Universities in Ahmedabad are prestigious and well known with various degrees. These universities have programs that are popular in nature and offer upper educations to students. Some colleges are affiliated with Gujarat University and are also approved by UGC. Moreover, the universities in Ahmedabad are accredited with having Grade A and a high rank. Some colleges like St. Xaviers College are ranked 59th and also offer numerous course agendas.

Departments of a University

The universities in Ahmedabad include Indus university as it provides postgraduate and undergraduate courses for students. However, there are other departments that are as following:

  • Architectural Department
  • Humanities and Science department
  • Management Department
  • IT and Computer Department
  • Engineering and Technological Department

The above gives a wide scope to choose the right department after cracking the entrance exam. Therefore, colleges like the National Institute of works offer Doctoral and master’s courses in the pharmaceutical field. However, this institute is ranked 9th by the NIRF. Thus, all the universities in Ahmedabad offer entrance exams or have a merit-based selection process.

These universities have also partnered with the America Bank that caters to the transformation of a central hub of the academy. Moreover, it also has its private sector banks in technological abilities that cut an edge in these areas of understanding. IIM falls under the Universities in Ahmedabad that inspire the knowledge for custom technologies and design.

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List of Top Universities in Ahmedabad – Best of 2021

University NameAverage Fee StructureNIRF Rank
IIM Ahmedabad UniversityRs 2.8 Lacs2
St. Xaviers CollegeRs. 995857
Indus UniversityRs. 96007
National Institute of PharmaceuticalRs.1504507
GLS Institute of Computer ApplicationNIL8
MICA School of IdeasRs. 2.1 Lacs9

Best Universities in Ahmedabad

IIM Ahmedabad – Established in 1961

IIM is one of the most prestigious business schools that has numerous features and slots. It is one of the best among the top management institutes in Ahmedabad. However, this institute engages in a new program that involves a selection criterion. Students can register for the entrance exams that are usually conducted within the university. There is a requirement to complete the CAT exam for the MBA program.

Along with the consideration of a proper work experience and its dependable 10th and 12th score. However, the exchange programs after the post-graduate are taken up by students who wish to complete this program. This college also provides a premier one-year term where our students are selected accordingly. The IIM college offers other programs that include the double degree program as it partners up with 6 institutions internationally. In addition to this, there are other programs that are partnered by the college. These involve HEC France, IIM Ahmedabad member program, ESSEC Business in France, and many more. The college facilitates programs of development that cater to provide custom courses.


The college has its own management course that involves specializations as well. They offer different levels of programs that relate to the undergraduate and postgraduate courses in India. However, there are many programs in the management field of the PG role. Here is a list of courses along with the program details and the basis of the selection process.

PG program in MBA management:

This is a 2-year duration program that has a flexible fee structure of 23 lakhs. However, the eligibility criteria for this PG program include a candidate score of 50% marks in bachelor. In addition, there is also a requirement for a professional qualification that must include within the candidate’s degree.

The basis of selection also involves the candidature of a student that is willing to apply. Moreover, a CAT score + PI and AWT adds up to a positive role in this field.

PG in Agriculture and Food management:

The duration for this program involves 2 years along with the course fee that is Rs. 21.5 Lakhs. Therefore, this course has its own eligibility criteria that must be kept in mind while applying for the same role. Candidates must have a 50%score in their bachelor’s degree along with a relevant CGPA in any related course study. Hence, the selection criteria are similar to the PG role in the management program. The candidates must require the fulfillment of CAT+PI and AWT.

Executive PG course

This program offers a 1-year duration course along with a 28 Lakh average fee structure. However, the eligibility criteria involve completion of bachelors in any related discipline along with proper work experience. Thus, the selection criteria involve a GMAT score along with an Aptitude test in PGPMX with 5 years of experience in any relevant field.

Management program in Ph.D.:

Along with other management programs, this Ph.D. degree takes 3-5 years for its completion. However, the fee per month is 30,000 INR along with legible criteria for eligibility. The candidates must pursue any relevant discipline before taking up this Ph.D. program.

There are many other courses along with the ones explained above. However, they include ePost programs, faculty programs, business analytics, and more. All of these programs have a duration of one to three years with relevant experience. Similarly, candidates must also go through the selection process. Hence, this mostly involves a relevant CAT score.

IIM batch students have made an academic review as per their backgrounds. According to the figures for the previous years, it has been noticed that the Arts section has increased by 5%. As a matter of fact, there were fewer students to grab the seat for the programs that relate to MBA. Candidates were from commerce and science backgrounds as well. They include 18% and 1% respectively. Similarly, there was a huge hike in the engineering field as candidates hit 76% along the way.

