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tips to work from home
April 19, 2021
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Building a good work ethic is one of the biggest challenges when entering the workforce. However, with most jobs going online, many of these habits have become hard to maintain. While working from home, we have many more distractions and responsibilities. Some of us have children or older family members to take care of. On the other hand, some struggle with no personal space to work properly. However, a few important tips to work from home can help us overcome all these problems. The tips to work from home given below will cover three main things – setting up your workplace at home, technological solutions, and new habits to cultivate.  

Tips for Setting up a Workstation at Home

Have a fixed spot to work from home

It is very important to have one place in your house fixed as your workplace. This should be a spot that is relatively free of distractions. It should ideally not be in the living room, as it is a space where people come to talk loudly, watch television or do other leisure activities. Set up your workstation in a place with good natural light and ventilation. There are many benefits of having a fixed spot in which to work. Firstly, you will not have to waste time every day trying to find a spot to work in. Secondly, having a fixed spot will help you focus better.    

Make a comfortable work area at home

One of the best ways to maximize your productivity is to create a comfortable space where you can work. According to a study published in the World Federation of Occupational Therapists Bulletin, having an appropriate workstation will increase three things: performance, safety, and comfort. You can read the study

If you can afford to, invest in a good ergonomic chair. This will help you maintain a good posture while working. An adjustable desk is also a good purchase when working from home. Together, a good desk and chair will ensure that your screen is at the level of your eye. You should comfortably place your arms on the armrest. When reaching the keyboard, your elbow should be at a 90-degree angle. 

There are also ways to make an ergonomic workspace without buying expensive furniture. Use pillows to make your backrest comfortably so that you are not slouching. You can also use shoe boxes or other objects to make a footrest so that your feet are placed comfortably on a flat surface. You can also prop up your laptop with big books so that it is at eye level, taking away the strain from your eyes. 

Go outside

Even if you have managed to create an extremely comfortable workstation, it is not healthy to stay indoors for long periods. If possible, step outside at least once a day. You can spend time on a balcony, a terrace or take short walks in the neighborhood. This is because a good dose of sunlight and fresh air is necessary to maintain your balance. Sunlight is not only an excellent source of Vitamin D but also a good way to maintain your natural rhythm. Not getting enough sunlight can make you feel drowsy, tired, and sad. Fresh air is also important for good health. 

Technological tips to work from home more effectively

Use a good to-do list to keep track of work

One of the best ways to stay organized when looking for ways to earn money from home is to keep a to-do list. While a good planner goes a long way, you can also use many great apps for this purpose. Some of the most popular productivity apps are Trello, Notion, Remember the Milk, and Google Tasks. 

When using productivity apps, it is also important to stick to any one app. Instead, if you use a number of different apps for your to-do list, it will be very confusing to keep track of everything. It would also lead you to waste more time trying to find things. Therefore, find one good app that works for you, and stick to it. If you prefer taking a break from screens, you can buy a small pocket notebook as your to-do list. Stick to one notebook you can easily carry. Alternatively, journaling is also a stress-buster for many while working from home.

Stay Off Social Media during work hours

There are countless ways to earn money online, but wasting time on social media will not help you do any of them. Social media is one of the biggest time consumers while working from home. A research study published in The Qualitative Report has found that social media has numerous adverse effects on workers. You can read the study here. Firstly; it results in poor well-being for individuals. For instance, workers who spend a lot of time on social media have less sleep, increased eye strain, backache, and interpersonal problems like feelings of envy and wanting to seek approval. They also have work problems such as not meeting deadlines, compromising on work quality, and getting distracted. 

If you are having trouble staying off social media, you can start by turning off notifications on social media apps. Besides, there are many apps that can help you, such as Cold Turkey Blocker, Freedom, LeechBlock and Forest.

Play some music while working

If you are able to concentrate better with some noise in the background, then some tips for working from home would be to replicate your office space at home. You can do this by playing white noise, which includes sounds of the sea, the rain, or sounds from the woods. You can also play some music that will help you focus better. Instrumental music without words to distract is one of the most popular types of music people prefer to work to. There are also playlists with productivity-raising music to which you can listen.

You can listen to playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music or other apps. One of the advantages of having ways to earn money from home is that you can play music loudly in your home, which is not permitted in most offices. 

Use a strong antivirus software at home

Most offices have an antivirus installed on their computers. Most workplace Wi-Fi also have VPNs that block viruses. However, when you are looking for ways to earn money from home, your regular browser might be a victim of hackers. A hacking attack might wipe off all your data, steal private information or in the worst cases, compromise your bank and other accounts. 

There are many ways to keep your devices safe. Invest in a good antivirus software or use a free one. Some popular ones are McAfee, Kaspersky, Norton Antivirus and Bitdefender. You can also cultivate other habits to protect yourself from hackers and viruses. Make strong passwords for all your accounts. Do not share passwords with anyone. Change passwords regularly and refrain from using the same password for more than one account. There are also many phishing scams which pose as your bank and ask you for your account details. Be careful when doing online transactions. 

Lifestyle tips to effectively work from home

Have a Healthy Diet

When you have 24/7 access to your kitchen without a boss to monitor you, it might lead to overeating. On the other hand, without a fixed time for lunch, some may skip meals and snack instead or forget to eat altogether. Some good health tips for working from home include having meals at fixed times of the day. Make sure you eat breakfast, lunch and supper at fixed timings. You can eat small snacks in between, but do not substitute that for a full meal. 

If eating lunch makes you lethargic, you can try changing what you eat. Having a meal with adequate proteins and vitamins will keep you nourished. Scientists recommend that adults should drink about 2 litres of water daily. Keep a water bottle near you while you are working. Stay hydrated while you work. This will help you energize yourself and also stay focused.

Do a job you enjoy

The only way to earn money from home and enjoy it is to find a job you like doing. There are many ways to earn money online. However, one of the best online remote jobs is with Chegg India. You can join Chegg India as a Subject Matter Expert. This job offers very flexible timings according to your schedule.

This job requires you to answer questions asked by students sitting outside India. You have to answer the questions accurately using a textbox. You get paid for every question you answer. The average income for a Chegg Subject Matter Expert ranges from 30,000 INR to 80,000 INR per month! This is a very good way to earn a sizable income while increasing your knowledge. So if you are looking for a remote job, sign up at Chegg India today!

Take a break!

Working for long hours at a stretch reduces your productivity. It also leads to faster burnout and more distractions. Therefore important tips for working from home include taking a break from time to time. You should try to take a break after every hour and a half of continuous work. This will help you recharge and have a clear head. 

Another important aspect is what you do during the break. When you are looking for ways to earn money from home, you spend a lot of time with screens and devices. While some prefer looking at social media during the break, it might be better for you if you use the time to look outside a window or do some simple exercises. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are trying ways to earn money online, it is very important to practice these useful tips to work from home. You have to ensure that you have good mental and physical health. Follow the tips listed above to not get distracted. Maximize your productivity by keeping your work area efficient. Communicate clearly to your family and business/ clients about your needs and capabilities. Do not overwork, as that will lead to burnout. Having good health and a diet is one of the easiest ways to be more productive. Try to maintain a good work-life balance. Catch up with your co-workers over video chats so that you do not experience isolation. Spending long hours by yourself can lead to poor moods and irritability, so socialize however you can. These creative work at home tips will help you maximize your productivity while also feeling happy and healthy. 

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