IBSAT Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification

IBSAT Exam Dates, Fees, Eligibility & Notification
October 1, 2021
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IBSAT  stands for ICFAI Business School Aptitude Test. It is an aptitude test conducted by the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India(ICFAI). The students wishing to pursue PG/MBA degrees take this exam as an entrance test. IBSAT is a university-level exam and happens once a year. Also, It is computer-based and lasts for 2 hours.

Furthermore, A student can register for this exam on the official website of the IBS. With this in mind, Proceed to www.ibs.india.org to apply online for the exam. IBSAT is conducted online, thus differentiating itself from the traditional Pen and Paper-based tests conducted by other universities. As a result, after this exam, students go through 2 more tests, which are the Group Discussion and the Personal Interview rounds.

Also,  There are 90+ plus centers of IBSAT present all over India. Moreover, Verbal Ability, Reading Ability, Comprehension Ability, Quantitative Ability, and Data Interpretation are the subjects for this exam.

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IBSAT Exam Latest News/Updates

  • IBS has made the mock tests for the IBSAT exams available on their website.
  • The registration period for IBSAT started in July. Thus, the registration will end a week before the examination.


About IBSAT Exam

IBSAT exam scores are accepted by IBS institutes in Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and many more. For this reason, Students who want a Ph.D., or an MBA, usually go for this examination. The conducting authority, IBS, takes these exams once a year.

The students who pass proceed for two more tests, thereafter qualifying to go into any of the IBS institutes mentioned above. IBSAT is just one of the options that are available for MBA Students, although it is the most attractive.

IBS was inaugurated in 1995 and is regarded as one of the best business schools in India. Thus, The exam aims to give students a taste of what it’s like to enter IBS, in conclusion, the exam is a stepping stone to allow students to learn skills required in the business world.

The IBS campuses are state-of-the-art Cyber Cities, they also have all the necessary facilities that the students will need on their journey. As a result, it is difficult for students to pass the IBSAT due to its vast learning curve.

Moreover, a student who wants to pursue a postgraduate or a Ph.D. can apply to give this test. Due to the universities having high regard in the world of employment.


IBSAT Basic Information

Some basic information about the IBSAT is given below in a tabular format.


Feature Details
Application Fees Amount Rs. 1800/-
Number of Attempts No Limit
Examination Mode Computer-Based Examination
Exam Conducting Authority
Institute of Charted Financial Analysts of India
Frequency of Exam Once a Year
Courses IBS Courses, among 9 campuses throughout India


The application fee for this examination is Rs. 1800/-,and it is non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be saved for the next year. Also, Cheques and Demand drafts, and other offline payment modes are not accepted. Only debit cards, credit cards, UPI Transfers, and NEFTs are accepted. After filling the application form, the payment is made.

There are no limits for appearing in the examination. With this in mind, A candidate can give the IBSAT however many times as they want. Most importantly, The IBS Universities are upgraded campuses with better amenities, giving a chance to candidates to appear more for these exams so they don’t miss out.

This exam will be given in an online form, which is computer-based. Secondly, the students must go to the different centers allocated to them to participate in the exams. The exam lasts for two hours and it has around 140 MCQ-type questions for the students to solve.

The Institute of Financial Analysts of India conducts these examinations. Since the students enter their business schools after passing this exam. The authority conducts this examination to give students a chance to understand the business world better. It prepares them for the business world. The frequency of students giving these exams reflects this statement.

Frequency and Campus Access

Firstly, The exam happens once a year. This gives students adequate time to prepare for the exams. Secondly, It allows them to understand their goals and gives time if they are working on something else too. The only downside is that they will have to wait a whole year if they fail.

Firstly, After passing the exams, candidates can enter into one of any 9 universities operated by the ICFAI. Secondly, Passing the exam gives students access to different business schools which have advanced living facilities and up-to-date syllabus. Thus, It ensures that students learn about newer market trends rather than sticking to old ones.

Therefore, After passing the IBSAT and applying for any IBS school, you can access their campus. The campus access includes all the amenities provided by the IBS, classes for the MBA programs, which teach soft skills, and many more. Also, The school teaches business skills, helps students cultivate values, and makes them grow together.


IBSAT Exam Date

25th to 26th December is the date limit of when this examination will be held. Moreover, students can attend this exam in the centers allotted to them. The exam will be for two hours. Every year, the tests are kept around this time to ensure students get a chance to study and prepare as much as they can.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought along a set of changes for the exam but it will be manageable as cases are starting to lessen as India is vaccinated.


IBSAT Notification

IBSAT has released critical information regarding the IBSAT. The timetable, exam, date, exam results date, and the end of registration are all given in this section. The official website has all the information regarding this exam. Thus, the dates and timetables are expected to change every year and are posted on the website to give students clarity.

