TSTET Exam Pattern and Syllabus

TSTET Exam Pattern and Syllabus
September 13, 2021
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TSTET Syllabus

TSTET represents Telangana State Teachers Eligibility Test. Division of School Education, Govt. of Telangana conducts this test, to enroll for the post of Teachers inside the state. The TSTET test is directed one time each year. There are two degrees of TSTET, Primary, and Upper Primary. Candidates who meet all terms for paper-I can show class I-V and those who fit the bill for paper-II can show class VI-VIII. TSTET Syllabus has been delivered by the website and besides, Syllabus allows a vital part in scoring better grades in the TSTET test.

Qualified candidates are declared to apply only after studying every one of the necessary rules following by the Telangana Board on their website. Here during this post, we’ll give all connected data on TSTET Syllabus 2021. The competitors additionally can check the TSTET Syllabus 2021 and know the important subjects for the fee. they will likewise realize the insights about the test span, which subjects contains high weightage, and furthermore, the all outnumber of inquiries. Then, at that point, the candidates can get ready as indicated by the weightage of the marks. They should give more points to the themes having high weightage.

Table of Contents

TSTET 2021 check sample

Candidate must send their paper to maintain. The standard for both of the papers (Paper 1 and couple) are one-of-a-kind. It needs to fulfill the right ones. Paper 1 and couple’s criteria are unique candidates must send their papers to maintain. The syllabus for both of the papers is managed for (Paper 1 & Il ). Candidate must send their paper to protect. The subject for both of the papers (Paper 1 and couple) are one-of-a-kind. It is compulsory to fulfill the correct ones. Paper 1 and two tests are one of a kind candidates must send their papers to protect. The syllabus for both of the papers is managed for (Paper 1 & Il ).

TSTET 2021: test pattern Paper 1

Subject Name Mark’s details of questions
Baby improvement and training 30 30
Language I 30 30
Language II (English) 30 30
world research 30 30
Figures 30 30
General 150 150
  •  TSTET Paper 1 is for college students who need to teach from class IV. There are 5 sections on paper, every containing 30 questions with 1 mark every. I list details under.TSTET Paper 1 is made for college students who need to teach from the new draft of style IV.
  • There are 5 sections in the paper, every containing 30 questions with a mark for everyone given. Here is the list of details. You need to teach from the new edition of E4. There are 5 sections in the paper, every including 30 questions and a mark for everyone given. Here is the list of detailed


TSTET 2021: Paper test pattern 2

Challenge Subject Name Mark’s variety of questions
child boost and education 30 30
The language I (mandatory paper) 30 30
Language II (English) obligatory Paper 30 30
science and mathematics (For technology and mathematics tips) 30 30
Social research (For social research teachers) 30 30
In a few topics, 30 30
General 150 150
  • TSTET Paper 2 is for college students who want to educate classes VI-VIII. There are four sections on this paper with a hundred and fifty questions. They provide every one detail below.

Syllabus 2021 of Paper 1 and Paper 2 for TSTET

TSTET Syllabus 2021: page 1 Syllabus

  • Info of the TSTET 2021 Paper 1 (class I to V) syllabus is below.
  • TSTET Syllabus 2021: Child growth & teaching

Subjects are for examination preparation.

Kid’s mentally development of gaining knowledge of outcome matters:

  1. Development, maturity, and increase thoughts, kind of mastering teaching and its relationship to student and mastering
  2. Concepts of improvement and its idea for schooling substances getting to know knowledge teaching methods
  3. Elements that make additions to the change of the person getting to know and institution studying
  4. Medium-sized relationships for the role of food improvement and helping to get to know planning in many observe groups.
  5. Skill memories growth and memory teaching as a required task
  6. Person range techniques for studying making plans understanding study and coaching in the proper to schooling Act, and NCF, 2005

 TSTET 2021: Paper 1 Syllabus

content material:

Analysis in the English Language.

  • Tenses
  • Components of Speech
  • Articles and Prepositions
  • types of sentences
  • Indirect and Direct Speech
  • Stages of contrast,
  • Questions tags and query
  • Passive and energetic voice
  • Comprehension
  • Use of terms
  • Composition
  • Meaning of grammatical expressions
  • Vocabulary
  • A series of the sentence in a paragraph
  • Sentence Correction
  • Error finding
  • approach
  • components of English
  • objectives of teaching
  • development of language skills
  • plan, and procedures of teaching English
  • The coaching of dictionary items and systems
  • coaching-getting to know materials in English
  • Textbook and syllabus
  • Lesson planning


TSTET Syllabus for Mathematics

An actual challenge and exams the real and logical talents of the candidates. It is important to be able to both things content, as well as skills, are important to be able to do both with quality. The real challenge is great. It questions the candidate’s skills in terms of content and skills. Please check the program.

