Full-Time Study: Pros and Cons in India

Educational institutions are providing different types of education. In which full-time study mode is one of them. However, such types of studies are available in diverse other modes also. For instance, part-time study, distance study, and also online study. The institution has introduced these courses for the benefit of the students. Since the life goal of different students is unlike. Hence, according to the mission of your life, you can select them accordingly.

The primary characteristic of the full-time course is the duration. Here, after getting enrollment you need to dedicate a complete academic year for your study. Also, the students need to give attendance. Since colleges and universities require a certain percentage for attendance before appearing for the final examination. Therefore, the students need to go to the institution daily. This is an important feature who are a part of this program.

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Here you will get the information about the meaning of full-time study. Since multiple universities are present that provide such studies. But there are some pros and cons to it as well. Therefore, it is always better to know both sides of the coin. So that in future you will be happy with your decision. Besides, for easy guidance, there is a simple way as to how you could make your decision. Such a decision will help you to keep parity in life. If you are studying and also wanting to do a job. However, if you want to devote your entire academic year to education.

There are ample institutions that are in demand the names will also be present for full-time study. Among them, the top names of the institution will be present. So that you can take the admission according to your preferences.

What is a Full-time Study, and What does it involve?

Full-time study means the duration taken to complete the course. Hence, this is a prime aspect that creates a distinction from other courses. Therefore, this creates a difference between the credit hours. This is the key difference between full-time study and part-time study. The credit hours are important for each of the semesters. Such credit hours are essential to get scholarships as multiple universities look at the credit hour before sanctioning the scholarship.

In the full-time study, the credit hours are twelve. However, this brings down to the number of classes are four. These are the minimum number of classes. The chances are high to increase the number of classes. However, in other types of study, the number remains around seven to eleven credits. This brings down to an average of more than two or less than three generally. Hence, the distinction of credit number suggests the number of periods spent by the students. The type of subjects could also create differences. There is a subject that gives less credit. However, there are some courses in which the credit hours are high. For instance, the credit hours for English are low. But the credit hours for mathematics are high.

In addition, the full-time study has fixed charges. The charges are related to the tuition fee. However, the credit hours have no impact on deciding the tuition fee for it. The student needs to have 20 to 40 hours of education each week. To study in this program, the amount of finance required is also high.

Full-time Study Involves


Since you have to contribute long hours for your education hence, you need to start to plan. So that during the last minute of the examination, you can have ample time to revise your syllabus.

Communicate with Friends

In this type of education, getting assistance from friends is essential. They will help you understand any concept, and you can also judge where you are standing in the competition.

Why prefer full-time study?

There are many reasons to opt for full-time study. However, the reasons for making such choices will be different for different people. Therefore, below there are some causes of it:

  • Too scared to give a drop in any year
  • Want to graduate properly also to want money to opt for full-time study quickly.
  • Not working and ready to devote at least 20 hours to studies each week.
  • You do not have any burden to earn
  • In an academic year, you don’t have a plan to work

Importance of Accreditation for Students


The importance of accreditation is to adhere to the standard of the education provided to the students. Earlier, only the supreme education providers used to use accreditation. However, these days it is an essential aspect. Since this shows, the institution gives importance to education. Therefore, this gives a better perspective to the students. There are several non-government bodies and also private bodies that review their study program. The study program includes the course of different streams. Having this kind of quality check help the organization to improve the standards of education.


Having such measures increases the confidence and trust towards the institution as the standards of education are getting high. Thus, accreditation creates accountability. Therefore, it enhances the quality of education. Being a student is the foremost aspect for the candidates to look for it. It gives a wider view to the parents for their children. So, the students will be able to complete their studies with having faith that the institution can work as publicity.

Further Review

For accreditation having a voluntary review is not enough. Therefore, external reviewers further review to give quality certificates to the institutions. Only the council for higher education accreditation conducts the reviews. These professionals have the license to conduct the investigation. They help to highlight the points that are not working favourably for the organization. Thus, the institution will get the guidance to improve themselves more. So that parents and students can develop trust in the particular university.


Besides, the companies give employment opportunities to these institutions. Since they start to develop confidence in the institutions, having such confidence creates faith in educational superiority. The employer will have the belief the students will be excellent to provide services to the company. Thus, it will assist the organization to grow.


