SPSAT Exam Admit Card

SPSAT Exam Admit Card

SPSAT Exam Admit Card
SPSAT Exam Admit Card
October 4, 2021
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Sir Padmavat Singhania University or SPSU conducts SPSAT exams every year. These exams are for admission to SPS University only. SPSU is located in Udaipur, Rajasthan; JK Organization established this university in 2007. SPSU is responsible for details like syllabus, exam dates, and admit card for SPSAT. SPSU is the sole authority for SPSAT.

This is one of the biggest private universities. SPSU also has scholarship programs. In this candidates can apply for scholarships. These scholarships are based on the scores of SPSAT. Some scholarships will also consider the marks of 10thand 12th. For the scholarship of students appearing in B.Tech, SPSU also considers the scores of JEE.

SPSU also has scholarships only for the family of SPSU employees and employees of the JK organization.


Latest News

  • SPSU announced the start of the registration process for SPSAT.
  • The last date of registration for SPSAT is not announced yet.

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SPSAT Admit Card

For the year 2021, the exam pattern of SPSAT is changed due to the covid pandemic. Earlier SPSAT was an online exam with a fixed date. Now the candidates are required to book an exam slot 10 days within the paying application fees. This pattern may change again, once the social distancing and covid protocols are relaxed.


SPSAT Admit card Dates

This year, there is no fixed date for the SPSAT exam. The candidates are required to choose an exam slot from the choices given. These dates are with 10 days of paying the application fee. Once the fee is submitted, and the exam slot is booked, candidates will get a confirmation regarding the date and time. They will get an admit card that they might have to show to the authorities when sitting for the online exam.


How to download the admit card for SPSAT-

Admit card is made available only after the application fee is submitted. There has been a change in exam pattern where candidates get the confirmation on their mail along. This pattern may change again.


Old method

  • To download the admit card, visit the official website of SPSU.
  • Under the application, you will find the admit card.
  • Enter your registration number and use your date of birth as your password.
  • Once downloaded, SPSU suggested that you take the printout of the admit card.
  • Keep it safe.
  • Make sure to take two printouts in case of any problems.


IN 2021

  • In 2021, SPSAT is providing candidates with a test pin.
  • To take the exam, candidates have to click on the “SPSAT 2021” link in the top right corner.
  • It will take you to a link for the test.
  • This page will ask you for your test pin. Enter it.
  • Once accepted, you will be taken to the test window.


Possible Issues with test pin

  • Make sure to write down your test pin.
  • In case you forgot it, you will not be able to appear for SPSAT.
  • Fill in the test pin, once you are well seated and at a properly lit place.
  • Make sure your webcam is working properly.
  • Remember you can’t move away during the test, so keep your stationery and water with you.
  • In case you are taking this test from a net café, be sure that there is silence and it’s not unnecessarily loud.
  • Enter your test pin 15 min before you start the exam.
  • All these details will be provided to you by SPSU with the confirmation mail.


Issues to download the Admit card-

Earlier when SPSAT issued admit cards, there was always a chance of error. Following are such possible errors and their solutions.

  • Wrong credentials- the registration number or password or both could be wrong. This would cause some issues while downloading the admit card.
  • Weak internet- slow or weak internet may also cause difficulty in downloading the admit card.


Make sure that your credentials are correct and the internet services are strong and stable.


In case there is an issue-

  • In case there is an issue with the test pin, get in touch with the exam authority right away.
  • Make sure that you are entering the correct PIN too.


Details on SPSAT Admit Cards-

in previous exams of SPSAT, the admit card would have the candidate’s name, date of exam, their registration number, the course they are appearing for, exam center, etc. These kinds of details are not available now. IN 2021, SPSAT has provided its candidates with a test pin to directly log in for the test at the slotted time.

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Documents to carry with SPSAT Admit card-

Earlier, when SPSAT issued admit cards, candidates were expected to carry a few documents with them. Following is the list-

  • Candidates were advised to carry their SPSAT admit cards with them.
  • They were also asked to carry a valid ID card.
  • Carrying two passport size photos was also important.
  • For the candidates who are appearing for SPSAT 2021, admit cards are not provided.
  • But candidates are suggested to carry a valid ID card.
  • Candidates are advised to carry disinfectant and hand sanitizer if they are appearing for an exam from a public café.


Instructions regarding online exam-

As SPSAT is an online exam, there are a few things candidates should remember.

  • Make sure your video during the exam is on.
  • You should be alone in the room.
  • No one should interrupt your test.
  • Avoid getting up and leaving the exam screen.
  • Do not open a browser or tab.
  • Do not try to cheat using another device.
  • Make sure you are capable of handling a computer yourself.
  • Internet connection should be fast and stable.


SPSAT Admit Cards- FAQs

Q1. Is SPSAT an online exam?

A1. Yes, SPSAT is an online exam.


Q2. Where can I download my admit card for SPSAT 2021?

A2. For 2021, SPSAT is providing candidates with test pins. Using these pins candidates can login into the test and start.


Q3. While giving exams from my home, should I keep a valid ID with me?

A3. You should keep a valid photo ID with you when appearing for SPSAT 2021. Even if you are giving this test from the home, still carry the ID.

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