B.G Nagara- Universities are among the most common educational institutions apart from colleges in India. They have been built in a certain way where they are accustomed in providing the students with various other amenities apart from education. Although education is the primary mission of any given university, there are various other factors that constitute a university. This comprises of factors such as hostel facilities for both boys and girls, laboratories which enable the students to study further more about the particular subject, various courses and departments and cafeteria. These are some of the most common elements that any given university should comprise off and apart from these common facilities there are much more to be provided such as sport grounds, gymnasium and libraries.

While there are various other differences between a college and a university, there is one distinct factor that differentiates both a college and a university. While a college could also provide such high amenities like hostel facilities, gymnasium, multiple courses and laboratories, a university is an educational institute which provides the students which the facility for research with regards to the particular subject. This is what differentiates a college and a university, although in recent times various colleges have upgraded themselves to the university cadre and it has benefited them in a huge way.

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While there are numerous colleges and universities in India, there are only a hand full of educational institutions when it comes to B.G Nagara. It is a very secular town in the state of Karnataka, it comprises only a few numbers of people with respect to its area and it is also known for its pleasant climate and deep interior areas which given a forest vibe to it. Although there are only fewer educational institutions in the town of B.G Nagara, they are well known to provide a standard level of education which is highly appreciated by the local people.

List of top universities in B.G Nagara:

University name Average fee structure NIRF ranking
Adichunchanagiri University (ACU) – BGSIT 2 lakhs per annum 75
BGS institute of technology 1 lakh per annum 110
Government pre university college 2 lakhs per annum 122
Sri Gangadareshwara PU college 1.5 lakhs per annum 170
BGS college of physical education 1 lakh per annum 200

Adichunchanagiri University (ACU) – BGSIT:

Adichunchanagiri University was established in the year 1986 in B.G Nagara at the expense of a religious outlet which was very keen in establishing an institute where students could come learn without being discriminated on the basis of their religion, creed, caste and gender. The was solely established to provide standard education at the no expense and no amount od discrimination, this was the main motive of the educational institute when it was established and it still is one of the main motives of the educational institution. AIMS was born on January 17, 1986 in the holy presence of Padmabhushana Dr. Sri Sri Sri Balagangadharanatha Maha Swamiji inaugurated by the then Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sri Ramakrishna Hegde. AIMS has become a renowned institution in the region since its founding.

The Adichunchanagiri University is very well known for the equality that it provides its students with. The campus is well equipped with the state of art technologies that enable students to pursue their interests in a much more meaningful way. The campus is surrounded with lush greenery which provides with a very pleasant and clam surrounding, this allows the students to concentrate on their studies and also keep themselves in a state of calmness and peace.


The university consists of various departments in the medicine field, some of those fields are biochemistry, pathology, pharmacology, microbiology, anatomy, forensic medicine, community medicine and dentistry. And university also provides its students with both under-graduate and post-graduate courses, both these courses are provided with the intention to perforate a hole in the education system that is provided on the basis of various social norms that have been followed by the people of the town.

The university also excels in providing its students with various amenities that enable them to further their studies in a useful way. The facilities like state-of-the-art laboratories and research centres all act as a helpful hand in students to pursue their interest and goals. Along with various amenities the university is also knows for its teaching staff members who play a vital role in the educational experience that is being appreciated by the student community.

No. of affiliated colleges: 11

Types of degrees: UG & PG

Top courses: MBBS

Average fee structure: 2 lakhs per annum

Average salary:

BGS institute of technology:

BGS institute of technology was established in the year 2005. The institute was established with the help of various donors who were keen on providing education to the people of B.G Nagara. It is situated exactly near the Bengaluru-Hassan-Mangaluru National highway which caters to most of the travellers who travel from Bengaluru and Mangaluru. This busy highway is the main route for the students to reach the BGS institute of technology and given the rush and clumsiness that the speeding vehicles leave behind, the institute seems to remain unbothered by those effects, as the institute is surrounded by lush greenery that provide a sense of calmness and cleanliness, which allows the students to concentrate on the educational experience rather than all the noise and traffic that happens outside the campus.

