How to Get Online Tutoring Jobs in India without any Investment?

How to Get Online Tutoring Jobs in India without any Investment?
February 4, 2021
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Online tutoring jobs have become the new comfortable these days. This is because it enables both the student and the teacher to benefit irrespective of their geographical boundaries. Teaching is extremely important to people all over the world. Various websites also charge for having to teach online as well, but there are several online teaching jobs in India without investment that can be useful to an able tutor.

These opportunities are best encashed upon by those who have a skilled set of abilities that can be used well. Teaching is not an easy job, one needs to be explanatory and give detailed answers. But at the same time, someone who knows their subject well can be great at it without actually putting in too much effort. There are ample online teaching jobs from home without investment that one can do to earn money online.

Who can be a tutor?

One does not need to have years of experience to qualify as an online tutor. You can be a technical person and still be a tutor as long as you have the skills. You need to be a good communicator and have the right soft skills to cater to students. While also being great at the subject you are teaching. For online tutoring jobs in India without investment, all you need is a zeal towards the subject.

best online tutor jobs in India

The dedication to be a teacher and connect with students. This is one of the best ways to earn some extra money for students as well as those looking for a job on the side as well.

What are the advantages?

The world is going online in almost everything. From shopping to talking, everything happens at the press of a button. It is important to adapt yourself to the changing world and fit the demand and switch to online tutoring jobs in India without investment. The reason children these days prefer online classes is the sheer comfort of it but also innumerable benefits like-

  • Choosing a subject and an expert accordingly: They choose a website that caters to their subject in the way they find the most suitable.
  • Low Cost: Without spending time or money on transportation, they learn.
  • Lesser barriers and more exposure: When these talented children are not being bound by the geographical limitations, they unleash their true selves.
  • The medium of the future: It is quite likely that people choose online classes over offline ones at some point. This is predicted to be a gradual but fast-paced move so it is suggested you use the medium that the future generations are interested in and invested in.
  • Comfort: You can be in your own comfort zone, your study room, or even out for a vacation and still set up a laptop and take a class. This means no missing out on work or losing money, even when you are not home, thus being one of the best online tutor jobs in India.

What to consider?

Factors that determine your income as an online tutor are crucial so that you can make right estimates. Being realistic is extremely necessary to make the right assumptions and eventually, an expected outcome. Factors that come into play are-

  • Amount of time that you can devote
  • Medium used
  • Comfortability with technology
  • Communication skills
  • Languages that you are comfortable teaching in
  • Number of students you can cater to at a time
  • Experience in teaching
  • Comfortability in teaching

There might also be some subjective factors that can be consider before making a commitment as a teacher. All these together measure up the income you will be able to earn from the effort you put in even for the best online tutor jobs in India.

How can I find online tutoring jobs in India?

online teaching jobs from home without investment

Thanks to the popularity that online teaching has gained in the past few years, these opportunities are not very hard to find. However, if you are looking for a good website that pays you well for online tutoring jobs in India without investment, you might have to dig a little deeper than just the first page of Google search.

Find your fit

There are many layers to online tutoring jobs in India so you need to find your knack and category to start in, before working. Try your hand at the different kinds available online to find your kind of way of teaching if you do not already know. While some websites offer to teach in videos, others offer an opportunity to earn for giving online lectures or writing explained answers. Find which ways suit you before you plan to set it as your method of earning.

Know your level

You might be great with younger kids and still need improvement with elder ones or you may enjoy catering to the more technical parts. Depending upon your level, comfort, and experience will you be able to work with optimum capability in the best online tutoring jobs in India. You may be a school-level teacher, a course developer, or a subject matter expert and you can carry it out the best when you are well-aware of your mode of teaching.

Best websites for online tutoring

While there may be a lot of websites, the best ones are those that give you a good payout on a timely basis and compensate as per your capabilities. For acing online tutoring jobs in India without investment, you need to be careful of which mediums you choose to trust.

