IAS Result 2022 - Cut Off Marks & Score Card

September 8, 2022

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

IAS Result 2022 – Cut Off Marks & Score Card

UPSC IAS 2022 – Latest News & Updates

Last year, UPSC in its Press Note released the result of the Prelims Examination 2022. Candidates can access it from the Commission’s website. Selected candidates had to apply again in the Detailed Application Form- I for the Mains Examination 2022.

On June 5, 2022, a number of centres around the nation hosted the UPSC CSE Prelims. Candidates who successfully passed the preliminary examination will now sit for the main examination, which will start on September 16. Additionally, UPSC will invite individuals who pass the CSE main test to the interview stage.

Candidates who successfully passed the preliminary test will now sit for the main examination. For the Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2022, candidates must reapply using the Detailed Application Form-I (DAF-I). On the commission’s website, the relevant dates and instructions for completing the DAF-I and submitting it will be posted as soon as possible.

The full results of the UPSC Civil Services 2021 test were been released, and this year, women applicants took the top three spots. The first AIR was secured by Shruti Sharma of Delhi, then by Ankit Agarwal and Gamini Singla. 685 applicants in all, including 508 males and 177 women, were eligible for the Civil Services of 2021. In 2020, there were 216 women and 545 men on the qualified list.

UPSC IAS 2022 – Exam Result

UPSC conducts exams in three stages i.e., Prelims, Mains, and Personal Interview. Once each exam is over, UPSC declares the results on its official website. After all three stages are completed, the final merit list is uploaded there as well. Candidates can check their results to see if they have qualified for the UPSC IAS exam.

Release of Official Notification on UPSC website01 February 2023
Online Application Process Begins01 February 2023
The last day to submit Application Form for UPSC IAS 202221 February 2022
Period for Withdrawal of applicationTBA
Release of UPSC IAS Prelims Admit Card 2022TBA
Civil Services Examination, 2022 – Preliminary Stage28 May 2022

UPSC IAS 2022 – Procedure to Check the IAS result

The IAS result is available on their official website once announced. Candidates can follow the steps given above to check their results:

  1. ‌Visit the official website of UPSC
  2. ‌The UPSC IAS result link will be highlighted on the page. 
  3. ‌Click on it. A .pdf file of the result will appear on the screen containing all the roll numbers and names of candidates 
  4. ‌Find your name in the list by using Ctrl+F for either your roll number or name. 
  5. ‌Download the file for future use. 

Note: Your name or roll number will appear in the pdf only if you have qualified for your exam.

UPSC IAS 2022 – Details Mentioned on the IAS result

Details mentioned on the IAS results are:

  1. Candidate’s name
  2. Candidate’s roll number
  3. Candidate’s rank
  4. Total vacancies

UPSC IAS 2022 – Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the IAS exams gets decided in three stages. The number of qualifying candidates is double the number of vacancies for any year. Once a candidate passes the Mains exam, his chances of getting selected in the interview round are 50%. To emphasize, a candidate’s chances of getting selected increase with each stage. It is because, in the interview round, one out of every two candidates gets selected.

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UPSC IAS 2022 – Calculation of IAS Result

Prelims Examination

For several levels, the UPSC IAS result is computed differently. The IAS Prelims test is the first phase. There are multiple-choice questions in the IAS preliminary test. The applicant sits for two distinct tests, each of two hours and the manner of testing is an online test. General Studies I is the first essay, while General Studies II, often known as the Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT), is the second essay.

The CSAT is a qualifying exam with just 80 questions for 200 points, but the General Studies examination is of a merit ranking type with 100 questions worth 200 points. Candidates are required to take both exams. Each incorrect response receives negative marking at this level of the IAS test, which is equivalent to one-third of the total points for the question.

The UPSC does not include in the applicants’ scores from this phase when calculating their final IAS test score. The purpose of this exam is to determine whether applicants will advance to the IAS Mains. Only applicants who achieved the required cutoff points are qualified. Blind applicants who are taking the IAS preliminary test are given an additional 20 minutes to finish their paper, per a UPSC rule.

