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Design education is one of India’s great strengths due to its extraordinary historical culture. In the field of art and design, there are various well-known universities and institutions that each year produce the best and most creative minds. Especially in consumer experience and graphic design, not only students but also professionals looking to enroll in a great design training institute.

Many students and professionals lack information about how to apply to design colleges for Masters and Bachelors degrees, which exams to pass, and so on. Check out this article for the best design entrance exams for enrollment in design colleges and institutions.

Design entrance exams are exams administered by universities or colleges to assess creativity, skills, sensitivity to design, views on aesthetics, and other skills such as entry-level analysis. This entrance exam is mainly aimed at Masters and Bachelors degrees like MDes & BDes and others.

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Top 10 Design Entrance Exams in India


General Design Entrance Exam – A popular entrance exam for MDes, CEED is usually held by IIT Bombay every January. The CEED exam consists of two parts namely Part A and Part B. Part A CEED exam consists of MCQs, while Part B exam consists of subjective questions related to character. Candidates must try questions from both parts.

The final CEED results are calculated by adjusting the 25% weighting to the estimates in Part A and the 75% weighting to the estimates in Part B after the above calculations. The application form for CEED 2022 must be submitted via the online application website. The registration portal will open on September 9, 2021. Please download and read the CEED 2022 information brochure which contains important information.

CEED students have the right to apply to various institutions for MDes and doctorates. CEED 2022 results are valid for one year from the date of announcement of results.

We are happy to inform you that applicants who meet the CEED requirements are already eligible for a PG scholarship at a recognized AICTE institution. CEED-2022 is scheduled for 23 Jan 2022 and the application deadline for CEED-2022 is 17 Oct 2021.


2) NID

National Institute of Design – NID entrance exam is the best Asian school for design education. NID conducts Prelims & Main tests for admission to the MDes and BDes / GDPD programs. DAT Prelims is a written test. The Main DAT consists of studio tests and interviews. SILICA conducts fast track coaching for 2 years, 1 year in preparation for the NID exam. In the past 5 years, 62+ SILICA students have broken into NID entrances. In 2020, SILICA students reached 24 of the top 100 NID rankings.

NID approval process has three stages. To be admitted to the BDes, GDPD, and MDes courses offered at NID, applicants must take the NID entrance exam. The entrance exam in this design includes objective questions as well as subjective questions about drawing.



MIT Institute of Design Design Aptitude Test – MIT DAT (Design Aptitude Test) is a combination of online and paper questions posed at selected centers in India.

The DAT written exam is based on the following parameters. The weighting of each parameter can be changed at the wish of the Examining Board.

  • Questions about design trends based on visual cues and general awareness.
  • Analytical questions based on scientific understanding (PCM).
  • Logical reasoning skills
  • Communication skills – verbal and non-verbal expression skills.
  • Personal inclination – a test from an individual point of view.

DAT exam format:

The DAT study includes a computer-based (objective) MCQ test, a subjective test, and an offline drawing test.



The Bachelor of Design General Entrance Exam – UCEED is conducted by IIT Bombay and is a means for applicants to gain entry to the BDes courses offered at IIT. UCEED 2021 lasts three hours and usually takes place in Jan each year.

It is a 3-hour exam based on an exam center. UCEED 2022 will take place on:

On Sunday, Jan 23, 2022

From 9 am to 12 pm.

Only eligible UCEED 2022 students can apply for BDes programs at IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT Hyderabad, and IIITDM Jabalpur for the academic year 2022-2023. There will be a joint application form for admission to the appropriate BDes degree program. UCEED, IIT Bombay will process the joint application form and carry out the joint award procedure.



The Design Ability Test at the University of Petroleum and Energy Research – The Design B. course, offered by UPES, is suitable for anyone who wants to be part of the design industry. This adds to their need for high-level skills and area-specific knowledge enabling them to think outside the box when developing all types of designs and products.

This course is aimed specifically at people who wish to acquire practical design knowledge and are interested in areas such as fashion design, accessory design, interior design, and product design.



All Design Entrance Exams in India – conducted by Arch College of Design and Business, AIEED are held to admit candidates for UG and PG degrees in design. The AIEED exam consists of a Creativity Test (CAT) and a General Ability Test (GAT).

ARCH College of Design & Business conducts AIEED for UG and PG programs in design. AIEED was launched and run by ARCH College in 2010.

In 2011, AIEED became an online exam and is easily accessible to interested students from anywhere in the world. It is based on an interactive component and a selection of random questions from a specially formulated bank with questions on the margins. This engaging online exam is designed to make it easier for students to use and help assess skills that support career goals in design.



National Institute of Fashion Technology Entrance Exam – One of the most popular design candidate entrance exams in India, the NIFT Entrance Exam is usually held in Jan/Feb by the NIFT. Based on the NIFT exam, candidates can enter into design programs such as BDes, BFTech, Master of Design (MDes), MFM, and MFTech.

