HPSC: Latest Exam Syllabus, Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips

HPSC: Latest Exam Syllabus, Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips
September 13, 2021
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HPSC Syllabus & Exam Pattern

HPSC Syllabus

The syllabus is as per the official Haryana PSC exam pattern. Hence, HPSC characterizes a prospectus for the assessment of applicants. Therefore, The choice cycle is divided into three sections, Pre, mains, and Interview. Moreover, The schedule covers a colossal reach for the HPCS exam. Besides, up-and-comers should have a distinctive thought of the Haryana PSC Exam Pattern. However, The framework of the syllabus is essential to plan their methodology. Moreover, It will help the candidates to excel in the test with great imprints indeed.

The prelims comprise two significant parts. They are broad research, the Inclination test, and the mains test. Besides, The mains exam has eight separate papers, all in all. Moreover, Language tests, exposition, composting, general examinations, and an elective subject.

Furthermore, These papers’ nature and standard questions are of graduation level.  Moreover, A well-educated person can answer them without specialist study. Besides, The question designing is such to assess a candidate’s broad knowledge of a wide range of topics relevant to a career in the civil service.

Besides this, the syllabus for other exams held by HPSC has a lot of variation. Moreover, The syllabus changes according to the nature of the post.

Table of Contents

HPSC Exam Prelims Syllabus

The preliminary test is the first step in the overall selection process.  We’ll go through the whole curriculum here in detail —

The Haryana PSC Exam Pattern is advised by the official HPSC. The following is the full prelims syllabus –

  • General Education
  • Aptitude Test


Here is the complete information regarding the prelims syllabus. This format is set by the official Haryana PSC exam body. The syllabus is described in detail here  -:


  • General Education


  • Aptitude Test


  • India’s history and democratic movement
  • Conflict-solving and decision-making.


  • Economic and social growth – sustainable advancement
  • Comprehension


  • Fundamental science


  • Poverty, social participation, demography, social sector activities, and so forth


  • Communication capabilities, as well as social adjustment ability


  •  History, landscape, politics, art and culture, and socioeconomic progress of Haryana


  • Language comprehension skills in English (Class X level)


The physical, social, and economic geography of India and the rest of the world Analytical and logical thinking skills – it is a significant subject. It can be further divided into topics. The below-mentioned list adds a better comprehension of the test.

  • Sitting configurations
  • Analogy
  • Series
  • Mathematical Processes
  • Blood Relations
  • Direction Awareness
  • Syllogism
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Remarks and Conclusions
  • Classification
  • Eligibility Test
  • Statement and Reasoning
  • Number, Ordering, and Time Sequence Test
  • Situation Response Tests
  • Cause and Result
  • Logical Venn Diagrams
  • Alphabet coding Test
  • Arithmetical Reasoning
  • Adding the Missing Character
  • Statement and Assertions
  • Poetic lines
  • Statement and Action Plans
  • Deriving Conclusion
  • Hypothesis and Reason
  • Coding-Decoding


Subject specialisation
  • Number sense (numbers and their correlations, orders of magnitude, and so forth) (Class X level). Class X level data analysis (charts, graphs, tables, data sufficiency, etc.)
Geography of India and the world


National and global events that are presently taking on.
Environmental ecology, biodiversity, and climate change
Constitution, government, and political culture. Issues of Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, and Human Rights.
  • General mental ability



HPSC Exam Mains Syllabus

As per the official HPSC exam pattern – The mains exam consists of a total of 8 papers.  A well-defined syllabus is available on the official website of HPSC. Candidates who score the minimum cut-off marks in prelims are allowed to appear for the mains exam. This number is approximately twenty times more than the available vacancies. The mains examination has eight papers in particular. The syllabus for the papers is as follows as per the HPSC exam pattern:


  • Translation- Hindi to English
  • Composition writing, Idioms, Corrections
  • Explanation of passages in Hindi
  • Translation- English to Hindi


  • Understanding of unseen portions
  • Grammar and Vernacular
  • Detailed (summary) writing
  • Composition, letter, note, application, and report writing in English
  • Grammar in English

Essay Writing

The design of this part is to test the ability of candidates to write. Moreover, It involves a long piece of writing in the form of an essay. Besides this, their knowledge/awareness of many themes as well. The topics may vary, but the central areas are as follows-

  • Cultural Element
  • Economic Scenario
  • Political affairs
  • Societal Understanding
  • Historical incidents and outlook

Candidates must complete two essays. One essay from Section A and one from Section B. Each of which must be around 900 words long by all means.























