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Are you looking to provide your career an extra edge? It’s been hard for you to figure out what to do in your spare time at home? All such questions are very common with every individual during this lockdown situation. It’s been a challenging situation for everyone. Job sectors were also impacted due to these scenarios all over the world. But it also opened many gates for people to build their careers. Online certificate courses are one tool that can help you in getting an upper hand in every job. Certification courses are designed such that it boosts your resume for a better reflection of your career in every job interview. Applying for online certificate courses can turn out to be the best decision during this time of high competition in every job position. There are several online courses with free certificates that can be the best time investment thing for you. Most students worldwide are making this their habit of learning from such free online job training courses.

This practice of enrolling in the best free online courses will result in a rise in your salary also. Yes, you heard it right. If you are trying your best to get a raise in your company then you should look for a relevant course in your domain. Once you complete that then learning the outcome through it will give you a good outlook on your career. As a result, you will be a better candidate for that job position. Many renowned institutions provide you with online certificate courses that you can start right away. Here you will find everything related to online certificate courses and how you can use them to shape your career.

online certificate courses
January 17, 2022
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Table of Contents

What are online certificate courses?

Online certificate courses are designed in a manner that they finish within 6months or less. They are generally time-limited courses that you need to attend weekly as guided by your respective instructor of the course. Students or any professional can take an undergraduate certificate or even a master certificate in their respective fields of education. This will help them in entry-level positions in various fields like engineering, marketing, accounting, digital marketing, and much more.

There are various platforms available online where you can apply for online courses with a free certificate or get a subscription of a month depending on your use. It is advisable for you to look for free online job training courses at the start and later during your career if you want to go deep then you can try the subscription. At many institutions, these types of online certificate courses are considered to be a shorter or alternative method to complete the associated degree. Many active professionals are gaining benefits from such best free online courses. You can also be the one with many associated degrees for a better career. Even working professionals who can’t get access to the courses that happen at campus can apply for any online certificate courses.

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How do the best free online courses advantage you in your career?

There are many reasons for you to start with an online certificate program as it not only helps you in shaping your career but also gives you the impressive upper hand when you include those credentials to your resume. Here are some advantages that you can gain by going through free online job training courses.

Affordable or mostly free.

We all are aware of the fact that university-level education is not cheap. Most of the budding students are already in debt of student loans and cannot incur more of the burden by applying to any sort of university course. But here online certification courses work best in the scenario. Most of the time these courses are affordable and designed in such a way that every student can easily access them. On the other hand, many platforms are providing free online best short courses to get a job. Even a working professional can look for it to place a great offer in their desired company. You can also get free online certificate courses on the internet but they are of limited field. This doesn’t mean you should not take it. You should surely look for it to grab as soon as possible.

Credential added to your resume. 

Who doesn’t like to flaunt what they achieve? Many courses are provided by the best institutions all around the world. Whether it is MIT or Stanford. Certification courses coming from such big names mean a lot to every aspiring student. Most students dream of getting a degree from such institutions. Certification courses make this possible. After completing the online course you will get a certificate or micro master degree certificate. All such things you can definitely add to your resume and even show off the degree on your social handles. Linkedin is a great platform where you can add such credentials for better reach to your career path.

Flexible programs.

You don’t need to attend the classes daily. Some programs are designed for every individual. If you fall under the category of employed professional and want to take up a course but you lack the amount of time you want to give then there are courses for you as well. Mostly the courses are based on the total number of hours. It can vary with different courses. An individual is supposed to complete the given number of hours to get a certificate associated with it. Sometimes the regular class schedule is not possible for everyone. So these online certificate courses give you an option of completing in your comfort.

Since these courses are online, you don’t have to be physically present somewhere to get it started. Just open your laptop or PC with good coffee or tea and just get started. Now you can get an online degree from the comfort of your home and all thanks to the internet.

You can learn what you always desire. 

