BPSC: Latest Exam Syllabus, Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips

BPSC: Latest Exam Syllabus, Pattern, Books & Preparation Tips
September 6, 2021
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BPSC Exam Syllabus 

The Bihar Public Service Commission decides the BPSC Exam Syllabus. Similarly, the Bihar Public Commission also decides the exam pattern. However, there has been no big change in the BPSC exam from the last year. Therefore, candidates are advised to check the official website for the syllabus and exam pattern. The BPSC 66th Mains 2020-21 exam will be held from July 29 to July 31, 2021. Therefore, Candidates who are going to take the test can look at the BPSC previous year question papers in addition to get a better understanding of the exam paper.

Prelims, Mains, and Interview are the three stages of the BPSC test.  Therefore, candidates who pass the required BPSC cutoff in each exam will be invited to the next round. In conclusion, all candidates are required to give the Prelims exam first.

Table of Contents


BPSC Prelims Syllabus 2021 :

The BPSC Prelims is a test that is used to select the applicants who are eligible for the BPSC Mains. Therefore, the marks from the Mains test and the interview are combined to generate the final merit list.

The Bihar Public Commission (BPSC) has announced the prelims syllabus as :

  1. Geography
  2. Geography of Bihar
  3. Indian Polity and Economy
  4. General Studies
  5. Indian National Movement and the Role of Bihar
  6. General Mental Ability
  7. Events of national and international importance
  8. History of Bihar and Indian History
  9. Changes in the economy of Bihar post-independence.

General Studies Paper 1, General Hindi, General Studies Paper 2, and Optional Paper are the four papers of the BPSC Mains Exam. In conclusion, there are 3 exams along with an interview.


The BPSC Mains Syllabus  :

In addition to the mains syllabus, there will be one paper compulsory for Hindi subject. Therefore, candidates are advised to practise Hindi in writing and in reading. In addition, candidates can also practise through NCERT Hindi textbooks as well.


Hindi General Exam :

This is a necessary paper that checks the candidate’s basic Hindi knowledge up to the secondary school level. Therefore,  The test has a total of 100 points, and the applicant must score at least 30 marks to qualify. The following are the detailed marks distributions:

30 marks for an essay
30 points for grammar
25 Marks Syntax
15 points for summary

The BPSC mains exam will have subjective questions. The main exam is offline. In addition, there will be an interview followed by the candidates who passed in mains exam.


General Studies Paper:-

GS 1 GS 2
  • Contemporary events of national and international importance
  • Indian Culture
  • Statistical Analysis, diagrams, and graphs
  • Modern History of India
  • Role of Science and Technology in Bihar
  • Indian (and Bihar) Economy
  • Indian (and Bihar) Geography


GS1 Exam Syllabus:

One of the ranking papers in the Mains is General Studies 1, which has  300 marks in total, as a result, the Mains result decides the final merit list in addition to the general studies 2 paper.

1. Candidates can read Contemporary events of national and international importance, Bihar’s Contribution to the Indian National Movement.  For instance, they can read :

  • The uprising of the Santhals.
  • The Indian Rebellion of 1857.
  • The Quit India Movement in 1942.

However, students can pick any book according to their preference.

2. Indian Culture

The introduction of western education, Bihar’s role in the freedom struggle of the country, the Santhal Uprising in Bihar, Birsa movement, in addition, the Quit India Movement, the main features of Mauryan and Pal art. In conclusion, a great understanding and reading of Indian Culture and its origin is important to cover.

3. Statistical Analysis, diagrams, and graphs

Your ability to distinguish judgments from statistical, graphical, and above all to identify limits.

Statistical analysis, diagrams, and graphs are included in addition to test the candidate’s ability to bring reasonable observations in statistical, graphical, or diagrammatic form, as well as their ability to spot flaws, limits, or contradictions.

4. Modern History of India

The introduction and development of western and technical education, for instance, Bihar’s participation in the Indian liberation. Above all, the basic reading of the history of India is also important to read.

In conclusion, candidates are advised to read books according to their preferences from the above suggestion.


