Jharkhand Police

Jharkhand Police Recruitment: Syllabus, Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips

Jharkhand Police
Jharkhand Police Recruitment: Syllabus, Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips
September 15, 2021
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Jharkhand Police Recruitment Syllabus

There are a few concepts that appear in all of the Jharkhand Police 2021 exams. Even if each test has a distinct syllabus, several areas, such as general knowledge, mathematics, and mental ability, will be included in each exam. The exam will have two sections

  • Preliminary examination
  • Mains examination

The exam pattern will be different for each selection stage, candidates who qualify for the preliminary examination will be eligible to attempt the mains examination. Physical examination and medical tests are the processes that follow.

Table of Contents


Jharkhand Police Recruitment Exam Pattern

The Jharkhand Police recruitment test will follow a structure that varies depending on the position. The following is a typical examination pattern.

  • The exam will be a computerized one.
  • The exam will be written objective type.
  • There will be two exams: a preliminary exam and the main exam.
  • Each right answer will be awarded three marks.
  • Each paper has a time limit of two hours.
  • For each incorrect answer, you will be docked one-third mark.


Preliminary Examination Pattern

During the 120-minute preliminary test, each candidate’s general knowledge and thinking ability will be examined. In this test, the candidate’s capacity to think as well as his or their quickness is what counts. The exam pattern and mark distribution for each topic in the JSSC SI Preliminary exam are provided below.

Name of Subjects Number of questions
General Studies 30
Knowledge about Jharkhand State 30
General Science 20
General Mathematics 20
Mental Ability test 20
Total 100


General Studies

A candidate’s broad understanding of Indian society, politics, environment, culture, and economics are evaluated in the part of the General Studies paper. The topics covered in the questions might include a wide range of national and international happenings. since the test is being administered by the state of Jharkhand, knowledge about the state as well as India, and its neighbors will be the subject of the general studies. The candidate must be well-versed in all aspects of the state under consideration.

Because the general studies part might include anything, the candidate should be well-versed in each of the areas listed in the table below.


Current Affairs Scientific Discoveries
National and International Awards Books
Recent Inventions Indian Languages
Sports Capital and Currencies
Political History Freedom struggles
Natural Resources Geography
Economics Politics and Indian Constitution


Understanding of the state of Jharkhand

Candidates’ knowledge about the state of Jharkhand is tested in this section of the exam. Because the position is in Jharkhand, the candidates must be thorough in every area of the state. Candidates studying for the test from other Indian states should be well-informed in all elements of the state. Aspiring candidates should be aware of the state’s political situation, economic difficulties, local culture, and geography. Knowledge of current events, as well as any developments and plans relating to Jharkhand, should be at the ready.


General Science

When it comes to the general science section, which consists mostly of physics, chemistry, and biology, all applicants studying for the test should be familiar with the fundamental principles of each section.

Also, rather than botany, every aspirant should concentrate on the zoology section, which would aid them much in achieving high grades. Another important area on which the applicants should concentrate is human anatomy.

More emphasis is placed on the application portion of physics and chemistry, as well as a clear knowledge of the basic concepts and rules. Because the examination is mostly objective, a thorough grasp of specified laws and definitions will aid candidates in achieving excellent results.


General Mathematics

A thorough evaluation of the candidate’s mathematical abilities is tested in the general mathematics portion. Even though certain mathematical topics. are covered in the general studies part, higher-level problems might be expected in this area. The table below lists some of the main subjects that will receive more attention. Concentrating on these areas might considerably aid applicants in receiving excellent scores in the general mathematics portion.

Classical Algebra Numerical Ability
Analytic Geometry Calculus
Numerical methods Differential Equations and Mechanics
Probability Vector algebra
Trigonometry Menstruation


Mental Ability

The capacity to reason both verbally and nonverbally is the most important component of mental ability. Questions on jumbled paragraphs, summary questioning, logical reasoning, data interpretation, analogies, arithmetic numeric series, figure classifications, and other topics are included in the sub-sections. In this section, a candidate’s thinking abilities are tested in-depth. The two types of mental capacity exams, cognitive and psychometric abilities, are further divided into two categories: logical or abstract thinking and verbal reasoning, both of which are administered to all exam applicants.


Mains Examination Pattern

The personality of the candidate will be assessed by a language exam that will include Hindi and English language questions. Unseen Hindi or English passages and Hindi/English Grammar Questions will be asked in this paper.

The structure and pattern for the JSSC SI mains examination are given below:

Papers Subjects (maximum Questions)
Paper I-Language Test Hindi (60)English (60)
Paper II-Regional or Tribal Language Test This section will have questions from different languages like Hindi/ English/ urdu/ Santhali/ Bangla/ Mundari/ Munda/ Ho/ Khadia/ kudukh/ Kurumali/ Khorta/ Nagpuri/ Panch parganiya/ Uriya/ Sanskrit Language(100)
Paper III 1)    General Studies (30)2)    Knowledge about Jharkhand State (40)3)    Science (20)4)    Mathematics (20)5)    Mental Ability Test (20)6)     Computer Knowledge (20)


Language or Grammar

Candidates’ fundamental understanding and articulation abilities in Hindi or English will be tested in the Language examination. To master the grammar for this paper, read a lot of reputable newspapers in the appropriate language. In the realm of law enforcement, report writing is critical. While performing their duties, an officer must be able to correctly document information about those events and communicate it to others who were not there. As a result, they must have enough linguistic abilities to execute their jobs successfully. They must demonstrate this in the examination.


