Skills That You Can Learn From Online Tuition Jobs


But what really are online tuition jobs? How can you start taking online tuitions from home? What are the skills that you can learn from online tutoring jobs? And finally, how much money can you make by doing part-time and full-time online tuition jobs? This article will help you to find out the answers to all these questions one by one. Additionally, if you want to know about the best online tuition jobs in India, then there’s also a surprising element for you in the end. Stay tuned to find out.

When it comes to doing a part-time job, teaching is one of the oldest and yet the most popular part-time job. This is because even a person who has studied till 9th Grade can give tuitions to primary and elementary students. Moreover, it is not only easy to teach basic subjects but also it does not require much time. Therefore, teaching is no doubt one of the best part-time jobs available today. Similarly, the blending of technology into teaching in the 21st century has given rise to an increase in the demand for online tuition jobs.

online tuition jobs
January 8, 2022
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Table of Contents

5 Types of Online tutoring jobs

When the covid-19 pandemic hit the world, almost all job sectors including big businesses and reputed world companies had to shut down. Of course, after some time (which was almost a year!) they adopted the work from home plan. But do you know that the education sector opened up after just 3 to 4 months even during the pandemic? Now you can imagine, that when the world was sleeping, cleaning, and cooking, there were students taking online classes. Online tuition jobs, therefore, have a great potential of making you earn a stable income from home. That said, from students to retired professionals, everyone can take up online tuition teacher jobs depending upon their skills and interest.

1. Online teacher

You need to be associated with an educational institution like a school to become an online teacher. Following that, all the teaching is done by the means of video conferencing applications. Also, the job requires you to take live online classes and teach students effectively by using the internet. For this, you not only need a stable internet connection and a disturbance-free space. But also, the ability to communicate effectively through the screens.

The salary varies from school to school. Some employers provide lesser salaries to their online teachers. So, research carefully, compare the benefits and salaries of all of them, and only then start teaching.

2. Online Tutor

If you don’t want to work permanently as an online teacher, then you can become an online tutor. It is one of the best online tuition jobs for people who like to teach part-time. In fact, there is not one but many reasons for you to become an online tutor.

Some of these are:

  • It is not limited to schools and colleges.
  • You could be doing a full-time job and still become an online tutor.

  • You can comfortably work on weekends.
  • It is not important that you only teach academic subjects, you can even teach languages.
  • You can either become a freelance online tutor or work with an online tutoring company.

Anyway, online tutoring pays you enough to take care of your family and lead a respectful life.

Websites offering online tutor jobs in India

  • Chegg
  • Vedantu
  • TutorVista
  • TutorME

  • VIP Kids
  • Teacheron
  • Skooli
  • Unacamdey
  • Byju’s

3. Curriculum Developer

Just like a school has many people working in it, similarly, the online teaching prism covers a lot of jobs apart from teaching. Curriculum development is one such job.

A curriculum is nothing but the content that is taught to the students. This includes the subjects, the topics, and the course of study that the students need to take. This is based on their field and age. However, to become a curriculum developer you need to have at least some standard classroom teaching experience.

Click here to know more about the job profile of a Curriculum Developer

4. Test Scorer

Test scorer, just like its name, is the activity of evaluating exam papers to form results. The Educational Testing Services (ETS) provides these opportunities for people willing to take up online tuition jobs. It is a part-time job that needs your attention only between the months of June and January. To make money, you must score the tests on their online platform from the comfort of your home.

5. Educational Editor

The last one on our list is for the people who have reading and writing as a hobby. As an educational editor, your job is to edit the work of teachers and authors. This means checking the grammar and punctuation in the written material. In other words, it combines the role of a writer, a proofreader, and a grammar nazi (in the literal sense!) in one. So, you can ditch the classroom and work from home productively. Many educational publishing companies are offering these jobs.

You can also read our blog on freelancing meaning and types of freelancing.

Which is the best online tutoring job in India?

Chegg India offers the best part-time online tuition jobs from home in India. The website is an e-learning portal that connects students and teachers on an online medium.

There are many perks of working at Chegg:

  • Firstly, you don’t need any previous teaching experience.
  • Secondly, students, homemakers, retired people, full-time working teachers, etc, everyone can do the job.
  • Thirdly, it is a completely no investment job.

Now the question is what and how? Online tutors at Chegg are called subject matter experts. They are the people who answer the questions posted by students on the portal. Especially if you want to give a try to online tutoring, then this is the best path that you can take. The main reason is that you only require enough subject knowledge and expertise to get started. Following this, if you are confident enough, then it is no doubt the best online tuition job for you.

To become a Chegg Expert, you need to follow a simple 3 step signup process.