When you enroll in any kind of college or university then you are bound by the courses they offer. As soon as you choose the course you will only be able to learn the particular modules and subjects that college offers. But this is not the case with online certificate courses. You can study what you always wanted to learn. You can even choose the different types of modules you want to include. Now you don’t have to wait for another semester to learn different subjects. When you go down this path you start whenever you want to and whatever you want to.

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Types of certifications you can get online. 

Since we have understood all the benefits and how these certification courses work. You must be wondering about what certifications can I get online? There are countless courses available on the internet that you can start right away. No matter from which field of expertise you belong. Let’s have a look at all types of courses that you can find online.

Business and finance.

So if you’re looking to build up your career in the field of business and finances then there are a lot of online certification programs you can choose from. They include courses about accounting, finance management, real estate, and much more. Many known universities like Harvard and Stanford offer various business programs online.


One of the most emerging fields in the past few years can now be taken online. It is always considered that healthcare is a practical approach. But there are some aspects of this field that can be taken into online studies. Medical coding, surgical studies, and pharmaceutical management are some of the famous courses you can go for.

Engineering and Technology.

If you have a dream of pursuing a master’s or any other postgraduate degree in engineering then online certificate programs offer you the platform to complete your higher degree with top universities in the world. IT certificates programs are most famous in online modules. Getting your coding degree like Python, Java can be done through online certificate courses easily from your home.

There are many IT courses or engineering courses that are costly in universities but, online certification courses are making such degrees affordable and convenient for every individual.

Best courses to take to get a job.

In today’s world, it is not enough to have a great resume. To stand above the crowd you need to be good with all your abilities and soft skills. You can easily search for every online course related to your domain but when it comes to soft skills demand most individuals lack in the department. We have listed below some of the best courses to take to get a job and will boost your profile for overall development.

Principles of marketing. 

When it comes to selling and creating a network many people lack such things. Such courses not only assist you in building a proper flow of networks but also make your communicating skills strong. All such aspects will lead you to the perfect candidate for the desired job. Companies nowadays look for such people who are rich in overall skill set. The course will include everything about networking and managing your networks in real life and online.

Negotiation is a skill. 

We do not take negotiation as a skill seriously but it is one of the valuable skills you must have. It is one of the best courses to take to get a job. Negotiation is such a skill that will help you off the work and at the work. Every individual can gain a benefit by negotiation. From dealing with contracts or vendors for your business this skill will stick with you for a lifetime. It generally comes as a short course and can be considered as the best short course to get a job.

Take this as an example you are on verge of getting a raise or you are an employer and dealing with your employees. They are in constant demand of salary raises. Negotiating skills will work here. You can advance your career with strong negotiation skills.

Public speaking online certification courses.

It is no hidden fact that communication acts as a key skill in day-to-day life. Many people have a deep fear of public speaking or some lack confidence when they need to speak in front of many professionals during meetings. This is the course for you. Even if you are a professional and you don’t have such a phobia then also you should give such online certification courses a try. All such communication, public speaking courses fall under best short courses to get a job.

Your presentation skills also improve as soon as you improve in communication. When you are spearheading a professional team and you are about to deliver your views or ideology then communication plays a vital role. Your knowledge or understanding is baseless if you are not capable of delivering your thought properly to other individuals. Many institutions have organized the best free online courses where you can learn public speaking and communication skills.

Final Thoughts

With all the benefits there are several challenges you can also face when it comes to online certification courses. Many of them are free online job training courses but some are of high cost. Certain elite courses are a bit expensive for the students and professionals in the early stage. If you want to invest some of your money in such courses then you should look for a medium where you can earn extra. If you are looking to earn just by sitting at home and giving just 2 to 3 hours from your day then check out Chegg India.

Chegg India is a popular brand that provides you a platform where you can earn just by answering the questions of students all over the country. All you need to have is basic knowledge about any of the subjects. Chegg offers you to become SME, the Subject matter expert where you will be paid on every question you answer. It is one of the best ways to earn a side income and invest it in your online certification courses. To get started with Chegg India as an SME all you need to do is sign up here.

So concluding, clicking on the right online certification courses can be a life-changing experience for you. All you need is to find your best interest and it will lead you to a better career path.

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