The students will start to take enrolment once there is a hike for the job opportunities. Furthermore, this will help the economy to grow. Thus, there will be an expansion of employment opportunities. Also, it is checked the significance in real life.

Methodology of Accreditation for College/Universities

The assessment for the accreditation’s multiple dimensions. All the dimensions are listed below to know more about them. Hence, it will give a clear understanding of the accreditation. These dimensions are key points to make an institution accredited. To deal with the dimensions, there is a requirement of the procedures. This would help to monitor and to validate the performance of the institution. These facts are a part of the assessment model. The components will be present as a method.


Significance of the public information

The professional reviewer checks the excellence of the institution. Hence, it is important to upfront all the effects. All information of the institutions will work as a deciding factor for the student to get enrolled.

Quality of the study program

Accredited institutions provide high study courses. Therefore, it is important to put light on education standards for the growth of the candidates.

Efficiency internal quality examination

The importance is not only given to the research done by the externals. However, equal importance is given to the internal investigation. This helps to justify the conclusion. The externals are the chief members to conclude.

The competency and the qualification

The examination of the institution relies on the quality of the faculty members as well. Since they are the people who will impart education to the children, they will be present as new teaching professionals for now and also in the future.

The efficiency of the system for education

Since the invention of new technology, the education sector is also evolving. Therefore, it is vital to evolve the institutions as well with time.

Pros of Full-Time Study

Before enrolling in the university study programs, you might give a thought about the times of study. As there is a presence of full time and part-time study duration are available. In such a case, here all pivotal points are presented in the following important points will be helpful for you to conclude. This section will help you to set your priority towards your life and goal. So that you could know what all benefits you will be getting by selecting it.

Based on the research done by the researchers, to know the mindset of the candidates, it was discovered that above 55% of students prefer to study and work simultaneously. This research was conducted only on high school students. Moreover, the scenario is not different for university students.

The Pros of Full-Time Study are

Continuous Education

Once you start to attend the classes, you will be in the flow to gain knowledge and wisdom. This would help you to be on track with your studies. Thus, you will be able to keep your study as the top priority. Also, there will be an urge to learn more. this will help you to be more focused and determinant. Therefore, there will be consistency with your study and to learn them in depth. As you will start to put more hours, you can easily be different from the crowd.

Better Understanding

You will get longer sessions for taring since you will profoundly learn the concept. Besides, it helps to build a strong connection with the students and teachers. Since they intend to ask and learn more. Thus, it will help students solve doubts from a fundamental level.


The professional teachers will help to solve all the doubts of the students. Hence, it will be an easy game for the students to crack any employment opportunities. These will get better jobs for placements. The better you get the company; it is likely the higher the salary package will be.

Cons of Full-Time Study

Post to asking admission for higher study programs, you might think about the times of study. It is because of the presence of full time and part-time study duration is available. In such a case, here, all pivotal points are as following, these important points will be helpful for you to conclude. This section will help you to set your priority towards your life and goal. So that you could know what all benefits you will be getting by selecting full-time study.

The Cons of the Full-Time study are

Practical experience

In the process of learning, the students will get less exposure to the practical. As in the full-time study, all the pieces of training for the theoretical knowledge are given well. But there is no better opportunity created for an increased number of practical sessions. Thus, the exposure is limited only to academic skills. Therefore, the students have all the knowledge of the theories of all the students in any of the streams.

Selection of Candidates

The employer prefers only specific students. The candidates who have practical knowledge in the specific stream. As this would reduce the time in learning and a direct start o work. Since selecting such candidates gives a prime advantage to the business. It will make them hold on to any opportunity which they are looking for.


The sum required for the full-time study is high than the part-time study. Hence, it becomes inconvenient and expensive for some. Moreover, it will be inexpensive if the college and the university are in the same state. If not, the expenditure will be further high in the long term and short term.

How do you choose between studying full time and part-time?

There are various factors on which one can decide between which to choose


The primary difference between full time and part-time study is the duration of the course. In full time you need to give long hours in a year. However, in part-time, you need to allocate fewer hours to study.

