to end approach. Moreover, it is the approach that resolves the intersectoral issues to address problem areas. Moreover, it also addresses the problem areas and promotes multi-dimensional reforms in teaching, production extension and even teaching. In addition, it is one of the best Universities in Bagalkot to promote Marketing and institution of time accomplishments with an urgency sense.


In order to double the production of Horticulture to nearly 300 Million tonnes by the end of 2027 and 2028, it has certain involvements. Furthermore, it produces a variety of 152 million tonnes of production with the help of coordinated programs. In addition, it also maintains the speed with many programmes in the recent years, that helps to cope up with the increase in population.


The State of Karnataka is blessed with a variation of agro climate, soil conditions and even topography. In addition, it also offers massive scope for Horticultural crops and cultivation. Likewise, Horticulture has been known as an economically viable enterprise that has good employment opportunities. The University of Horticultural Sciences is one of the honourable Universities in Bagalkot that offers the ideal option for farming, irrigation and even dry farming situations. With 14% of the land under Horticulture, it has a contribution of 40% income and also 17% GDP. Moreover, this shows the tremendous Horticulture Potentiality in the generation of income for farmers and also the State.


Dr S. B Dandin, who is the honourable Vice-Chancellor of the University was given the honour of the CHAI fellowship. The full form of CHAI is Confederation of Horticulture Associations of India).  The Honors were given by Dr HP Singh, who is the Deputy Director-General of Horticulture, in New Delhi.


Here are some of the colleges that are affiliated with the University of Horticulture, Bagalkot


College of Horticulture, Bagalkot ( Universities in Bagalkot)

The Horticulture College in Bagalkot is located in the Karnataka State of India. With its establishment in 2008, the College of Horticulture is a private college, which also has an AICTE accreditation. The Horticulture also offers 5 courses, under 2 streams which are mainly, Agriculture and Science.  The most famous degrees that the college offers are Diploma, MSc, PGD and even BSC. Apart from a robust pedagogy, the Horticulture College also has leadership in innovation and research. Moreover, the emphasis is given to the activities that are beyond academics at the College of horticulture. Likewise, this is quite evident when we look at the extracurricular activities, international and national collaborations and also the infrastructure. The Placement process of the college also has a variation, with the options of recruitment both in the public sector as well as corporate as entrepreneurship.


College of Horticulture, Bangalore( Universities in Bagalkot)

The College of Horticulture in Bangalore is another gem of a University, almost equivalent to the College of Horticulture in Bagalkot. Moreover, this falls under the most prestigious universities in Bagalkot, where curriculums are a bit diverse and does teach a plethora of aspects that rate to Horticulture. Furthermore, with its location being in the Urban region of Bangalore, it plays a significant part of the Universities in Bagalkot, where it focuses on research and results. In addition, it ensures that every student gets hold of the knowledge they seek. With its establishment in the year 2010, it is a University College, and one of the major parts of the Universities in Bagalkot, with its prime emphasis on Horticultural Sciences. Moreover, it is a State Public University.


College of Horticulture, Bidar( Universities in Bagalkot)

The College of Horticulture situated in Bidar is another significant aspect of the Universities in Bagalkot, and also a part of the University of Horticulture, Bagalkot. It is situated in Bidar Karnataka, in the Rampur Colony. Likewise, the College of horticulture is one of the prestigious Universities in Bagalkot to have a Laboratory and a Computer Center, which facilitates all kinds of technological and educational assistance.  With regards to the type of College, it is mainly a University College that is affiliated with the University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot.

Moreover, it is also a significant part of the Universities in Bagalkot that was established in the year 2007. Likewise, it is a State Public University. The College of Horticulture in Bidar is one of the best Universities in Bagalkot, to have a Hostel based college accommodating 400 students. Moreover, its Hostel has attractive facilities, that allure most students to stay. In addition, these students also form a community that enables them to bond with each other.


College of Horticulture, Arabhavi( Universities in Bagalkot)

The College of Horticulture in Arabhavi is another College and is one of the best educational universities in Bagalkot. The reason being is because it encourages, students to achieve excellence. Likewise, with its skilled staff, it is one of the best Universities in Bagalkot, to even have mentors that take students beyond what they dreamt of. The College of Horticulture, in Arabhavi, was established in 1994, with it being a University College. Furthermore, it is a State Public University.