GS 2 Exam Syllabus :

  1. Indian Geography and Bihar

Questions about Indian development and India’s geographical, financial, and sociological geography. Therefore a good understanding of Indian Geography is important. Therefore, students can refer to different English and Hindi medium based geography books, in addition to that, students can also read basic geography as well.

2. Role of Science and Technology in the development of the country including Bihar.


In addition, candidates should read the progress of science and technology in India and Bihar; for instance, identify and read the various scientific fields in which Bihar has made contributions.

Optional Subjects in BPSC Syllabus are:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Sociology
  3. Physics
  4. Agriculture
  5. Statistics
  6. Botany
  7. Zoology
  8. Philosophy
  9. English Language and Literature
  10. Urdu Language and Literature
  11. Hindi Language and Literature
  12. Persian Language and Literature
  13. Arabic Language and Literature
  14. Pali Language and Literature
  15. Maithili Language and Literature
  16. Bengali Language and Literature
  17. Sanskrit Language and Literature
  18. Civil Engineering
  19. Economics
  20. Commerce and Accountancy
  21. Electrical Engineering
  22. Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
  23. Anthropology
  24. Political Science and International Relations
  25. Psychology
  26. Public Administration
  27. Labour and Social Welfare
  28. Management
  29. Mathematics
  30. Mechanical Engineering
  31. Geography
  32. Geology
  33. History
  34. Law


Interview Test BPSC

Candidates who pass the BPSC examination will be invited to an Interview Test for the post they have applied for. After that, the Commission appoints a panel to interview candidates. In addition to understanding each candidate’s bpsc interview is important.

1. A board will interview the candidate. Therefore, candidates need to prepare well for the interview.

2. In addition to educational knowledge, the purpose of the interview is to observe the candidate’s personal fitness.

3. In conclusion, the interview is more of a focused discussion, mental qualities, and analytical abilities. However, candidates need to clear their mains exam to qualify for the interview.


Exam Pattern for BPSC 2021

The Bihar Public Service Commission sets the BPSC Syllabus. The Combined Competitive BPSC Exam is held in three phases, same as the other State Service Commissions and UPSC. The phases are listed below for candidates to review.

Prelims: There will be one objective type paper worth 150 points.

Mains: There are four papers in the mains.

120 points for the interview

There are three phases to the BPSC Exam (Combined Competitive Exam):-

Name of the Exams Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC)Exam
Prelims 150-marks objective type paper
Main 4 descriptive papers (1 qualifying paper + 3 merit-based papers)
Interview One interview of 120 marks

The BPSC Prelims Exam will be conducted by Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC). The Prelims include only 1 general studies exam of 150 marks. General Science, Politics, Economics, History, and the National Movement are all covered. The exam duration for the BPSC exam is 2 hours/120 minutes.


BPSC Prelims Exam Pattern :

The prelims exam is for 2 hours, however, in order to qualify for BPSC mains, candidates are required to clear the Prelims Exam.

Name of the Exam BPSC Prelims Exam
Exam Duration 2 hours
Number of exams 1 exam
BPSC Prelims Syllabus
  1. Geography
  2. Geography of Bihar
  3. Indian Polity and Economy
  4. General Studies
  5. Indian National Movement and the Role of Bihar
  6. General Mental Ability
  7. Events of national and international importance
  8. History of Bihar and Indian History
  9. Changes in the economy of Bihar post-independence.


Important points regarding BPSC Prelims 2021 :

  1. The BPSC Prelims is a screening test.
  2. The Paper marks will be used to determine who qualifies for the mains test.
  3. In the BPSC Prelims test, there is no negative marking.
  4. Except for the questions that are designed to assess the candidate’s English skills, all of the questions are set in English and Hindi.

General Studies Paper 1 and General Studies Paper 2 carries 300 marks. After that, there will be an Optional Paper, which the applicant chooses throughout the application process. The Optional Paper carries 300 marks.


BPSC Main Exam Pattern :

Stage of Exam Name of Paper Total Marks Duration
Main Exam (Subjective) General Hindi (Qualifying) 100 3 Hours
General Studies Paper 1 300 3 Hours
General Studies Paper 2 300 3 Hours
Optional Paper 300 3 Hours

Therefore, candidates who clear Mains Exam  Mains will be giving interviews for the final post.