  • of Affiliated Colleges: 1
  • Types of Degrees: UG, PG, executive, PGPM, Certification, EPFO, FDP, and PhD
  • Top Courses: Management and Education
  • Average Fee Structure: 280000 to Rs.1000000

St. Xavier’s College– Established in 1955

The institute is affiliated with Gujarat University. It is a college of upper education with relevant standards of education. Alongside, the college is also a prestigious place that has A-grade facilities. This college is the best among all the universities in Ahmedabad. It is also ranked 59th among Indian colleges. There are many courses offered by the college that include PG and UG programs. Along with many specialization courses, there are other programs that are offered by this college. The undergraduate programs include BA, Bcom, and BSC courses along with BCA as well. However, the postgraduate course involves MSc and other bases of merit. The college offers 15 courses and 6 streams. Along with its popular courses, there are BA, MA, BSc, and other core subjects as well. The college encourages an online application form which needs to be filled up as per the initial selection process.

Admission process:

St. Xavier’s college is one of the prestigious colleges among all the universities in Ahmedabad. This institute has its own admission process that caters to provide an application stream.

How can candidates apply?

  • The initial step towards application is to fill up the online firm that is available on the official website of the concerned college.
  • Alongside, there is a small fee that needs to be paid along with the application form.
  • The candidates that are shortlisted for the further rounds will get an email or SMS regarding the same.
  • The candidates selected for further rounds must be ready for the interview or the counseling process that will take place in the future.
  • The performance of candidates makes it mandatory for them to apply in the given process. As per that, the interview session will be further taken.
  • of Affiliated Colleges: 1
  • Types of Degrees: BSc, MSc, BA, BCA, BCom, Certification, MA, Ph.D.
  • Top Streams: Arts, Science, Commerce, Vocational Course, Computer Applications.
  • Average Fee Structure: Rs. 9985 to Rs. 70,000.

Indus University – Established in 2012

Indus University is one of the prestigious and pioneer universities in Ahmedabad. This university offers undergraduate programs and postgraduate programs as well. However, the institute offers Technology and science as their subject matter.

The university offers various departments that include engineering and technology, management, Architectural programs, and many more. However, the eligibility criteria vary as per the programs chosen.


The admission process for the Indus university is similar to universities in Ahmedabad. Here are the steps included in the admission process for the same.

  • The applicant must fill-up the form that will be available on the official website of the college or university.
  • After the form is filled up, candidates are requested to be ready for the next round of interviews on being shortlisted.
  • There are other criteria that need to be fulfilled with regards to the management strength. Candidates from this category that include 25% of marks seen through merit-based and the rest will be entrance exam based. Similar criteria apply to the NRI students. Both the categories of students may have to go through this set of eligibility if they are decided by the government of Gujarat and AICTE.
  • After the admission criteria are fulfilled, the eligible candidates will appear for the final interview round.

Placements for universities in Ahmedabad

Indus university falls under one of the universities in Ahmedabad that offer career guidance to students. This university offers good placement facilities for all eligible candidates. They also guide students along with their careers and provide ample career solutions within the academic studies

Key Responsibilities

The Indus University is one of the best universities in Ahmedabad that offer various responsibilities and roles in placements, training, Entrepreneurship, and more. Here is a list of the same below.

  • Placements
  • Training
  • Industry interface
  • Tie-Ups
  • Empanelment


Various universities in Ahmedabad offer accommodation facilities for the same. However, the university has a list of facilities with regard to hostels.


  • Gym facilities with inbuilt fitness centers
  • Both girls and boys hostels are available
  • Balanced canteen facilities and well-settled services
  • Accessible first air service with local hospitals and in emergency campus

Sports and Entertainment:

Apart from hostel facilities, there are other entertainment facilities as well. All universities in  Ahmedabad offer sports facilities. However, the Indus university also offers the same which prepares its college students to propel in academics and co-curricular activities. There are several skills that students inculcate while taking part in the co-curricular activities offered by the college. However, they include the following:

  • Leadership skills
  • Winning attitude
  • Pressure handling
  • Accountability
  • Management
  • Commitment

There are other facilities that include transport and computer labs. The transport facility includes safe and secured travel accommodation other than private busses. Hence, these routes also cover the city of Ahmedabad.

