A National Board of Accreditation (NBA) India was established for the first time in 1994 in accordance with Article 10(u) of the AI CTE act to assess the qualitative competence of the programs offered at the educational institution from the diploma to a postgraduate level of engineering and technology, management, pharmacy, architecture and related subjects (All Indian TECHNIC Council),

NBA came into existence as a separate autonomous body with the objectives of ensuring quality and pertinence for the technical education, particularly in the areas of engineering and technology, management, pharma and catering technology, and of the programs of professional or technical disciplines, through the accreditation mechanism of the NBA In April 2013, an amendment was made to the Memorandum of Association and to the NBA Regulations to make the AICTE fully administratively and financially independent.

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The NBA evaluates the technical institutes’ programs according to the standards established. Also, this may include but cannot be limited not only to institutional missions and objectives, organization and management, facilities for infrastructure, quality of instruction and apprenticeship, curricular design and review, support services (libraries, laboratories, types of equipment, computer facilities, etc…).

The NBA has introduced new accreditation methods, standards, and criteria that are in line with international best practices and aims at assessing program results over the course of its history.

Objectives: National Board of Accreditation (NBA)

The NBA’s main goals are as follows:

  • Assessing technical training programs and accrediting them
  • To establish standards and criteria for evaluation and accreditation in conformity with the parameters for coordination, determination, and regulation of standards in the field of technical education established by the relevant legislative regulatory authority
  • Promoting excellence through a benchmarking method to determine if an institution is able to fulfill its objectives and general objectives and to understand the results of the evaluation process
  • To build a quality-conscious technical education system that is the key and decisive for excellence, the market needs relevance and engagement by all stakeholders.
  • Building a system of technical education as a human resources facilitator that will meet the national growth objectives, by competence, economic contribution, competitiveness, and compatibility with societal development
  • After it, establishing quality standards that focus on the worldwide and national stocks of human resources in all technical education sectors.
  • Conduct evaluations in accordance with their guidelines, standards, and standards of technical institutes and/or programs provided by them.
  • Contribute to quality parameter knowledge, assessment, and assessment.

What is the National Board of Accreditation NBA?

NBA India Full form is The National Accreditation Council (NBA) is, together with the National Accreditation and Assessment Council, one of the two main agencies responsible for the accreditation of higher education institutions in India (NAAC). NBA accredits technical, engineering, and management programs whereas NAAC accredit universities and institutions. NBA is a full Washington Agreement member.

The NBA accredits programs rather than institutions. These include qualifications, undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Engineering, technology, management, pharmacies, architecture, the arts and crafts, computer applications, hospitality, and tourism management are all subjects accredited.

In 2017, AICTE announced that it will not approve institutions that have not accredited at least half their programs, while the certificate is voluntary.

Vision & Mission: National Board of Accreditation (NBA)

Be an international standard accrediting agency by ensuring the highest credibility in ensuring the quality and relevance of training and meeting the expectations of its stakeholders, academics, companies, educational institutions, government agencies, industry, regulatory authorities, students, and their relatives.

To promote the quality of higher education teachings, auto-evaluation, and accountability, which help institutions achieve their academic objectives by adopting teaching practices that enable high-quality professionals to be produced and the programs offered by the institutions providing technical and vocational training to be assessed and accredited.

History of National Board of Accreditation (NBA)

India is the birthplace of the National Board of Accreditation. In 1994, the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) authorized the qualities and skills of engineering and technical programs in selected areas suggested by AICTE from diploma to postgraduate. So, The National Accreditation Board critically assesses whether an Institute/Program periodically meets or surpasses the requirements specified by the AC. Hence, the NBA is comprised of engineering, technology, management, applied arts and crafts, architecture, pharmacy, administration, and hospitality.

The National Accreditation Board holistically evaluates the institutions. Vision, mission, goals, organization, teaching/learning quality, facilities for infrastructure, support services including laboratories, library, etc. NBA focuses on diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate accreditation.

In one day, the National Accreditation Board was not born. It had to cross important milestones, to become what it is now. The short history and accomplishments of the NBA are below illustrated. From its beginning until it became autonomous in 2011, the National Accreditation Board was growing steadily and slowly. But with the Washington Agreement, it began to take shape with all its power.

However, the history of the NBA sans WOSA is incomplete (World Summit on Accreditation). WOSA was set up in 2012 to teach Indian campuses world-level technical and professional skills. Thus, the summit took place four times, bringing stakeholders together in teaching and learning to share shared norms and criteria of quality. Over time in terms of pre-qualifiers, accreditation documents, etc, there have been a lot of revisions and standardization initiatives in the NBA standards.

The Washington Accord: National Board of Accreditation (NBA)

The Washington Agreement was one of the great breakthroughs in NBA history (WA). Washington Accord has provided several engineering institutes that run haywire to seek a means to demonstrate the quality of their program. WA is the International Agreement between the Engineering Accreditation Organizations. The beauty of the agreement is that it has an accredited engineering program that is mutually recognized by its member bodies.

India and Washington Accord: National Board of Accreditation (NBA)

In 2007, India acknowledged WA membership’s strategic importance. In 2007 he became a temporary member of the WA but on 13 June 2014, he obtained permanent signatories.

The signing status is conditional upon the eligibility of mutual recognition under the Washington agreement for programs with Tier I institutions recognized by thru NBA. It is unquestionably true that higher education in India has progressed with this registration. Under WA, Indian graduates acquire international access to practice in foreign jurisdictions so that they meet academic standards.WA perks can only be beneficial for students who are Tier – 1 graduates.