1. Chegg

online tutoring jobs in India without investment

This is a platform for a vast variety of people. If you are looking forward to being paid well for online tutoring jobs in India without investment, Chegg India is your place. With a wide range of subjects available, you can sign up as a subject matter expert at Chegg, offering answers in writing. The answers are to students’ questions regarding the subject you are teaching. You get paid per answer and thus the time you invest will convert into money. Out of all the best online tutoring jobs in India, this is the one where no residual or drawbacks are noticed. As long as you know enough about your field, you fit at Chegg quite well- whether or not you are comfortable with cameras and videos is usually not an issue.

2. Indeed

This is a website that posts jobs for online teaching all over the world but is especially beneficial for those who are looking for online tutoring jobs in India without investment. It is a mailer-based website where selection options, resumes, etc. can be built on the site itself for display. The student/ parent posting a need would intimate you if the servers link you suitable and then you might apply. Out of the many options, you may be selected if you are the most suitable or have something on your profile that makes you stand out.

3. BuddySchool

One of the best websites that will come in handy as an online tutor is BuddySchool. It is a unique website that caters to both students and teachers as per their profiles. Having online tutoring jobs in India without investment is easier with websites like this because they let the teacher showcase their specific skills in a portfolio. You can create a profile, mention courses and degrees done, and attract clients. Another interesting thing is that you can decide your own price per class that will help you get remuneration. You attract children solely on the basis of what matters and so this platform feels like the right place to display your experience and work.

4. Vedantu

This is a large community of teachers and students. Thus proves to be a great place to get a good amount of earnings from online tutoring jobs in India without investment. This website gives you the exposure that you need as an online tutor to grow your audience. The method of teaching is yours and the audience is a pool of prospective clients. They trust in the name that you are associating yourself with. Thus, with Vedantu, you are likely to earn stably while teaching students. You will also give time and quality of teaching to the students that you are associated with.


The main aim and outcome of this website are to give the teachers a stronger way to connect with their students. It is through their interface and growing student base that they hope to provide that. It is one of the best online tutor jobs in India at the moment and it has able to sustain the competition. That proves it is likely to keep growing in the future as well. This site is like other sites that promote the connection between students and teachers through an online medium but is a slightly more teacher-oriented website than most others that are more client-oriented, or student-focused.

6. Udemy

This is a website that allows remote learning in a video format. For those who are looking for online teaching jobs from home without investment with flexible timings. This is the perfect option for them. Udemy is a course/ module-based website that gives children the space to devour the content at their pace. It allows teachers to make course module videos to be uploaded according to their specific routine and pace. This platform is asynchronous. So there isn’t much of an on-spot exchange here which makes it more varied to a great span of people and make them experiment with their interests and hobbies well.


It is a platform specifically for English tutors who want to earn a good income. This is one of those online teaching jobs in India without investment that allows time flexibility. But it does not give you a lot of variety in terms of subjects. VIPKID is a great platform for English tutors, inclined towards being an online tutor to earn some money. It is known for being a site that offers good remuneration for the time that the tutor puts in. This is why tutors associated with this website are satisfied and happy with the work they do.

8. Kaplan

While finding online tutoring jobs in India without investment, one may have heard this name. The website aims at connecting students and teachers worldwide and not just in the country. The teachers get paid well since the website is further under PURDUE University. This online teaching module is also quite nice and it helps the global connections grow stronger and closer. The website is one of the best online tutor jobs in India because of the consistency it has maintained. Kaplan is useful for those who want to put it in writing. The one they learned the skill that they have been eager to do, for a really long time.

9. AIM4A

This website is for teaching students who are preparing for several jobs. Just with a bachelor’s degree, you can start working here and earn good enough. It is a well-known and reliable option for online teaching jobs in India without investment. With a variety of an audience to cater to, this site offers various courses and related classes. It  help tutors from different genres and subject expertise be involved on the site. Thus, Helps to teach those who need these experiences to work for them. It is one of the most insightful sites if you are just starting off.

10. Revolution Prep

There are a lot of websites offering online tutoring jobs in India without investment, but the reason you should pick this site is their pay. They are not very flexible with timings as other websites and one needs to complete certain hours per week. However, they do give quite a fair amount of compensation to the teachers that work. You can join as a part-time or full-time tutor and get your hands on online teaching. The name is quite catchy as well to attract students and create and grow a pool that is enough to absorb and provide employment to the teachers available at the site online.

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