Library and Computer Labs:

On the other hand, the library and computer lab facilities foster informative, scientific, and nonfictional books for the library. Hence, the computer Labs have their own network connection with wifi facilities that indulge students within the curriculum.

Canteen facilities:

Similarly, various colleges and universities in Ahmedabad offer canteen facilities for students within the campus itself. The food served in these universities is fresh. There are preference foods that are tasty with veg and nonveg availability. However, for cooking vegetables and rice, people use steam boilers that maintain the hygiene facility along with its maintenance.

The foods served here are delicious and healthy to eat. Hence the students and faculty members can have the food offered within the canteen. All canteens of the universities in Ahmedabad offer huge accommodations and healthy food. Similarly, the Indus university also offers the same facilities that include 250 students within the canteen. This also includes the facility members from the student accommodations.

  • of Affiliated Colleges: 1
  • Types of Degrees: The university offers BBA, MBA, BCA, and more degrees. They also include Management, Engineering, Computer Application, Science, and Architecture Streams.
  • Top Courses:  UG and PG

Frequently Asked Questions About the Top Universities in Ahmedabad

How many universities in Ahmedabad are currently functioning?

In total there are 30+ universities in Ahmedabad. These universities are some of the best in Ahmedabad as they offer PG and UG programs. According to various research programs, the universities in Ahmedabad offer science and technology. Hence the departments offered by some of the universities like Indus are wide in scope. Thus, here is a list of the top universities in Ahmedabad and the core facts that they provide.

Indus university:

  • This university offers five courses of UG and PG both. They however include subjects like BE or BTech, ME or MTech, Ph.D., MBA, and MCA.
  • The university provides various responsibilities and roles that strengthen the candidates. They also provide valuable placement facilities to all their students who are eligible for the same. The Entrepreneurship skills along with the Industry interface provides a wide scope for individuals in the Indus university of Ahmedabad.
  • This university also provides various training facilities that range from CV writing to finishing students’ school training. However, the universities in Ahmedabad also provide GD sessions along with Aptitude tests and technical psychometric mechanisms.
  • Apart from other top skills, the universities in Ahmedabad like Indus provide soft skills and employment tests. This also includes the technical exams for eligible students.
  • For placements, students encourage more revisions, reviews and also look into the database for employers. Likewise, they also provide a talent acquisition test for in-campus recruiters.
  • Various executions take place within the universities in Ahmedabad. They include drives for the campus students that meticulously provide benefits to the students.

Institute of Medicine Pharmacy University:

  • This university offers various courses coming from the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees of Pharma. The Bachelor in Pharma course that universities in Ahmedabad offer relates to the pharmacy with the eligibility of 10 plus 2 completion.
  • The universities also offer Masters in pharmacy that includes pharmaceutical studies and other analytical studies. The eligibility criteria for the dame include a complete bachelor’s course from any relevant course and GPAT. There is a requirement for entrance-based exams after the completion of a bachelor’s degree in this particular course.
  • The faculty members within the university are highly qualified. They are supportive and provide good care to all students. However, the university encourages all faculty members to take part with students during academic studies as well as during co-curricular activities.
  • Like other universities in Ahmedabad, this pharmacy institute also has well-equipped lab facilities. They provide good quality equipment for candidates willing to participate in the same subject. All universities in Ahmedabad have their own facilities with regard to computer labs and other activities. Hence this pharmaceutical industry provides study-based projects for candidates to participate in the same.
  • The pharmacy institute provides international collaborations with other universities and colleges. However, they have collateral connections with other international universities that provide the same course of study for students within this campus.
  • The university provides excellent placement facilitates for students that are eligible. However, corporate companies support faculty placements along with student coordinators and other associations. All universities in Ahmedabad provide good placements for students from top-class companies. These companies further provide good packages for students according to their heads of department.

Which is the best university in Ahmedabad?

In total there are 68 institutes or universities that are uniranked all over Gujarat. However, these are higher levels of educational institutions that fathom the power of learning within their curricular activities. They thus provide a graduate degree of 4 years with bachelor’s, masters, and also a doctoral program.

The National Institute of Design is one of the best and pioneer universities in Ahmedabad. This university was founded in 1961 and is a nonprofit based educational institution. It moreover university settles in the urban parts of the branch. Thus, this is attached to the large branch in Gandhinagar. The university is officially recognized along with the science department. It is also a coeducational institution.

The levels of study and the study matrix offered in this university are prominent to understand. There are several facilities that this National institute provides. They also include academic and non-academic facilities for students. These facilities however include a library, sports, lab, and other administrative services.