Personal Interview Pattern (BPSC 2021)

The test will have a total of 120 points. Therefore, the final merit list will be based on the combined mains (900 points) and interview test scores (120 marks).

2021 BPSC 66th CCE Admit Card
Above all, the admission card is an important part of the documentation that every applicant must have. Candidates can download their admit cards after an official announcement at the bpsc.bih.nic.in. website.

Important Event Date
Admit Card for 66th CCE (Prelims) 16 Dec 2020
66th CCE (Prelims) 27 Dec 2020
66th CCE (Prelims) re-exam Date 14 Feb 2021
66th Mains Admit Card to be announced
66th CCE (Mains) Exam Date 29 July 2021- 31 Jul 2021


Recommended Books :

BPSC Books for Indian History and Culture

Candidates are advised to read the recommended books. In addition to these books, they can also read newspaper and NCERT books.

History of Modern India Bipin Chandra
Indian Art and culture Nitin Singhania
The Wonder that was India A.L. Bhasham
India’s struggle for Independence Bipin Chandra
A brief history of Modern India Spectrum


BPSC Books Geography :

Recommended books are important however, it is advised to revise the geography of India on daily basis. However, in-depth geographical knowledge of Bihar should also be known.

Geography of India Majid Hussain
World Geography Majid Hussain


BPSC Books for Indian Polity and Constitution :

In addition to the recommended books, candidates are advised to look at the previous year exam paper for the Indian constitution sector.

Name of the books Author/Publisher
Indian Polity for Civil Service examinations M.Laxmikanth
Introduction to Constitution of India D.D.Basu


BPSC Books for Indian Economy :

There are few Indidan economy books are available online. However, candidates can look at the previous year exam paper and exam key to read the required topics.

Name of the books Author/Publisher
Indian Economy, performances and policies Uma Kapila
Indian Economy Ramesh Singh
Indian Economy (in-depth analysis) Mishra and Puri


BPSC Books for Science and Technology :

Name of the books Author/Publisher
Science and Technology in India Ravi.P.Agrahari


BPSC Books for Environment :

Name of the book Author/Publisher
Environment for Civil Service Examinations Khuller


BPSC Books for Current Affairs :

  • Economic and Political Weekly
  • The Hindu
  • The Indian Express
  • Any Local Bihar newspaper for current state affairs
  • Press Information Bureau
  • Indian yearbook
  • Yojana Magazine


In addition to the above-mentioned books, candidates can also read the suggested books for instance :

  • Essential of Grammar- Oxford Publications
  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma
  • A Brief Introduction to Indian Constitution by Xaviers Pinto

However, in addition to the above recommended books, applicants are advised to look through the BPSC preparation recommendations.



BPSC Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification


Preparation Tips for BPSC Exam :

Pointers and ideas that will help students in going forward in a more organized manner.

  1. Divide your day into study parts. Therefore, you must stick to your schedule.
  2. In addition, select standard books for your preparation, and in addition, do not switch books in the middle of the process.
  3. Above all, get a thorough understanding of the maps of Bihar, India, and the rest of the world. In conclusion, make notes and revise them regularly.
  4. In addition, make sure you thoroughly study the NCERT books for this. For instance, they can read NCERT books from class 6-12th.

However, candidates can use previous question papers and practice papers in addition to learn more about the types of questions asked in the test. For instance,  they must also take practice exams to see how well they have prepared. Therefore, it depends on each candidate how they prepare.


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1. How can I prepare for the bpsc without taking coaching?

Read the recommended books and in addition take notes.

2. How can I stick to my schedule?

Cover 3-4 topics per day. In addition to that make sure to take care of your mental health and physical health.

3. Is BPSC Exam very tough?

It is one of the very important exams in the state of Bihar. Therefore it requires a strict schedule and general knowledge. In conclusion, if you study with good notes and a schedule, the exam is fine. However, it is important to cover basic topics as well.

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