  • of Affiliated Colleges: 5
  • Types of Degrees: MSC, BSc, Diploma and much more
  • Top Courses: BSc in Horticultural Sciences and Diploma in Horticultural Sciences
  • Average Fee Structure: The average fee structure ranges between INR 27000- 34000.
  • Average Salary: The average salary varies from candidate to candidate, but starts at INR 4 lakh per annum to even 10 Lakh per annum.


S Nijalingappa Medical College, HSK (Hanagal Shree Kumareshwar) Hospital and Research Centre (SNMC)

SNMC Medical college is located in Bagalkot,  in India. The Post Graduate and the graduate programs of the college have recognition by the Medical Council of India. Moreover, the courses that the college offers also have recognition by the General Medical Council in the UK, Sri Lanka Medical Council and also the WHO. Furthermore, it is one of the best medical Universities in Bagalkot that emphasises excellence and imparts knowledge and skill to their students. The Royal College of Gynaecologists in the United Kingdom also gave their recognition for the MRCOG award. Once the JSS University came to the formation, the JSS medical college also became a constituent college of the JSS University from the Academic year 2008 and 2009. A student who studies from this college are from every corner of India and even abroad.


The Research takes place on the basis of the International and the National Funded Projects. Moreover, the Blood bank is currently in function. The SNMC body undergoes registry and also receives body donations.

Library and the Information centre

The centre has a spread of nearly 2 acres in area. Likewise, SNMC is one of the prestigious Universities in Bagalkot, with the best library.

Undergraduate Courses

The Undergraduate are quite long, with MBBS taking up to 4 and a half years. In addition, the MBBS course also comes with a one-year mandatory internship.

Postgraduate Courses

The SNMC College is one of the prestigious Universities in Bagalkot. Moreover, it goes about to offer Post Graduate Diploma and Degree courses. Likewise, the degree course is for 3 years duration, whereas the diploma is just for 2 years.

What is the SNMC Blood Donation Association

This association came into establishment in June 2000. SNMC is one of the best Universities in Bagalkot to have an association like this. Moreover, it also has a purpose to receive the donor’s body. The body can be used for corneal Transplantation for the Blind. Additionally, it could also be used for research purposes, organ study, post Graduation and even for Research students. A campaign on a regular basis is what the city organizes. Further, it is done to create awareness for the same issue.


The SNMC is one of the best Universities in Bagalkot that has sports infrastructure. Moreover, the college has facilities and grounds for football, table tennis. Moreover, it also has facilities for Hockey, Volleyball, Athletics and even indoor games. Additionally, the campus also has a permanent sports ground with the country‘s standards and also a gym.



The SNMC is one of the best Universities in Bagalkot, to have an extreme focus on Mission. Likewise, they focus to stimulate the extension of the frontiers with regards to knowledge, research and education. Additionally, they also seek to extend the life of every patient, via treatment, education programmes and even Diagnosis.



SNMC is one of the best Universities in Bagalkot, which ensures the value of the institute is intact, that has the objective oriented performance of the student. Moreover, there are further evaluations. There are certain commitments towards an Environment-Conscious group that is safe with the art of facilities. Likewise, there is integrity that is exercised while making decisions. Moreover, integrity is both internally and externally done, towards a common good. In addition, there are also establishments of the value of based service and education.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Top Universities in Bagalkot.

Are there autonomous universities in Bagalkot?

Yes, there are autonomous Universities in Bagalkot which are approved by AICTE. These universities offer different levels of scholarship programs and courses for students to participate in the same. The institute offers B tech examinations with Mtech and Ph.D. for technical students.


The university is approved by 35 affiliations that have Technologies and a series of opportunities. The university offers various courses that are Ordinance as well as it relates to Technology Engineering and other aspects. However, the bachelor’s in engineering have specializations in biotechnology and electrical engineering civil engineering, and computer engineering. This course deals with the duration of 4 years and needs an eligibility criteria of 45% which is a general criterion at all universities in Bagalkot.


The MBA program in autonomous University days has a 2 years duration and has eligibility of 50% marks. The candidate also needs to fulfill the selection criteria which involves the competition of PGCET. With regards to the MCA program, the University in Bagalkot also offers a 2 years Master’s in computer application and eligibility criteria. However, this course area must fulfill 50% marks and selection criteria of PGCET. Thus, the Ph.D. specialization course has electronics, computer science engineering, and industrial production engineering fields in the same. Likewise, they offer eligibility criteria which is equivalent to the disciplines of early 60% marks and a selection of UGC NET.


How is the admission process of the universities in Bagalkot?

When dealing with the admission criteria of any university whether it is autonomous or public the most important thing is the process. Some of the universities in Bagalkot offer the same process of admission that deals with UG PG and Ph.D. courses. However, the selection process of other Universities differs from this group.


