AIMA is one of the most known business colleges in the country. It is looked upon in the Business Standard. As the 7th Best Business School and the 3rd best private business school in Northern India including courses in management, research programs, and communication programs, AIMA provides its students a choice of courses.

In New Delhi, AIMA provides many different management courses including the PGDITM, PGCM, PGDM (Executive), the PGDM Business Analytics, Financial Management, Management of Human Resources, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and digital marketing.

The All-India Management Association (AIMA) is India’s leading management body with a membership of more than 38,000 and close to six thousand corporate and institutional members, through 66 associations. AIMA is now reputable over 60 years ago and also a non-lobbying, non-profit, industry, government, universities, and students working together to promote the cause of the management profession in India.

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AIMA has been approved through AICTE and the HRD Department and offers postgraduate and management programs. It also offers remote and collaborative programs. It also conducts a PGDM executive program for professionals in addition to these. AIMA contributes to national management education and practice by providing various services in the fields of testing, training, skills development and development, events and conferences, research, publishing, executive education, and management programs.

All India Management Association Placement

The Delhi cell of AIMA has a continuous record of placement in its industry programs for its students. It provides its students with placement chances by inviting recognized firms to recruit and advising its students on industrial interviews. AIMA Delhi offers a Distance Learning Class for a majority of students.

The Institute offers its pupils a training facility. AIMA has a strong network in the industry (3,000 corporate members and 30,000 professionals as individual members). Along with this, AIMA students are well-admit to the business world thanks to such assistance from the industry and a robust network of alumni of more than 1500 students.

Package of INR 2.4 to INR 3 LPA Average Salary.

The TOP recruiters of AIMA are Maruti SUZUKI Indias, HCL Technologies, Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank, Canara Bank, Power Finance Corp, ITC, Jindal Steel & Power, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Bajaj Finserv, Hindustan Unilever

AIMA’s Superior Recruiters are: MSS Indias, Maruti Suzuki India, Nayara Energy, Bharti Airtel, JSW Steel, GAIL(India)

Stipend: AIMA bonds are granting on an income or on-merit basis to students. At the time of admission, students need to provide their applications. The bursary is an exemption from tuition payments of 100 percent.

All India Management Association Scholarship

Student Bursary Name: AIMA Student Bursary offered by: All India Management Association(Trust/Institutes/Corporate/Govt. Bodies)

  • Type of scholarship (merit/open/income-based/ awards-gender/fellowship/sports): It is a scholarship based on merit and income.
  • Mode of use: offline. At the time of admission, an application needs to become presentable.
  • Amount of bursary: 100% bursary.
  • Level (State or National): NA

Candidates admitted to the first module of the PGDM program are subject to the following conditions for AIMA grants:

  • Candidate’s yearly income * shall not exceed 2.5 lakes by the candidate’s family (candidates and their parents or spouse).
  • The applicant should have completed the 10th, 12th, and Graduate exams with at least 60% overall scores for the 10th and 12th examinations, and 50% for the final examinations.

What is AIMA?

AIMA full form is The All-India Management Association that is India’s national management association. AIMA works with the industry, government, academia, and students in close collaboration to advance the cause of the management profession in India as a non-profit, non-lobbying organization.

The AIMA, through 67 Local Management Organisations connected to AIMA, has over 38,000 members and almost 6000 corporate/institutional members, represented in several political organizations of the Government of India and national associations.

Created in 1957, AIMA has made an amazing contribution throughout the years to improve the country’s management capabilities. AIMA offers different services in the areas of testing, distance learning, skills development and training, research, publications, management education, and development programs.

Certification of Accredited Management Teacher (AMT)

The certification Accredit Management Teacher (AMT) has been administered by AIMA, New Delhi since 1996. AMT provides an objective evaluation and professional experience of academic achievements and teaching, research, consultation, training, industry, business, and so on. In order to provide quality management teaching, AMT designations formalize acknowledgment of the required degree of proficiency. “Requests for accreditation are invited”

About the AMT Programme

AIMA, set in 1957, is a core group of management professionals thru up of approximately 3,000 corporate members and 30,000 individual members. In many areas of management and education, AIMA offers leadership. Initiate in AMT, a joint meeting was happening to meet practice managers, consultants, teachers, and business schools at various B schools to meet the requirement for a full-time resource/visitation faculty. As business schools are proliferating, a big number of full-time / expert resource/faculty visitors are required to teach at numerous business schools across India. Today, a minority of new business schools intentionally strive through the academic contribution of a pool of motivated and competent management faculty to attain a uniform academic quality.

