Online Teaching Jobs from Home in India - Pros and Cons

online teaching jobs from home in india
February 2, 2021
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Online teaching jobs from home in India has become the talk of the town. Nowadays, the world is facing uncertain situations. So online teaching serves the purpose for those who are looking for ways to earn money. The demand for online learning has increased as one cannot attend institutions and colleges at present.    

This has led to the rise in vacancies for people who have knowledge of subjects and can spare time and effort for mentoring students online. Online courses started a long time back, along with recorded lectures and tutorials containing pdf files. Now students are using these things to gather knowledge. But now students require solutions to certain problems that are not present in pre-recorded lectures. Here, We can feel the need for online tutors. 

Online teaching jobs from home in India is not a traditional classroom lecture thing. It includes a lot of programmes and applications. Let’s see the two general classifications of online teaching jobs from home in India:

  1. Synchronous: It involves real-time online learning. In this type of tutoring, the teacher and students are online at a specific predefined time. It is a kind of instructor-led class happening online.
  2. Asynchronous: In this type of teaching, the learning is not taking place in real-time. The engagement between the instructor and students takes place at their convenience.

Advantages of Online Teaching Jobs From Home in India

online teaching from home
  1. Schedule and Location Flexibility- An instructor can teach whenever he/she finds it suitable. Particularly for working people and homemakers, Online Teaching is a boon. Classes start in the evenings or on weekends without any interruptions. The wastage of time is minimized as it used to happen during the offline mode of education. Earlier teachers used to come to their respective institutes in order to teach students. But now, they can take their classes anytime anywhere. It makes it easier for the students who live far off places and cannot come to the institutes. This implies that teachers and students from various locations can interact with each other through online teaching.
  2. Unmatched Convenience-The internet teaching does not face any kind of commutation problems. A teacher can teach right while sitting at his/her home. Online tutoring is a kind of work-from-home job opportunity.
  3. More opportunities for teaching- The online mode of education has no restriction over time and place. It opens up the door for all those individuals who want to teach from their homes. Tutoring through an online medium allows a student residing in different geological areas to study comfortably. This makes it suitable for both the teachers and the students to work comfortably.
  4. Administration- Online teaching helps in the good administration of the education department. One can think of various authoritative difficulties that a teacher faces in a classroom. Unlike classroom education, a teacher does not need to monitor different students. This reduces the administrative pressures. At the same time, it helps to improve the performance of teachers and students. As now teachers can focus on more important things.
  5. Optimum Organization- Another important advantage of online education is that everything is effective. It helps to maintain a strategic distance from any kind of blunders. The report says that online training tools have expanded the general proficiency of the teachers. They are providing better courses that are efficient in operating on various exercises. Like occasional tests, quizzes, scoring, grading, and so on.
  6. Diverse Experiences-  The online medium of education provides a chance for the teacher to interact with them. It helps numerous students coming from different backgrounds, disciplines, and societies, to participate during the classes. Internet education in this way will reach students sitting miles away from their schools and colleges.
  7. Easy sharing of information- It is obvious that any information in an automatic layout is easily available to the students. While teaching on the web, one can take help from numerous programs. Teachers can use automatic libraries, web crawlers, and different programs to provide more information to the students. Various different online live channels can be used for searching, accessing, and sharing data.
  8. Engagement Rate-  Online education builds trust between a student and a teacher. A student can ask questions freely without any hesitation from the teachers. One to one conversation takes place for the duration of the net lessons which makes it appropriate for both teachers and students. Therefore the engagement fee increases.
  9. Increased Learning of the Students-  Teachers have reported that students are acting higher during classes. They are showing interest in conversations during the lectures. During a survey, 90% of the teachers have claimed that teaching online allows them to interact with the students more. In addition, it enables them to have a higher knowledge of each student.
  10. Freedom to teach and instruct apart from the curriculum- A teacher enjoys the freedom to teach courses and he/she is under no compulsion to follow the curriculum. The teacher can take the liberty. The teaching style depends on his/her choice until there is no violation of rules and regulations. Obstacles faced during Online Teaching Jobs from home in India:

Obstacles faced during Online Teaching Jobs from home in India

online teaching jobs
  1. Lack of Personal Touch- Lack of Personal Touch Online teaching has been a hot topic of discussion. There are two sides to a coin; the perks of online instructions have some disadvantages as well. The personal touch remains an important aspect that highlights you and your work. This trait becomes more significant in jobs where interaction with the audience is the key task. Teaching from home seems to lack the personal touch. Especially, for asynchronous teaching, where students can share recorded lectures and off-time answers. There is practically no personal interaction and therefore there is no personal touch.
  2. Time Demand-  It may appear that online instruction generally takes less time than a class you’re truly present. For, Sean Chambertin, in the article “Ten Disadvantages of Online Courses,” composed for Montgomery College, calls attention to that all comments, question, and tasks in an online course, takes longer than basic time inside a classroom setting. Text-based communication is characteristically more slow than spoken communication.
  3. Instructor Access- In online teaching jobs in India, teachers are handy with the aid of email, however, they’re now no longer available at once throughout workplace hours. This could make it tough if a student runs into questions and need a solution. Specially complicated problems this is best-carried out face to face. What’s more, is that messages are either misplaced or missed.
  4. Peer Interaction- Socialisation is an important part of each and every individual. Online classes have resulted in the reduction of a student‘s connection with his/her peers. Generally, students study alone in an online class without any kind of connection with their friends. It, therefore, gives them a sense of seclusion. Consequently, it leads to poor coordination between friends and teachers. At the same time, it acts as a burden on them as they don’t get enough space to talk with their friends.
  5. Technological Issues-  Since students operate online classes using their phones or PC. The technological problems related to it can make it difficult to take classes. Students, must-have present-day PCs to run online schoolroom systems. These technological problems make it tough to get into the schoolroom or get live assistance. This can become a burden.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, these were the pros and cons of online teaching jobs from home in India. The perks and obstacles can vary from region to region and person to person. Talking about India, the major problem is that Online teaching faces networking and technical issues. Absence of internet connectivity in most of the household has made online classes challenging for both the students and the teachers. They are finding it difficult to take advantage of the online resources and tools available. Consequently, online education has to go a long way. The government can spread awareness amongst the masses. Also, students need to be more participative during online learning as they used to be in the classroom.

Chegg is one such initiative that is helping both students and instructors worldwide. Providing easy access to answers and other online resources, Chegg is also serving as a mass recruitment platform in the current times.    

Students seeking online guidance have increased. Hence, there are more and more requirements for knowledgeable people. Who can provide their services by answering some questions raised by random individuals seeking help? The fascinating thing about this is, you don’t need to be an acclaimed teacher or professor with top knowledge and degrees. Just some practical knowledge about your favorite subject or interest is enough for you to be eligible for this job.

Chegg names such people as Experts. So, do not wait for anything, if earning excites you for sharing your knowledge then apply for it. Some easy steps to follow and then you are a Chegg Expert. The whole world is facing unwanted cuts in salaries, and people are facing unemployment. For those who are free and do not know what to do in these uncertain times. This is probably the best work option. Teach online and earn money is an easy and amazing way to keep yourself busy.

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