Teach Online and Earn Easily - How to Start?


Do you have a keen interest in teaching people? Want to teach online and earn a considerable amount just by sitting at home? Then you arrived at the right place. Since the pandemic has taken a toll on our lives, things are not the same anymore. Everything is online nowadays. The most significant shift was with the education sector. During this pandemic, without compromising students’ futures, online teaching was initiated all over the world. This opened many doors to the people who wish to teach online and earn money in India. In India, there is a constant demand for online teaching jobs. Since teaching is entirely online so specific organizations require new teachers to fill up some space. Even online tuition jobs are also in high demand. Students need some extra focus to help them with assignments and guide in a subject. This gives you several opportunities for online teaching jobs from home in India. Moreover, there several online teaching platforms in India to earn money. Therefore, online teaching can easily be considered the best new career path to make a significant amount of money.

Online teaching jobs allow you to share your valuable knowledge with your students. You are not only responsible for their educational growth but also their habits and life lessons. Students inculcate habits and behavior quickly. So if you are looking to choose this profession as your career, you should always keep such things in mind. This article will go through every aspect of online teaching jobs and teach online and earn a tremendous amount just by online teaching jobs from home in India.

teach online and earn
November 9, 2021
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Table of Contents

What does it require to teach online and earn good money?  


Online teaching jobs require a good hold on a particular subject. Let’s talk about the requirement of the qualification. It depends upon your audience. Suppose you are looking to teach middle school students and lower in India. In that case, you need to hold any diploma or any high school passing certificate. Teaching students of young age usually don’t require any high level of degree. That doesn’t mean you don’t need any skill set. When it comes to younger-aged students, then your responsibilities increases. You are supposed to put some extra effort to make them understand. They are in their initial learning, and it’s your responsibility as a teacher to guide them in the right direction.

Moreover, Talking of the students of high school, colleges and universities. It would help if you indeed had a high qualified degree and good knowledge of the subject you desire to teach. Mostly a bachelor’s degree will be enough to get you into teach online and earn. If you have a higher qualification, then it will be like a cherry on the cake.

Software and other requirements to get started.

Educational qualifications and requirements are now transparent, but these online teaching jobs from home require more than that. When you look for online teaching platforms in India to earn money, technology plays a significant role. When you teach online, then you mostly require live sessions with the students. You need to interact with them face to face for a better learning experience.

To conduct an online teaching job from home in India, you need a decent Laptop or PC with a webcam and a great internet connection. All the various requirement depends upon the curse you are teaching. For example, suppose you are an online music teacher and teach some of your students electronic music. In that case, you will require suitable software to teach music. Even you will need other necessary items that assist you in better delivery of lessons. All such courses include unique technology to get started.

The teaching methodology is more important than technology. If you are good at explaining a particular thing to any person with ease, then it is just a piece of cake for you. The better is your course material, the delivery of your thoughts, and knowledge the easier it will be for you to teach online and earn money. It is no hidden fact that if you are an expert on a subject and specialist the more students will approach you for studying. This will lead to in better network of connection, and you can easily teach online and earn money in India.

Why should you choose online teaching jobs from home in India?

Whenever you start something new, then you should always ask yourself the question, why do you want to pursue this? What can be the benefits I can avail of? Here are some reasons why you should teach online and earn money in India.

To generate high income. 

It is a fact that online teaching is a booming business nowadays. Every field requires a teacher to instruct some basic principles. Online teaching is not just limited to schools and colleges. Even in various companies, they hire teachers and instructors to teach their employees different software related to their domain. All these categories fall under best-paying online tutoring jobs in India. This freedom of teaching online from anywhere and whenever offers many earning opportunities.

You can start your own teaching business that offers various courses to students from all over the nation. You can even connect to the international students. If you are good in any particular language and decide to provide the tuition, you can earn tremendous numbers. Of course, you. Income depends upon your network and your quality of teaching.

To cut down all travel expenses. 

Since you are in online teaching jobs from home in India, you don’t have to travel for your job. This is one of the biggest highlights of choosing this profession. You can easily save all the money and use it to improve the quality of your teaching. There are no expenses for you, including traveling somewhere to teach students.

To settle your working hours.

If you like the sound of working at your fixed hours, then online teaching jobs are best for you. This job gives you the flexibility to set your timings when you want to teach. You can set your batches according to your schedule. Even if you are looking to pursue this as your part-time job, it can also be a good option. After completing your whole day, you can start teaching in the evening or even at night.