The Accreditation is a:

The key to understanding and the ability to give quality education to MBA courses for the Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK), pursuant to AICTE, HRD Ministry, New Delhi standards.

Prestigious national award

The high degree of managerial competence and knowledge with the latest pedagogical instruments / educational techniques in its field of specialization.

The Accreditation Process

The registration procedure is as follows:

  • The request form is free of charge. Our website can download the form. It can also be forwarded on demand.
  • Attach two pictures in passport size, authenticated copies of form certificates.
  • In the form select the area of expertise. The certificate will only be issued as ‘core area of specialization’ in the area/specialization referred to in the application form.
  • AIMA, New Delhi submitting the form and the money for registration. At least three weeks before the definite interview time, the application shall be filed and submitted in full.
  • Applicant must produce a paper on his/her area of expertise.
  • Applicants have to present themselves at the designated date and time for interaction in AIMA, New Delhi.
  • After three weeks from the interview date, the results of the certification procedure will report.

Benefits to AMTs

By receiving the coveted AIMA certification, the AMT applicant adds value to his profile. For their academic assignments, management institutions are using AMTs data. The data give them a clear indication of accredited faculties. For their consulting 1 research purposes, the AMT data is also referenced by companies. Companies also use the data of AIMA Certified Management Teachers for management development programs and training.

In the fields of teaching, research, training and consultancy, AMT will be a widespread opportunity. It supports networking in all parts of the country with managers, consultants, professionals, and business academies.

In the database of full-time/resource/visiting faculty members, AMT’s short résumé will be given their rightful place, and the B schools have access to that special database. The AIMA website provides name specialization and contact details for AMTs.


For those capable individuals who have industrial or academic expertise and management teaching skills, AMT certification is mandatory. candidate need to qualify as management teacher before the Accreditation Board of AMT

Eligibility criteria:

Qualification: Degree or equivalent in a management education discipline.

Experience: consistent teaching experience for at least three years after graduation.

Additional weightage is given for:

  • Consistently good academic achievement until graduation. Doctoral qualifications are desirable for subjects related to management/business administration.
  • Academic recognition/performance in the field of expertise.
  • The development of study materials in the specialized field (teaching notes, • case studies, business papers, monographs, textbooks, etc.)
  • Contribution to the body of knowledge in the field of management boundary by publishing research papers and research concentration.
  • use modern educational tools such as computers, role plays, teaching case techniques, business simulation, etc throughout the presentation

In order to evaluate his knowledge base, teaching style, and acquaintance with pedagogical instruments, the accreditation board consisting of highly reputable academics in institutions of excellence, senior practice managements, and consultants with proven records.

Focus Areas

  • On the accreditation evaluation:
  • Professional and academic achievement
  • Profound knowledge
  • Conceptional clearness
  • In-depth, knowledge of specialization area
  • Knowledge of recent specialization practices and cases
  • Level of awareness towards contemporary literature

AIMA Under Graduate Aptitude Test – UGAT

A bachelor of computer science, Bachelor’s degree in business management, Bachelor of Commerce, Baccalaureate in foreign trade, Bachelor in information technology, Bachelor of business administration and management on behalf of participating institutions are admitting to a number of bachelor programs, including Cohesive MBA, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Computer Science, UGAT. UGAT is led once a year for students who have cleared 10+2 or equivalent from an establishment. UGAT needs to perform in offline, base on paper mode for two hours.

History of AIMA

The AIMA is the national governing body of the management profession in India. AIMA is a non-profit, non-lobbying organization that cooperates in the advancement of management in India with industry, government, academics, and students.

Through 67 Local Management Organisations associated with AIMA, AIMA has over 38000 members and close to 6000 corporate/institutional members and is represented on a number of policies making committees of the Government of India and national associations.

AIMA, established in 1957, provided considerable contributions over the years to the national management authority. AIMA offers a number of services, including tests, distance learning, skill development, and training programs, research, and publications.

The AIMA has evolved over the last six decades to accommodate the changing needs of today’s management community. Aside from its flagship Post Graduate Diploma in Management, AIMA also provides topical and industry-focused programs and initiatives to help management professionals and students keep current, as well as cutting-edge business solutions for organizations and institutions.

