Using Freelancing Sites to Earn Money Online Easily


The most straight and ultimate rule of this world is ‘to work and earn’. So that we can buy our wishes and desires Or can make our family happy. Moreover, we can contribute resources for our children and the coming generation. But what is the thing we need to focus on always? Well, the answer is simple, ‘Place. How will get this? By completing your wishes and how? ‘Money’ Therefore, earning money from various resources can build a zone of comfort for ourselves. Freelancing sites are the craze nowdays.

The best thing in this digital world is there are thousands of sources where you can earn money and the best ways are freelance sites. Indeed, freelancing sites have become a major floor of our employment generation. This platform is wide and open for everyone who works and earns.

So, In this article today we will discuss freelance sites, how as a beginner you can start work on freelance and skills which can be suitable for your earning. Stay tuned!

freelancing sites
January 14, 2022
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Table of Contents

What is a freelancer? How to become a freelancer?

Freelance job meaning or simply, freelancers are self-employed person who offers services. He works on several jobs for multiple companies or clients at one time. They earn money on their own per job basis also they charge hourly or basis of per working days is a short term work also freelance jobs depends on your mood .you can choose your core interest branch & you can earn through this platform. However, freelancers are not officially employed by any company .but they do their tasks and get paid.

therefore, in this way, freelancers can earn and growing their income rapidly.

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How to become a freelancer?

It’s absolutely easy .there are so many freelance sites where you can sign up, confirm your email address, do complete your profile, provide your work information, details of your work interest, and Done!

How to Earn Money Through Freelance If You Are a Beginner?

I will tell you in a very crisp and concise way if you are a beginner and you are unable to understand what to do or what not to

you may follow the points-

  • Firstly, define yourself well in front of your clients.
  • create your complete profile(with all details like experience)
  • costs genuine price st starting for projects.

  • credibility is mandatory.
  • Provide your work sample (if possible)
  • Be palpable always.
  • Be a good responder

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Best 11 Freelance Sites where you can Earn Money


The best freelance website where many professionals or beginners can work. On you may get the best freelance job online. On this website, you will get the clients and their job description .you can write about yourself and can message that why you are good for this job. This thing is necessary for this site to have a project. Also, make sure your profile on this site should be complete, whatever interest you have to include here so that recruiters can contact you. All freelancers receive full payment when they get paid after completing the task., however, this company charge 10% of your total earnings you can choose the smart method for your payment which is PayPal.


This platform is spectacular it provides A wide range of jobs from web design, App Developer, Software Developer to customer service and many more. You are going to have many opportunities and multiple ways to connect with clients. Similarly, job seekers can access the job board also can offer services to sell. You can create your profile, and please ensure you included all the details about yourself and your work. Also, you should know that clients will decide whether you are qualified or not. Your profile will speak everything about you so that you can bid for jobs and gear up with any projects.


For the Top talent. This site will suit those who belong to the business, finance, and software development. This is underrated today. Many of you may be not aware of this site but it’s a good step for your experience. you can also grow money here.


Perfect place for many private companies and freelancers from all over the world. You can be hired with various skills like web designers, graphic designers, developers, programmers, managers, copywriters and trust me many more skills. You’re going to have the best freelance job from home. This site will provide you with absolute freelance work from home easily.

You can sign up on this website also you can buy a membership however you can explore jobs and work here free also.


‘Make bright ideas happen’ as the name says the work is. People per hour helps to find professional freelancers so that they can hire by the hour or project. You simply can create an account for free and set your profile. Also, one thing to be noted, moderators will review all applications before approving them. If it once approved, then freelance can start browsing for jobs in various categories.


It’s a “people platform” where all youth are empowered to assess themselves. They get opportunities here. Also open to all students who want to gain opportunities .this platform also offers internships for freshers, beginners, and fresh be very genuine if you are a student you should try this platform at least once.

Nowadays, The main problem faced by many employers is that they hesitate about their capabilities. But this website going to solve all your problems by taking various types of tests also posts results on freelancer’s profiles. You can know your skill level. You can analyze your performance quickly. This site already made many bright careers.


Again, we have the best platform to discuss. Fiverr is the best way that connects freelancers with businesses, owners, recruiters, and private companies. On this site, you can get work like digital projects, social media, marketing, voice-overs, content writing,  analyst, web designers.

Also, it provides a streamlined method for freelancers & companies so that both can interact with each other. Additionally, as freelancer workers, you are known as sellers, services known as gigs, and owners called buyers.

You can sign up for free. Also, list your gigs and set prices, moreover, buyers will simply browse with categories to purchase.


