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You need to do more than simply earning money if you want to shot at becoming wealthy. No, it is not as complex as it sounds. You just need to have a basic idea about a few elementary things. If you learn to manage your finances effectively and master the art of how to grow money, you are one step closer to be richer.

Almost all of us want our money to grow. But before we step into “how to grow money”. let us ponder over the very fundamental question – what is it to get rich? Is it dining in a five-star hotel or driving your luxurious  Porsche or setting off high-end cruises in the pacific ocean? Nevertheless, these are just cherry on the top. To be wealthy is to accumulate enough money to secure a sound financial future.

Have you ever really thought about how to grow money? Have you ever wondered what do these rich people have in common? Well, it is the attitude they have towards money; and of course, they have mastered the art of how to grow money. In this article, we will learn about it, using a variety of ways.

If you are a beginner who has just started earning money, you are definitely at the right place. This article will act as a guiding light to show you the path to be richer, by making you aware of how to grow money efficiently. We have come up with some of the best ways you can grow your money to its full potential.

how to grow money
January 20, 2022
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Table of Contents

10 Best Ways to Grow your Money

Start Early

Rome was not built in a day. Investment theory follows the same principle.  The sooner you begin investing, the more time the investment gets for incubating or compounding, and the better become the possibilities to grow your money. The fundamental guideline of investing is to begin as early as possible and be focused and disciplined. An ambitious and early beginning assists the investment with compounding in multiple folds. Furthermore, you can expand returns by routinely reinvesting the return procured on your investments and gain profits by its compounding power. In the event that you start early, even a little yet regular investment can develop a lot greater further down the road. So, start early and learn how to grow money, and you will be unstoppable in reaching your financial goals.

Invest having a target in mind

The primary factor to consider before investing is your target or monetary objectives. Along these lines, set your target and ensure that the investment you make is lined up with your objective. The objective can be a vacation, purchasing a house, family planning, retirement, paying for your wedding, purchasing a vehicle, and so forth. Nonetheless, ensure that your targets are sensible and realistic, just as, you have a reasonable timetable to accomplish them. Never compress yourself with the superfluous weight of accomplishing your financial goals within a brief period. Having a well-defined target helps to grow money to its full potential.

Say strict no to unnecessary debt

For a huge segment of the mass, especially the salaried personnel, debt is quite unavoidable. Be that as it may, acquiring debt flippantly can land you in a tough situation. Debt can be the biggest barrier to getting rich. For some, it is like a habit. Some people take debts to pay off debts and end up finding themselves in a debt trap. This kind of habit can ruin your financial goals and push you towards poverty. Taking less amount of debts helps you to grow money and become wealthy.

Risk Reduction by way of Diversification

At the point when you anticipate growing your savings, you need to acknowledge the risks related to it as well. Diversification assists you with limiting the danger as well as but also maximize the returns from the portfolio. Along these lines, it is constantly viewed as savvy to diverse your portfolio across different resource classes to guarantee a fair investment plan as opposed to being over-reliant upon a solitary investment plan. As it could demonstrate disastrous if the market doesn’t work in your direction. You can put money in different asset classes like equities, mutual funds, fixed deposits (FDs), real estate, gold, and so on.

Know your investments well

Prior to investing your money in any instrument, it is vital to see how the instrument functions, risks related to it, its adaptability, and so on. Sit with your financial guide, take his well-qualified assessment and pull as much data and information you can so that you can settle on the best investment choice. As it at last assists you with remaining unblemished with it, regardless of fluctuations that may arise during your investment journey.

Offer time to your investments

Stay unblemished with your investments and give it some an ideal time and opportunity to develop. One of the key monetary planning strategies is – the more you stay invested, the better would be the advantage of compounding. Compounding aids in collecting a major corpus with a sensibly more modest bit of savings. Likewise, long-haul investments beat the danger of market unpredictability.

Do smart investments

Do not get enraptured by catchy investment advertisements. Always take the help of a professional and well-qualified financial planner to advise you regarding investments. Additionally, do your own market research to find out which investment plan works best for you, to meet your financial goals. Do not ever put your money into investments that you haven’t understood whatsoever. Be smart and don’t ever invest more than you can put at stake. Use such smart techniques to grow your money.

Keep your fears to the side

You cannot learn to drive without getting into the car. Therefore, if you wish to grow your money and become wealthy, you must keep your fears to the side and start investing right away. If you put nothing to risk, it means that you have put everything to risks. Saving your money is not always as same as investing money. If you only save your money safely and do not invest them whatsoever by not taking risks, inflation will outrun you and you will lose the value of money. So start investing to grow your money right away.