Once you complete doing that, you can start answering questions. The more correct answers you give, the more money you can make. Again, if you are a student then this is the best part-time job for you with your studies. It will not only increase your subject knowledge but also give you a hands-on experience of teaching online.

5 Skills you learn by online tutoring

Online tuition jobs are not all about teaching. They are a great means to learn new ideas and concepts too. When you start teaching online, you don’t just teach students but also teach yourself new skills. These are the skills of effective communication, knowledge simplification, and careful evaluation, etc. Apart from the book-based information, you even get a hands-on experience with technology. Moreover, online tutor jobs for students help you to develop basic life values like patience, leadership, time-management, problem-solving, active listening, etc. Let’s have a detailed look at all of these skills.

1. Communication

Online tutoring jobs are no different than teaching in a regular classroom. The only difference is that here you will be teaching through a screen. On this side is you, and on the other side are your students. Contrary to popular belief about online tuition jobs being a child’s play, online teaching, in fact, poses a much greater challenge for teachers. This is because communicating and controlling students is much harder. In a regular classroom, you can shout and manage students more easily because of your physical presence. In an online classroom, your ability to engage students in your subject determines the outcome. As a result, you learn to communicate effectively.

2. Patience

Patience is another important skill that you learn while teaching online. It does not matter whether you’re teaching school kids or grown-up college students, you have to be very patient while dealing with them. As a teacher, you need to maintain your legacy by being calm and respectful. At the same time, you also learn to keep your students in discipline by treating them no less than humans.

3. Enhanced teaching skills

The part-time online teaching jobs from home help to improve your teaching skills. As a result, you discover new and better methods of teaching efficiently. This is a great skill if you wish to become a professional teacher, professor, or lecturer in the long run.

4. Positivity

Online tutoring has many pros and cons. But the greatest benefit is that you learn to be more positive with growing experience. As you teach more students, you unlock new ways of handling people and being more happier to bring out the best results. This is good, not just for your career but also for your personal life.

5. Time management

Online tuition jobs give you the power to choose your working schedules. Accordingly, you learn the skill of proper time management. Careful planning for all your teaching days is the ultimate hack to help you balance your personal and professional life. And as they say, that time is the most precious asset. We should not waste even a second of it. Hence, learning to manage your time well is one of the greatest benefits of doing online tuition teacher jobs.

How to start online tuition at home?

Teaching and learning on the internet is nothing new. It is a concept that has been there for years now except for the fact that active online tuitions are currently the new normal. Thanks to the coronavirus spread for making people realize that there are no boundaries on earning sources. Similarly, you don’t always need to do a 9 to 5 job to make a stable income. You could be sitting right in front of a laptop or phone and still mint money to sustain a livelihood. That said, online tuition jobs are one of the best ways to do so. However, the question that remains unanswered is how to start taking online tuitions from home? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are five simple steps to start online teaching from home.

1. Get the necessary equipment

The first and the foremost step of becoming an online tutor is to have the things that can establish a good internet connection. These include:

  • A smoothly running computer system.
  • A good laptop having enough memory, internet connectivity, and good video output.

  • A Wi-Fi connection so that you never run out of data while teaching.

However, high-speed internet is the most important of all these factors so that you can teach without network disturbances.

2. Use social media to get students

When people don’t even know that you are available for online tutoring, how will they ever be able to reach out to you? That is why you can use social media websites like Facebook and Instagram to tell the world about your services.  You can either create a separate account for this or use your own personal account. The idea is to let the public know about:

  • The subjects you teach

  • The timings you are available
  • The different batches of students
  • The fee structure
  • The age group that you are comfortable teaching
  • The courses that you are offering

3. Prepare for classes

Some important factors to consider while doing online tuition jobs revolve around giving a good presentation. Just like a regular classroom, you should be able to deliver all of your knowledge in the easiest possible ways. Again, in the online classes, you must make sure that you are sitting in sufficient lighting with minimum noise disturbances.

Lastly, online teaching is much like a small teaching business. So, you need to advertise and promote yourself as much as you can to get more students. Make yourself a reliable option to win students’ trust. Once you are able to do this, you can be sure that you can earn anywhere between Rs. 30,000 to Rs.100,000 rupees per month simply by online tutoring.

Final thoughts

Summarizing the background of online tuition jobs in a shell, there are many skills that you can learn from them. India is progressively adopting online teaching and learning means. With this conversion, the Indian education industry has seen an increased demand for online tutors, especially within the past two years. The need and demand for private tutors have made online tuition not only a trending job these days but also one of the highest-paying teaching jobs. And the best part is – there is no investment in it. All you need is your knowledge and time to start earning money. Especially for the students, part-time online teaching jobs from home are the best ways to make a side income all while expanding your knowledge.

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