General Studies -I

  • The Modern History of India and Indian Culture.
  • The History of Modern India from the mid-nineteenth century and forward
  • The independence movement.
  • The social reforms.
  • Indian culture from antiquity to the present

India’s Geography

  • The physical, economic, and social geography of India



Politics in India

  • Constitution, political system, and other related topics too

Current national concerns and socially relevant themes


The design of this section is to assess the candidate’s knowledge of current national concerns. In addition to this, socially relevant topics in modern India are of great importance. Few topics are such as the following:

  • Human Resources
  • Demography and Related Issues
  • Child labour
  • Gender equality
  • Adult literacy
  • Rehabilitation of the disabled and other impoverished parts of society
  • Drug misuse, public health, and other behavioural and social difficulties
  • Social welfare problems
  • Law enforcement concerns
  • Human rights,
  • Public corruption,
  • Communal peace, and so forth.
  • Concerns about internal security and associated matters
  • Environmental concerns, ecological preservation, natural resource protection, and national heritage.
  • The importance of national institutions, as well as the necessity for reform












General Studies -II



India and the Rest of the World

This part intends to test the candidate’s knowledge of India’s worldwide relations in many sectors, such as:-

  • Concerns regarding external security.
  • Concerns in foreign policy.
  • Nuclear weapons policy.
  • The Indian Economy
  • Questions on India’s planning and economic growth
  •  Economic and trade issues. Foreign trade.
  • The role and activities of the IMF, World Bank, and World Trade Organization

In addition to this few other topics are there in this part


Affiliations with International Organizations

In this area, the questions are concerning current events across the world as well as international organisations.

  • Scientific and technical progress, as well as improvements in communications and space exploration
  • The understanding of current events in science and technology
  • Communications and space, as well as basic computer principles
  • Illustrations, graphs, and diagrams, as well as statistical analysis
  • This part comprises tasks that will test the candidate’s ability to make acceptable conclusions from data presented in statistical, graphical, or diagram formats.
  • To spot faults, limitations, or inconsistencies in given data.



HPSC Exam Optional Subject

As per the official Haryana PSC Exam Pattern, HPSC allows 31 optional subjects.  Any two subjects can be selected by candidates. The prospectus of the optional papers is at the honours degree level. The difficulty level is higher than a bachelor’s degree level. However lower than a master’s degree level. Applicants can likewise take writing subjects as an optional paper. A total of 8 papers are there. Moreover, There are six compulsory papers and two optional subject papers. The following is a table of optional subjects: –

  • Agriculture


  • Mechanical Engineering


  • Indian History


  • Electrical Engineering


  • Civil Engineering


  • Mathematics


  • Political Science and International Relation


  • Statistics


  • Commerce and Accountancy


  • Hindi


  • Economics


  • Sanskrit


  • Urdu


  • Chemistry


  • Botany


  • Zoology


  • English Literature


  • Philosophy


  • Law


  • Geology


  • Psychology


  • Public Administration


  • Physics


  • Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science


  • Anthropology


  • Sociology


  • Management
  • Horticulture
  • Forestry
  • Medical Sciences
  • Geography


HPSC Exam Pattern

The HPSC exam pattern contains information about the exam’s overall structure. The marking method, total marks, number of sections, and time limit. Applicants must extensively review the HPSC exam pattern before commencing their studies. Applicants need to understand how they should use their time to achieve a high score. The test pattern for HCS includes information on the objectives.


HPSC Exam Prelims Pattern

As per the official Haryana PSC exam pattern – It is a written exam. The paper is bilingual (Hindi and English). The questions are of multiple-choice type candidates have 2hrs of time to finish up this test.

HPAS prelims have two sections; mainly, each contains 200 questions on diverse topics.


Name of Paper Total number of questions and Marks
Paper 1- General Studies 200 Questions & 100 Marks
Paper 2- Aptitude Test 200 Questions & 100 Marks


HPSC Exam Mains Pattern

Officials will call up aspirants who achieve minimal qualifying marks in the preliminary examination to sit the HCS Mains exam. The number of candidates invited for the Main written examination will be roughly 20 times the total number of positions to be filled based on the examination. There will be a total of 7 papers in the HCS Mains Exam.  Unlike prelims, there will be negative marking for wrong options attended in multiple-choice type questions.

Total eight papers are there, including six compulsory papers and two optional subject papers. The Haryana Civil Services exam pattern or structure is defined in the below-mentioned table-


Name of paper along with the subject Paper wise marks
Paper 1: English 100 Marks
Paper 2: Hindi in Devanagari Script 100 Marks
Paper 3: Essay 150 Marks
Paper 4: General Studies Paper-1 150 Marks
Paper 5: General Studies Paper-2 150 Marks
Paper 6: General Studies Paper-3 150 Marks
Total Marks 750 marks
Optional Papers:


Name of the Paper Marks Per Paper


Paper-7 150 marks
Paper-8 150 marks
Total 300 marks

The maximum number of marks available for the Interview/Viva-voce is 150.