  • variety gadget
  • Fractions
  • mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Measurements
  • facts programs
  • Algebra.
  • technique
  • Definitions, nature, and meaning of mathematics
  • academic goals, values, aim, and educational requirements for teaching mathematics
  • methods of coaching arithmetic
  • pastime-based and baby-targeted tactics in teaching mathematics
  • Textbook, syllabus, and instructional making plans
  • Management aims and designing of scholars’ achievement. Look at (SAT)
  • academic fabric in arithmetic
  • resource usage
  • Tonic and symbolic teaching


TSTET Syllabus for science (content material and technique)


Experts need to know their neighborhood to make sure of our safety so that they have the right skills. We need experts to be familiar with the nearby to make sure our safety. Experts need environmental information to keep us safe, so they need to have the skills. We need to make sure the expert knows the nearby to make sure our safety.


  • My family
  • Play and paintings
  • Animals and plants
  • Our meals
  • shelter
  • Air
  • electricity
  • Water
  • Our body
  • Mapping
  • way of life and records of India
  • Our (India),
  • Our nation (Telangana)
  • Indian charter
  • security
  • approach
  • Scope and Concept of Environmental research
  • targets and aims of coaching environmental research
  • Relation to Social research and technology
  • Syllabus and its transaction
  • CCE
  • Getting to know the environment

TSTET 2021: Paper 2 Syllabus


1. The syllabus of TSTET 2021 for Paper 2 (elegance VI to VIII) is just like Paper 1 for child growth and teaching, mathematics, English. They supply the ultimate syllabus for generation and social research.

TSTET Syllabus for Language I for science (content material and method)


  • Herbal sources
  • Our Universe
  • natural Process
  • Mechanics
  • Attraction and electricity
  • depend round us
  • legal guidelines of Chemical Calculations and mixtures
  • Atomic structure
  • Chemical bonding and periodic classifying
  • Metallurgy
  • Biology
  • living world
  • Plant world
  • Animal world
  • Microbes
  • Our surroundings
  • Current biology courses.
  • Method
  • Nature, structure, definition, and records of science
  • Instructional goals, aims, and values of teaching educational standards and science in science
  • Plan for coaching science
  • Educational making plans
  • Teaching cloth in coaching technology know-how
  • Practical know-how trainer
  • Practical know-how experiment
  • Science syllabus and its action SCF-2011, NCF-2005
  • New practical know-how Textbooks
  • Ranking- CCE- Summative assessment, Formative assessment, review of School success check (SAT), management, and designing.


TSTET Syllabus for Social research (content and method)

  • Candidates applying for SST teaching place should take the examination in this state-:

The subjects asked here are as follows.


  • Variety on earth
  • Production- livelihoods and trade
  • Political systems and Governance
  • Inequal and Social employer
  • Society and faith
  • communication and subculture.
  • method
  • Nature and Scope of Social research
  • targets, aims, and Values of Teaching Social research
  • techniques and techniques of coaching social research
  • studying fabric, coaching, and resources
  • educational making plans
  • Social research trainer
  • Textbook and Syllabus
  • Deforestation, disaster management, socioeconomic troubles
  • Ranking
  • Civic affairs – countrywide identity- international family members


TSTET 2021: How to download the Syllabus?


The managements publish the TSTET syllabus on a good internet site. The way to download looks in the points below.

  • First, visit the good website of TSTET First, visit TSETET’s site here that is-: www.tstet.cgg.gov.in
  • Second, go to the student sections on the top of the homepage.
  • Third, click on the choice “Syllabus for Paper 1”.
  • Now, click on the option “Syllabus for Paper 2”. Check out the option “Syllabus for Paper 2”.
  •  Fifthly, the syllabus for TSTET will seem on the screen as a pdf. Check the syllabus
  •  The final one is load as an increase to the syllabus that can be spared for note.
  •  Download this extra to your syllabus and save it to note.