Benefits and reasons to choose online teaching jobs are not limited. When you teach your students, then you are the one who is responsible for their growth. Moreover, to deliver your teaching product in a way that enhances your client’s knowledge and your skillset. Possibilities are endless, and no doubt why it has become the best paying online tutoring job in India.

Online teaching platforms in India to earn money.

To deliver the knowledge, you need a reliable platform and service to make things easy for you. So before jumping to the various online teaching platforms in India to earn money, one should understand everything to look out for in an excellent online teaching platform.

Tech support

When we talk about features that make an online platform an ideal one, tech support, and other helpful features become necessary. When this online platform came into the picture, most teachers and students feared using it due to a lack of knowledge and hands-on experience. Navigating through online platforms can be tricky for some people. To tackle such issues, the role of tech support can be constructive. Don’t worry if you are not an IT person. If you have any software-related matters, then you can easily ask for tech assistance.

Some good programs understand specific bugs and problems that teachers can face during their live sessions. Tech support helps you in every possible manner and assists you in understanding the platform. As a result, you can focus on your lessons and lectures and continue without any fear of losing any precious time to technological glitches.

Interactive sessions

Gone are those days when you have to go through page by page to teach. In this online paradigm, teaching is based on live sessions, presentations, and whatnot. Earlier all the lectures were from the books teaching page by page from textbooks. In online teaching jobs, various quizzes and tasks are involved in making things more creative and interactive. All such things make learning more fun.

You can chat with students on such platforms to solve any query and keep the conversation interactive and lively. The learning management system plays a vital role in this platform. LMS is responsible for making the platform more vibrant and full of features. These features help teachers to interact, record live sessions, present various documents and enable screen sharing. All such things make a course interactive for the students so that their learning experience can be enhanced.

Some various online teaching platforms in India to earn money.

Google Meet

Google meet is one of the leading online teaching platforms in India to earn money. Many of the instructors choose this platform where they can start online teaching jobs from anywhere and anytime. All you need to install this app on your desktop or mobile phone. This gives you the option of a device through which you can take online lectures. It has tons of features that make Google meet easy to use and very reliable for both parties.

If you want to deliver the lecture online and record it, you can easily do it with just one tap. Furthermore, you can easily share any document or presentation with students by sharing your screen. In addition, there is a feature to chat with students and keep the session interactive. There is significant growth of users using Google meet for educational purposes, thanks to such easy-access features. Some other features that you can use are scheduling a meeting with students or lecture with the help of a google calendar.

Zoom meeting

Are you searching for a platform for teaching young-age students or college students? Zoom meetings can be the best tool for it. You can use Zoom meeting on any device, Android or iOS. It is compatible with every platform; this gives users a diversified option of using it on a PC or Smartphone. If you are in a hurry, you can log in to your account on the phone and start teaching or discussing some [points with your students. Zoom is an excellent platform as it provides you great security and features that can be helpful during online sessions.

It contains every helpful feature that can be helpful in between the lecture. Mute option, screen sharing option. Online group discussion and much more. Zoom meeting has a free version as well as a subscription. You can choose according to your need.


Yes, even youtube can be used as an online teaching platform in India to earn money. You can start your teaching channel and teach online through it. Youtube is one of the popular platforms that can be used to teach online and earn a significant amount of money. All you need to do is set up your channel to deliver your preferred lecture and interact with your subscribers daily. This platform allows you to come live any time and a beneficial feature that makes your live session interactive.

Your students or subscribers can chat within the live chat section and ask various questions related to the topic. Your earning and audience depend on your marketing technique and your network. You will be paid by Youtube and can conduct private tuition classes when you become popular among the students.

Teach online with another platform Chegg India

If you want to teach online and earn some excellent money side by side, Chegg India can help you. Chegg is an online platform for students and helping them with their academics. When you join Chegg India, you can become a Subject matter expert (SME). Your role as an SME is to answer some of the questions asked by students from all over India. There are various subjects to choose from whether you love business, engineering, science or Mathematics. You can become an SME of any of the following.

You require to have an excellent knowledge of any of the subjects. To get started, signup at Chegg India and give a screening test followed by verification of documents. Once you complete all these processes, you can be a part of the best paying online tutoring jobs in India.

Last words 

To become a successful teacher and start your online teaching job from home in India, you need to keep practicing with your knowledge. Try to improve your communication skills as it plays a significant role in delivering your thoughts. Your ultimate goal is to make students learn the basic principle of the subject in the very efficient and effortless way possible. Teach them the way complex things start sounding easy. If you keep all such points, then you can easily teach online and earn money in India.

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