The major highlight of the campus is the various sources that it provides to its students, these sources are provided with the purpose to provide students with a helping hand in their studies and also allow them to extend their roots with the help of technology. The institute follows a very leisure policy when it comes in education and also handing the students, the student community has treated as the own and also, they has asked to form a community that would benefit their educational experience in a drastic way. The institute encourages constructive criticism where students has asked to register their complaints and suggestions to the institute management, this allows both the student and teaching community to interact in a meaningful way rather than the usual superior to inferior relationship which is maintained in most of the educational institutions.


Apart from the various educational infrastructure that institute provides to its students, the BGS institute of technology is also knows for its comprehensive and constant development in the way it provides its education. The management is very determined in providing up to date information to its students, skills and knowledge that would be relevant in the modern world and also those which would allow them to succeed in their careers. Therefore, these are the various information and necessary elements which make the BGS institute of technology stand out from the rest of the educational institutions.

No. of affiliated colleges: 12

Types of degrees: UG, PG & PhD

Top courses: Computer science engineering & MBA

Average fee structure: 2.5 lakhs per annum

Average salary:

Government pre university college:

Government pre university is located in the small town of B.G Nagara, this government pre university is known for its standardised education which is has been constantly providing its students over the course of a decade. The government pre university located in B.G Nagara is comparatively a small campus compared to the other government pre university colleges which are located all over the nation. Although the campus is comparatively smaller, this government pre university college does not compromise in the level of education that it provides to its students, and this has been acknowledged by the student community of the town in various occasions. Various successful people have studied in this very pre university college and they have emerged influential in their town and state over various careers.

This government pre university college is much more advanced compared to the educational institutions in the small town of B.G Nagara, because the way they approach their educational method is far more convenient and convincing than most of the others.


This educational institute takes a two-way approach towards education where the teaching staff are not hesitant and afraid to take opinions from students and have meaningful interactions with them. This two-way approach opens up various new possibilities for both the students and the teaching staff, while the student community benefits from gaining new and more convincing answers from the teaching staff, the teaching staff gains various new ideas on how to approach the particular subject with different type of students. This is more of a two-way approach where there is various new information is waiting to be gained by both the sides.

Apart from the educational method and the various factors that make this government pre university college much different from its counterparts, there are also some key elements that allow this particular institute to differentiate itself. One major element is the fact that the campus timings are much shorted and compact compared to most colleges and universities. These shorter timings allow both the students and teachers to be much more effective and productive, this also allows a more comprehensive and modern method of teaching to be pursued.

No. of affiliated colleges: 8

Types of degrees: UG, PG & PhD

Top courses: History, economics, sociology and accountancy

Average fee structure: 1 lakh per annum

Average salary:

Sri Gangadareshwara PU college:

Sri Gangadareshwara PU college has established in the year 2000, it has established under the expense of some various founders who believe in a single cause. Although the Sri Gangadareshwara PU college has known as a pre-university college; this educational institute has more or less a school which trains students before they enter into a real college or university.

The Sri Gangadareshwara PU has very well known for the teaching style and standard education which it provides to students; the pre-university college trains the students in the various fields and courses they have naturally inclined in; and embeds them with various skills and knowledge that has necessary for them to attain a level of success in their career and fields. The teaching staff in Sri Gangadareshwara PU has very keen on providing education that has relevant; and will benefit the students in a much broader sense; Even this and rather than educating the students to gain good marks the management educates the students to learn instead of mugging up things.


This educational institute is also known for the wider range of infrastructural facilities that it provides to the students; such as ground for sports, computer laboratories with high-speed internet, gymnasium, smart class rooms, hostel facilities with wardens; who monitor the area all the time and inclusive library that provides the students with various information; which are relevant and recent. All these amenities make the Sri Gangadareshwara PU unique and much more popular within the student community. The Sri Gangadareshwara PU has also known for its various attributes such as community building courses; and student interactive section where the management interacts with the student community; in order to get to know their ideas and thoughts better.