Founded in 1986, NIFT is the nation’s pioneering fashion education institution and a leader in providing professional human resources for the textile and apparel industry. Law of the Indian Parliament with the President of India established it in 2006 as the “visitor” as a legal institution and has full campuses across the country. Over the years, NIFT has also served as a knowledge service provider to unions and the state govt in the design and placement of handlooms and crafts.



IIAD Test Proficiency Test – IIAD has a limited number of places for each program. This means that they accept applicants who apply early and pass an admissions test in the first admissions cycle are more likely into their chosen course of study.

As soon as you fill out the IIAD application form, you will receive our sample test, which will give you ample time to prepare.

Our bachelor’s degree program

200 places in total, divided into five courses:

– fashion design

– Architecture and interior design

– Fashion management

– Communication design

– fashion communication



Pearl Academy Entrance Exam – We commonly refer to it as the PAF Entrance Exam and usually takes place in Jan and April each year. The exam model for these candidate design exams varies depending on the program of study in which the candidate is applying for admission.

You will need to take a demo test to understand the regd. process and access sample question documents. You will receive a max of 3 trials for your demo test with three different keys.

The pearl entrance exam model (July cycle) is as follows:

All courses in Design School, Fashion School, and Fashion Communication Course.

Exams: GPT Design Skills Test (DAT) Personal interview and portfolio showcase

Duration: 90 mins GPT and DAT + 30 mins interview and personal portfolio

Format: MCQ



The Symbiosis Design – SIU conducts SEED Entrance Exam and is a means for applicants to get to the BDes courses offered at the SID. The SEED exam consists of MCQs.

The Bachelor of Design (B. Dec) lasts four years, SID offers 160 credit master’s programs, and the SIU awards the degree, Pune, which came under Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956. communication 9-12 / 2001-U.3 dated 10 Nov 2006 to the UGC Govt of India.

They have designed this year-long program carefully to focus on the academic areas most useful for future learning purposes.


The best thing of top design entrance exams in India

Design is a popular choice among students. Experts say that to see this as an option, one needs to have a natural understanding of trends and a basic understanding of design elements. Applicants may consider applying various specializations within the design discipline for professional guidance in exploring and enhancing their instincts.


Opportunities & career scope after these exams

With a BDes degree, depending on your specialization, you can find work in areas such as e-commerce, manufacturing, fashion, and animation. A fashion designer is one of the most popular job profiles in BDes graphic designer.

Excellence BDes (Master in Design) offers you the opportunity to be independent and create jobs for others. It also offers professional fame, brilliance, success, and higher salaries. It will prepare you for a professional career in the fashion industry.


Eligibility of top design entrance exams in India

CEED applicants who have completed a program/diploma of at least THREE years (after level 10+2) or who will take the final exam in the program in July 2022.

UCEED- To apply for admission to the BDes program from a participating institution, i.e., IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT Hyderabad, and IIITDM Jabalpur applicants must meet ALL of the following three criteria simultaneously.

Criterion 1 – age limit:

Applicants must be born on or after Oct 1, 1997, if they fall into the OPEN/EWS/OBC-NCL category, and born on or after Oct 1, 1992, if they fall into the SC, ST, or PwD categories.

Criterion 2 – UCEED Qualification:

The candidates must be eligible, i.e., have received a ranking at UCEED 2022.

Criterion 3 – aptitude test:

Further, the candidates must have passed all five skill test subjects (grade XII or equivalent) by 2021 or 2022. Those who took their aptitude test in 2020 or earlier are not eligible to participate.

AIEED- UG: Students who have passed class 10+2 (CBSE/ICSE/IB/State Board/NIOS or equivalent according to UGC guidelines) are eligible to take the AIEED exam.

PG courses: For this course, graduates or graduates of any subject from a recognized university can apply.


Who should appear for the top design entrance exams in India?

Design is a very challenging but rewarding profession for anyone who wants to become a professional practitioner in this field. It promises an in-depth understanding of people’s behavior patterns, cultures, values, and preferences; Technology – both established and emerging knowledge about the use of processes that lead to thoughtful and innovative paths that enrich our lives and make sense in our society and environment. Applicants possessing the following skills have the advantage of getting into vocational courses.


Pros and cons of top design entrance exams in India

NID and IIT are the best design schools in India for the following reasons:

  1. NID and IIT (Dept. of Design) are India’s most reputed institutions with degrees in Design
  2. Students entering this institute get access to the best design faculties in India
  3. You also get the best projects from the Indian govt and access to the best labs and structures.
  4. They say that the exposure they receive is influential on a national or global level.
  5. Therefore – if you are considering studying design, you must graduate from the best institute i.e., NID or IIT.

Further, tips for preparing for the Best Design Entrance Exam are as follows: –

  • Practice sample documents
  • Practice your sketching skills
  • Take mock tests
  • Practice puzzle questions
  • Polish your general knowledge


Conclusion for top design entrance exams in India

In conclusion, we can say that each of us is a designer. Every day we constantly use some basic design processes in our daily lives, such as problem-solving. However, to become a professional designer, ambitious applicants must have the right attitudes and abilities to work effectively and ably in eco-space design.

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