But based on the completion of the degree, there is a variation. In the part-time study, you have to give two for the completion of one course. However, in the full-time study, a one-year course will be completed within one year. It means the classes for the candidates of the part-time study are expended in more sections.

So, the students who have so issue with the time constraint can avail themselves of part-time study. But the candidates who have less time should opt for the other one.

Teaching Slot

The classes are given on the weekdays. The classes are conducted between 9:00 AM to 5 PM. This study duration is required as the professions provide intensive education in the given topic. All the classes are conducted on the campus of the institution.

For the part-time study, the timetables for education are scheduled only for weekends. The classes are taken on both Sunday and Saturday. Thus, the completion of the chapters in the part-time study will require more time. For this reason, additional duration is required for the full-time study. Furthermore, the institution favourably designed the course. It is because the course and the study are designed less exhaustively.

The working students need to prefer the part-time as this will give a balance in the life. Thus, there will be a balance between education, work, and life.


To study properly and to get knowledge from roots, you should opt for full-time study. As the longer duration will be given, the more favourable it will be for the students to gain knowledge. The questions of any doubt can be asked on the following day. However, it is not possible to the part-time as you have to wait for next weekend.

Best institution in India for full-time study

There are various top institutes that offer Full-Time study program which is as follows:


The expanded term of IIT-D is an Indian institute of technology in Delhi. It has been operating in the nation since 1951. In their course, they have multiple subjects. Such subjects all consist of only full-time courses. This institution provides in spot enrolment for some courses. Moreover, some course requires entrance exams. The marks of the students will work as a deciding factor to get admission. However, this university specializes only in the two degrees. The most preferred courses found in this institution are science-related subjects and the engineering degree. Also, ample placement opportunities are seen.

They give importance to the following:

Knowledge Outcome

It is also checked that once the learning that will be imparted, will it have any significance in real life. For instance, if the industry requirements are different from the education, it will be valued less for the students.

Quality Knowledge Outcome

It is not only about learning lessons. But it is significant to understand the graduation quality of the students. Therefore, they also conduct surveys to discover the quality of the students as well.


To expand the term IIT-KGP, it is an Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. This institution is located in Bangalore. It has been showing its excellence in education since 1909. Therefore, it has improved the institutions over time. Also, it is famous for its placement guarantee. As all the employers in India are continuously having trust for ages. It has been possible due to the excellence of their academic curriculum. Not only the fess of this institution is less, but also, they provide full times study courses as well. The best course found in this institution is an engineering and other science-related subjects. Besides, multiple placement opportunities are seen. However, students’ needs to give importance to bring further good grades:

They give importance to the following:

Study Time Allocation

After opting for any course, you need to give proper time for education. this would assist you in getting good scores furthermore.

Societal Separation

You will start to experience distancing from near ones. This will happen when as you start to concentrate more on your betterment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Full-Time Study Education in India

What does the full-time study mean?

It means giving maximum time of a day, weak and year in the study.

How many hours in full-time study?

It requires more than 20 to 50 hours a week.

Is there a difference in the qualification I receive at the end?

No, the qualification degree for both the full-time study and the part-time study remains the same.

If I study, part-time will I get the same level of supporters as the full-time students?

Compare between them, the level of support in the other studies will be less. They have arranged the schedules for the classes only for weekends. But to solve the subject’s doubts, you can communicate with the faculty members. Hence, communication is the only way to resolve this query for a better understanding of the subject.

What will my time timetable look like?

For the full-time study, the classes will hold on the weekdays. The total duration of the classes will start from 9 AM. However, it will end at 5 PM.

Will I need to spend time outside of the class studying?

No, you do not need to spend time outside of the class studying. The professors will take all the classes within the campus.

If I study for a part-time weekend master’s, is there a break?

Yes, the students who will enrol for part-time study pan will get breaks in the day.

Can I work full time and study part-time?

Yes, it is possible to do so as for a full-time job you will be working from Sunday to Thursday. Therefore, at the same time, you could study on the weekends for any course as part-time study.

Which programs have full time and part-time study programs?

The names of the programs that are available for full time and part-time study programs are as follows:

Part-time programs

  • Advanced cyber security training course.
  • German classes in NYC.

Full-time programs

  • Medicine
  • Animation
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