Therefore, these are the various attributes and features that Sri Gangadareshwara PU provides to its students on a constant basis.

No. of affiliated colleges: 17

Types of degrees: UG & PG

Top courses: History, economics, sociology and accountancy

Average fee structure: 1 lakh per annum

Average salary:

BGS college of physical education:

Sri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji College of Physical Education, established in the year 2005, has one of the pioneer institutes imparting Quality Education. In the field of Physical Education with latest infrastructures to all the games with proper Laboratory facility; Indoor facility, Auditorium facility, Physical Fitness Centre and exclusive hostel and library facility to physical education; Students all spread over 12 acres of land. It has affiliated with Bangalore University.

The College has approved by the National Council for Teachers Education in New Delhi and has recognised by the Government of Karnataka. The BGS college of physical education has an educational institute where a practical approach has taken towards all the courses; and subjects that it teaches to the students. Since the nature of the subject has much more comprehensive and more pre-dictated in many ways the physical education courses has taught in much more practical sense rather than theoretical and linear way.

Some other features of the Sri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji College of Physical Education comprise of various laboratories; that allow the students to take a much more detailed route to the context they are exploring. This process has very much appreciated in this campus, only because of the way the subject has approached by the teaching staff; and it also gives them sense of understanding as to how the students approach the particular subject.


Since it has a physical education course, the students and teachers has required to know everything about the human physique; this has a key component to the students and teachers and the reason why the Sri Balagangadharanatha Swamiji College of Physical Education emphasis; On understanding the human physique through various methods and means. One common method has the indulgence in sports and physical activities by both the students and teachers.

This indulgence allows both the students and teachers to know more about the anatomy of the human body, and what all has necessary for any human being to maintain their body and also what all knowledge must be gained by the students in order to treat those in physical pain and trauma.

No. of affiliated colleges: 5

Types of degrees: UG & PG

Top courses: physical education

Average fee structure: 1 lakh per annum

Salary: 2 Lakhs

Frequently asked questions about to university in B.G Nagara:

What are the major facilities that are provided in the colleges/universities located in B.G Nagara?

When it comes to facilities provided in colleges/universities in B.G Nagara, the basic amenities and facilities has fulfilled in the most decent way. Taking the average of 10 colleges/universities located in B.G Nagara, almost 7 out of the 10 colleges has well versed in all the technological advancements that has currently in use at the educational field throughout the world. Yes! the educational facilities has compared with world standards because the educational institutes in B.G Nagara has no less than the world’s most top universities when it comes to educational standards.

Most of the colleges/universities in the small town of B.G Nagara contains facilities like hostel facilities for both boys and girls; which has securely protected for the student’s safety; and along with inbuilt amenities like bunk beds and pure RO water supply throughout the day and night. Along with bunk beds and water supply, the hostels also provide the Wi-Fi facility; And which enables the students to gain access to the internet for educational purposes and to keep in touch with the current trends. Throughout the world via news. Then the hostels has also equipped with water-heaters which provide the students with hot and warm water supply throughout the day.


Apart from hostel facilities, the colleges/universities in B.G Nagara also provide library facilities that enable the students; to help themselves with their educational progress. The libraries provide a rich variety of books that enable the students to run their interests along various other fields and departments; and not just their own. While libraries and hostels has found commonly in almost all the educational institutes in B.G Nagara, the other major facility; it provided would be laboratories that enable the students to further enhance their educational experience. Therefore, we can say that B.G Nagara being a small town does not shy away from providing a standard set of educational experiences.

What are the various courses that are provided in the colleges/universities in B.G Nagara?