Recommended Books for HPSC

The goal is to crack the HCS exam pattern. So, There are numerous books on each subject, which causes candidates to become perplexed. We selected the finest books based on feedback from IAS toppers, IAS mentors, HCS toppers, university professors, and exam experts. The following are the top books for the HPSC exam, organised by subject and based on the HCS syllabus.

Besides this, applicants can search for various resources online. The collective approach of online as well as the offline study will help indeed.

Current Affairs and Aptitude

  • Newspaper (The Hindu)
  • Haryana General Knowledge by RPH Editorial board
  • A few Haryana Magazine
  • Haryana Current affairs by Nirmal Publication
  • Daily news analysis by Jatin Verma
  • PIB analysis by Jatin Verma
  • Analytical reasoning and logical ability by Piyush Bhardwaj
  • Analytical Reasoning by K Pandey
  • Quantitative Aptitude by S Aggarwal

Indian and Haryana Economy

  • Indian Economic Development NCERT
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics NCERT
  •  Booklet on Haryana Economy
  • Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh
  • Niti Aayog Reports (Particular to Haryana)
  • The Indian Economy by Sanjeev Verma

Haryana General Knowledge section

  • Haryana GK  by Ravindra Malik


  • Ancient History of Class 11th by R.S. Sharma
  • India’s Ancient Past by R.S. Sharma
  • Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania
  • Medieval History NCERT Class XI-XII
  • NCERT XII (Modern Indian History)
  • A brief history of Modern India by Spectrum
  • India after Gandhi by Ramachandra Guha.


  • Physical and Human Geography by G.C. Leong.
  • Indian Geography – Class 10th and 12th NCERT

Indian Polity

  • Constitution of India Bare Act
  • Indian polity by Laxmikant.

Science and Technology

  • Science and technology by Ashok Singh

Environment & Ecology

  • Environmental Studies Books of IGNOU and NOS
  • Environment Book by DS Khullar


HPSC Exam Preparation Tips

  • Firstly, The first step is to obtain a copy of the curriculum and keep it with you at all times. Begin by going through NCERT textbooks and marking the concepts that are important to the HPAS syllabus. As well as Make notes on the various sections of the prelims and mains examinations.
  • Secondly, Arrange the study plan pleasingly as per your suitability. This keeps track of how much you know and gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  • Moreover, Aspirants should practice reading comprehension, logical thinking, and English grammar for the aptitude exam prelims paper. The questions from these categories are asked chiefly in the majority of aptitude exams.
  • Also, follow the previous year’s question papers for the Reading Comprehensions segment.
  • Moreover, For conceptual clarity, read NCERT books. Do in-depth studies of important themes from the classic books mentioned above.
  • Furthermore, Regularly reading newspapers and magazines will help you keep up with current events in economic, political, and social issues, as well as policy changes. Any newspaper can be followed for this. The Tribune is a highly recommended newspaper.


HPSC Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification


A Few More Tips –

  • To keep pace with socio-economic, political, and development issues, subscribe to Haryana magazine.
  • Aspirants can either enrol in coaching sessions or use online preparation tools to crack the Haryana PSC Exam Pattern certainly. Self-study and analysis are critical for aspirants to improve their preparation.
  • Mock tests are the best way to see how far you’ve progressed in your preparation. Moreover, It assists in determining the positive and negative aspects of a situation. Besides, Prepare a strategy that is effective for you. However, An objective assessment of your performance can assist you. It can assist you in determining the best course of action.
  • Make your writing skills efficient and robust.
  • Enhance your communication skills as much as you can.
  • Learn how to manage your time as well as topics.
  • Take mock tests as much as possible.
  • Begin with the fundamental premise for a smooth start.


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Q1. If final year candidates can appear in the HCS Exam?

A. Yes. The final year candidates can appear for the exam. Besides, Applicants need to secure passing marks by all means. However, The final mark sheet is required at the time of final verification. Besides, The verification is done of selected candidates.

Q2. What is the mode of examination?

A. The written exams take place offline. Moreover, The venue for the exam is the HPSC headquarter. Besides, The HQ is in Panchkula.

Q3. Is there any negative marking in the HCS Prelims exam?

A. It is as per the official Haryana PSC exam pattern. Therefore, Yes, each incorrect response carries a penalty of one by three. Moreover, For each incorrect answer, one-third of the marks assigned to the question will be deducted. Moreover, you can check here. https://www.hpsc.gov.in

 Q4. Does the fine arts subject is given in the optional subject list?

A. It is as per the official Haryana PSC exam pattern. Therefore, The list of optional subjects has 31 subjects, and fine arts is not one.

Q5. Which is the best way to take a mock test?

A. Many coaching institutes provide suitable study material for the exam. Besides, You can download some app for the mock test.

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