Best city for studying in Gujarat

There are various cities available in Gujarat that offer good studying facilities and educational institutions. However, the best developments along with tourism and further studies occur in this place.

There are numerous places that offer educational facilities for students in universities like Maharaja Sayajirao, Gujarat University, Saurashtra University, and many more. In addition, the universities in Ahmedabad offer supportive study materials and equipment.

Which are the top 10 universities in Ahmedabad?

The top 10 universities in Ahmedabad include high-ranking management colleges that involve MBA programs. There are universities and colleges in Ahmedabad that offer numerous programs and activities. Likewise, they also provide demanding facilities for students within the campus.

All of these Universities in Ahmedabad provide entrance exams for students. Hence the admission process is not fixed and they vary with regards to the process of selection whether through merit or entrance. Here are the points that must be kept in mind while taking admissions at any of these 10 universities in Ahmedabad.

  1. Students must fill up the application form that will be available on the desired college or university website either offline or online.
  2. The next step is to check all details before submitting the form and rechecking it to fill up any missing information.
  3. After the application form is carefully filled up, the candidates now have to submit that with an application fee.
  4. Once the firms are submitted, the shortlisted candidate will be further taken into consideration for a personal interview.

Here are the top 10 universities in Ahmedabad that offer a wide scope of educational opportunities for further studies.

  1. National Institute of Design: Rank 1
  2. Gujarat Technology University: Rank 2
  3. Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar: Rank 3
  4. The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda: Rank 4
  5. Nirma University: Rank 5
  6. Veer Narmad South Gujarat University: Rank 6
  7. Gujarat University: Rank 7
  8. CEPT University: Rank 8
  9. Sardar Patel University: Rank 9
  10. Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat: Rank 10

How are the private universities in Ahmedabad?

Apart from the top universities in Ahmedabad like the National Institute of design and the Gujarat University. There are other private universities as well. These universities offer good facilities for students and faculty members. Hence, most of the private universities are ranked and have good standards. They are also approved by UGC and have their own accreditations. One such university in Ahmedabad is the Indus university.

Indus University:

The university offers various departments of study starting from science and technology. However, they also have facilities that cater to the needs of students. The university is similar to other best universities in Ahmedabad as they have their own facilities that include hostels, libraries, and computer labs.

Furthermore, the Indus university also provides entertainment and sports as a part of its department. They have the commitment and team-building facilities along with leadership skills and self-handling opportunities. The university encourages students to take part in these facilities and sports departments that are offered within the campus.

Transport facilities also add up to the benefits that facilitate the service of the university. Apart from the private busses offered by other private universities in Ahmedabad. This university offers comfortable transport for students within specific routes of Ahmedabad city.

Nirma University:

The next university is Nirma University which is also a private and prestigious university. This university is one of the leading universities in Ahmedabad that offer Doctoral programs for students.  They also provide 100% placements along with GD sessions and HR meetings within the campus. Moreover, there are mock placements that occur every year. This includes the Aptitude test and various other analyses of SWOT.

The international students have to go through seat intake criteria. This includes 15% of the program as conducted by the pharmacy institute. Thus, the availability of supernumerary as a category marks 5% of the official relations through international means.

The capacity for taking students within the undergraduate and postgraduate courses involves admissions through Gujarat ACPC.

  • UG course: There are 85 seats for Gujarat ACPC, 15 seats for NRI that take place at Burma university. And furthermore, including 05 seats for the additional case.
  • PG course: The PG course involves pharmaceutical studies and offers 15 seats for students. In addition, there are 12 seats for regulatory affairs and 12 seats for pharmacology. Likewise, 15 seats are also reserved for pharmaceutical analysis.

Can students apply for the BPharm results?

After the university announces the results of the BPharm, candidates can move forward and apply to the institute of pharmacy. This is possible in the case of final year students when their BPharm results are yet to be declared.

Candidates can also enjoy reserved seats for some of the categories. These are for the students who have completed BPharm at Nirma University.

  • Applicants enjoy the reservations as one seat is kept reserved for students who have completed BPharma.
  • If there is no particular admission taking place then the reserved seat will be moved to an open seat where any candidate can easily apply.

How are the facilities of Ahmedabad university?

This is a private university and the most prestigious among the other kinds of institutions. They offer several programs like engineering, arts, science, and management. The admission process is quite similar to other universities in Ahmedabad. Thus, they provide placements with development careers that help students build up their job process.