Educational institutes in B.G Nagara has very well knows for their wide variety of programs which has provided to the students. From the most common courses to highly advanced courses which has unknows to the general public, colleges/universities. Even in B.G Nagara has it all and it has provided in the best interest for the betterment of the student community. The educational institutes in this small town provide both under-graduate, post-graduate and PhD courses. Which has highly beneficial for their respective careers and they are keen on providing the necessary skills. This will allows the students to outshine the competition in their respective fields and jobs.

Some of the programs provided at the various educational institutes in B.G Nagara has Bachelor of commerce, Bachelor of business administration; The bachelor in fine arts, bachelor of event management, integrated law course such as BA+LL.B;  And bachelor of fashion designing, bachelor of social work, bachelor of performing arts, bachelors in history; bachelor of social work, bachelor of travel and tourism, aviation courses, bachelor of journalism and mass communication. And post-graduation courses such as masters in computer science, masters in commerce, masters in medical science; masters in business administration, masters in design, masters in fine arts, masters in finance and arts; masters in engineering and much more.


All these under-graduate and post-graduate programs has the compilation of all the courses provided in all the educational institutes in B.G Nagara; and each college/university specialises in one or two specific courses, either under-graduate or post-graduate. Since every college/university here specialises in any one or two specific courses, it makes it very much beneficial for the student community; and also the educational institutes as it subdues the competition and focuses on doing what they do best. And unlike most conventional colleges/universities the educational institutes in B.G Nagara; They has much more intertwined and receptive to the students needs and wants; which makes it beneficial for the students and also the institute as it enables them to provide education in specific manner.

Are there any fee reductions/scholarships for students?

Yes, there are fee reductions and scholarships for students at educational institutes located in B.G Nagara. Although there are comparatively fewer options of scholarships and fee reductions as to most other educational institutes around the nation. The student community has highly benefited by the various scholarships that are provided by both the government; and the educational institute itself, and these are provided to students after a through check of their educational qualification; economical standards, previous examination marks and the courses which they have opted. This makes the scholarship process more scrutinising; and evidently strict compared to most educational institutes in the nation; although there are various other benefits that come from such strict process.

While the fee structure in the colleges/universities at B.G Nagara has comparatively less due to the less economic structure of the town; the standard of the education provided does not corelate to the amount of fees paid by the students. The educational standard has set a specific level which has also compared with various top educational institutes in and around the nation at any given time.

But the fee when compared to other colleges/universities has less which might provoke a preconceived notion; among the general public regarding the educational standard. But the major strength of the educational institutes situated in B.G Nagara is the close knitted circle of both student community; and the educational institutes which enables the general public to understand the true integrity of the standard which has maintained here.


While addressing the educational standards in correlation to the fee structure and also the scholarship facilities provided; at the various educational institutes in B.G Nagara, it is important to mention the governmental support; that has being constantly showered upon the colleges/universities of B.G Nagara. The local government has been playing a very crucial role in the educational progress of the town; and also in the scholarship sanctions for students. Without the help of the local government the educational institutes in B.G Nagara; would not have risen to the standard that it is in today.

Are there any colleges that provide PhD facilitates in B.G Nagara?

Yes, there are educational institutes in B.G Nagara that provide PhD facilities. The educational institutes in B.G Nagara provide a variety of spectrum when it comes to courses and programs; and PhD has no exception. Given the fact that there are only few educational institutes in the small town of B.G Nagara; the colleges/universities here provide a much higher standard educational experience compared to most top colleges/universities in the nation. While there has only two educational institutes in B.G Nagara that provide the PhD course; they even not inferior in any way compared to the PhD courses provided in top research institutes and colleges.

And since there has not more than a fewer number of courses that a student can pursue their PhD in; these fewer courses has far better in standard and their educational experience. This allows the students to gain maximum exposure and experience in their respective fields; and this scenario where there has only few colleges/universities that provide the PhD course. It creates a situation where students and teachers have a very close environment; which allows them to build a system that benefits both ends. Such closely knitted circles enables the teachers to work closely with their students; It also enables the students to work closely with the teachers and this eventually benefits them both.