In the undergraduate admission program, the most important thing is to have a basis of merit and a qualified entrance exam of KCET. Other universities may differ from this range of universities as it is with autonomy studies. The undergraduate degree also deals with other bases of entrance examinations that combine two JEE main and COMEDK.


On the other hand, picking up the postgraduate admissions that take place for MCA MBA Mtech and other master programs. This program deals with a plethora of entrance examinations that take place according to different universities in different areas of Bagalkot. The qualification program may differ from one place to another. It however deals with a valid score of CAT MAT or CMAT. It is relevant to have a valid school before taking admission in any post-graduate courses.


The Ph.D. course has separate selection criteria that deal with an aptitude test in technical universities. The university also includes the interview process that deals with candidates’ scores in NET, GATE, SLET, and various others.


How are the placement facilities in autonomous universities at Bagalkot?

The placement facilities at various universities in Bagalkot defer as per their activities and resources. Moreover, it is seen in BEC Bagalkot University that the placement cell comes with a training function that organizes various activities for students to train them in the interviews and other programs. There is a use requirement for the aptitude test and mock interviews with career guidance. Career assessments also take place in this college. There are recruiters that involve Wipro Apollo, Tyres Integramicro, Tech Mahindra, and more other companies that deal with placement and courage within the campus of BEC.


The platform for student placement is quite vast and good in terms of campus interviews. However, there are many interviews that connect an ultimate chance to top in semesters. Some of them include food processing companies. Some of the universities in Bagalkot conduct training for the placement of students. This way there is a positive advantage for the college students as well as the company recruiters. Some of the universities offer high and demanding placements that benefit the students applying. In any particular university, like Horticultural science. There are placements that benefit the agricultural-related course students. This, however, builds up job opportunities for whoever applies to a job in the future.


Various universities in Bagalkot of steering process before the placement taking place. There is semester-wise processing of every company to evaluate the marks and provide the placement accordingly. The annual package from a Horticulture University is 6 lacs.  Jain University which is a Technological University offers placement to students within the campus along with interviews. The interview may take place at any location where the respective company is situated. However, there would be a prime career from the campus itself.

What are the facilities offered by the universities in Bagalkot?


The facilities offered in this university vary from one location to another and one university to another. The universities of BEC include hostel, library, sports room, canteen, and other campus clinics? Here is the list of facilities offered by various universities in Bagalkot that start from hostels and end up to Laboratories.



Hostel facilities are available in all the institutions that I present in Bagalkot. These facilities include two separate rooms for girls and boys as an accommodation that serves 1500 students. Hostel facilities are quite wide that many education Institutions offer. Communication is for comfort and provides a light source of activity and healthy food. All the allies can easily travel to the university as it is located nearby. In addition, the facilities within the hostel are similar to other locations of the University in Bagalkot.



Library facilities cater to provide educational and knowledgeable books within the college campus. It is however necessary for the students to visit the library and glance through various news articles on research papers and novels. The universities in Bagalkot provide good facilities in the library as they provide a store sales of Information and knowledgeable centers with 1 lakh volume books and 800 journals.



Sports facilities are open in almost every institution located in India; however, it is necessary to have an Indoor Stadium that provides activities and other physical sports for students. Likewise, the bi is University which is also located in Bagalkot offers sports departments for boys and girls. Students of the same University are encouraged to take part in any of the sports fields that they like the most. With the advantage of the Indore stadium and the activities of fitness provided by the college, students can easily take part and benefit from the facilities.


Wi-Fi connectivity:

Wi-Fi connectivity is a resourceful facility that is provided by some of the institutions in Bagalkot. Some of the universities help in enabling this internet connectivity to have a 20MBPS network connection. In addition to the Wi-Fi connections, it acts as a benefit for students. It deals with some other research works in projects that meet the deadline.



A cafe is a place that allows students to enter the faculty to refresh and have some free time. Are you looking for a nutritious food canteen to keep yourself healthy? The Universities in Bagalkot provide students with and encourages a canteen facility with healthy and veg foods as well. Students and other faculty members can enjoy the cafeteria that is provided by the university or a College in Bagalkot.

Campus clinic:

The clinic is one such room that takes good care of children in times of medical emergency. It is however very important to have an emergency room or a campus clinic within every university or college all over India and beyond. According to current situations, the need for a medical room makes it important to students and other members as well.


is a place that engages students to have a practical experience on any of the theory subjects relating to science or our computer. Moreover deals with art Laboratories and Science evidence as well. The need for computer rooms makes it essential to accommodate students with 1200 computers.


