Small Business Ideas List: Low Investment, High Profit


Starting your own business enables you to feel like a boss of your own. Your small business ideas list, your investment, and your profit. Though, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Starting your business requires you to deal responsibly with financials and expenditures. And the most essential part the risk.

However, all this can be dealt with very easily, if managed properly. Hence, if you are a beginner, then you should start with a small business. Small business means a business that requires a small investment and hence, small risk.

Hence, if you are interested in starting your own business then this article is for you. In this article, I am going to tell you all the small business ideas that you can opt from.

Small business ideas list

I have compiled a small business ideas list of the business that can be done. However, it doesn’t require much investment but can earn a whole lot of profit.


small business ideas list
July 13, 2021
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Online tutoring is a form of teaching. Teaching can be online as well as offline. You can either teach students offline by going to schools or tuitions. Or you can just open your laptop, answer questions, and get paid for it. Online teaching is a part of the small business ideas list.

Sounds too good to be true?

It is true, there are some sites which let you do that. How? Let me take you through the process.

CHEGG is one of them. CHEGG acts as a link between the students and the teachers. This means it acts as a bridge between the two. How? Thousands of students from all around the world use CHEGG to ask questions about certain topics and subjects. Therefore, teachers or tutors are hired for answering these questions.

How to get started?

You first have to register yourself. After that, you face a subjects test. You have to read the guidelines properly. Hence, after reading them, you face a guidelines test. This will lead to verifying your documents. And done. If you pass both the test, therefore you become a tutor in CHEGG.

For more information and registering yourself you can go here.


Baking is one other idea from the small business ideas list. If you are interested in baking, you might start your own bakeshop. These days homemade cookies, chocolates, muffins, pancakes, waffles are very popular. You name one western sweet that isn’t liked by everyone.

Hence, everyone loves to eat sweets but not everyone loves to bake them. However, if you are one of those few who can and likes to bake, then you should go for it. All it will take small investment for raw materials. Hence, you don’t even have to invest in big shops for the start. Baking at home will be equally effective and sweet.


One another idea from the small business ideas list is tailoring. You can start your own tailor shop. Tailoring shops are the most famous business among housewives. If you are a housewife and want to start your own business, then you can give tailoring a try.

Hence, all you need to have a sewing machine and some fashion sense, and you are good. You will be able to earn some extra money with a small investment.


Lunch service is another among the small business ideas list. It is one of the famous and successful ideas. If you are a good cook then you can start a lunch service business. It doesn’t require any big investment. So, just the raw materials and the delivery service. The profit that you will get in this business will surpass the expenditure by a lot.

It is particularly famous in big cities. Women in big cities start their own lunch service. Why in big cities? Because students and young people from all over the world come here to study and earn money. therefore, which makes a huge market for homemade food. Hence, lunch service usually works and earns profits.


With the main emphasis on being healthy this year has been a boon for yoga and fitness gurus. You can start your own yoga class. It doesn’t require much investment. Just some mats and a place. You can start your own yoga class in your garage or any room in your home. With being very popular, yoga classes come under the small business ideas list.

Hence, this little investment yoga class makes up for the best business among small business ideas list. You can start your own yoga class for training people and stay healthy at the same time.


Hobby class comes among the most suitable business among the small business ideas list. Starting your hobby class means that you can start classes on anything you find amazing. You can start teaching dancing, singing, acting or drawing. There are plenty of people who sit at their homes doing nothing. Therefore, you can target those clients for the morning classes and the working population for the evening classes.


There are a plethora of daycare services available in the market because many parents rely on them. Daycare services handle children and dogs etc when their parents are out for work. If you think you are good with children, you can make it useful for some money too.

Starting a daycare service is among the small business idealist and can earn you a handsome amount of money. Because these days parents prefer a homely environment for their children. Or professional daycare. And hence, you can invest yourself in either of them according to your choice.


Mobile food shops can be opened by anyone. It is one of the most doable ideas among the small business ideas list. These food shops will require a minimum amount of investment. The investment will include raw materials and a van. People all around the world love tasty food. Hence, if you have the magic of cooking in your hands. Hence, then you should make full use of it.

The only requirement is to provide tasty and hygienic food. Customers will love the food and you will earn a good profit.


Another business idea from the small business ideas list is handmade or craft making. People love to embellish their homes at all times of the year. But especially during festivals and occasions.

So, you can start a business by investing yourself in handmade and craft making. People particularly in rural areas contribute to the major part of this sector in our country. Hence, the government provides additional subsidies and special help to this sector to promote them. In the next 10 years, this sector will grow commendably. And it is only wise to invest in a business like this.

For more information on small business ideas. Read here.

 Final Thoughts

Above are mentioned all the important small business ideas that one can try. If you want to start a business you should do it. You have ample opportunities in our country. Our government supports small businesses and promotes them.

Not only that, you will be your own boss. You will display a sense of confidence and self-sufficiency. Call the shots. Set up your own deadlines. And do your best to sell how much you want to sell. You should have the chance to pursue your passion. So when the next time you see an opportunity, you seize it. Maintain your work balance as you are the owner of your own life.

And if you are afraid of failure, then try the above-mentioned options. Because the above-mentioned options don’t require much investment and hence less risk.

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