This website gives you plenty of options. Specifically, if you are a designer or intend to work in the designing field. From logo designing, book cover, clothing, brand pot designing, jewellery designing, and merchandise.

I think this website comes best in freelance websites for students as well. Through this, you can early grow your career and make money here easily after having projects. The team will review your application and can judge your designing level. Please note that quality always matters for any company so that they can provide you with work more.

9.Chegg India

CheggIndia is the best site to earn money online. Also, through this genuine platform, you can be a subject matter expert and can earn money easily you can answer the questions asked by students and the amount will credit to your bank account.

How? Yes, you need to follow the following steps

  • Step 1:Sign up with an e-mail
  • Step 2:online your subject test and guideline test
  • Step3: Your verification
  • Step4: Start answering

it’s done. Trust me you will not regret it after signing up. as we all know only education can open all-powerful, Don’t wait and start answering.


Are you good at writing and love to pen down your thoughts but if you are a student or don’t have experience but can deliver the best writing skills then no worry, flex jobs can help you to come from the black hole?

Well, you should try flex jobs, it’s an astonishing platform for freelancers writers or any writer. You can do full-time part-time jobs here. You can explore 50 career categories too. Likewise, you can also subscribe to flex jobs so that they will send you notifications regularly.


Finally, “Behance” is my favourites freelance option you can ever have. It will provide you with opportunities to explore yourself. OK! Let’s discuss the on-point best platform for creative professionals like artists, designers. Who can represent their work it is a simple place where you can get a chance to submit designs and make money .you can offer services like logo designing, posters, cartoons, painting, cloth designing, emotional arts? There are so many Behance around you who are earning.

So, yes the above all are the freelance sites we discussed here I hope these sites can help you to earn your money, but your work is important, and you’re understanding. Choose your best freelance work according to your interest, so who’s stopping you to earn now.

Pros & Cons of freelancing  sites

However, we already know you can earn here money easily, no doubt you will find a job when you work you earn that is the straight thing we all know. But we should see another side too, so it is important to discuss the advantages and disadvantages so that we can easily analyze everything.


  • You have freedom with schedule, location, timing you are not bounded with freelancing job sites.

  • There is unlimited earning potential this is the best perk you will get.
  • There is no office politics, no performance board for you which means no pressure.
  • You are your boss.
  • There is no need to wear formal dress no restrictions.
  • You can tackle many varieties of projects and clients.

  • We can work according to your interest.
  •  Can bid only for those jobs that you want there is no pressure.
  • You are free to work anytime whenever you want.
  • Sites will provide you to explore many opportunities.


  • Isolation comes automatically if you don’t find time for yourself.
  • Also, there is big competition 24/7 you have to face.
  • Cash flow also with  inconsistent work
  • There is no leave, no paid time off.
  • You may feel unfocussed also lacks structure.

  • You can’t request more deadlines and time for the project from any clients.
  • There is totally professionalism and project only.
  • There is no emotional relationship between you and clients.
  • You only have to work according to your client’s demand.
  • Don’t expect any shortcuts here only your hardworking and talent will make you up.

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Which Skill is best for Freelancing?

The question is so genuine. If we need to earn money, then what are the best skills we should go for?

Let me tell you it truly clears the way since 2016 when India was top-ranked in internet usage .all because of Reliance Jio many of you know already. From that year or now, many freelancers build themselves from the earth to the sky. They started their journey from freelance and now created their own business, this is the actual flow of spirit .you will find many examples today.

No, it doesn’t matter either you are a student or professional, all it matters is your consistency and perseverance that can build you.

Now, coming to the answer to the question, here below are the list you should go for-

  1. Social Media Marketing

  1. Freelance Writer

  1. Internet Research

  1. Data Entry

  1. Graphic Designer

  1. Recruiter

  1. Content Writer

  1. Consultancy

These are the skills in demand right now anyone can learn these skills and can earn them through freelance sites. Also, the perfect way to know which freelance skills are in demand right now is to keep yourself updated, such knowledge can grow your career as well as income.

Wrap Up

So, I think after reading this article, I hope you may be able to find your way or concluding your thoughts inside your mind. The freelance sites that we discussed are the best sites through which you can grow your career and earn money easily. Finding freelance work through these sites is not very difficult .you all can easily find the work and surely can gain your experience. Anyone can earn money if they work hard and have the ambition to do something. Make a schedule, choose an option, start working and start earning. I wish you good fortune for your work.

Lastly, work hard, be powerful and be independent.

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