Creative Small Business Ideas along with Full-Time Job

creative small business ideas
April 15, 2021
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In a country like India with people having great potential and talent and the level of this can be deciphered from the continuously improving rank of India in the world innovation and competitiveness index. According to the world intellectual property index India’s rank in the global innovation index was 48 among 131 countries and IMD’s world competitive index 2020  was 43rd, so creative small business ideas emerging young entrepreneurs isn’t shocking. Moreover, in this fast-growing world where keeping financial problems at bay is a herculean task in itself, so who doesn’t like to have an extra income while doing your full-time job which may be in the form of passion you always wanted to follow or can turn into your new passion. Who knows?

Creative Small Business Ideas: The Benefits

Creative small business ideas are basically those ideas that need low investments or not much time, in short, an innovative business can be managed easily with a full-time job. The benefits of a creative small business are as follows.

  • Increases confidence
  • Improves competency
  • Allows you to follow your passion
  • Generates a supplementary income
  • No age limits
What creative business should I start?

Depending upon your areas of interest and skills you have there can be many creative small business ideas. Here I have listed some ideas.

9 Practical Creative Small Business Ideas

 Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is the first thing that comes to our mind when one thinks of some creative small business ideas from home. All you need is a good internet connection and fair knowledge of the subjects. It can be done easily with your full-time job and can generate a good supplementary income.

Benefits of online tutoring
  • Flexible schedule classes.
  • The comfort of working in a safe environment.
  • No worries about hiring a place for setting up classes.
  • No problem with commutation to the workplace.

There are some online platforms that make things easy for you to start your career as a tutor like a subject matter expert at Chegg India.


Chegg in simple words is an online tutor platform, where you can simply answer questions and earn money. Doesn’t matter, you are a student, teacher, or any other working professionals. If you know you can be a subject matter expert and can earn money.  The amount will be paid by the end of the month for the correct answers you have given.

Subject matter expert is a very broad term, but when it comes to Chegg it’s very simple. A subject matter expert is simply a person who has a decent knowledge of subjects which can be physics, chemistry, mathematics, IT, etc. with no technical requirement or certificates. He can be anyone.

The registration process is as follows.

  • Go and get yourself registered,
  • Followed by a subject test,
  • Then you will be given some guidelines,
  • Following guidelines tests,
  • After uploading your document,
  • There will be document verification.

And you are good to go.

 You Tuber

What can be better than having a unique business idea and following your passion of your own? The best part of being a YouTuber is the immense potential for growth and the wide spectrum of content. All you need is a camera, internet connection, and your passion and you are good to go.

  • Allows you to follow your passion.
  • Gives you fame.
  • A good sum of money.
  • Craves out your personality as a human being.
  • Tremendous growth potential.

There are abundant examples present on YouTube showing how to earn money with zero registration fees.


In 2015, the entrance of publicizing in podcasting arrived at 48%, and on the off chance that you accept the gauges, by 2020 this marker will increment by about 25% yearly.

On the off chance that in the previous year, dynamic publicizing sounded distinctly in 5% of web recordings, at that point in 2017, as experts expect, practically all issues will contain special messages. The interest of publicists incited a sharp expansion in the number of webcast channels.

 Online Testing

This is a thing that usually doesn’t come to people’s minds when it comes to small creative business but this is the simplest thing one can do to generate a supplementary income.

Normally websites hire people to test their apps. Website for usability, do not want their visitors to lost in their apps/website thus creates an apt home job without investment with good pay.

The benefits of an online tester as the same as that of other genuine home-based jobs like are,

  • No setup cost.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • A comfortable office is your home.

 Social media marketing

A creative mind with good communication and convincing skills can take this unique business idea to new heights and it can be a very promising career for a young entrepreneur. As demand and use of the internet are growing almost every business has shifted on the internet. Thanks to the pandemic for playing a major role in this. We know every business is functioning well as long as it can attract customers. Social media marketing plays a vital role in helping these companies to reach out to potential customers thus allowing you to flourish your business too. It is one of the most powerful bridges between the company and its online customers.

The main job is to create awareness among people about the good and making it alluring to customers.

 App Development

Everybody knows that apps are popular nowadays. If you have come up with an idea of what mobile app to create, this may be the solution of what business to start.

Every single day a new application is being launched, so if you really have a unique idea, this type of business is for you! Moreover, low cost in initial stages makes it more alluring.

Once you have created your application, couple it with the right marketing strategy, create a perfect app website that will present an application and the benefits of it, and you’ll be making money even when you are sleeping. The biggest benefit of developing an application is that you can do this by sitting in any corner of the world.

Making Chatbots

In this running world, where things are always updating to make human life more comfortable. A chatbot is also an artificial intelligence program designed to interpret human conversations and make them voice messages or vice versa. It’s in great demand as you can see 10 years ago the era was of website, every company must have a website, later, the website was overtaken by apps and now it is AI. Every company needs to have a Chabot to make its user experience easy. So indeed this business has great potential. Moreover, it’s not rocket science all you need to do is.

  • Define the purpose. Describe what a Chabot should do.
  • To select the pad. Where your customers generally are.
  • Select a creation method (from scratch or using special services).
  • Write the algorithm of its actions, load the database with replies.
  • Test the work of a bot.
  • Configure and launch a chatbot.


Freelancing is something that doesn’t need any explanation. It is one of the most traditional ways to earn and to have a part-time business along with your full-time job. Depending upon your skills and areas of interest you can do freelancing in various fields like content writing, blogging, graphic designing, video making, and much more.

It not only generates you a supplementary income but also sharpens your skills. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection and you are good to go.

Like other creative small business, it also has several advantages.

  •  Your choice of work.
  • As with other free home based online jobs, it gives you the liberty to work at your convenience.
  • A registration fee free earning.
  • Your choice of workplace.

 Stock Market

Stock marketing is a traditional way of earning money. Many people take it as a full-time business option, but it is always a good option for alternate business while having a full-time job. Many people describe it as based purely on luck, but it’s all about knowledge. The potential of growth in the stock market can be seen by numerous examples like Warren Buffet and the latest Elon Musk, who became the world’s richest man for a while. The reason for his quick growth was raise in the value of his company Tesla’s stock. Making money in the stock market comes from investment and money for investment in the stock market comes from patience. So the key to earn in this business is having patience and knowledge.

For trading in the stock market first, you have to make an account on D-MAT and you can take help from your bank in this and at an initial stage, you can refer to books or videos or even can take help of a broker.

Final Thoughts

You can be among many people, unoccupied or a working professional wanting to start something new. I would like to end this on a note that there is no perfect time to start anything but today. Above there are a few among many business ideas which can be opted to start a creative small business along with a full-time job. So making excuses for not having any idea is old. Better to make today your 1st day.

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