The formula to calculate the score is given in the table below:

General Studies-ICorrect responses x 2 – incorrect responses x 0.66
General Studies-IICorrect responses x 2.5 – incorrect responses x 0.83 

Mains Examination

The IAS Mains is the second stage of the IAS exam and is an offline mode exam. It is a written descriptive examination consisting of nine papers, and candidates must appear for all these exams. In the Mains, the duration of each exam is three hours. The UPSC creates the final merit list for IAS Mains results based on candidates’ marks in this stage and candidates’ marks on the personality test. Candidates can check their results by providing their names and roll numbers.

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UPSC IAS 2022 – Cut-off Marks

The last individuals who qualified are given the cut-off scores. For each test, UPSC releases a unique list of the passing scores. After the interview process, the cut-off list for the Preliminary and Main exams is made accessible. For instance, the final IAS exam score for two applicants is equal. In such instance, the applicant with the better overall score in both the interview and the required papers will be granted a higher rank. The elder applicant will be granted a better rank if their scores on the required exams and the interview stage were equal.

The General Studies Paper-I cutoff in the IAS Prelims Exam is the only one that is determined since it is based on merit rankings. The CSAT’s General Studies Paper-II is a qualifying exam. Candidates who get more than 33% of the possible points are thus eligible.

To provide applicants some guidance, the following information provides the category-by-category cut-off marks for the UPSC CSE test from the prior year. The complexity of the exam, the number of openings, and the number of applicants that took the test all play a role in determining the cut-off.

Prelims Examination


Mains Examination


Final Result


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Q.1 Is UPSC 2022 Result out?

Ans. The Prelims for UPSC IAS 2022 were conducted on 5th June 2022 and the result for it has been declared on the official website of UPSC. Candidates can check to see if they have qualified for the next step of the exams or not. Qualified candidates would have to fill out another application form, which will be resealed shortly. The date of the final merit result is still unannounced.

Q.2 How do you check your IAS exam results?

Ans. After your IAS result has been posted, you can easily find it on the UPSC website by searching for it with your roll number. Go to upsc.gov.in, the Union Public Service Commission’s (UPSC) official website. To view the UPSC Civil Services Final Result 2021, use the link on the website’s home page. A new PDF file will open, and candidates can check that their name and roll number are correct there. You should print out a hard copy of the PDF file in case you end up needing it in the future.

Q.3 What is a good score in IAS?

Ans. Based on the quantity of unfilled vacancies in each category, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) establishes the minimal passing score for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) test. Another element taken into account is the total number of candidates who ultimately took the exam. The OBC category’s total rank on the IAS scale was 457. In light of this knowledge, you need to use every effort to meet the UPSC standard.

Anudeep Durishetty, the victor of the 2017 UPSC test, earned the highest score ever recorded for the competition. Out of a possible 2025 points, he received 1126. (55.60 percent ). He received 950 out of a potential 1,750 points in the Mains exam, and he received 176 out of a possible 275 points on the personality test. He passed both of the examinations (UPSC Interview).

Q.4 What is the success rate of an IAS officer?

Ans. The personality test and interview round are the following steps for 20% of individuals who took the initial examination. Only 40% of those who go to the final round, nevertheless, will really be hired by the military. This figure may give applicants a false feeling of hope, but it is impossible to judge. The chance of success is influenced by a broad variety of diverse circumstances.

To be considered for the process, candidates must put in a lot of effort and spend a lot of time training. Many of the policemen fail in their efforts. Additionally, IAS officers seldom ever obtain specialised training. On the other hand, because of the nature of their profession, they have a relatively high total interaction with labour. Only 40% of applicants are engineers, based on data the Union Public Service Commission obtained during the preceding ten years. As a result, the UPSC is required to look into the backgrounds of those who have showed interest in becoming IAS.

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