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Hey! Do you want to save money? but you all don’t know how to save money for logical reasons? Or You don’t have easy perfect tips and tricks to save more however nowadays people earn money but they waste their money very easily too. We all know the importance of money and it’s Saving too Moreover we waste our ostentatious money so easily. Don’t you think the habit of wasting money is not good at all! Saving Money is mandatory somehow for your future need and requirements. saving money is not only about you are investing in saving schemes or others investments. Furthermore, we will discuss all saving money tips.

Tips and Tricks

Hmm! However many of us know how to save our income but no some people be like bro! I can’t save more firstly let me tell you all these are excuses only you can save your income or money in various ways. Moreover, I can only suggest you but the decision and options depend upon you. Secondly, you may be able to have a thought of satisfaction inside you that you saved enough. With plans and strategy, we can do all possible things. Therefore, we can achieve our targets.

1. Saving on Groceries

Groceries for more people sometimes create a disaster in their income which not done exactly. We usually don’t know that in which month our money wasted where?

So, you can make plans for your household basic needs, moderate need and least need on this basis make a list of all items and then you can pay and buy from the shop.

Also, you should know this easiest way for money saving you can use cashback app this app will help you in increasing your saving like a rocket.

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August 28, 2021
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Table of Contents

2. Home Sweet Home

Why you waste your money in expensive restaurants oh! that’s called money wastage. Stay home and eat healthily. It’s not an easy thing standing on-road and not being tempted but we should control ourselves. These are the doors where money slides very easily.

3. You should have 30 Day list

If you are gaga to buy something that is not necessary then do make 30 days list. Buy all your necessary things, therefore, you save the money then buy the thing that you want. Try to save here.

4. Eat & Cook with Love

All of you want to eat outside which is even tempting and dishes scrumptious for always but we forget that will harm our body and health. So cook at home and eat your own made food. Therefore you save your money and will be healthy.

5. Exercise & Do Yoga

At home you will find all cures to your problems if you will search, usually, we don’t search most people satisfy after giving money to many places and they think they will get the best result but No!

Rise early in the morning at least 5 am or 6 am. Do meditation, take a deep breath, focus your mind it’s not a difficult thing believe me only you can make yourself insist on this. Then do exercise, move your body left, right, up, down do this. You will feel like you don’t need anything more.

6. Buy & Eat healthy Food Budget

If people say, you have to give more money to stay healthy don’t listen to them there are so many foods which are not expensive and will keep you healthy and fit. You can eat that food every day, make your body fit. For example- Jaggery, gram, green mung beans, cucumber juice, some cheap dry fruits, mixed sprouts, gram green beans sprouts. This food has the energy to give you new life you don’t need to buy all these from any big malls. You can get all these from any local store. These all are living foods.

7. Barter

It’s an obscure system. Now, but many people take your service or goods instead of money. If you know anyone or if you have friends then exchange the things trust me you will find a peace of satisfaction.

8. Emergency Fund

It is essential to have a backup. And for this purpose, we all should keep the money for a situation like this. If you have an emergency fund it will help you in your critical phases. Since you’ll already have enough cash saved. You can deal with that situation.

9. Don’t go for the weekend

However, you may not follow this step but go for a weekend are not suitable always your mind will say moving out from place to place make me calm! These are perceptions you can stay calm everywhere if you train your brain to be.

Staying at big hotels, travelling, foods and many more things you have to invest in here that’s y don’t go for weekends always.

Tips & Tricks for Household Money saving

We all should save like necessary thing either outside saving or inside. If you are a housewife or anyone. From all the sides saving is important. Household saving is beneficial and wow! If you can save and make a balance here much things will sort.

Make your cleaners

Many ways to make your cleaning products like Baking soda lemon juice and vinegar these all are cheap, you can find easily them in any local store.

Have a Household budget

Planning budget and calculating are very perfect. Sit pristinely have paper and pen you can think therefore the way to find all solutions. Remove money wastage items and make a list of basic needs in precise form it will work well.

Design your Drapes

Without beautiful and espy curtains home decor looks odd and missing but buying is not an option always you can make attractive & beautiful curtains at home. With old saree or clothes which is not in use. You can also take ideas from YouTube and various sites.

Go Supermarket Weekly

For Money Saving Tips You can also visit any local supermarket in your locality weekly and buy products which are at discounts. If you find a product purchasable and better then buying is not a loss.

Grow some Output plants

Arrange a garden at home you can grow plants and vegetables at home which will give you one day a sweet benefit. It is what we can say good work. You will get good vibes too if you live around the greenery. Serve to benefit them water and let them grow for future benefits.

Pay your Bills Online

If everything online available then why goes out? Wasting time and physical effort. Go online obviously pay your electricity, mobile, gas bills. You will get cashback in return.