The university offers scholarship facilities for students that are eligible. However, deserving students must also have their merit to obtain an education. There is however a requirement for students to maintain a standard CGPA every year which is  0.2 annually. Hence, the desired scholarship facility of the universities in Ahmedabad provides students for all 4 years.

Various facilities in Ahmedabad university have exceptional services. Moreover, they offer national-level facilities and international levels at the same time. They also provide libraries, hostels, and classrooms with well-standardized service.

The library of the universities in Ahmedabad has books and magazines that have periodical studies. However, these studies retain publications, case studies, and many more.

Hostels: The facilities of this university offer hostel for both boys and girls both. They provide close proximity with candidates and give well-known services. There are transportation facilities offered by this university. They however pick up faculty members from universities and students from hostels.

Classrooms: Apart from other facilities there are classrooms that are well decorated and properly sanitized. Thus, the classrooms of these universities have air conditioners, sanitized rooms, and advanced equipment accordingly.

How is the University of Ahmedabad?

The university is prestigious and has good facilities. Moreover, they have their own admission process and facilities. The methodological technologies equipped by the university are unique. In addition, the core facilities offered by this university include a hostel for both boys and girls. This facility is comfortable in terms of development and accommodations. However, the rent for the boy’s hostel differs a bit from the girl’s hostel. Students can easily get a room for 8k to 10k monthly.

Apart from the hostel facilities, the university has well-designed campus life. Their sports facilities incur challenging roles and they also provide departments for various facilities. They work well together with a dedicated teacher and a good campus life.

Q8. Which are the distance education universities available in Ahmedabad?

When discussing the universities in Ahmedabad, there are many educational institutions for distance studying. This is because of the universities in Ahmedabad provide a wide scope of the study for students.


A university like IIMT is an educational institution that is in Ahmedabad. Moreover, this institution provides specialization programs for students who want to pursue any degree course from a distance. So, if you do not want to move away from your hometown and are looking for studies online then this university is apt for you.

It is a great choice for students to select a distance study when it comes to management or any other educational field. One can easily take up any professional study course from this university as they provide degrees for distance education.

According to student ratings, it is a fact that more than 50% of students enjoy studying from a distance in the current generation as it is more convenient and supportive. One can take up any degree course and study online that may include BCom, BBA, or BSc. Chegg materials also include study blogs and articles for every course. Whether it is a university or a college, every material of any degree is provided by us. Students can check out the materials for study and choose the right distance institutes for much formal education.


Through distance studies, one can easily live within their hometown and have the facility of a college or a university. This is similar to other best universities in Ahmedabad. This is possible when you are living far away and want a university or any educational institution to provide proper facilities for study. The top universities in Ahmedabad come in handy in this particular case. Students from other states can take up materials and study as per their preferences. This distance MBA is one of the best among all the universities in Ahmedabad. They provide distance materials for the study of MBA. Thus, students can easily make up a career out of it. The master’s programs in MBA also offer 10 specializations within this distance course. There is a proper balance between study and other facilities by this educational institution.

Suresh University

This university was established in the year 2012 that serves students with quality materials and other facilities for study. This is also one of the distance education institutions in India. In the current scenario, there are many institutions that offer a great demand in programs that include the UG and PG courses. Further, distance education has now increased due to the covid situation where almost every student wishes to study online. This is the reason there are open universities in Ahmedabad available for distance courses as well.

However, students can take part in various facilities that the college or university provides along with comfortable degrees. The distance course is quite simple in terms of study. This encourages educational activity in various fields of study. So that education extends its reach to all parts of India.

Padhai Educational solutions

This institution allows you to earn your own study. It provides benefits and facilities for students out of their campus. So if you wish to study online or on their local campus, this institution offers quality facilities and materials for all students. As per a supportive environment provided by the institution, you can easily have the right study ambiance. There is a challenging curriculum that this institute provides.

It is a prestigious place to study and connect with. Just like other universities in Ahmedabad, this institute is safe and secured for students to study. There are so many other institutes in Pune that provide good facilities for studies to prepare them according and to select the right course. Moreover, this institute in Ahmedabad also provides materials for study and takes time to time examinations.

Thus, there are educational institutions that are suitable for students who want to pursue distance education. If a child wants to become an entrepreneur then he needs to have proper business ethics that are essential in this field. Proper knowledge of educational studies and business background is one of the most important aspects that fall in demand in today’s generation. However, these universities in Ahmedabad help them complete their bachelor’s or masters or even doctoral degrees. Hence, the use of these degrees is demanding in today’s generation along with proper ethics and knowledge.

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