How to Teach Easily: Expectations VS Reality

September 8, 2022
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Are you looking for a part-time job? Did you know that currently teaching is the most valuable and yet one of the highest-paid jobs offering both part-time and full-time opportunities? Finding a good teaching job is, therefore, no big deal today. But the more important question is – how to teach effectively? That’s what really makes a difference between teachers who teach for money and the ones who teach to produce the best academic leaders in the country. Likewise, the methods of teaching also vary depending upon the subject you teach, the goals you set for your students, and the kind of results you expect from them. Moreover, with the incorporation of technology and education, online teaching is no doubt the easiest way to give a head start to your teaching career.

So, if you are looking for tips on how to teach in the best possible ways then you are at the right place. This article will help you find out everything that you need to know about the right teaching methods and how to apply them to get the best out of your students and your job.

How to teach students effectively?

Effective teaching isn’t about extracting good marks and top results from your students. Rather, it surrounds a wider spectrum that involves building strong connections and having fun teaching sessions. All of these factors ultimately lead to the overall development of a child. At the same time, it does not matter whether you are teaching 2nd-grade students or high-schoolers, the answer to the question of how to teach efficiently revolves around developing your student’s interest in your subject. Once you are able to do this, half of your job is already done. Again, there is no proven recipe for successful teaching. But of course, certain tips and tricks can surely help you to become a better teacher.

Know your subject

The most basic answer to the question of how to teach is to have enough knowledge of the subject you are teaching. Choose the subject that interests you the most and does thorough research on it. As a matter of fact, the act of teaching is no less than the act of learning. Therefore, the more you learn your own subject, the better you will be able to teach it.

Instructions matter

The way you guide and instruct your students has a lot to do with their results. This means that while teaching, you not only need to speak with confidence but also be patient enough to solve student queries. Having said that, asking questions and preparing assignments ranging from easy to hard has a great impact on your students’ achievements. Knowing when to be gentle and polite and when to act with strictness is also equally important.

Criticize more than you praise

Studies have found that the modern methods of teaching include more appreciation than criticism. This, on the contrary, is actually harmful to the students. According to a report by Stanford University, it is good to praise students for their achievements but how you express that appreciation should be carefully chosen. In fact, showing sympathy for a student’s failure psychological tricks them to feel worse about themselves. This adversely impacts their mental health and their future results because of a feeling of inferiority and inability to perform equal to their peers.

Develop good student-teacher relationships

This accounts for both offline and online teaching. If you can develop a good relationship with your students, then naturally they will be more interested to learn from you. Simultaneously, your classroom environment, whether it is a regular classroom or a virtual classroom highly impacts a student’s mind. So, if you ask me the question of how to teach more effectively, then I’ll tell you to first go and know your students, learn what they aspire to be and then guide them on how to achieve it. Teaching your subject is important, of course, but why not start with quality student interactions followed by regular teaching?

Manage behavior

Once your students get comfortable in your classroom, they can sometimes behave inappropriately. That, in contrast, is harmful because it can lead to more distractions in the classroom. That is why learning to be friendly with students all while keeping them in discipline is what will get you the best results out of them. Hence, in order to achieve your subject goals, learning how to manage students is a very important component of how to teach effectively for all teachers.

Carry a positive attitude

Positivity produces creativity. A good teacher is someone who knows how to take away the negativity from the classroom. Similarly, reminding the students about failures does no more good than worsening their results. Positivity, therefore, forms a significant part of the answer to the question of how to teach effectively. Hence, the happier you are while teaching, the better you will be able to interest your students. Together, this positive attitude will also keep your students away from the fear of failure. Thus, keeping them less pressurized and helping them to focus better.

Start with the toughest topic

Teaching methods that appear to be hard at first actually show better results in the long run. This opposes the popular belief that learning from the basic level gets the best results. In contrast, assigning short but tough tasks in the initial teaching stage improves retention. This factor ultimately leads to students performing better in your subject during the final exams. It works on the idea of practice makes a man perfect. This simply means that the students get used to solving short harder assessments. Thus, slowly preparing them to score better in the more important exams.

Don’t forget to connect with colleagues and parents

The last and the most important tip on how to teach effectively is regarding the people you don’t teach. This includes the parents of your students. It also involves the people that you teach along with. This is especially if you are teaching in an Institution. The main reason behind building these connections is to learn from them. Your fellow colleagues can teach you a lot about teaching. You can use their ways and strategies to reap better results. Alongside, the parents of the students you teach will be able to give you an insight into their studies. This in turn can be used by you to modify and change your teaching techniques according to the needs of your students.