Change your investment with change in priority

Our priorities change with time and age. A younger person in his twenties can invest in high-risk-return investments to grow money at a faster rate, as he doesn’t have to worry about certain financial stuff about which an elderly person in his fifties is concerned. As one grows older, it is better to adapt to a safer investment option. This may give you a little less return but will preserve what you have earned all these years.

Get Expert Advice on How to Grow Money

It is always best to consult with an expert or a financial planner prior to investment. An expert has immense knowledge on how to grow money and experience regarding investment, and he can surely show you the best possible investment options. Nobody can be as good as an efficient financial planner to understand your financial goals and be a guiding light.

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How to grow money in India – Investment options

Let us have a look at some of the best investment avenue available in India to know how to grow money:

Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposits are among the most secure, stable, and one of the best investment choices for the short term. You can put money into fixed deposits for the accompanying reasons:

  • To get higher returns from different FD plans.
  • Hassle-free renewal every year will give you compounding advantages.
  • Asset security.
  • Non-depreciating principal sum.
  • No impact of market fluctuations.
  • Ensured returns

Every one of these reasons put aside Fixed deposits extraordinary compared to other investment alternatives, which additionally offers ensured returns. On the off chance that you are looking for a good overall balance between returns and security, you can begin investing in fixed deposits as quickly as time permits. You can likewise choose a monthly basis saving option given by most banks and other monetary institutions nowadays. FDs familiarises you truly with how to grow money.

Mutual Fund

While investing in mutual funds is exposed to market risks, you ought to assess the risks prior to contributing. In the event that you comprehend the market and its risks, mutual funds can turn into your best investment alternatives to grow money in India. You can choose monthly SIPs if you have a low-risk appetite. Investing in mutual funds truly shows you how to grow money.


Just like individuals, organizations and government bodies need funds for infrastructural improvement and social projects, for which they issue bonds to the public market. The intrigued investors at that point purchase the bonds to help these elements fund-raise.

What makes them a standout amongst other investment alternatives in India is that particular bond details include the terms for fixed interest payment, principal of the loan, and tenure. Thus, it guarantees you the wellbeing and safety of your investment alongside an extra return.

Post Office Saving Schemes

These are investment options made available by India Post, Govt of India. Investing in these schemes is easy as just by visiting the nearest post office, you can invest in these schemes, and expect and high and fixed return. Post office savings schemes give you a high return. By investing in them, you shouldn’t be worried about how to grow money.


Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) is one of the best investment options for people who want returns on their investment along with insurance. It offers dual benefits of market investment and insurance.

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

Being a government-backed investment choice, PPF provides you risk-free returns which makes it one of the best investment options in India. The interest is revised every quarter and the government pays it.

Though the maturity period of PPF is fifteen years, you can start the withdrawal of your money partially after the completion of 6 years. Additionally, you can use your PPF balance as a mortgage to take various loans.


If you want your money to grow at the fastest rate, investing in the stock market is the best option. Although the risks are high, stocks are the best investment avenue, provided that you have a high-risk appetite. It is always advisable to consult with a financial planner before investing in the stock market, as he can show you the best stock to buy according to your requirement.

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS)

It is a standout amongst other investment choices which the Government of India has sponsored and is intended for individuals over 60 years old. The amount which you invest in this plan matures after five years from the date on which you open the record. It can likewise be extended once for the following three years.

What draws in senior residents in India to this plan the most is the interest acquired over savings. Right now, the SCSS rate of interest is 7.4% as of Quarter 1 for FY 20-21, which is the most elevated among other saving plans available in India.

Final Thoughts

By now, you have had a fair idea of how to grow money. Everyone wants to be rich and make their money grow but not everyone succeeds in doing so. Many people are not even interested to know how to grow money. It happens due to many reasons. For example, if someone earns just enough to feed his family and pay for other expenses, he cannot think of investing money at all. Growing money becomes next to impossible when you have high debt as well. For such unavoidable grounds, one cannot be rich even if he wants to. Some people have time in hand but do not have enough income sources to invest. For such a person, the best way to earn is through online jobs.

Nowadays, opting for online jobs is the best way to monetize your skills. The best part about them is that your functioning hours are at your tact and you can deal with all your homegrown assignments alongside the work. For example, you may join Chegg India as a subject matter expert in the subject of your choice. By joining as a subject matter expert and teaching online, you can earn a good amount of money per month and invest that amount to grow your money. See, growing money is not as difficult as it sounds. You should just have the proper determination and ability to work hard to realize your financial goals. Master these ways on how to grow money, and you are one step closer to be richer.

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