The National Board of Accreditation initially followed a simple Input – Process – Output model which strengthened its resources/facilities and their related outputs. Sometime thereafter, the accreditation strategy was efficient on the basis of worldwide standards and quality results. However, the focus was on the basis of resulting education once NBA had been a permanent member of the WA. Thus, OBE is based on the Washington Agreement.

OBE is a theory of education that emphasizes the achievement of goals, skills, and results by students. This allows pupils to attain their particular goals through evaluating, learning opportunities, and classroom activities. A specific structure for OBE and self-assessment procedures for engineering institutes have been specified by NBA.

What is the National Board of Accreditation NBA Roles?

It’s not easy to get the NBA. The “quality stamping” is accomplished at the means of a roller coaster ride, where the institutes are set for the tee. The NBA approach is designed to consistent and supportive.

Accreditation process via NBA

  • Check readiness for the NBA and registering
  • Self-assessment report preparation (SAR)
  • NBA application and submission
  • Visit and assessment thru NBA
  • EA report submission
  • Decision accreditation by the academic advisory committee

The NBA Accreditation Process is only conducted towards the finish, to the satisfaction of the full team with the successful documentation and compliance. NBA collaborates with numerous stakeholders to guarantee that the offered programs, which provide graduates with necessary basics and professional skills, are nationally and worldwide acknowledged. It is also fortunate in every manner to improve the quality of education.

Primary National Board of Accreditation NBA Activities and Functions

Accreditation by an externally – independent organization, through an impartial assessment on the basis of well-defined evaluation criteria, is formal recognition of educational program quality. It is an improvement and quality control procedure in which a program is critically evaluated at an appropriate institution to verify that the program continues from time to time to meet or surpass the requirements set up by an accrediting authority.

Acknowledgment guarantees that the university’s goals and objectives are honestly pursued and efficiently achieve through the resources currently available and that over the validity of the accreditation period, the institution has shown the capacity to ensure the efficiency of the educational program.

In order to assess whether an educational institution or program meets certain requirements of educational quality or not, accreditation needs to summarise, depending on expert judgment. Accreditation It is primarily aimed at ensuring that prospective students and other stakeholders acquire minimum competency in their certain fields of study thru graduates of an institution that conducts various programs authorized.

Outcome-based Education and Accreditation

To teach and make the related effort with this awareness constitutes results-based education. This includes a regular technique to determine how results are accomplished and to compare these with the results of the program in line with the program objectives.

NBA accreditation was initially based on an ‘input – process – output’ approach, focusing on resources/equipment available and outputs. In 2009, NBA matched its technique to worldwide standards and began certifying based on results. However, it considers that the quality of education should be judged by results rather than by inputs as input does not necessarily correspond with qualitative results. Therefore, the results not only depend on inputs, but also on the methods that an institution takes to convert inputs into defined results.

Frequently Asked Questions About National Board of Accreditation NBA

What is NBA?

The National Board of Accreditation was founded in India. The National Accreditation Board evaluates whether an Institute/Program fulfills or exceeds the AC’s requirements on a regular basis. Engineering, technology, management, applied arts and crafts, architecture, pharmacy, administration, and hospitality are all part of the NBA.

It is unique in its highly own process, aims, characteristics, and requirements for NBA approval. All this is in line with the international best practices launched in order to measure the results of a particular program. The National Accreditation Board holistically evaluates the institutions.

  • Vision,
  • Mission,
  • Goals,
  • Organization,
  • Teaching/Learning Quality,
  • Facilities for Infrastructure,
  • Support Services Including Laboratories, Library, etc.

NBA focuses on diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate accreditation.

What is the highest NBA grade?

The accreditation procedure helps to achieve a range of advantages and highest standards, including:

  • Helps the institution to understand its strengths, weakness, and opportunities;
  • Enables institutes to develop innovative and up-to-date pedagogical methods;
  • Gives institutions a new direction and identity;
  • Provides the society with reliable information about the quality of education offered;
  • This also means that the disciples have gained skills based on well-established technological inputs.

Few of NBA Accredited Colleges in India are such as:

  • Aalim-Muhammed-Salegh-College-of-Engineering
  • Aarupadai-Veedu-Institute-of-Technology – AVIT.
  • Acharya-and-BM-Reddy-College-of-Pharmacy.
  • Acropolis-Insitute-of-Technology-and-Research – AITR.

What is the benefit of NBA accreditation?

Benefits from NBA Accreditation might be innumerable. Better profit for students who are NBA officials from Tier-I Technical Institutions, including IIT, NIT, IIM.

  • They can continue their higher education at all approved universities with equal footing under the Washington Agreement.
  • Students have proven themselves with all the qualities needed for vocational training.

What is the purpose of the NBA?

The acknowledgment is a high accolade, equivalent to eminence. Students from an appropriate college are examined. Everywhere there is a quest for quality. Most technical institutes are apprehensive these days when NBA has been recently working to create a mandate.

AICTE further confirms that NBA programs that reject accreditation in accordance with its new standard perhaps cut off. The existing score needs to be bigger from 15% to greater.

The following also be complete in holding an NBA certification: NBA National Board of Accreditation

  • Help institutions explore weaknesses and improve quality
  • Increases the trust and confidence of all stakeholders
  • Offers a platform for capable students, globally.
  • Sensitivity to all institutions, departments, and stakeholders engaged.
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