3 Methods of Teaching

A large part of getting an idea of how to teach more efficiently is choosing the correct teaching method. This depends upon factors like:

  • The number of students you have,
  • The kind of subject you teach,
  • And the way that brings out the best potential results. describes the 3 most effective teaching methods that are given below:

Teacher-Centered Approach

In this type of teaching method, the teacher is the star of the classroom. Students, on the other side, are regarded as ‘empty vessels’ The word ‘empty vessel’ is simply a metaphor for ‘empty brain’ (And that isn’t equal to identifying your students as dumb or brainless *pun intended* ) It simply means learning how to teach people with minimum knowledge.

Apparently, according to this approach, teachers should start from scratch by teaching from the basic level. Additionally, you should also be able to deliver the right subject knowledge to them using direct instructions. Teaching and assessment, in this case, are two different yet equally important parts of learning. In a shell, the final goal is to achieve positive results, and learning is measured by the students’ exam scores.

Student-Centered Approach

This teaching model focuses on students and their learning capacities. Although the teacher is still a vital authority figure, the teaching ways revolve around students’ ability to consume the information the teacher teaches completely.

Major elements of Student-Centered methods of teaching:

  • Group Projects
  • Student Portfolios
  • Class Participation

Results are measured through evaluation types – Both informal and formal.

High Tech Learning Approach

As the name suggests, high-tech refers to the increased use of technical means to teach and learn. The emergence of modern learning tools, therefore, such as online applications, e-learning websites, and webinars have totally transformed the education industry. Reports have shown that the answer to the question of how to teach more productively lies in using these means correctly. Hence, in this method of teaching, you can expose your students to more practical knowledge rather than just book-based studies.

Some ways to use the high-tech teaching approach are:

  • YouTube Videos
  • Online Assessments by the medium of Google Forms, Docs, Sheets, etc.
  • Education focussed mobile applications

In fact, through online conferences, you can also let your students meet mentors to provide them more enhanced career counseling. This is to make them excel in their field of study.

How to teach online: Everything you need to know about Online Tutoring Jobs

Having talked about the use of technology in the education sector, online teaching jobs are becoming increasingly available today. In fact, it is not just the school subjects that you can teach. You can even teach languages, some skills like cooking and baking, or give life coaching or career counseling as a part of your teaching job. How to teach online, therefore, is a much easier question to answer. This is because you don’t have to be physically present to teach. Apart from that, it offers the most comfort and convenience of working from home.

5 Reasons to start with online teaching

  1. Freedom:  Online teaching gives you the liberty to be free. Even if a teaching firm hires you, you get to decide your own working hours. Moreover, working on on and off weekends is totally your call. So, when you are free you can give in extra hours to earn extra money.
  2. Flexible schedules:  Unlike a regular school job, you don’t have to rush your morning hours if you don’t feel like waking up early. Besides, you don’t have to apply for holiday applications in advance. You can just postpone or adjust your schedule according to your needs.
  3. No dress code:  In online teaching, there are no rules that bind you to set dress codes. You could be teaching in your pajamas and no one gets to know.
  4. Saves commuting time: At least 2 hours each day are wasted when you travel to teach in the usual way. You can easily save this time if you learn how to teach using smart gadgets.
  5. More Interest:  People who pay to take online courses are much more motivated to learn. Again, reports have shown that regular classes of all types lead to more boredom and disconnection.

Furthermore, you meet so many people from all over the world. This also leads to improvement in your technical skills and develops good interpersonal relationships. Lastly, online teaching prepares you to teach more effectively and you learn how to teach from home without taking any course.

How to teach online and earn money?

Chegg India is an e-learning portal that provides online tutoring opportunities. This is for the people who are looking for opportunities to make a good side income by the medium of online teaching. For this, all you have to do is sign up as a subject matter expert. Hence, a subject matter expert is a person who answers subject-related queries. Students from all over India and even the world post questions that need to be solved. As a subject matter expert, your major duty is to answer these questions. Accordingly, you earn money for every correct answer that you give. Consequently, it has the potential of making you earn as much as INR 40,000 per. This, however, depends upon the number of questions that you can answer.

Click here to sign up as a Subject matter expert now!

Final Thoughts

All in all, any job becomes a game only if you start enjoying it. The key factor is, the more you’re able to identify the needs of your students, the better you’ll be able to teach them. Similarly, the question of how to teach effectively has no one proven answer. You have to apply the method of trial and error and see what works best for you.

The results that you obtain will largely depend upon the nature of your students and their ability to grasp information. It also depends upon your willpower to handle people. Teaching online and offline has little to do with how to teach in a good way. The internet, therefore, has tons and gallons of articles flowing around describing different teaching methods. But to help you with this, we have sorted out some of the best methods that are mentioned above. Use them to find your best teaching potential.

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