Regional or Tribal Language

When police officers are unable to communicate with the people they serve, they are unable to fulfill their responsibilities effectively. When people are unable to report a crime or describe a suspect because of language problems, it is far more difficult for police to gather evidence or offer safety. As a result, knowing regional languages is essential. A candidate must select one language from the various alternatives provided by the Jharkhand Police Recruitment body for this Regional Language or Tribal Language test. The following are the languages from which a candidate must choose:

Urdu, Santali, Mundari, Ho, Odia, Sanskrit, Panch pargania, Khortha, Kurmali, Munda, Hindi, English, Khadiya, Kurukh, or Nagpuri are the list out of which the candidate must choose.


Computer Knowledge

Basic computer awareness will be tested in this paper, including computer systems, data transfer, operating systems, the internet, and networking. Law enforcement agencies can store and access huge quantities of data because of their expertise in computer technology. Details of event reports, criminal descriptions, fingerprints, and other identifying markings are all examples of this type of information. It may also include car descriptions and registration numbers associated with criminal activities. This is why, as part of the selection process, candidates must take a computer knowledge exam.


Physical Examination

Candidates who have passed both written tests are required to undergo the physical examination which is comprised of two:

  • Measurement of Height and chest
  • Race

The height and chest requirements are shown in the table below for both males and females.

Category Male (GEN/OBC/BC) Male (SC/ST) Female
Height 160 cm 155 cm 148 cm
Chest 81 cm 79 cm NA

In the case of a race, male candidates must run 10 kilometers in 60 minutes and female candidates must run 5 kilometers in 40 minutes.


Medical Examination

Only those candidates who pass the written exam and the physical efficiency test (PET) will be invited to the medical exam. To be selected in the Merit List must pass this exam.


Syllabus Jharkhand Police Recruitment

The exam syllabus will cover most of the following topics:

General Studies General Science, Indian history, India’s battle for independence, Indian constitution, Indian monarchy, economy and culture, Indian agriculture, commerce and business, and population Jharkhand’s Environment and Globalization Police Sub Inspector Exam, World and Indian Geography, Resources, Natural Current events on a national and international scale, General and cognitive abilities, Uttar Pradesh’s education, agriculture, heritage, and industry Revenues in the state of Uttar Pradesh, System of Governance and Administration, Information and communication technologies, mass communication foundations, miscellaneous games, and awards
General Science and Maths Menstruation, Compound interest, Simplification, number systems, decimals and fractions, HCF and LCM, Ratio and proportions, Percentage, Profit and loss, Partnership, Discount, Simple interest, Time and work, Graphs, Use of table and graphs, Average, Miscellaneous
Mental ability test figuring out what suggested meanings are, Test your sense of direction. Argumentative tenacity Diagrams of logic, Interpretation of Symbol-Relationships, Codification, Perception Test, Test of Common Sense, Coding by letters and numbers
Knowledge related to Jharkhand state Geography, History, Civilization, Culture, Language and Literature, Locations, Mines and Minerals, Industry, Jharkhand’s Contribution to the Freedom Movement, Development Plans Sports and athletes, personalities, civil accomplishments, national and international significance, and so forth.
Computer Knowledge Windows operating system, MS Office, etc.


Jharkhand Police Recruitment Preparation Tips

  • Know the pattern of exam

All of the subjects in the curriculum must be familiar to the applicants. The exam is divided into two which are preliminary and mains. The candidate should prepare well for the preliminary exam since it is the first stage of selection. The language part comes only in the mains section, proper knowledge of all these will help the candidate to manage time efficiently.

  • Understand the Syllabus

Before starting to prepare for the exam, the candidates must be thorough with the syllabus and the weightage is given to each topic. This will help the candidates to focus on more important topics.

  • Previous paper inquiry

Since the preliminary exam assesses your speed in answering questions, applicants should practice answering questions from prior years. This will aid students in comprehending the framework and test pattern, allowing them to improve their speed. In this section, the candidate’s ability to think critically is given precedence.



Q.1) Will the Jharkhand SSC Police SI Written Exam be held in Hindi, English, or both?

Ans.) The JSSC Police SI Written Exam may be given in either English or Hindi.


Q.2) Is There Any Negative Marking in the JSSC Police SI Exam?

Ans.) Yes, one-third of a mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.


Q.3) What Is the JSSC Police SI Recruitment 2021 Selection Process?

Ans.) Preliminary exam, mains exam, physical efficiency test, and medical examination.


Q.4) In the Jharkhand State Police Constable Stage 1 Examination 2021, how many questions will be asked?

Ans.) In the Stage 1 Exam, there will be a total of 120 questions.


Q.5) To qualify for the JSSC Police Constable Written Exam, how many marks are required?

Ans.) There are No Minimum Qualifying Marks for JSSC Police Constable Examination.


Q.6) Where can I apply for police jobs in Jharkhand?

Ans.) Candidates can apply on the official website of Jharkhand Police.


Q.7) Is there any change in the syllabus for the JSSC Police SI post this year?

Ans.) Because the Jharkhand State Police SI Syllabus has changed slightly, you should study the entire syllabus given above.


Q.8) What is the updated syllabus for Jharkhand Police Recruitment Exam 2021?

Ans.) Question paper will generally contain topics from General Science, Mathematics, Mental ability and State knowledge about Jharkhand. Detailed syllabus will be released soon.


Q.9) Who conducts the document verification?

Ans.) The documents will be verified by the official authorities of Jharkhand Police.

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