Also, There have been little trinkets of news for all the students eagerly awaiting information regarding the exam. Firstly, the exam application process started on the 1st of July. Moreover, this gave students enough time to apply for the exam, pay the fees, and start studying.

Information regarding all the notifications is given below.


Feature Details
Start Date of the Application Process 1st July 2021
Last Date of the Application Process 16th December 2021
Exam Dates December 25-26 2021
Result Announcement 1st week of January
Briefing Process Start January 8th, 2022
Briefing Process End January 16th, 2022


In conclusion, this tabular information is all that is currently announced for this exam. Moreover, the details about the last day to apply for people with CAT and GMAT scores haven’t been revealed along with the selected dates. This will be revealed after some time.


IBSAT Eligibility Criteria

The conducting body of the exams has put forth IBSAT eligibility criteria to satisfy the students. Firstly, they will need to check if they can apply for this exam when they look at the criteria. If it does not match, they would not be allowed. Secondly, at any point, if the criteria, do not match, the student will be considered ineligible.

Three main conditions need completion for eligibility. Firstly, a candidate should have completed an undergraduate degree with an aggregate score of 50%. Secondly, the medium of instruction should be English. The candidate should have 15 years of education under their belt, adhering to this pattern,i.e. 10+2+4 or 10+2+3.

For the candidates that do not have the English medium mode of instruction, they have to submit their TOEFL/ NELT/ IELTS scores. Since this will allow them to enter if they do not have an English medium of instruction. Moreover, the people who are in their final year of undergraduate can also enter so they do not waste their time.

However, they must have completed all of their work such as the assignments, vivas, orals, and more, before May 31, 2022. The admission of those final year students will remain temporary, till they submit the required documents in November 2022.

There are no qualifying exams the students have to give for this test. However, They just have to fit in the three parameters given above. This will help ease out the number of candidates and give IBS time to check the eligibility of the students who have applied.

The three criteria pieces will only affect the people who haven’t completed an undergraduate degree and the ones who do not have an English medium. But this can be easily fixed when the people who are giving the IBSAT have completed the required educational requirements.


IBSAT Registration

Let us take a look at how the candidates can register for the IBSAT examination. The very step of it will be filling the application form. Them the issuing of the admit card along with a couple of other things. Firstly, let us take a look at how you can fill the application form.

Some things that will be required are email ID, mobile number, photograph, candidate’s score of CAT or GMAT, scanned copy of the signature, and class 10 and 12 scores.

The application form is filled after a candidate has registered through the official website of the IBS. The registered email will help during the logging-in process for filling the application form. A screenshot of the application form page is provided for your reference.

You will require details like your CAT score, personal details, coaching details, contact info, and many more. After registration, you will be provided with a registration ID and password. Use that to log in and fill the application form.

After filling the application form which consists of your details, class 10 and 12th information, and more you will be taken to a screen where you can complete the payment. Before that, make sure you cross-check everything and see the details you entered are correct.

After filling the form, you will have to pay the fees for the examination. The accepted forms of payment are UPI, Net Banking, Credit cards, and Debit cards. Rs. 1800/-.

The admit card will be available after you finish the application process. Just go to the website and download it using the registered key, date of birth, and password. You will be all set after downloading the admit card. In conclusion, it is mandatory to carry this.


IBSAT Syllabus

Let us look at the syllabus for the IBSAT exams. It will be distributed into 4 core sections. Thus, Their distributions will be:

Subject Marks Distribution
Reading Comprehension 30
Verbal Ability 50
Quantitative Ability 30
Data interpretation and sufficiency 30
Total 140 Marks(140 MCQs

Let us see what will come in each section of the subjects.

Firstly, Reading comprehension will consist of 30 questions for 30 marks. Additionally, there will be 4 passages. The first three consists of 600 words, and then the last one is 400 words. There will be thirty questions distributed among these passages. The first three will have 8 questions each and the last one will have 6. Thus, completing 30 marks. You should be a fast reader to finish this section quickly

The verbal section is the most important. Due to it accounting for 36 percent of the total marks. This section is worth 50 marks. Grammar elements such as Tenses, Prepositions, Conjunctions, degree of comparison, voices, and parts of sentences such as subject, object, and predicate are the topics that are asked about. Reading daily can help students strengthen this subject.

Quantitative ability is for 30 marks. Secondly, It consists of mathematical questions. It measures your ability to perform questions. With this in mind, some of the topics are Mensuration, speed and time, profit and loss, trigonometry, probability, percentage, number systems, and ratio & proportion. Lastly, Thirty questions are asked for thirty marks.

Data interpretation and sufficiency is for 30 marks. It is all about statistics and data visualization.  Additionally, some of the topics are Line graphs, pie charts, histograms, bar graphs, Venn diagrams, and more. Practice is very important.