TS TET Paper-II Syllabus Design, Ed Contents, School Lessons 2021


  • The Child growth and teaching Syllabus under Paper- I on the D.  The syllabus focuses on Teaching and Learning in Class I to V with a focus on learning the educational function, needs, and mental functioning of various students.


  • Telugu, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, and Tamil as per the type of the state of Telangana in Indian Languages. The candidate must choose one of the 9 languages under Language I under TSTET 2020, language needed is to study more as learning or as their first language, up to class X, which fits the above needs. The Language & I II syllabus will be on language skills, language structures, speaking skills, and including (up to Class X level).


Note: Assessment materials in Child growth & teaching will focus on Educational hard for teaching and learning fit at the first level.

  • Up to culture X and they ought to drive candidates to the speaker as a speaker of preparing or as a, to begin with, speaks until as the least lesson X up to culture X.
  • Language II will be English for all candidates.
  • So from nowadays begin to center on beginning to the results, it point from course 1 to course 10.
  • The Language & I II syllabus will be on language skills, Elements of Language, Communication, and key skills (up to Class X level).
  • With 30 MCQs under Language I & II, each will include six questions in the syllabus of a Language.
  •  A total syllabus for all subjects and the same will be beside the Take note. The syllabus will be complete and the Notice will be with it.  The syllabus will be total and the Take note will be with it’ll begin or divide all subjects apart from the Take note for your senior under. We will distribute the syllabus too, it will be complete and with the Notice. We will give you a Notice with the subjects, syllabus, and all special-related information for your better learning.


Article No. of MCQs
Statistics 30 MCQs
Physical Science 14 MCQs,
Biology 16 MCQ


  •  In Part II of the Social Studies Paper, the syllabus will be on cover the disciplines History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. In Part II, the paper will be on cover the disciplines History, Geography, Civics, and Economics.
Article No. of MCQs
History and Economics 30 MCQs
Geography & Economics 30 MCQs


vi) In Paper II, the TSTET 2016 syllabus of maths & Sciences, Social studies on class VI to VIII topics (unique syllabus) with the difficult degree to the second one level. TSTET Examination Syllabus & examination sample.


vii) The syllabus for languages I and II will be on language ability, language structures, communication skills, and complete level.


  • Note:

1) Materials in Child growth & teaching will focus on Educational mental teaching and learning proper at the first level.

2) I TS-TET paper II: You can choose from these languages.



TSTET Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification


Practice hints


TSTET 2021: instruction suggestions

To see for the TSTET, a candidate must follow strong education hints. They list some of the k submit and tips below. Check and try all the previous year’s query papers. Solving the previous year’s question paper will help the candidates to control speed and time inside the examination.

  • Observe and prepare a timetable. Try to divide it for all subject issue timing.
  • Try to aim the net mock look at usually and as many as work.
  • Candidates ought to deliver equal importance to each


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Q- What is meant by the state syllabus?

A- The official TSTET Syllabus has been released, and Syllabus plays important role in goal higher scores on the TSTET exam. Telangana State Teachers Qualification Test is a Qualifying test for teachers from the state of Telangana. This test is performed by the State Governor of Telangana.


Q- In Telangana, what is the TS Tet syllabus?

A- TS TET Syllabus 2021 | TS TET Syllabus 2021 | TS TET Syllabus 2021 | TET Exam Pattern in Telangana: We have shared the all details of the TS TET Syllabus 2021 PDF in Telugu and the test model for the applied candidates of the TS TET 2021. The sec of School Education, the Government of Telangana, will conduct the Telangana State Teacher qualify Test (TS TET).


Q- What is the syllabus for TSTET Paper 2?

A- For Telugu, English, Maths, and Child growth & teaching, the TSTET 2021 Syllabus for Paper II is the same as for Paper I. The other courses for topics are listed below and also read the exam dates for TSTET in 2021. More subjects are look below, as well as the TSTET exam dates for 2021.


Q- What is the Tet exam syllabus for 2021?

A- TET (Teacher Qualification Test) or (Teacher Qualification Test) Program 2021 to apply TET Syllabus test I and Paper II TET main exams.


Q- What is the TS TET Exam 2021 selection process?

A- Written-test, the interview covers TS TET Exam 2021 Selection.


Q-  In Telangana TET Exam 2021, how many questions will be asked?

A- The Telangana TET Exam 2021 will contain 150 questions.


Q- In TS TET 2021, what topics are need?

A- The TS TET 2021 is important for children’s growth & teaching, Paper-I, and Paper-II.

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