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At Chegg India, we hire Subject Matter Experts to help students understand their most challenging coursework. With thoughtful explanation and step-by-step directions, Experts reinforce what students learn in the classrooms.

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What is Chegg Q&A?

  • Chegg Question & Answer help is an online service for students’ coursework
  • Students who need help on assignments post questions on the Chegg Q&A board, where they can receive help 24/7
  • Chegg’s team of Expert Answerers (that could be you!) provides solutions with clear explanations and step-by-step processes
  • Our in-house team of experts monitors the quality of Expert Answers, ensuring that students receive the best answers  possible


Why should you join Chegg Q & A as an Expert?

  • Financial independence
    • Chegg helps you become financially stronger independent, and more closer to your dreams.
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  • Flexible schedule
    • Work when you can! Chegg allows you to do it your way. Any contribution you make is highly respected and rewarded.
    • Work at the comfort of your home
  • Get International Exposure, Get ahead!
    • Experts work on practical application based international standards questions and concepts; get a taste of US system
    • Sharpen your academic acumen – Crack Competitive Exams like IES, Gate, IAS, CAT, Subject GRE
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    • Satisfy your grey cells; put your knowledge to work; help students succeed
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