IBSAT Exam Pattern

The IBSAT exam pattern revolves around solving 140 MCQs in two hours. Additionally, it is divided into 4 sections which consist of questions from subjects given above. All of these questions must be completed within two hours to complete the paper.

Four options are given for each question. You have to choose one correct answer. Prioritize solving any question within a minute to maximize time.

Firstly, The highest distribution will be for the verbal ability section with 50 marks of allocation. The topics will consist of general English grammar questions and 50 MCQs will be for this section. In conclusion, Give the highest priority to this section.

The reading section will focus on your reading speed and observation skills. Practice by training yourself to read. Additionally, this section is for 30 marks and has 22 percent weightage. In conclusion, Students will read prose passages and solve questions about the passage to score marks.

The quantitative section is all about solving mathematical equations mentally and in increased time. Additionally, This part has 22 percent weightage as it is for 30 marks. Profit and loss, Mensuration, and simple mathematical concepts are present in this section. Do not hesitate to refer to high school and college books to get an idea of these topics.

The last section is about statistics and has the same weightage as the other two. Additionally, it is for 30 marks and has 30 questions. Try to practice problems for statistics. Prepare for bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, and many more to prepare for this paper.


IBSAT Admit Card

The registration for the IBSAT examination will end on 16th December. In that case, the candidates need to finish collecting their admit cards by that date. After successful completion of the application will grant access to the admit card. The students can download it from the official website of the IBS.

The admit card has not been released as of yet. Although, it is scheduled to be available to students in the third week of December. It will be available on the website. Students will have to check all the personal and other information provided in the card for any changes. If there are any changes required, make sure to notify the authorities.

You will require your application number and password to claim the admit card when it is released. The admit card will have details like Name, category, signature, gender, role number, and more.

You should remember about the slot booking feature after registration. It is to make sure you can get a center and date as per your convenience. You must ensure the details in the admit card are proper and contact the offices if they need any changes.

There are several steps to download the admit card. Firstly, you need to visit the IBS website. Then click on the link that says Download Admit Card. Next, you will have to enter your registration number, date of birth and click submit. Pick your slot, venue, and the required date and time and proceed further. Finally, save the details and download the card.


IBSAT Result

The exams are on the 25th and 26th of December for this entrance test. The candidates will know about the results through the official website of the IBS. ICFAI has planned to announce the results on any day of the first week of January. There will be a lot of details to look forward to after the exams.

Firstly, the exam registration will close on December 16th. The exams will be conducted and after that, the results will be declared. Secondly, the results can be accessed through the official website of the IBS. To download it, you will have to log in with your registration ID and password. Additionally, The announcement of the schedule was on 25th June.

Additionally, Name, Roll No, Registration Number, IBSAT Result (total and section-wise), signature, rank, and photograph are the details that the result page will contain.

The selection briefings of the passed students will take place from the 8th of January till the 16th. In this period, The information related to the selection process and other related fields is provided. Thus, The selection process will begin in March.

This will include a group discussion and a personal interview round that students will have to pass. Additionally, passing this will give students the right to enter any of the 9 IBS campuses for their MBA degrees. Thus, This allows for a wide diversification of their CV and gives them a chance to get better packages.


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Q1. What is the IBSAT exam?

A. The IBSAT exams are aptitude tests which are for students who want to pursue an MBA or a PG, in the business schools run by the ICFAI.

Q2. Who conducts the IBSAT exams?

A. The Institute of Financial Analysts of India(ICFAI) is the conducting and corresponding body of the exam and precedes over all decisions regarding them.

Q3. What does a candidate get after he/she passes the IBSAT exams?

A. The candidate will move onto the briefing process and then finally the group discussion and interview rounds, if they pass they can enter any of the 9 IBS schools.

Q4. When will the IBSAT exams take place?

The exam will take place on the period between 25-26 December. Therefore, Students can choose their slots after registering and applying.

Q5. What are the subjects for IBSAT exams?

A. There are four subjects for the IBSAT exams. For instance, they are quantitative ability, reading ability, verbal ability, and data interpretation.

Q6. What is the application form cost for this exam?

A. The application cost for this exam is Rs.1800/- which is not transferrable and non-refundable.

Q7. What is the last day to apply for this exam?

A. The last day to apply for the IBSAT 2021 exam is December 16th. Hence, The exam will start ten days afterward.

Q8. What is the IBS selection briefing process?

A. The briefings take place to tell students about the different courses and programs that IBS offers.

Q9. How difficult is the IBSAT exam?

A. Amid the different students who have given this examination, all of them described it as a moderately difficult level.

Q10 What are the eligibility criteria for this exam?

A. Firstly, You must have completed or have to be in the final year of your undergraduate degree. Secondly, you must have an English medium background, which is preferred.

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