South Indian Bank Clerk Exam

South Indian Bank PO: Exam Syllabus, Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips

September 9, 2022

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

South Indian Bank PO Syllabus

Online Exam of South Indian Bank PO Syllabus is divided into four Sections-
  • Reasoning and Computer Aptitude
  • English
  • General/ Banking Awareness
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
Understanding the syllabus of each section is very important. Firstly, it will help the candidates to prepare well for the exam. They can test themselves. Thus improve in the different areas. Also, one must choose the correct textbooks to consult.
Subjects Topics
“Reasoning” Helps in logical reasoning, seating arrangement, scheduling, and blood relationships questions. This also has input-output and syllogism questions. Coding, decoding, puzzle, and alpha-numeric series are also available.
“Computer Aptitude” This helps in Windows, computer hardware knowledge, keyboard shortcuts, and computer software knowledge. One can find questions on memory, computer abbreviation, and Microsoft office, etc too.
English Book is suggested for basic English grammar, paragraph reading, words with similar meanings, and words with different meanings. The meaning of basic phrases, sentence formation, and word association are also there. This will also help in vocabulary and finding errors, etc.
General/Banking awareness This book is good for general knowledge (national and international) and financial relations with different countries. it will also give knowledge about international bodies like the UN, IMF, and World Bank. This has the effect of different court rulings on banking systems. Also, “national banking systems”, “major banking institutes”, and their governing bodies are in the book.
Data Analysis and Interpretation This has tables, charts, and bars like pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, and radar graphs. Along with these, data sufficiency, missing data, and its interpretation and probability questions are also there.
Candidates must also know about national and international current affairs.

Group Discussion

Topics for group discussion are selected by the committee conducting the discussion. These topics for group discussion for the South Indian Bank PO are usually given once the group has been seated. Then rules are placed in front of the candidates. Candidates may be asked to pick a topic out of the box or the committee may give them one. Topics may range from
  • The latest ruling by higher courts regarding financial or social issues.
  • International politics.
  • National infrastructure.
  • International governing bodies like WHO or UN.

Personal Interview

A personal interview may or may not be held on the same day as a group discussion. Candidates would be informed well in advance of the schedule. Questions for interview may range from-
  • The subjects that candidates have studied in high school and graduation.
  • It can be a general conversation. In such a conversation, they may test communication skills and current event knowledge.
  • The interviewer may ask for candidates’ opinions on various social and political topics.

South Indian Bank PO Exam Pattern

Like any other exam, South Indian Bank PO also has a specific exam pattern. Candidates can divide their time and syllabus properly if they are aware of exam patterns. South Indian Bank PO exam is divided into 3 parts-
  • Online Exam
  • Group Discussion
  • Personal interview

South Indian Bank PO Exam Pattern-Online Exam

Candidates who clear the online exam move ahead to group discussion and personal interviews. For Online exams, there are 4 subjects with an equal number of questions. This paper is for 140 minutes.
Subject No. of questions Marks Time (timed separately)
Reasoning And Computer Aptitude 40 50 40 min
English 40 50 40 min
General/Banking Awareness 40 50 20 min
Data Analysis and Interpretation 40 50 40 min
The candidate must keep the following points in mind-
  • Candidates are required to clear each subject separately to clear the online exam.
  • The language of the questions would be English. A request of any other language is not accepted.
  • All questions are in objective form.
  • There will be cut-off marks for each paper. These marks will be set by the exam authorities.
  • The cut-off marks are different for candidates of different categories. Cut-off marks for candidates of the General category are higher than cut-off marks of other categories.
  • Cut-offs of previous years’ exams have no effect in deterring the cut-off for the current year.
  • There is a negative marking for wrong answers. For every wrong answer, the candidate will lose 0.25 marks.
Once, online exam is cleared, candidates are intimated of the dates for Group discussion and Personal interviews. These may or may not be scheduled on the same day.

South Indian Bank PO Exam Pattern-Group Discussion

For group discussion, a set number of students are asked to sit across from each other in a room and are monitored by a committee. While preparing for group discussions, candidates must keep the following points in mind-
  • Topics of the group discussion are given by the committee which may include various social, political, or economical matters.
  • Candidates must know about current events. They must also have their independent opinion about such events. It’s important to be able to form opinions. However, candidates must prepare their own opinions with the data & facts to support them.
  • Don’t discuss your opinions based on religious values or personal thinking. This showcases poor judgment.
  • Before making any argument, the candidate must think it through. Changing one’s views mid-discussion will cause negative marking, though.
  • Be sure to be polite, respectful, and firm on your grounds during discussion. Using foul language or losing tempers will be grounds for disqualification.
  • Candidates must try to be the ones to close the discussion. However, should not break anyone the rules laid out to them.

