Software Development

Chegg’s team of subject experts fuse their multi-dimensional talent to bring you sophisticated educational software application development services. Software applications can be used as stand alone e-learning solutions or can be combined with human teaching to give a superior, interactive and immersive learning experience to students. Apart from the subject-student-teacher based learning systems, we also offer applications for educational institutions to streamline related processes like tests, evaluation and reports.

Our educational application software services can deliver:

  • Standalone E-Learning systems
  • Web based interactive tutoring and learning systems, video conferencing and online chats, secure school websites and tutoring sites
  • Electronic multimedia libraries development, documentation, repositories, knowledge banks
  • Knowledge base, fully automated online tests, evaluation, reports and progress assessment systems
  • Attendance, parent reporting and tracking systems
  • Educational back-office management, accounting solutions

Chegg’s expertise can equip an educational institution with IT solutions to handle virtually all aspects of its operations. Our educational applications let students proceed at their pace, check their progress and by reducing the burden on teachers, help them achieve more and give their best in classrooms and remotely. We have content experts and topic experts working closely with IT experts to create solutions of extreme technological sophistication hiding behind easy to use interfaces.