Reduce Dry clean

You can find handwash items for yourself and clean. Other home dry cleaning kits.

Cook Easy & Cheap Recipes

You can ask for help from YouTube in this. We can cook all kinds of easy and cheap dishes at home without wasting. For money-saving tips is best…

Best Ways to save money for the future

We all do want to have saved for the effective future.

Investment Scheme

In Money-saving tips, This is Firstly easiest way to save money for the future. You can choose any better saving scheme or investment. It all depends on your choice of the way you want to grow for the future.

Saving Account

This will help you to a far better way to save money. Open a saving account if you are saving for short term goals. It includes a certificate of deposits (CD) which make your money locked for a fixed period.

Insurance Policy

There is a lot of insurance policy you can buy and invest which will give you future return like career, education, health insurance. These policies are mandatory for all of us at least for the future backup plan.

Recurring Deposits

For 5-10 years this is the best risk option for you. This option can be future recognizable assets.

Realistic ways to Save Money

This sounds great the realistic ways to save:-

Money-saving with sinking funds

Sinking funds means you save up a small amount of money each month for some time. A good strategy to save up in a planned way. Most housewives use this technique.

Make a tight budget

In Money Saving Tips You have to handle your budget and should make a tight budget. To control wastage of money. Make all your important list and buy only those which is important in every section.

Food Planning

Take a paper and pen and make a chart of nutritious foods, fruits, vegetables and groceries items. Calculate the rate of those how much that will cost you in a whole month. Revise again that and follow strictly.

Save money in more ways (Best ways to save money for Future)

We already discussed basic saving, household, investment, saving for future, realistic way. But also many ways left moreover you don’t have ideas.


Firstly you can buy only those things which are generic and make some sense. Don’t waste your money on brands. Therefore, the saving will increase.

Borrowing books & Second-hand use

Above all this is the best way you know any senior then you can ask for books. Either book is old or new. Also, you can check second-hand books in the shop.

Shop from Local

Who says local brands are not worth well don’t follow these rumours Afterall makers are also human too don’t always follow brands. Try local things too it will give satisfaction and saving both.

Track products online

For Money saving tips This is not difficult. Sometimes online shopping miracles can happen. Track any of your favourite products moreover they offer you discount sometimes you will able to find products in two different websites not same. To compare the prices and quality. Some savings will be someone.

Earn More At Home

Earning at home very easy. Staying at home you even can earn online and offline both ways.

1. Chegg Subject Expert

Chegg India is a site which recruits Subject expert. You can choose the subject which you think you can answer the question asked by students.

All you just need to sign up, do complete all steps and you can make money at home just by answering the question of your subject. Therefore you can earn a handsome amount of money through Chegg India. So why don’t you give it a try? Sign up as a subject expert today!

2. Paid survey

Moreover, people don’t take interest in these but the paid survey is the easiest way to earn money online. You can search on google, you will find many websites which gives money for participating in surveys. For example- Swagbucks, Lifepoints.

3. App Developer

Are you good at programming? Then why don’t you develop an app for example- develop an app for an educational purpose upload all study materials if any competitive exam like UPSC, SSC, Banking lot of students hunts this kind of app in play store you can earn and help them.

4. Catering Services

Good at cooking, can make scrumptious foods and dishes at home then use this talent start your catering services make foods from home and deliver them to needies. If your food will be loved by so many then possibility many big companies can also give you opportunity even the government department also needs these kinds of people.

5. Be a Tutor

You can be a primary or secondary teacher at home. You can open Institute at home all it needs a board to inform students more students will come. Also, need a good space at home to teach.

6. Youtube

This platform needs a creative mind. If you canto entertains then you can open your channel, therefore, start to earn here. Make videos like if you can sing well then make your videos and upload them on YouTube. If you will get Views and reach more than a thousand you can earn here easily.

How to save money in India? 

Variety of options available where you can save easily.

  • You can buy saving schemes as per your own choice and you can invest.
  • You can also buy an insurance policy which you think will help in your future and coming generation.
  • Downloading saving money apps can help.
  • Make a tight budget.
  • Give time to hard work, money will save automatically.
  • Start making basic lists that are important and required
  • Don’t always buy branded clothes.
  • Always do the calculation and make a diary do note everything there.
  • Compare the product, schemes, and policies before buying it.
  • Always have an option and have backup plans.

Final Thoughts

Hmm! Discussed a lot of tips and tricks for ways to earn more, ways to save more, we explored many contents and get ideas. But without hard work neither you can save money nor make it so do hard work and stick with the source it will give you an experience and you can stand with satisfaction.

Picasso said – ‘I would like to live as a poor man with lots of money.

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