Therefore, when it comes in pursuing PhD at any of the educational institute in B.G Nagara; it would be of great use to the student as it has a whole lot of boons. Even compared to the number of disadvantages. This goes on to benefit their respective careers and also empowers them with the various skills; and knowledge that is necessary when it comes to sustaining in their field of work. There has also various other advantages in pursing PhD in B.G Nagara because of the government support; and also the scholarships that has provided by the educational institutes from time to time.

What is the admission process in colleges/universities in B.G Nagara?

The admission process in colleges/universities in B.G Nagara has a very similar to those colleges/universities all around the nation. The basic and fundamental process such as clearing the exit board examinations without any backlogs or arrears; clearing the entrance examination, and in some cases clearing the personal interview and group discussion rounds. But to summarise the admission process in short, the educational institutes in B.G Nagara; has decisively based on the previous marks scored by the students. These previous marks scored in previous examinations maybe their 12th board examinations; or their previous course such as their under-graduate or post-graduate programmes. The marks obtained by the students determines their eligibility into the respective educational institute; and therefore does not negotiate with the other ways of admission that might include any fraudulent activities.

These educational institutes situated in the small town of B.G Nagara has far more strictly wound; when it comes to the admission process; and comparing these local educational institutes with various educational institutes in the nation; we might even come to the conclusion that colleges/universities in B.G Nagara has far more developed and organised. When it comes to the admission process. The given the geographical advantages of a small and secular town; the educational institutions in B.G Nagara take full advantage of it. And make sure that students has selected on the basis of their marks and talents, and nothing else.


The given the fact that the student community and educational institute has tightly wound. This makes it more difficult for the students. To acquire a seat in their desired college/university and vice versa for the institutes. Also apart from previous examination marks, there has various entrance examinations conducted in the colleges/universities. Annually which has attended by almost all the students who willing to pursue the particular course; in the particular educational institute. After when the student clears the entrance examination, the college/university. They might conduct personal interview to analyse the student’s knowledge and integrity. In some cases, a group discussion round maybe also has conducted by the respective educational institutes.

What are the various entrance examinations that are accepted in colleges/universities located in B.G Nagara?

When it comes to entrance examinations, colleges/universities located in B.G Nagara has affiliated to almost all the national entrance examinations. And they accept them when it comes to admission process. Just like various colleges/universities that has situated in the nation the colleges/universities in B.G Nagara has also nationalised. And also much more inclusive compared other educational institutes in and around the country. Although the lesser number of educational institutes in the small town might restrict the various courses. The respective entrance examinations has rejected, it does not shy away from almost all the major entrance examinations. That has conducted through the nation on an annual basis.

Some of the most common entrance examinations which has accepted across the various educational institutes in B.G Nagara. It has CAT – Common admission test, CMAT – Common management admission test, MAT – The management aptitude test. GMAT – Graduate management admission test, JEE – Joint entrance exam. AIEEE – All India engineering entrance examination, GATE – Graduate aptitude test engineering. CLAT – Common law admission test, GRE – The graduate record examination and NEET – National eligibility entrance test. These has some of the most common entrance examinations which has conducted for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. And throughout the nation and these tests has conducted on an annual basis. These tests conducted both in online and offline mode, and they primarily focus on the thinking ability of the candidate. Also, by giving them a fixed amount of time and also negative markings for all the wrong answers marked.


Although, B.G Nagara does not house educational institutes that provide all the courses which exist in the nation. The small town of B.G Nagara provides some of the most common courses there is. And it does not encourage a standardised level of education. The educational standard is comparatively higher when compared some of the most well-known cities. The towns in the nation, and this makes B.G Nagar one among the most highly influential. Even standard educational hubs in the nation. Therefore, we can conclude that educational institutes in B.G Nagara is far more advanced. In almost all the sectors of the educational department and also. They accept all the national entrance examination conducted in the nation.

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