South Indian Bank PO Exam Pattern-Personal Interview

A personal interview allows the selection committee to judge the efficiency, ability, and willingness of the candidates. There are certain points to be bear in mind for the personal interview-
  • Candidates must brush up on their language and speaking skills. The language for the interview would be English.
  • Revision of one’s graduation subject and current affairs is suggested.
  • Showcasing proper mannerisms and polite behavior is also equally important.
For preparation for the exam, many books are recommended. Here is a list of some of those books. Candidates may read other books too.
S. no Name of the book Author/ Publication Topics covered in the book
1  “A New Approach To Reasoning Verbal & Non-Verbal and Analytical” B.S. Sijwali, Indu Sijwali This helps in analytical, verbal, and non-verbal reasoning. There are a variety of questions available to practice. Description of solution for a question will help clear any doubts and strengthen the concept.
2 “A modern approach to verbal and Non-verbal reasoning” R.S. Agarwal This will clear doubts about reasoning. It will also help in practicing questions on reasoning. It has several practice papers and questions.
3 “High School English Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin” Revised by N.D.V. Prasad. Most suggested book for English grammar and composition. This book will help one understand the basics of English grammar. This also helps in easy sentence formations.
4 “Banking Awareness”  Arihant Publication Candidates will learn and understand banking easily.
5 “Quantitative aptitude” Dr. R.S.Agarwal This book offers all the solutions for quantitative aptitude. Candidates should use it. Practicing it would make candidates apt in such queries.
6 “New Pattern English Language” Disha Publication This book is a good choice to study English comprehension. This book also has many previous year question papers. There are new questions to practice too. Also, these help in time management.
7 “Computer aptitude for Banking and Insurance examination” Adda247 Publication This book covers all the topics given in the syllabus for the South Indian Bank PO exam. This is a great book for someone to polish their basic computer skills and develop an aptitude for them.

Suggested Papers and Magazines

Along with the above-suggested books, candidates must go through high school books. They are best for English comprehension, grammar, and the basics of computer knowledge. Candidates must practice regularly. They should also see papers from the last few years. Practicing old papers is very important.

South Indian Bank PO Exam Pattern and Syllabus for Preparation

Every candidate must keep the following points in mind-

Before filling of Application forms-

  1. Keep a scanned copy of the signature ready.
  2. A scanned copy of the thumbprint.
  3. Every candidate should make an e-mail id.

Preparation tips for exams (subject-wise).


  1. The language of the exam is English. Candidates must know basic high school-level English. They should also know different terms in English.
  2. English exam would be grammar-based. Thus good knowledge of grammar is important. The candidates should read the grammar book from the suggested books section.
  3. English comprehension carries more marks. Thus one must practice it.
  4. Regular practices of topics such as fill in the blanks and finding errors would help.


  1. This section has many common-sense questions. Topics of this section are blood relations and odd one out. These questions are easy to score. Reading them calmly and properly is important.
  2. This section has many concept-based questions. These may be difficult to understand at first. One must practice questions of seating arrangements, blood relations, and other topics. Candidates must first understand the concept. Then practice and solve the questions.
  3. It is important to practice the questions regularly. They must increase the difficulty level slowly.


  1.  There will be many questions on the basics of computers. It is important to understand how a computer works. It is also important to remember many keyboard shortcuts.
  2. Candidates must practice on MS windows. It will help them to understand the software.
  3. Along with the software, candidates must learn about different computer hardware.
South Indian Bank PO Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification

Banking awareness-

  1. Candidates must read and understand the Indian banking system. They should also learn about the importance of the RBI.
  2. Learn the names of various banking bodies. Also learn the names of their main board members.
  3. Candidates must also study international organizations like the UN and WHO.
  4. There will be candidates with science or art backgrounds. They can have difficulty understanding economics and its concepts. Therefore, they should read the suggested books. These books are on banking awareness. Candidates must also study from high school economics books.

Data Analysis and Interpretation-

  1. This subject has many graphs and charts. Therefore, candidates must learn to read different kinds of graphs. Candidates must also learn how to read data.
  2. Data interpretation is an easy subject. However, candidates need to practice regularly.
Candidates must practice questions of each subject every day. They must increase the difficulty level of the questions too. It is also important to practice in a given time frame. It will help in improving the speed and efficiency. Check Out Other Banking Exams : IBPS PO Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification SBI PO Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification Canara Bank PO Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification RBI Grade B Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification


Q. Will there be a change in the exam pattern of the South Indian Bank PO exam this year?

There were few changes in the exam pattern last year. In 2020, the number of questions and the time limit for the paper were increased. But there is such no announcement in 2021. Candidates must read the exam announcement carefully for any such change.

Q. What is the language of the South Indian Bank PO exam?

The language of the South Indian Bank PO exam is English. So, candidates must practice in English before appearing for the exam.

Q. Do I have to clear all subjects in an online exam?

Yes, candidates must clear each subject separately. The cut-off for each subject is declared on the website of the bank.

Q. Is the syllabus for the South Indian Bank PO exam revised every year?

No, the syllabus of the exam is not revised every year. However, candidates must check regularly. If there are any changes will be announced on the website.

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