AIMA has always been an early adopter, especially in the digital world, as the pioneer of Distance Education. AIMA was one of the first organizations to offer Internet-Based Remote Proctored Tests on a national scale, as well as one of the first to migrate its service offerings online. In particular, AIMA quickly developed digital experience and is now able to provide management programs and business solutions in physical, virtual, and hybrid modes, as required by the industry.

AIMA provides India managers, in addition to various global co-operation with professional organizations and institutions, with the best management principles and practices. The Asian Association of Management Organizations (AAMO) is an important and long-term member of AIMA, an Asian Pacific organization that supports professional management. The AAMO presidency of India (AIMA) took over in 2019, and for the following three years it will host the AAMO Secretariat.

What are AIMA Roles?

Because of India’s first industrialization policy in 1956, the All-India Management Association, or AIMA was created. It is the main government and associated telephone company in India. The meeting consists of the Mauritius Management Association and the Qatari Indian Management Association, set up on a League of 67 board members.

The fundamental aim for the formation of AIMA was to instill the concept of management in every mind. The management of resources is essential to the success of any firm. Thus, AIMA seeks to educate Indian citizens through management education, testing services, executive growth, and instilling leadership in pupils. It also having AIMA Student Portal and AIMA Login.

AIMA has spent the last 60 years working to improve the country’s management environment. The organization is in charge of providing services such as distance education, skill development and training, testing, research, events and conferences, publishing, and management development programs. It has also conceived Management Olympiad, an event to provide an experience of the real corporate world with the use of simulated business problems and case studies, in order to provide practical exposure to management students.

Primary AIMA Activities and Functions

AIMA runs the MAT (Management Aptitude Test) which is castoff in Indian business schools across over 600 schools. The Research-Management-Aptitude-Test (RMAT), the UGAT, the Official Management Teacher (AMT) certificate, as well as various custodial tests, were other evaluations.

The AIMA Boards of Director are represented in several Indian Management Institute Boards by The All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), the Bureau of Indian Norms (BIS), and the Board of Governors.

AIMA bestows numerous annual awards. Bala V. Balachandran received the Kewal Nohria Award for Academic Leadership in Management Education, which has been certain since 2009.

Frequently Asked Questions About AIMA

What is the AIMA accreditation?

Certified Teacher of Accredited Management (AMT) |

The AMT Certification is being run thru the AIMA Management Services Centre, New Delhi since 1996. Since 1996 it has been running. AMT is an objective evaluation of academic achievements and experience in teaching, research, consulting, education, industry, business, and so on. In order to provide quality management education, the name AMT is formally recognized by specific vital levels of expertise. “Requests for Accreditation are invited”

What is meant by AIMA?

The All-Indian Administrative Association (AIMA) is the highest national level of management. AIMA, which works closely together with government, business, academia, and students to advocate the management profession in India, is not a profit & non-lobbying association.

AIMA has a base of more than 38,000 members and over 6,000 corporate/institutional Members, engaging with AIMA through 67 local management organizations, and is represented in a range of governmental and national political bodies.

Founded in 1957, AIMA has made a tremendous contribution throughout the years to increasing the country’s management capabilities. In the areas of testing, training, skill development and training, research, publishing, management training, and development programs, AIMA offers a wide variety of services.

Is AIMA accreditation good?

About the AMT Programme

It was set in 1957, the All India Management Association (AIMA) is a central board expert association with over 3,000 company members and 30,000 individuals. AIMA provides teaching and practice in all sections of the management team. AMT will discover a typical conversation for rehearsing directors, advisors, educators, and business colleges to work together to satisfy the need for full-time accommodation and visiting lecturers at the various B schools. Due to the rise of business colleges, a critical number of visiting/full-time/principal educators are being called upon to teach in various business institutions across India. Today, few hopeful business colleges are purposefully endeavoring to arrive at uniform scholastic guidelines through scholarly data sources presented by a pool of devoted and talented administration instructors.

The Accreditation is:

A sign of fundamental grasp and the capacity to give excellent instruction for the ‘Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK)’ courses of the MBA curriculum in accordance with the standards set by AICTE, Ministry of HRD, New Delhi.

High level of proficiency in teaching management in his or her area of specialism, as well as acquaintance with the most recent pedagogical tools / instructional approaches.

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