Transport facilities offered by BEC and other universities markup the importance of travel and conveyance in today’s generation. It is very necessary to have a comfortable and secured transport facility that encourages students to reach the educational institution on time. However, there are other facilities offered by universities worldwide which benefit students and also encourage them to study as per the choice. Some of the universities in Bagalkot like the Jain Institute provide transport facilities for students who live beyond the reachable area of the university. These transport facilities are open for the faculty members to travel easily and safely.



An e-classroom is a place that deals with virtual explanations of courses and subjects related to any criteria and field. It is therefore important to have an e classroom for faculty members and students that makes work easy for teaching and learning at the same time. Some of the universities also had their own E classroom that deals with computer-related activities and other subjects as well. Some of the subjects that require electronic classrooms are encouraged in most universities nowadays. After the online mode of the universities is over there would be proper cleaning and focused electronic classrooms to deal with students of all subject groups.

What is the list of some top universities in Bagalkot?

The universities in Bagalkot theatres provide multiple courses that include undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It, however, deals with the Institution of Management,  horticulture,  engineering,  and other basics of Commerce.  There are various other universities that perform the best in this area.  However, here is a list of the top universities in Bagalkot.

Horticulture University

This university deals with the scientific needs of candidates by accepting applications for the same.  it contains a program with academic distributions and there’s to provide Courses related to horticultural science.  in addition to the other are various other programs are also included within the course duration.  These programs include the doctoral course,  Diploma postgraduate, and undergraduate. Students to take admission with an eligible entrance exam score and a proper merit score. The process of application requires a fee of rupees 500.  The university is recognized by UGC and ICAR that accept all the common entrance exams.  It offers both offline and online processes of the application.


The Horticulture University provides specialization courses in all the programs that include the following list.

  • Plant pathology
  • Vegetable science
  • Harvest Technology
  • Fruit science
  • Agricultural chemistry
  • Spices plantation and Aroma crops
  • Entomology


Admission process

The admission process for the Horticulture University deals with minor and major specialization subjects.  there are various details that deal with the undergraduate or postgraduate and doctoral admission process.  will and the requirement that is needed for each and every level of the program.

Undergraduate degree:

Students can take admission in the bachelor’s degree of horticulture with 25% marks. It is a mandatory requirement to qualify for a particular examination.  It is the power required to complete the entrance exam with 50% marks for security and prepared accurately.

Post Graduate degree:

CET conducts the Post Graduate degree as it deals with Karnataka University.  It provides 25% reserve seats for students who are eligible for the particular quota.  there is also a requirement of 50% marks to qualify with an entrance exam of the same score.

Doctoral degree:

Students can take admission in the PhD horticulture degree that deals with an entrance exam completion by CET. The requirement of qualified personnel is necessary for the entrance exam along with a 5% ko qualifying for the fellowship exam. This fellowship exam usually takes place in ICAR or CSIR.

Application process:


  • The process of an application takes place both in online and offline mode. This encourages more students to apply for the course at which they are looking for.
  • After filling up the application form that is available in both the online and offline mode, students need to attach documentation that a required along with the application form.
  • The payment of rupees 500 is essential for general category students and rupees 250 essential for reserved category students.



Basaveshwar College

This is an engineering university that is autonomous and came into existence in the year 1963.  the university offers technological studies along with approved notifications.  the engineering college offers various courses that include the undergraduate level of BTech and postgraduate level of MBA,  MCA, and Mtech.  This college opens up for scholarship facilities and other employment Essentials.


This university is a private University and it has an affiliation with Visvesvaraya Technology.  Its courses include BTech Mtech and PhD.  However, the admission process has a wide scope for undergraduate and postgraduate levels of examinations.


Students who want to pursue undergraduate courses need to have a proper merit list and the qualifying entrance exam with KCET. There is a one-degree course that is available for the undergraduate courses with an exploratory entrance exam that deals with JEE Main and COMEDK.


The postgraduate degrees in this university deals with MBA MCA and Mtech examinations.  qualified candidates that occur based on merit list and entrance.  The selected candidates from the entrance exam go forward to the personal interview round with a valid CAT MAT or CMAT score.


The PhD courses available in this particular institution require research on an amplitude test.  candidates who wish to apply for the PhD course must complete specific examinations for entrance. The interview round comes after the exams.  Candidates need to have a valid score in the following entrance exams.

  • NET
  • JRF
  • CSIR
  • UGC
  • SL ET
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